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  • Pancake Recipes So Good, They’ll Make Your Whole Weekend

    Kids Stuff World
    28 Feb 2015 | 7:36 am
    Pancakes. Piping hot, fluffy, good old-fashioned melt in your mouth pancakes. That’s the stuff childhood memories are made of and the kind of thing that can transport you right back to your grandma’s house when you were little with just one syrup-y bite. Mmmm, I love pancakes. Who doesn’t, right? I mean they are basically a hard-wired part of our love language. Ask my kids any day and they’ll tell you no one and I mean no one, not even me makes a better pancake than their grandparents. They get to enjoy my Dad’s famous chocolate chip pancakes for Christmas, their…
  • 3 New Netflix Original TV Series For Tweens

    Connect With Your Teens Through Pop Culture and Technology
    Jennifer Wagner
    15 Feb 2015 | 1:34 pm
    I’ve been a subscriber to Netflix for many years. I first loved it for the movies. Then my favorite use became binge watching TV shows I had missed out on during their original airings. While I still love both of the above, I think that Netflix original TV series is now my favorite feature of […] The post 3 New Netflix Original TV Series For Tweens appeared first on Connect With Your Teens Through Pop Culture and Technology. Related posts: Orange Is The New Black: Season 2 Netflix Binge Watching All Hail King Julien: New Animated Series on Netflix Netflix Family Movie or TV Night…
  • Welcome Home, Baby: 3 Items Parents Need for the First Week Home

    Earnest Parenting
    Amy LeForge
    25 Feb 2015 | 10:04 pm
    During the nine months you spend waiting on your baby to arrive, there’s a lot of planning and daydreaming taking place. You plan your nutrition, the nursery colour scheme and the fastest route to the hospital. You daydream about what your little one is going to look like, and how it will feel to hold her in your arms for the first time.But sometimes, in the flurry of thoughts around every detail, the first week of baby’s arrival can get overlooked. Since you’ll be short on sleep (and high on love) those initial days home from the hospital, it’s best to prepare what…
  • Feb 18, Why do kids need to connect with their caregivers?

    The Parenting Science News Feed
    18 Feb 2015 | 10:17 am
    Good childcare depends on more than nice classrooms and low child-to-caregiver ratios. See my new article for The Urban Child Institute.
  • Adult Novels for Teen Girls and Their Moms

    Connect With Your Teens Through Pop Culture and Technology
    Jennifer Wagner
    11 Feb 2015 | 1:37 pm
    Young Adult (YA) novels are more popular than ever. In fact many adults, especially moms, are avid readers of YA books, partly to connect with their teens. However, especially if you have older teens, there are many wonderful books, written for adults, that you can share with your teens. These 5 books are not only […] The post Adult Novels for Teen Girls and Their Moms appeared first on Connect With Your Teens Through Pop Culture and Technology. Related posts: 8 Recommended Novels I Enjoyed Reading in 2013 6 Young Adult Novels For Teens 2014 Gifts 3 New Books for Moms of Teenage Girls
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    BabyCenter Blog

  • Michelle Williams is speaking my motherhood language

    Sara McGinnis
    4 Mar 2015 | 1:03 pm
    by Sara McGinnis posted in Celebrities Michelle Williams and I don't have all that much in common (she's an actress and a single mom to 8-year-old daughter Matilda, I blog about stars and am raising two boys with my husband) but yet her recent interview sounds just like me. ''I feel like I'm so good... Read more » Want to get the full story? Click on the headline above. And thanks for reading the BabyCenter Blog.
  • Photos: This is what a real family looks like

    Carolyn Robertson
    4 Mar 2015 | 11:26 am
    by Carolyn Robertson posted in Mom Stories Almost 41% of all births in the United States are to unmarried women. The number of single father households has increased ninefold over the past 5 decades to more than 2.6 million. As many as 6 million Americans have an LGBT parent. Each year approximately 18,000 children are... Read more » Want to get the full story? Click on the headline above. And thanks for reading the BabyCenter Blog.
  • Kelly Clarkson responds perfectly to baby weight basher

    Sara McGinnis
    4 Mar 2015 | 8:11 am
    by Sara McGinnis posted in Celebrities Kelly Clarkson has been publicly attacked about her weight by a “British TV presenter” named Katie Hopkins. Never heard of her? Turns out the singer, who welcomed daughter River Rose Blackstock just eight months ago, hasn't either. Take a look at what this Katie person tweeted Tuesday: Look chubsters,... Want to get the full story? Click on the headline above. And thanks for reading the BabyCenter Blog.
  • How to make "No Pinch Punch" in a pinch

    Kami Bigler
    3 Mar 2015 | 11:59 am
    by Kami Bigler posted in Life & Home Are you on the hunt for a go-to party punch to serve at baby showers, bridal showers and just fun holidays like St. Patrick's Day? If yes, this refreshing cucumber lime punch -- "No Pinch Punch" as we've named it will become your new favorite. It will... Read more » Want to get the full story? Click on the headline above. And thanks for reading the BabyCenter Blog.
  • Got dinner? Try this one-pot creamy chicken tortilla soup

    Lindsay Weiss
    3 Mar 2015 | 10:46 am
    by Lindsay Weiss posted in Life & Home Don't run away because there's a long list of ingredients in this recipe. Many of them are spices, which take just a second to scoop and dump in the pot. The prep is actually really simple. You soften the veggies in a pot (I sometimes cheat and... Read more » Want to get the full story? Click on the headline above. And thanks for reading the BabyCenter Blog.
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    Yahoo News - Latest News & Headlines

  • US clears officer in Ferguson case, criticizes police force

    4 Mar 2015 | 2:36 pm
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department cleared a white former Ferguson, Missouri, police officer in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black 18-year-old on Wednesday, but also issued a scathing report calling for sweeping changes in city law enforcement practices it called discriminatory and unconstitutional.
  • McDonald's chicken gets new standard: No human antibiotics

    4 Mar 2015 | 1:29 pm
    NEW YORK (AP) — McDonald's says it plans to require chicken suppliers to stop using antibiotics important to human medicine within two years.
  • 'It was him': Day 1 of the Boston Marathon bombing trial

    4 Mar 2015 | 1:04 pm
    Follow Yahoo News' live coverage from inside the courtroom.
  • U.S. probe finds systematic, racially biased policing in Ferguson

    4 Mar 2015 | 12:49 pm
    A U.S. probe found systemic racial bias and unconstitutional policing that targeted blacks in Ferguson, Missouri, but cleared a white officer there in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager in August, the Justice Department said on Wednesday. Police also targeted blacks for arrests, many on dubious grounds, and spread racist jokes through emails, said the report that was compiled after Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson fatally shot 18-year-old Michael Brown, who was unarmed. The killing touched off a national debate on race, led to months of street protests and amplified…
  • U.S. Supreme Court split over Obamacare challenge

    4 Mar 2015 | 12:22 pm
    By Lawrence Hurley WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Supreme Court appeared sharply divided on ideological lines on Wednesday as it tackled a second major challenge to President Barack Obama's healthcare law, with Justice Anthony Kennedy emerging as a likely swing vote in a ruling. The nine justices heard 85 minutes of arguments in the case brought by conservative opponents of the law who contend its tax credits aimed at helping people afford medical insurance should not be available in most states. A ruling favoring the challengers could cripple the law dubbed Obamacare, the…
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    Daddy Types

  • Smokey Sue Smokes For Two

    2 Mar 2015 | 6:16 pm
    Guess skymall's going out strong.— Mike Levine (@bizmichael) February 24, 2015 Smokey Sue Smokes For Two is designed to teach powerful lessons, including: the harm caused to mothers and their fetuses by smoking during pregnancy. the unsustainability of a...
  • The Little Girl, How Much For A Mug With The Little Girl?

    24 Feb 2015 | 9:37 am
    Koppie Koppie is a new online store that wants to teach us all an Important Lesson About Privacy--by slapping photos of random kids they've scraped from flickr onto mugs you, a total stranger, can buy. Their point is about...
  • Danh Vo X Nanna Ditzel

    24 Feb 2015 | 8:55 am
    In 2013 the Vietnamese-Danish artist Danh Vo began creating exhibitions in Berlin using his own artworks, Galleri Feldt's mid-century Danish furniture, and Leonor Antunes' brass objects. Which means that since it's not on Feldt's 1st dibs page, this Nanna...
  • The First Production Baby, Screengrabbed

    24 Feb 2015 | 6:02 am
    A couple of years ago Cabel Sasser wrote about Pixar's production babies, the kids born during the years-long creation of animated films, who get shoutouts in the credits. And he found evidence of what still stands as the earliest production...
  • 'I hope I'll live long enough that she has some memory of me.'

    23 Feb 2015 | 7:50 pm
    Paul Kalanithi is a Stanford neurosurgeon and a new dad with metastatic lung cancer. And his most recent essay and interview for Stanford Medical School's magazine about his experience is the reason I am crying right now. Before I Go...
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    Susan Heim on Parenting

  • A Spotlight on "The Three Thorns," by Michael Gibney, Plus a Giveaway (5 Winners)!

    3 Mar 2015 | 9:01 pm
    Follow the tour! Title: THE THREE THORNS(THE BROTHERHOOD AND THE SHIELD #1)Publication date: February 24, 2015Publisher: Tantrum Books/Month9Books, LLC.Author: Michael GibneyThree brothers born to a once powerful King were abandoned at birth and cast out into the old world as orphans -- alone and unaware of the other's existence or their royal heritage.In the new world, by order of the false King, three of the most lethal assassins are sent to kill the children before they come of age and avenge their father’s throne.But when the brothers find one another, Benjamin, Tommy and Sebastian must…
  • The Berenstain Bears Country Cookbook Giveaway ~ Submit Your Favorite Recipe!

    2 Mar 2015 | 7:05 am
    I've always been a huge fan of the Berenstain Bears, so I was excited to see that Zondervan is holding a recipe contest to celebrate The Berenstain Bears Country Cookbook! How can you enter to win a copy of this terrific book?Just email your favorite kid-friendly, family-loved or bear-themed recipe to me at smhparent [at] hotmail [dot] com. Put "Berenstain Bears" in the subject line. Include a photo and/or video so that I can see the finished dish. The winning recipe will be featured and promoted on this blog, and the winner will receive a copy of The Berenstain Bears Country Cookbook from…
  • HOME: Coming Soon to Theaters ~ Watch a Fun Clip from the Movie! #DreamWorksHOME

    1 Mar 2015 | 9:01 pm
    HOMEDreamWorks AnimationIn theaters March 27, 2015About the Film When Oh, a lovable misfit from another planet, lands on Earth and finds himself on the run from his own people, he forms an unlikely friendship with an adventurous girl named Tip who is on a quest of her own. Through a series of comic adventures with Tip, Oh comes to understand that being different and making mistakes is all part of being human, and together they discover the true meaning of the word HOME.Starring: Jim Parsons, Rihanna, Steve Martin, Jennifer LopezDirected by: Tim JohnsonWatch the ‘Alien Cat Dance’ Clip!Meet…
  • Winners for the Week of February 22, 2015

    28 Feb 2015 | 8:35 am
    Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: The Complete Series (DVD Set)Congratulations to the winners: Tanya W. and Vikki B.!LEGO Justice League vs Bizarro League (Blu-ray Combo Pack + Batzarro Minifig)Congratulations to the winner: Adrienne G.!World Coin Collection from Little PassportsCongratulations to the winner: Nicole L.!
  • Super Saturday Giveaway Linky (February 28, 2015)

    27 Feb 2015 | 8:01 pm
    Doesn't it seem like we just celebrated the holiday season? I can't believe it's March already! Let's celebrate the advent of spring by entering some giveaways! Check out the long list posted on my right sidebar, as well as those in the linky below. If you're hosting a giveaway on your blog or website, please include it in the linky and share this page with your Twitter and Facebook friends. Thanks for visiting!
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    Earnest Parenting

  • Monday Giveaway Linky: Getting Better Slowly Edition

    Amy LeForge
    1 Mar 2015 | 9:02 pm
    Well, Heroes, it’s been a couple of weeks of sick people around here. Thankfully, I am feeling better. Hubby…not so much. I haven’t seen him this sick before, poor guy. The boys are hanging in, although I have noticed some coughing and congestion. Hopefully they can stay healthy and we all get through this. Because sick does not equal fun.I hope that you’re all well and healthy though! And that you can enjoy the lovely giveaways linked below. An InLinkz Link-up Be the first to comment...Related Posts:Monday Give Away Linky, Grumpy Mom EditionGiveaway LinkyMonday…
  • Building a Better Student: The Death of Ego

    Amy LeForge
    26 Feb 2015 | 11:06 am
    There comes a time as a parent when you transition from coddler and cheerleader to adult life coach. That means you become a messenger, bearing news from the real world. It catches many young people by surprise, and the fallout can be intense.A friend of mine – we’ll call her Patty – is a single mom, raising a boy in the sixth grade and a girl who’s about to graduate from high school. The daughter recently composed a college essay, and asked her mom to look it over.Everything was rosy until Patty offered an honest evaluation. She essentially said, “If this is the best work…
  • Welcome Home, Baby: 3 Items Parents Need for the First Week Home

    Amy LeForge
    25 Feb 2015 | 10:04 pm
    During the nine months you spend waiting on your baby to arrive, there’s a lot of planning and daydreaming taking place. You plan your nutrition, the nursery colour scheme and the fastest route to the hospital. You daydream about what your little one is going to look like, and how it will feel to hold her in your arms for the first time.But sometimes, in the flurry of thoughts around every detail, the first week of baby’s arrival can get overlooked. Since you’ll be short on sleep (and high on love) those initial days home from the hospital, it’s best to prepare what…
  • Monday Giveaway Linky I’ve Been Sick Edition

    Amy LeForge
    22 Feb 2015 | 8:48 pm
    So last week we didn’t have a linky at all. That’s because I was soooooo sick! I woke up fine Sunday morning, but by mid-morning I had to have Hubby drive me home from church because I couldn’t stand up. I just felt so awful! I think it was some sort of stomach flu, because I also wasn’t terribly fond of eating anything. It was Wednesday noon before I was hungry again.I thought things were going pretty well, but now I seem to have a bad cold that really wants to migrate into my lungs. Well sir, I’m fighting it. Yes I am. Vitamins and rest and LOTS of Kleenex.
  • Monday Giveaway Linky: Back to Business Edition

    Amy LeForge
    8 Feb 2015 | 10:59 pm
    Okay, Heroes. I have been lax here long enough, and do hereby pledge to get back to writing and publishing. The site is back on track after a long falling-out with Google, and I need to focus and get some articles up! So I will.Soon.In the meantime, please enjoy another week of links. I’m sorry for missing last week, by the way. It was not my plan to ignore you, but by the time I realized my mistake it was too late to recover.I think I need to start using a calendar again. Hmmmm.Where were we? Ah. Yes. Linky. Here you go. An InLinkz Link-upImage courtesy of Joe Lanman via Creative…
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    Raising A Healthy Family

  • Monday Motivation – Be Happy, Nothing Else Matters

    2 Mar 2015 | 5:33 am
      Happy Monday! What is your motto this week? As we approach the end of the first month in our apartment, I am reminded that no matter what, happiness is the most important item on my to-do list. The property manager that worked with us was super sweet and made sure our apartment was in perfect condition for us to move in. She left us a very nice card, but on the refrigerator to do notepad she wrote us the note above: Be happy. Nothing else matters. What a true statement. Everyday we are presented with challenges in every aspect of our day. We choose how to deal with them. If you can…
  • 5 Classic Irish Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day

    28 Feb 2015 | 11:11 pm
    This is an article I originally posted in 2009, but these recipes are still perfect! Ireland is by far one my favorite places on earth! Lucky for me, my grandparents live there and we have made quite a few trips there over the years. When we go we usually stay at Oysterhaven which is a very family friendly resort near Kinsale (see my photo above) with one of the most breathtaking views ever. Growing up, my Mom would make classic Irish dishes year round, but the week of St. Patrick’s Day was always guaranteed to be special. Six of my favorite Irish dishes are: Potato Leek Soup –…
  • Did You Know? Child Safety in Cars

    26 Feb 2015 | 2:33 pm
    One of the most confusing and daunting parts of being a new parent is knowing how to keep your child safe in every car trip – from the time they are first born until they are old enough to sit up front. When is it safe? When is it legal? Rear facing car seat? Booster seat? The questions are endless!  The following infographic should help clarify some of these questions and help you make the best safety decisions for your child. Via: SchoolMatters San Diego Don’t forget, child car safety doesn’t stop at 13 – it just evolves as your teen prepares for the next step in…
  • Perfect Bar – Whole Food on the Go

    14 Feb 2015 | 4:32 pm
    I was given the opportunity to try a different kind of bar – the Perfect Bar – a whole food bar made with organic ingredients and loaded with protein. While the Perfect Bar comes in peanut varieties and almond varieties, I have definitely decided I like the almond flavors best – and the Mini Perfect Bar in Almond Butter is my favorite. These little 100 calorie squares are perfect for stashing in lunch boxes, your purse (for times when hunger strikes and you are no where near the kitchen), sports bags and backpacks. Made with creamy organic almond butter, sweet organic honey…
  • Simple Ham and Potato Soup

    28 Dec 2014 | 7:14 am
      Have you ever had a soup that you just couldn’t get enough of? I set out to make a ham and potato soup last night and after checking out a few recipes online, I decided to make my own recipe – and am I ever glad I did. It was SOOOO good! The challenge – use up the extra ham from Christmas Day, make something the kids would like, and make it gluten free.  My simple Ham & Potato Soup satisfied all three challenges and got rave reviews from all. Making creamy soups gluten free can be a challenge since flour is often used as a thickening agent. Wait until you see what I…
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    Free Range Kids

  • How Come CPS Gets to Decide If Kids Can Walk Outside?

    3 Mar 2015 | 7:57 am
    Here’s a great comment on the post below this one, about the Meitiv case. They Meitivs were, of course, investigated for letting their 10 and 6 year old kids walk home together from the park in suburban Maryland: I think we need to start lobbying state legislatures for reasonable laws that provide some clarity and security for families in these situations. As I understand it, this is the law the Meitivs were accused of violating: “A person who is charged with the care of a child under the age of 8 years may not allow the child to be locked or confined in a dwelling, building,…
  • UPDATED: CPS Decision in Maryland Case: Parents Responsible for “Unsubstantiated” Child Neglect

    2 Mar 2015 | 12:16 pm
    The long-awaited decision from Montgomery County Child Protective Services has arrived at the home of Danielle and Alex Meitiv, and it finds them “responsible” for “unsubstantiated child neglect” for letting their kids walk outside, unsupervised. If that decision makes no sense to you, either — how can parents be responsible for something that is unsubstantiated? — welcome to the place where common sense crashes into bureaucratic craziness. It’s a mess. Although the investigation is “closed,” Donna St. George at the Washington Post reports…
  • “Best Places to Live,” says Sunday Times of London, are Free-Range Neighborhoods!

    2 Mar 2015 | 4:54 am
    Check out the front page of the Sunday Times of London yesterday. And to think the idea of “Free-Range Kids” was considered controversial, dangerous and even crazy before. Can’t get much more respectable than this! – L Wanting to raise Free-Range Kids must not be too crazy anymore!  
  • How Safe is Safe Enough for Playground Surfaces?

    1 Mar 2015 | 9:16 am
    Do we really have to re-surface every playground in America because they aren’t safe enough? Tim Gill, author of the blog “Rethinking Childhood,”  and Bernard Spiegel, granddaddy of the idea of “beneficial risk,” and Jay Beckwith, the venerated playground guru, are just some of the big names in the “play” world alerting us to potentially over-the-top new playground surface standards. The American Society for Testing and Materials will vote on these standards as soon as March 4 — Wednesday! — and so we have to register our thoughts,…
  • Missed It? Free-Range Kids and The Talk of the Town

    27 Feb 2015 | 12:45 pm
    Come Monday, a new issue of The New Yorker will be landing in the mailboxes of the diehards who still get hard copies of magazines.  So while this wonderful 90th Anniversary issue of the New Yorker is still current, allow me to excerpt a bit from the Talk of the Town piece I am saving forever. (Then again, I am saving all my New Yorkers forever. Doesn’t everyone? Aren’t you actually not ALLOWED to throw them out, like batteries?) Raised Eyebrows Dept. FEBRUARY 23, 2015 ISSUE Mother May I? BY LIZZIE WIDDICOMBE Recently, in Silver Spring, Maryland, drivers at a busy intersection…
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  • My Daughter Isn’t Who I Thought She Was

    Risa Green
    3 Mar 2015 | 7:01 pm
    I keep thinking I know what the hardest part of parenting is, but then I find that every week, something harder comes along. This week, I’m feeling like the hardest thing about being a parent is accepting that we don’t always know who our kids are. It sounds kind of like that old parenting no-no of “Don’t try to force your kids to be who they’re not.”  Like those dads who make their boys play football because they always dreamed of tossing a ball around with their sons, or the moms who force their kids to play instruments because they used to fantasize about being a part of the…
  • The Skinny on Real Weight Loss: The Calorie Game

    3 Mar 2015 | 6:10 pm
    Real weight loss is a simple numbers game. Truly, it is “calories in” vs. “calories out” per day. To see results, you need to have between 200-500 more calories going out than coming in. Understanding what exactly makes up the “calories in” and the “calories out” is key to your success. “Calories In” consists of every single calorie ingested in your day. Including all liquids. “Calories Out” consists of a few numbers added together: 1. First your BMR or Basil Metabolic Rate, this number is how many calories your body would burn just laying in bed all day. For a quick…
  • Simple Secrets to a Healthy Pizza Joint Dinner

    The Nutrition Twins
    3 Mar 2015 | 4:48 pm
    If you’ve been following our blogs, you already know that when we were growing up, our mom literally cooked dinner for us every night. We were completely spoiled, we know it. And that’s one reason why we so enjoy a good home-cooked meal- the great memories of our childhood. However, because we probably only went out to dinner two times a year, going out to dinner was also a real treat. Still to this day, eating out is a treat for us and we’re not your typical New Yorkers in that we aren’t eating out every meal! Tammy’s been raising her twin daughters, Summer and Riley to appreciate…
  • Vacation For One

    Leslie Morgan Steiner
    3 Mar 2015 | 1:25 am
    Warm weather and Easter are on the horizon. This means parents are starting to think about ideas for a fun spring break trip with the kids. The beach? Disney? The local ski slope? But are any of you thinking instead: it would be nice to go on vacation…alone? One mom, Lauren Apfel, recently wrote about this vacation-for-one concept for the Washington Post. Her argument was simple: being a fulltime stay-at-home parent is a job. A demanding 24/7 job. The average American worker is entitled to 16 days of paid leave a year. Why not Mom too? The outcry against her was vicious and immediate.
  • What You Should Know Before You Complain About Getting Old…

    2 Mar 2015 | 8:11 pm
    How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?” – Satchel Paige (baseball legend whose successful career lasted into his 60’s) It’s my birthday this week and aging is on my mind.  Just saying that word triggers a slight twinge of despair, a sense of the inevitable onward march of time.  I think it’s often worse for women than men, but we all feel the pang. Recently my dad was going on about how old he felt, when my daughter ventured an innocent question: “Papa Joe, why are you so old?” Of course it made us laugh, but the reality was that Sienna had…
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  • Four Themes for Photographers and Photobloggers

    4 Mar 2015 | 8:00 am
    Maybe you’re working on a 365 project, with a photo for each day of the year. With a couple months under your belt, you might be looking for a new theme to showcase your work. Let’s check out four themes where the typography and color palettes step aside so that your photos get your visitors’ full attention. Cubic Made with photographers and photobloggers in mind, Cubic is eye-catching and bold out of the box. Its pleasing homepage grid showcases your posts’ featured images. Consider this subtle, almost ethereal application of Cubic at WE THE BIRDS, a site…
  • March Blogging U. Courses: Blogging and Photo 101

    Michelle W.
    27 Feb 2015 | 8:00 am
    Registration for March’s Blogging U. courses is now closed, and both courses have started. Check back later in the month to learn more and register for April’s offerings! Blogging 101: Zero to Hero — March 2 – 20 Blogging 101 is three weeks of bite-size assignments that take you from “Blog?” to “Blog!” Every weekday, you’ll get a new assignment to help you publish a post, customize your blog, or engage with the community. Whether you’re just getting started or want to revive a dormant blog, we’ll help you build blogging habits and…
  • New Theme: Lyretail

    Caroline Moore
    26 Feb 2015 | 9:00 am
    Happy Theme Thursday, all! Let’s dive right into a new free theme: Lyretail Designed by Mel Choyce, Lyretail is a stunning visual treat for your personal site. The theme puts your social presence front and center, displaying social links prominently below the site’s title and logo, so readers can easily find you on your favorite social networks. Secondary information, like a Custom Menu or Widgets, are tucked behind a convenient slide-down menu, while bold featured images grace the header, putting your photographs front and center. Read more about Lyretail on the Theme Showcase,…
  • WordPress for iOS: New Visual Editor and More!

    25 Feb 2015 | 5:03 pm
    WordPress for iOS version 4.8 comes with exciting editor and navigation enhancements. Visual Editor We’re thrilled to announce that the 4.8 release includes a beautiful new visual editor. With the new editor, you can add rich text like bold, italics, links, and lists naturally as you type. You can also insert images with a tap, seeing real-time uploading progress and images right in the post. Before New Editor App users have long wished for a “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) editor on iOS. Until now, a rich mobile editing experience on the iOS app was reserved for those…
  • Five Themes for Poets (and Other Text-Loving Bloggers)

    Ben Huberman
    25 Feb 2015 | 8:00 am
    Over at The Daily Post, our first poetry-focused Blogging U. course, Writing 201: Poetry, has just entered its second week. It’s been a blast, with hundreds of poets sharing their work, experimenting with new forms, and commenting on their peers’ poems. After working hard on polishing their elegies, haiku, and ballads, most writers want to make sure their readers can enjoy their work to the fullest. This is where choosing the right theme can play an important role (this is true for non-poets too, of course): you want your posts to be readable, clean, and inviting. Here…
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    Crazy Adventures in Parenting

  • Help Kids Create Their Own Destiny #streamteam

    28 Feb 2015 | 6:22 pm
    I’m a compensated member of the Netflix Stream Team. Have you ever asked your child/ren what they want to be when they grow up? “Someday, I want to be…” or “Someday, I will…” – those are a couple of GREAT questions to ask about their hopes and dreams for their futures. Netflix has some wonderful selections to help get them talking more about what they want to be. Here’s a few ways to help get your kids’ wheels turning: New to Netflix programming: Netflix just launched these shows this month. Check ‘em out! 1. Ever After High 2.
  • Glazed Apple Fritter Waffle Doughnuts

    27 Feb 2015 | 9:10 am
    (I am a compensated Great Day Farms and Goodrich Farms ambassador.) I’m not sure what gets me so excited over a perfectly prepared apple fritter, but I know it’s one of my most favoritest flavor combinations on the planet. Apples, cinnamon, and that sweet finger-licking glaze. Ohh my gosh. While I love the apple fritter like a family member, I don’t love the calories associated with it. That cinnamony-apple goodness is too good to pass up, though. I felt I could eliminate the frying but still keep that delicious taste and slight crunch if I turned this into a waffle. Man oh…
  • Kindergarten Awards

    16 Feb 2015 | 9:54 am
    It was the tiniest piece of paper attached to his report card, a cut-out form letter that read “Your child will be receiving an award on Wednesday, February 11th. Please join us in the cafeteria for the awards assembly at 9:30am.” He’d only been absent once this quarter, so I knew he was getting a “Faithful Attendance” award. (I kept them home on the day it iced, I didn’t feel comfortable with just a two hour delay.) He was SO excited – he’d missed out on getting this award last quarter when he’d had dental work for an abscessed tooth and…
  • How to Make Paper Rosettes: Beautiful Paper Rosette Wall Decor

    11 Feb 2015 | 8:13 am
    A few weeks ago, I joined a wonderful DIY community called “White Walls” for military wives who are looking for decoration inspiration to dress up our drab “white walls” in our military housing. Not all military housing communities are allowed to paint the interior of their homes, which leaves us coming up with creative ways to decorate our homes despite the lack of wall color. This community = seriously amazingness and brilliance. In my travels through the beautifulness and ultra-inspiration I’ve found there, I came across a lovely military wife named April…
  • How to Have a Successful Start to Your Day Without Being a Morning Person

    9 Feb 2015 | 2:01 pm
    This is a sponsored post on behalf of Kellogg’s. I want mornings to go as smoothly as possible. Mornings are hard enough as it is, we all enjoy our sleep, and we want the best start we possibly could have. I’ve got mornings down to a science, now, knowing exactly how long it’ll take to wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush hair and teeth, etc. Our morning system WORKS because we’ve got an effective bedtime routine getting ready for the next day. We get the kids’ clothes ready the night before, we make the kids’ lunches and water bottles, and place them…
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    The Committed Parent

  • The Book Inside You: How to Seduce Your Brain into Setting It Free

    Mark Brady
    1 Mar 2015 | 3:59 am
    “If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” ~ Wisdom Teaching Next month I’m giving a presentation to our local island writers and writer wannabes. The two questions I’m doing my best to answer are: How Does Your Brain Keep the Book Inside You Held Hostage? and What Effective Brain-based Strategies Can We Apply to Successfully Liberate It? 80% of Americans report they have a book inside them yearning to be set free; perhaps even paroled early for…
  • Making Empathy Operational

    Mark Brady
    22 Feb 2015 | 3:05 am
    When I was a baby grief counselor just starting out, if you had asked me if I was an empathic person, I would have promised you I was. And you probably would have believed me (the agency apparently did, since they kept me involved on and off for 20 years). With the benefit of hindsight, however, what I actually was, was someone who had a strong cognitive understanding of empathy. I had bold and lofty thoughts about empathy, but not actual feelings. That’s a big energetic and neurobiological difference, one it turns out that involves a variety of structures in differing hemispheres of…
  • Why the Yoga of Relationship is the Hardest Yoga of All

    Mark Brady
    15 Feb 2015 | 3:41 am
    It’s funny how sometimes just the right teaching by just the right teacher at just the right moment comes rolling through my extroverse. When it does, it seems to remain embedded in my neural network forever. It’s like my brain had been growing and changing for awhile, pruning old connections here, growing new connections there and then suddenly this teaching shows up and makes an unmistakeable and undeniable “Aha” vital connection between two Rich Club centers. And that’s all she wrote. This particular teaching was initially kindled by Dean Ornish, the MD who…
  • How Unkept Promises Compromise Brain Function

    Mark Brady
    8 Feb 2015 | 3:13 am
    Even as a little kid I hated people making promises to me and not keeping them. I can still hear my six-year-old voice plaintively wailing, “But you PROMISED!” In one of my early blogs I wrote about my mother promising me a Wilson A-2000 baseball glove for Christmas. Not getting it left me hugely disappointed and it adversely impacted my neurophysiology on many levels, far more than anyone would ever suspect (just seeing the picture of the glove on the right below, activates the feeling of that crushing disappointment; I can literally feel that memory affecting my endocrine system…
  • Why Are High Maintenance People In Your Life?

    Mark Brady
    1 Feb 2015 | 4:24 am
    According to research by the Laboratory of Neuroimaging at USC, yesterday I thought an average of 70000 thoughts (some percentage of which could be classified as clinically insane!). I’m going to be thinking in the ballpark of the same number of thoughts today. Probably tomorrow as well. And the day after that. Which is generally okay. Except for one problem: roughly 63000 of those thoughts I think tomorrow will be the same ones I’m thinking today, and yesterday, and the day before. But there’s a good reason for such thinking: It doesn’t send my stress hormones…
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    My Home Sweet Home

  • March 2015 Desktop Calendar

    Dawn Camp
    2 Mar 2015 | 9:07 am
    My first instinct was to use a photo from a couple of weeks ago for this month’s desktop calendar, when the world was covered in ice, until my girls came in from walking the dog this morning and said it feels like spring. Spring! And we’ve still got the soggy remains of last week’s snowman’s clothes lying in our front yard. Your calendar is a day late because I’ve been busy busy busy finishing The Gift of Friendship, which will be next year’s follow up to The Beauty of Grace. I may be just a teeny bit biased, but I can believe you will love this book.
  • When We’re Afraid to Trust Him: Today at (in)courage

    Dawn Camp
    21 Feb 2015 | 3:30 am
    My daughter and I slip into the welcome center just minutes before closing time. We’ve driven my son back to school in Mississippi, and this is the final state line to cross on our journey home. As we race back to the car, I giggle like a child, focused more on getting out of the biting wind than looking like an adult. We drive past the last parking spaces and picnic tables and spot a little brown dog, red collar around his neck, watching us go. I stop, back up, and pull into the last space as my daughter gets out and goes to help him, but the little guy races away from her and across the…
  • Make a Difference: #MakeItZero

    Dawn Camp
    14 Feb 2015 | 11:15 am
    Yesterday I attended an event sponsored by Wellspring Living, an organization who helps victims of DMST (domestic minor sex trafficking) by giving them the courage to move forward with their lives and the confidence to succeed. They help restore lives. You might think sexual trafficking exists only in third world countries, in places far from your own backyard, but you’d be wrong. This modern form of slavery robs young girls of their lives and freedom and Atlanta ranks as one of the major hubs in this country. Girls as young as eight years old, with an average age of 14, are being…
  • The Reviews are in from an Amazing Launch Week!

    Dawn Camp
    9 Feb 2015 | 8:17 pm
    Thank you to everyone who Facebooked, tweeted, commented, encouraged, and prayed about the release of my book, The Beauty of Grace, last Tuesday. The first week exceeded expectations: by Thursday, we were the #1 New Release in Christian Meditation Worship & Devotion on Amazon and now we’re also the #1 New Release in Devotionals. {These numbers bounce around day to day, but we’ve remained in the top five.} Check your local Barnes and Noble. Large markets currently feature The Beauty of Grace on their hardcover display tables. I can never adequately thank the amazing…
  • Beauty of Grace Launch Day & a DaySpring Giveaway!

    Dawn Camp
    3 Feb 2015 | 7:46 am
    When I turned in The Beauty of Grace to my publisher, Revell, on March 1 of last year, it seemed like the official release—today—would never come. But here it is, and DaySpring is celebrating with me by offering this beautiful Floral Vine Christian Journal to 30 of you! The Beauty of Grace celebrates the power of story: it contains over 50 of them. Stories about serving Jesus by serving others; the dangers of comparison; letting go of worry; finding peace in your mess. Grace in the everyday. Thank you to all who’ve already ordered The Beauty of Grace, which has been available…
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    Postcards from the Mothership

  • Photos of the day: Winter walk on the Jack Pine Trail and a Spring Thaw portrait deal

    28 Feb 2015 | 3:13 pm
    Did you see?? The sun came out AND it was above minus 20 today. It was practically summer!! We celebrated with a walk on one of our favourite Ottawa trails, and were delighted by the number of animals who came out to say hello: pileated woodpeckers, nuthatches and chickadees, a merlin, a few playful red squirrels and then, to our delight, a big fat porcupine came sauntering up the trail beside us. (I did not zoom in for this – in fact, I had to back up to get him in the frame as the porcupine sauntered past us!) It was a gorgeous afternoon out, made even more delicious by the recent…
  • Photo of the day: Think spring!

    22 Feb 2015 | 1:49 pm
    I got tired of waiting for spring to make even the faintest hint of an intimation that it was going to show up this year, so I took matters into my own hands. Spring, goddammit! Related posts (automatically generated):This week in pictures: In which spring staggers in and out of the picture This week in pictures: Daffies and other spring delights This week in pictures: Bella and the turkeys and other signs of spring
  • 10-pages-in book review: Sweetland

    17 Feb 2015 | 6:05 am
    Waaaaay back in the day, I used to write what I called “10-pages-in” book reviews. The idea behind the 10-pages-in review is that early in a book there’s often a tipping point where you decide whether a book is worth the effort. At 10 or 20 pages in, you can still comfortably walk away and not feel like you’ve invested too much to quit. Or, you know you’re so hooked that you start canceling playdates and dental appointments just to make more time to read. I’m more than 10 pages in to Michael Crummey’s Sweetland, but by the time I’d hit the 10th page I was…
  • Photo(s) of the day: Hockey Day in Manotick

    14 Feb 2015 | 3:44 pm
    I am pretty sure I am the LAST person you expected to be celebrating Hockey Day in Canada. The boys wanted to go out and play for a while on our local rink though, and while an hour outside in the -15C plus windchill was not high on my list of favourite ways to spend a Saturday afternoon – we had a blast. Well, they had a blast and I took pictures, and everybody was happy. And when it started to snow but the sun was still shining through a bit? Well that was downright magical. See? (Yes, we have a spare. Always good to have an extra kid around, especially one as sweet natured as this…
  • Flashback Faves: Zed versus Zee, a love letter to Nancy

    11 Feb 2015 | 5:05 am
    To commemorate 10 years of blogging, I’ve been sharing some of my favourite old blog posts. This one is from way back in 2005, when I still had enough energy and clarity of mind to research a topic and mount a passionate debate about minutiae, rather than just whinge in 140 characters or less, and when it wasn’t completely lame to quote Wikipedia as a source. It’s Nancy’s fault. She asked “So, which one is it (zed or zee)? Anyone know? And should we really care? Is it really a Canadian versus American thing? Or something else?” Ooo ooo ooo! (dances in…
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    Dinker & Giggles

  • Safe Babywearing: An Illustrated Guide to Hip Health

    Alaina Frederick
    10 Feb 2015 | 10:10 am
    I am told that even though baby carrier choices are expanding, the only obvious option to most parents, especially those looking to big box stores for guidance, is the Baby Bjorn and its various knock-offs. A lot of parents have ended up equating babywearing with the Bjorn, and I come across parents all the time who say that their children, especially their boys, hate babywearing, because they only encountered that one specific type of carrier. Not every child dislikes them, because they don't cause pain, maybe just some discomfort, especially if a boy's little penis gets squished as…
  • Easy Pork Apple Stuffing Casserole

    Alaina Frederick
    10 Feb 2015 | 10:00 am
    If you are like me a one-dish meal is key to surviving the day and getting dinner on the table before bedtime. I especially love meals, like this Easy Pork Apple & Stuffing Casserole that the kids can get involved no matter their age and help out. Did you know? A friend of mine who is a social worker recently posted that she was at a clients home and the child did not know what an image of flour was on the flash card. I don’t want my kids growing up having no idea where the food they are happily eating came from. When I had Tucker my mom came over to help me keep the kids…
  • Changing Colors While Crocheting

    Alaina Frederick
    23 Jan 2015 | 5:35 am
    Many amigurumi and hat patterns call for color changes while your crocheting in the round. I don’t know about you but I try to keep all of my changes clean and undetected to a trained eye — it’s sometimes an almost impossible feat. I love how Stacey Trock of Freshstitches shows how to simply (and neatly) change colors while working in the round. This tip will come in handy while using up scraps to crochet Mr. Scrappy a free amigurumi pattern from Stacey. Read all of Changing Colors While Crocheting on our website.
  • Simple Exercises for Knitters and Crocheters

    Alaina Frederick
    22 Jan 2015 | 10:16 am
    After a few days of working on amigurumi creation after another I find that my wrists and fingers get sore and start yelling at me. With a few deadlines on the horizon for handmade toy donations I’m crocheting even more these days. It’s important to take care of yourself not just for general health but so that you can keep doing the things you enjoy – and crocheting is one of them! Let’s watch as Stacey Trock of Freshstitches shares a few simple wrist exercises that knitters and crocheters can do to stay limber during crafting sessions. Simple Wrist Exercises   Do…
  • 2015 Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival

    Alaina Frederick
    12 Jan 2015 | 10:29 am
    Wool, bamboo, silk, spinning, felting … OH MY!!! It is once again time for the annual Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival. For years it has been at the Four Points Sheraton in Mars, PA, however, this year they have completely outgrown the space. You’ll now find even more vendors, classes, and gatherings at the Westin Convention Center in downtown Pittsburgh. This festival is more then a celebration of the fiber arts, it’s a chance for those that can to pay it forward. Bring your extra fabric and yarn for the Salvation Army Fabric Shop that over the past few years has…
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    News Moms Need

  • World BD day gets word out globally

    4 Mar 2015 | 7:49 am
    The twitter-sphere was all aglow yesterday for the first-ever World Birth Defects Day. In fact, 3,378,673 people were reached worldwide! Yup. It’s not a typo. Twelve leading global organizations including the March of Dimes, along with scores of other foundations, hospitals, health care providers, government agencies, parents and individuals with birth defects took to Twitter to raise awareness. People in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, England, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Mexico, Mongolia, Netherlands, Panama, Philippines, Rwanda, Scotland, Spain,…
  • Staying active during pregnancy – winter edition

    2 Mar 2015 | 9:03 am
    Bbrrr it’s cold outside and those warm blankets on the couch are calling my name. It’s tough to get motivated to go outside and be active during these cold and snowy days of winter. I want to stay under the blankets! But for healthy pregnant women, exercise can keep your heart, body and mind healthy. Healthy pregnant women need at least 2.5 hours of being active each week. This is about 30 minutes each day. If this sounds like a lot, don’t worry. You don’t have to do it all at once. Instead, do something active for 10 minutes three times a day. Stay safe The safety of any activity…
  • Caring for your baby’s teeth

    27 Feb 2015 | 12:24 pm
    Tooth decay is the most common preventable chronic disease among children in the United States. If left untreated, it can negatively affect a child’s physical and social development, as well as his school performance. Did you know you can start to clean your baby’s teeth and gums as soon as he is born? Here are some tips from the American Dental Association (ADA): • Before your baby has teeth, wipe the gums with a clean, moist gauze pad or washcloth. • Most babies get their first tooth at around 6 months. It is important to remember that as soon as teeth appear, decay can occur. So…
  • March 3rd is the first ever World Birth Defects Day

    25 Feb 2015 | 6:54 am
    Families frequently write to the March of Dimes and share a story about their child’s struggle with a birth defect. Often, they ask what else they can do to help raise awareness. Well, here is a great way to get involved. Help us mark the first World Birth Defects Day by participating in social media activities and sharing a story about the impact of birth defects on you and your family. The March of Dimes and 11 other international organizations, including the CDC and the WHO, have created the first-ever World Birth Defects Day on March 3rd. We hope to raise awareness of this serious…
  • Peanut allergies in children

    24 Feb 2015 | 11:50 am
    Peanuts or no peanuts? That is the question many new parents ask themselves as they look at the ingredients in their baby’s food. When I started my babies on solid foods, I remember hovering over them for days at time, scanning every square inch of their skin to see if there was any sign of a food allergy. Over the last 10 years, the number of children with peanut allergies has doubled, causing many parents, like me, to wonder at what age is it OK to begin giving children foods made with peanuts. A recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine finds that giving your baby foods made…
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    Connect With Your Teens Through Pop Culture and Technology

  • Nostalgia Machine: Music Videos of Songs From 1960 – 2013

    Jennifer Wagner
    3 Mar 2015 | 8:01 am
    Ever since I came across The Nostalgia Machine website a few weeks ago, I have been lost in the music of the 1960s and 70s. What a great idea for a website. The creators had decided to make a nostalgia website and originally weren’t sure what it should consist of. They decided not to add […] The post Nostalgia Machine: Music Videos of Songs From 1960 – 2013 appeared first on Connect With Your Teens Through Pop Culture and Technology. Related posts: MTV Music: Music Videos Only, from classic to new Keep Up with Music Watching VH1 Top 20 Videos Michael Jackson’s VISION…
  • 20 Family Technology Posts About Teens and Tweens

    Jennifer Wagner
    28 Feb 2015 | 1:32 pm
    In addition to writing this blog, Connect with your Teens through Pop Culture and Technology, I also write for as the Family Technology expert. If you have never been on the website,’s 1,000 Experts help millions of users answer questions, solve problems, learn something new, and find inspiration. If you’ve been on the site […] The post 20 Family Technology Posts About Teens and Tweens appeared first on Connect With Your Teens Through Pop Culture and Technology. Related posts: Top 10 Technology Blogs for Parents Technology Posts Recap 2 Best Connect With…
  • Graham Moore’s Stay Weird Oscar Speech: A Lesson For Families

    Jennifer Wagner
    23 Feb 2015 | 10:32 am
    One of the best parts of the 87th annual Academy Awards ceremony last night was Graham Moore’s acceptance speech after winning the award for best adapted screenplay for The Imitation Game. He gave a speech that can change, and might save, young people’s lives: “I tried to commit suicide at 16 because I felt weird, […] The post Graham Moore’s Stay Weird Oscar Speech: A Lesson For Families appeared first on Connect With Your Teens Through Pop Culture and Technology. Related posts: 10 Academy Award Articles for Your Oscar Reading Oscar Medley Video: Chicago,…
  • 3 New Netflix Original TV Series For Tweens

    Jennifer Wagner
    15 Feb 2015 | 1:34 pm
    I’ve been a subscriber to Netflix for many years. I first loved it for the movies. Then my favorite use became binge watching TV shows I had missed out on during their original airings. While I still love both of the above, I think that Netflix original TV series is now my favorite feature of […] The post 3 New Netflix Original TV Series For Tweens appeared first on Connect With Your Teens Through Pop Culture and Technology. Related posts: Orange Is The New Black: Season 2 Netflix Binge Watching All Hail King Julien: New Animated Series on Netflix Netflix Family Movie or TV Night…
  • Adult Novels for Teen Girls and Their Moms

    Jennifer Wagner
    11 Feb 2015 | 1:37 pm
    Young Adult (YA) novels are more popular than ever. In fact many adults, especially moms, are avid readers of YA books, partly to connect with their teens. However, especially if you have older teens, there are many wonderful books, written for adults, that you can share with your teens. These 5 books are not only […] The post Adult Novels for Teen Girls and Their Moms appeared first on Connect With Your Teens Through Pop Culture and Technology. Related posts: 8 Recommended Novels I Enjoyed Reading in 2013 6 Young Adult Novels For Teens 2014 Gifts 3 New Books for Moms of Teenage Girls
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  • Wig Party Idea for 2015: Embrace Your Inner Unicorn

    17 Feb 2015 | 8:27 am
    In early January, I was invited to a Wig Party for a friend’s birthday. I figured we’d all dig through our old costume bags, grab a brush and thrown on a wig. I was mistaken. This was a professional wig party at Coco Coquette on East Cesar Chavez in Austin. CoCo Coquette is an incredible little vintage boutique with some of the coolest threads you’ve ever seen and they are a full-service ready-to-wear and custom wig shop. They do make-up too, so as they say on their website, you are sprinkled with enough glam and glitter to “embrace your inner unicorn.”…
  • Sock Monkey Love: Crafty Centerpiece for Valentine’s Day

    11 Feb 2015 | 8:40 am
    I love decorating my son’s classroom for the holidays this year. It’s the first time I haven’t been working in an office full-time, so it’s something very special to me. My son (who is in elementary school) is jazzed about it too. Getting cute decorations on a budget isn’t easy, so I went to Michaels to peruse their eye candy. And what did I find on sale? These shiny, fun, ribbon heart wreaths/door decor and some uber-cute red heart boxes that look like message hearts from back in the day…of my youth…like the Stone Ages. Anyhoo, I grabbed a few items…
  • Behind The Scenes: What’s Buzzing in Austin & Texas Hill Country

    7 Feb 2015 | 4:04 pm
    I gave up my SoCo address and turned in my “hipster” card (which was already expired, trust me!) back in 2007. I’ve been living in the Texas Hill Country since then and it’s an amazing place to call home. For over a year I’ve been writing for Lake Travis Lifestyle, a nifty online resource about happenings in the Lake Travis area. I contribute original articles on a weekly basis and it is so exciting (and meaningful) to feature all of the great businesses, people, organizations, restaurants and shops that make up this growing community. The hardest part of this…
  • Pure Barre & My Road to Recovery

    8 Jan 2015 | 7:07 pm
    This month I am featured in the Client Spotlight at Pure Barre Lakeway! It’s very special to me, because my journey back to health has not been easy. I’m recovering from (and living with) a herniated disc. It was a long and grueling ordeal and as I sit here writing this post, I can still feel twinges of pain in my left leg. But thanks to Pure Barre, life is resembling “normal” again. A catastrophic event did not occur to cause the injury, but I remember it seemed to happen the day after my boys performed in the school talent show last year. My back had been bothering…
  • Top 5 Things I’m Obsessed With…

    7 Jan 2015 | 11:59 am
    I think we all suffer from short-lived or long-lived obsessions. I remember back in the day when I just couldn’t stop watching Real Housewives or eating blueberry muffins or stumbling on StumbleUpon. Yikes! Here are my Top 5 Obsessions going into 2015. Chime in and let me know what’s floating your boat. #1 – The Food Network – Heaven help me, I can’t stop watching Chopped, Beat Bobby Flay and Cutthroat Kitchen. I was also glued to any Holiday Cooking competition too. You’re gonna make cookies, cakes, gingerbread houses, salted porks? I’ll watch it. I…
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    Priceless Parenting Blog

  • Moving From a Place of Power to a Place of Influence

    2 Mar 2015 | 10:46 am
    The older your kids become, the more control and power they have over the decisions that effect them. When you try to force your ideas on them, you will likely end up in a power struggle. Judy Steckman from Bend, Oregon just finished the online parenting class for teens and wrote "I think the tools and 'no nonsense' approach will be so beneficial to my kids. I'm moving from a place of power to a place of influence that will last a lifetime."I loved how she said "I'm moving from a place of power to a place of influence that will last a lifetime." She captures it beautifully ... when you try to…
  • Are You Measuring Up?

    16 Feb 2015 | 11:43 am
    Are you striving to be an excellent parent? Of course you want to be an excellent parent! You love your kids and want to do the best for them. You read parenting articles, books and take classes. You’re working hard to raise your children well.How Are You Doing?How do you measure how you are doing? If you were grading yourself as a parent, what grade would you give yourself? Do you score 100%? 110%? 60%?What is the cut off for excellent parenting? Do you need to score at least 95%?If these questions seem reasonable, you probably spent many years in schools that graded your work. You know…
  • Successfully Talking to Teens

    13 Feb 2015 | 11:05 am
    Dr. Heidi Stolz provides some wonderful tips on how to successfully talk to your teens in this video.
  • What type of government protection do our kids need?

    10 Feb 2015 | 11:28 am
    Certainly children deserve to be protected from danger and abuse. Yet it's impossible to protect children from every possible harm. When we enact laws that attempt to dictate the rules parents must follow to protect their kids we can accidentally cast too wide a net. For example, Danielle and Alexander Meitiv are in trouble with Child Protective Services because they let their 10-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter walk together without adults. They live in Maryland and Maryland has laws stating "In Maryland, a child under the age of 8 years may not be left unattended at home, at school, or…
  • Invest a Day in Sharpening Your Parenting Skills

    20 Jan 2015 | 10:04 am
    Would you like to parent from a calm, confident place that invites cooperation instead of confrontation? Even when you know how you'd ideally like your family to operate, it can be challenging to make those intentions a reality. You don't want to yell at your kids, yet you find yourself yelling. You want your kids to treat you with respect yet they talk back. You want to be on the same parenting page as your partner and yet you have very different approaches with the kids. Raising kids is not easy. In these classes you'll learn to set limits on inappropriate behavior and encourage…
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    Darryle Pollack | I never signed up for this...

  • Jane Pauley: What’s not to like?

    Darryle Pollack
    10 Feb 2015 | 11:37 pm
    Everyone loves Jane Pauley.  And I get it.  But I have to confess, it would be so easy NOT to like her. Author of two books, mother of three children,  television career of four decades,  Jane’s always seemed be one of those women who made it look possible, even easy to “have it all”.  Being sweet and self-effacing in addition to successful, Jane of course denies that she’s ever had it all. Let’s just say I’m not convinced. She does admit to having lucky breaks and incredible opportunities.  One  reason it would be extra easy for me not to like her: I…
  • The Best Sweet Treat on Thanksgiving

    Darryle Pollack
    23 Nov 2014 | 11:51 am
    For yourself and those you love, nothing is sweeter than giving thanks. And here’s a close second: the best pumpkin bread ever, a yearly tradition for our family and my blog. Ironically, I don’t like the flavor of pumpkin. No pumpkin spice lattes; I don’t even eat pumpkin pie. But I can’t get enough of this pumpkin bread and everyone who tries it gets addicted, too. When you make it, you won’t only GIVE thanks, you’ll GET thanks. THE BEST EVER PUMPKIN BREAD Blend in one large bowl: 3 eggs beaten 2 cups canned pumpkin 1 ½ c. white sugar 1 ½ c. brown sugar…
  • Life Interrupted

    Darryle Pollack
    1 Oct 2014 | 10:58 am
    She never signed  up for this….. Barbie Ritzco did sign up to be a Marine, to be on the front lines fighting America’s battles. She did not sign up to be on the front lines fighting breast cancer. Soon after her deployment to Afghanistan in 2011, as she stood in the shower she could feel a lump in her breast growing bigger every day.  Her code of honor and loyalty ran so deep, she agonized that having cancer  could require her to prioritize her own health over her responsibility to her fellow Marines.  When that happened, she later said, leaving her unit was harder to accept than the…
  • My Husband Drove his Car Over My Foot….and here are 10 GOOD things about it

    Darryle Pollack
    28 Sep 2014 | 10:43 am
    1.  It makes great blog fodder. 2.   It was an accident.  I thought I should probably mention that.  In today’s world, you never know. 3. There were witnesses. We were with another couple (who both escaped injury.) 4. It’s not life threatening; I don’t need surgery but potentially could score a handicap parking pass. 5. Need I mention my husband is now waiting on me hand and foot. Possibly for life. 6.  Wearing a canvas boot for weeks is a great excuse to buy new shoes. 7. In the ER I got to try out my brand new Medicare card.  Wait, is that really a good thing? 8. No…
  • Life@50+ Top 10 List

    Darryle Pollack
    10 Sep 2014 | 12:18 am
    Welcome to AARP.  By welcome I don’t mean getting the card.   I’ve had mine for a while.   (okay, a LONG while.)  By welcome I mean attending my first AARP event,  Life@50+. They had me at hello.    Actually they had me even before Hello, as soon as I walked in the door of the San Diego Convention Center. #1:  My intimate friend Mrs. Fields greeted me right off the bat in the lobby.   Immediately I knew this would be a good time.. Blogger friends: Suzanne Simone Stavert (left) and Lois Alter Mark (right) #2.  Inside, more friends, old and new.  Which set the tone with a…
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    Kids Stuff World

  • Pancake Recipes So Good, They’ll Make Your Whole Weekend

    28 Feb 2015 | 7:36 am
    Pancakes. Piping hot, fluffy, good old-fashioned melt in your mouth pancakes. That’s the stuff childhood memories are made of and the kind of thing that can transport you right back to your grandma’s house when you were little with just one syrup-y bite. Mmmm, I love pancakes. Who doesn’t, right? I mean they are basically a hard-wired part of our love language. Ask my kids any day and they’ll tell you no one and I mean no one, not even me makes a better pancake than their grandparents. They get to enjoy my Dad’s famous chocolate chip pancakes for Christmas, their…
  • The cutest paper flower crowns you ever did see! (w/ photo tutorials)

    Amanda Gentis
    24 Feb 2015 | 11:08 pm
    My neighbor’s daffodils popped up a few weeks ago – they’re an unusual sight in our neighborhood since a) they’re not really a Texas friendly flower and b) the deer usually eat them before anyone sees they’ve blossomed. They are still holding strong and combined with the warmish weather we just enjoyed, I’m craving a little bit of spring in my life! Some bright colors, tart and tangy and sweet flavors and outside gatherings in the yard with friends and barefoot kiddos. This peach lemonade seems almost too pretty to drink and makes my mouth water all at…
  • 22 Kid-Approved Acts of Kindness You Can Do THIS Week

    Erica Layne
    17 Feb 2015 | 5:32 am
    Has anyone else noticed how crazy easy it is to get overwhelmed with all of the things we want to teach and work on with our kids? We see their struggles and insecurities, and we want to take each one head on. But for me at least, wanting to do everything usually leaves me doing a dozen things on a surface level instead of a few things wholeheartedly. At the beginning of the year, my husband and I decided to focus on just three things this year with our children. That way we wouldn’t get so distracted by all the shiny objects (taekwondo! swim team! science camp!) and the problems…
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    My Thoughts, Ideas, and Ramblings

  • Tinkerbell And The Legend Of The Neverbeast Review #NeverbeastBloggers

    4 Mar 2015 | 6:01 am
    My Thoughts, Ideas, and Ramblings - Return to Pixie Hollow for the heartwarming and humorous adventure “Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast”! An ancient myth of a fabled creature sparks the curiosity of Tinker Bell and her good friend Fawn, an animal fairy who’s not afraid to break the rules to help an animal in need. But this creature – massive and wondrous with glowing green eyes – is not welcome in Pixie Hollow – and the scout fairies are determined to capture the mysterious beast, who they fear will destroy their home. Fawn, who sees a tender heart beneath his gruff…
  • Tinkerbell And The Legend Of The Neverbeast – Ginnifer Goodwin Interview #NeverbeastBloggers

    3 Mar 2015 | 6:00 am
    My Thoughts, Ideas, and Ramblings - Ginnifer Goodwin was a dream to interview. I actually got to sit right next to her (be still my beating heart!). She is somebody I’ve watched on Once Upon A Time, so it was really cool to be in the same room with her. Best of all, it was for a movie I definitely loved! She was so normal and down to earth. You easily could go out to dinner with her and be at ease – that’s how awesome she was. For those of you who don’t know, Ginnifer plays Fawn in Tinkerbell And The Legend Of The Neverbeast. Our first question to her was how much is…
  • Instant $10 Rebate at Office Max and a $100 Visa Gift Card #Giveaway! #Omax10

    2 Mar 2015 | 9:29 pm
    My Thoughts, Ideas, and Ramblings - It’s that time of year when your kids start running out of their school supplies or at least, my kids do. I never seem to have bought enough school supplies in August, so I’m always shopping this month for things like pencils, pencil cases, tissues, folders, notebooks, etc. (This is just what I picked up this weekend!) Now, what I totally love about Office Max is that while I am picking up the random things my kids need, I can also get some birthday shopping while I am there too. Did you know that you can get Visa Gift cards at Office Max? How…
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  • How Being Assertive With Your Cam Girl Will Save You Money

    Anthony Evans
    10 Feb 2015 | 4:28 pm
    “Make requests with confidence. You are paying her for that”  We all seek out live cam girls because we want beautiful women at our fingertips who will do whatever we ask of them without hesitation. But that doesn’t mean that it always goes according to our plan or that cam girls don’t try to get a little extra out of when they can. It’s important to remember that you’re the paying customer and things should be running on your time and not hers. You don’t have to be a jerk about, but it’s important to take an assertive stance at the…
  • Be Legendary: What You Can Do to Drive Her Crazy

    Anthony Evans
    11 Jan 2015 | 2:31 am
    “Think what you can do to drive her crazy in bed” There are many ways for a man to impress others. But the most of them require hard work and patience. Achieving a successful position in a job can take years, not to mention how much work you invest in it and the small chance of everything back-firing on you despite it all. Even developing and programming the best online personals sites needs these things. However, even when you’re on the best road to becoming a member of the Halifax list of notable Haligonians, every once in a while you need a quick success. One that…
  • Sensual Gifts Your Mistress Will Love

    Anthony Evans
    23 Dec 2014 | 1:06 pm
    “Surprise her by giving her sensual gifts”  The right gift for your mistress doesn’t always have to be just candy and flowers. You can get your mistress a gift that’s sensual and fun in the bedroom, and it’ll be something that really stands out from all the other men that she’s seen on When you’ve been doing comparisons of affair dating sites, you’ll probably see that the most successful men out there make the best sites work when they gift their mistresses unique things…and the right sensual gift is really going…
  • Money and Power Dynamics in Your Relationship

    Anthony Evans
    24 Nov 2014 | 11:55 pm
    “So, what does really matter?” You’re wealthy and your partner is not. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the kind of relationship you have will be dependent on money, but unfortunately, many people can misconstrue that as being the case. It’s hard not to compare your different social standings in this kind of situation, especially if the difference is markedly noticeable. It might end up being the difference between a free bondage dating site and one that you end up paying a metric ton of money in order to join. The important thing to consider here is the rating…
  • Organize Your Photos In 4 Easy Steps

    Anthony Evans
    13 Oct 2014 | 11:43 pm
    DSLRs and digital cameras have really made the capture of pictures easier. Because of the ease in capturing photographs, more and more people are taking pictures and a new problem now has to be resolved. People have now problems in organizing the pictures that they captured especially the digital format. The need to organize photographs especially in digital format has never been this great in the past years. Here are steps that you can do so you can organize your photographs. Always set the current time and date of your camera It is one of the easiest ways to organize your photographs but…
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    Parenting Advice Blog

  • Feb 7, Baby Parenting Advice - For the first six weeks

    7 Feb 2015 | 4:28 am
    The top baby parenting advice for the early weeks is to look after yourself in the best possible way. The emotional exhaustion of pregnancy, birth and parenting a new baby is commonly underestimated by most first-time parents.
  • Oct 25, About Me

    25 Oct 2014 | 3:21 am
    Read about me - parent counselor and family educator, mother and website designer!
  • Oct 28, Baby Links - Consistent Parenting

    28 Oct 2013 | 6:09 pm
    These baby links at Consistent Parenting are here to benefit you - only recommended sites have been included.
  • Jul 21, Parenting Links

    20 Jul 2013 | 11:25 pm
    These parenting links are here to benefit you. Only recommended sites will be included.
  • Dec 10, Common Discipline Mistakes

    10 Dec 2012 | 2:30 am
    Common Discipline Mistakes Parents Make in Disciplining Their Children. When discipline is poorly handled, it can actually make bad behavior worse instead of improving it. As parents, we have to discipline our children if we want them to engage in proper behavior and adhere to social norms, but sometimes in our effort to correct them, we end up making mistakes. Here are several things to watch out for and avoid. .
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    Jolly Mom

  • Quick Valentine’s Day Treat: Heart-Shaped Cherry Hand Pies

    Piera Jolly
    12 Feb 2015 | 10:15 am
    Lucas’ class is having a little Valentine’s Day celebration with a few treats and a book exchange. I decided to make these super simple Heart-Shaped Cherry Hand Pies to share with his class. To keep this super simple, I used store bought pie dough and a really good brand of canned cherries in water (look for something that lists only cherries, water, and pure cane sugar in the ingredients list. Avoid those with high fructose corn syrup or artificial colors). I hesitate to even call this a recipe since it doesn’t involve any actual cooking or prepping, but alas…the…
  • Valentine’s Day Breakfast Idea – Eggs in a Heart-Shaped Basket

    Piera Jolly
    9 Feb 2015 | 8:45 am
    I love adding sweet touches that say “I love you” throughout the day on Valentine’s Day. I usually start by making a special breakfast with a love-inspired menu. One of our favorites? Eggs in a Heart-Shaped Basket. This is basically eggs in toast, but just kicked up a notch for this special day. Eggs in a Heart-Shaped Basket What You’ll Need: Eggs Bread, toasted Heart-shaped cookie cutter (heat resistant; silicone or metal) Cooking Spray Directions: Using cookie cutter, cut out heart from center of toast.   Heat griddle or pan on medium heat. Lightly spray pan…
  • Super Bowl Food: 7-Layer Dip Recipe

    Piera Jolly
    30 Jan 2015 | 2:00 pm
    The big game is this weekend and we are making last-minute plans for a small get-together at our house. Honestly, our week has been busy, busy (as always!), which has made it very difficult to plan a big menu. The idea is to prepare a few tasty dishes that our friends and family will love but are also very easy and quick to make. One of our favorites is 7-Layer Dip. This dip never lasts. You put the dip on the table and I swear everyone makes a mad dash for it and then loiters around the dish until every last bite is gone! As the name implies the dip consists of 7 layers – refried…
  • Valentine’s Day Family Breakfast & Gift Ideas

    Piera Jolly
    27 Jan 2015 | 1:43 pm
    I adore Valentine’s Day. To me it’s another opportunity to show my family how much I love them. So every year, I try to do something to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family. It doesn’t have to be something big or fancy. Typically, it’s a meal at home with lots of sweet touches. For instance, this year I am planning to surprise Mike and the kids with a Valentine’s Day breakfast at home. The love can be seen in the details. I like to keep the food simple. Heart-shaped eggs in a basket, fresh berries, bacon, orange juice, coffee, and a variety of  freshly…
  • Five Tips to Start the New Year Right

    Piera Jolly
    30 Dec 2014 | 1:21 pm
    Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to ring in the new year. We’ve spent the past few days organizing and purging our home of unused and unnecessary things. It feels so good to renew and prepare for 2015! Below is a checklist of items that we like to do at the end of the year.   1. Go through the entire house and get rid of anything that is unused, doesn’t work, or is unnecessary (including kids’ toys). I like to have three containers with me as I go through the house – donate/sell, storage, trash. As I move through the house, I also clean,…
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    Home of Lynn Kellan, contemporary romance author

  • My new job

    4 Mar 2015 | 2:00 am
    I have a new job. I am a plow. I cut a path through the deep snow for the dog. Frankly, I’m not too happy with my new position. The pay stinks…so I’m heading to the Big City to find a new job. Uh, the city is crowded. I feel small. Insignificant. I’m terrified of heights. So, I’m returning to the country. I’ll continue to be a human plow for my dog. AND…I will not, under any circumstances, complain about the cold. I hope you’re staying warm…and happy! Love, Lynn K.
  • My dog is a Martian.

    25 Feb 2015 | 2:00 am
    Something is wrong with my dog. She looks strange. A wee bit frightening, in fact. Like a dog from the planet Mars. I think she’s an Alien Life Form. I asked my dog if she was the only Martian dog on Earth. She said, “No.” The dog near you is a Martian, too.
  • Uncomfortable Marriage Moments

    11 Feb 2015 | 3:09 am
    Lately, I’ve endured a number of uncomfortable marriage moments. So I thought, “I’d better put these online.” Because putting stuff online is always a good idea. In my defense, I asked my husband to redo our bathroom after this incident. In my defense, I write steamy romance novels. In my defense, let’s just say my dog is weird. In my defense, I have no control over my face. Have you had any uncomfortable marriage moments lately?
  • Santa looks sexy in shorts.

    4 Feb 2015 | 5:43 am
    Soon, we’ll be complaining about mosquito bites and sunburn… We’ll bask in the sun and wonder if our dogs are vegetarians. We’ll hang out with our famous TV friends. And sign autographs. We’ll lounge on the beach with our beautiful, hairy children. And we’ll walk along the Boardwalk and think… “Dang! Santa Claus looks GREAT in shorts!” Hang in there. Winter is halfway over. Love, LK “El-Kel”
  • Why I am a horrible wife

    28 Jan 2015 | 2:00 am
    I am a HORRIBLE wife …because I decorated our master bathroom suite like this: Blech. Yucky. Ew! In my defense, the bathroom was 25+ years old. So, I asked my husband if he’d like to help me renovate. REASON #2 that I’m a HORRIBLE wife: I suggested we renovate the bathroom over Christmas vacation. Er, that wasn’t such a good idea. My poor husband spent every waking moment working on the bathroom. Not exactly a relaxing, fun vacation. But we ended up with this: Problem is, he did such a good job. What renovations shall I ask him to tackle next Christmas? This post is…
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    Maryland Family - Baltimore Sun

  • New trampoline park coming to Towson

    4 Mar 2015 | 8:42 am
    The old Skateland Roller Rink in Towson will be turned into a trampoline park, according to Merritt Properties, which owns the building. 
  • "Free range" parents found guilty of unsubstantiated neglect

    2 Mar 2015 | 10:52 am
    Remember the case of the two Silver Spring kids, ages 10 and 6, who were allowed to walk a mile home from a park without adult supervision? Their mom and dad, who practice a "free range" style of parenting, have been found guilty of "unsubstantiated" neglect, The Washington Post is reporting.
  • Expose your baby to culture with these fun outings

    24 Feb 2015 | 2:25 pm
    When you hear howling winds and struggle with mittens that won’t stay on chubby little hands, your instinct may be to stay inside with your baby as much as possible this winter. But, early childhood experts say, there are important reasons not to cocoon your little one at home. 
  • Baltimore road trips: The best spring break destinations for families

    23 Feb 2015 | 12:34 pm
    Museums, dude ranches, theater and more of our favoritesMuseums, dude ranches, theater and more of our favorites
  • Hands off my parenting style

    13 Feb 2015 | 12:15 pm
    About a year or so ago, I asked my mother and father — parents of five — if, before they had me, they'd had conversations about how they wanted to parent.
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    Playground Confidential

  • I had no idea the Ontario College of Teachers was such a great resource for parents

    Rebecca Cuneo Keenan
    19 Feb 2015 | 6:56 am
    This post is sponsored by the Ontario College of Teachers. Thank you, teachers! On the first day of school, each September, crowds of parents and children gather in the schoolyard. At our school, they shuffle along, peering at class lists taped to the brick wall until they find their child’s name. They breathe a collective ... [Read more...]The post I had no idea the Ontario College of Teachers was such a great resource for parents appeared first on Playground Confidential.
  • Autism is only one small part of the anti-vaccination story. It’s time we looked past it.

    Rebecca Cuneo Keenan
    10 Feb 2015 | 1:48 am
    Photo credit via Flickr cc license. This is not a post about the relative merits of vaccinating versus not vaccinating your children. That question is not up for debate. Throughout history, populations have been decimated by new viruses introduced by explorers and settlers from abroad. Entire tribes of Native people were wiped out after European ... [Read more...]The post Autism is only one small part of the anti-vaccination story. It’s time we looked past it. appeared first on Playground Confidential.
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about my cleaning habits and more

    Rebecca Cuneo Keenan
    28 Jan 2015 | 7:12 am
    Thanks to Oxiclean for sponsoring this post and keeping my kids in clean shirts.  So how do I keep those shirts looking this good at the end of the year? Let me tell you a story about the day I found out my son’s school was introducing a uniform. Oh, it was quite the day. ... [Read more...]The post Everything you ever wanted to know about my cleaning habits and more appeared first on Playground Confidential.
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    Rave & Review

  • Children's beds made fun and functional with Cuckooland

    4 Mar 2015 | 10:43 am
    For the past few years, I’ve been researching bed solutions for my growing family and have come to one conclusion: people put a whole lot more thought into the crib that they will buy their little one to sleep in for a matter of months than they do the bed they will grow up in. It’s true. There are numerous companies devoted to helping you design a baby nursery and pick your baby’s bed, but there is very little help once you are ready to graduate your child to a big kid bed. I guess you’re just supposed to go to a traditional furniture store and pick one of the 5 boring beds they…
  • Expand your play with The Queen's Treasures accessories and furniture for your 18" dolls {wooden vintage doll stove giveaway}

    26 Feb 2015 | 11:39 pm
    Around here we take our doll play very seriously. My kids learn with their dolls, we host special doll play dates, and we look for any opportunity to include them in our mother/daughter bonding time. This also means I’m picky about what doll treasures end up in our collection and would gladly pay more for high-quality, detailed accessories and miniatures that will really expand our doll play. All of this and more is why I adore The Queen's Treasures. Sick of all the pink plastic junk I was finding in retail stores, I ended up doing an exhaustive search online to see if I could find 18" doll…
  • Big Hero 6 is a big winner - pick up your copy today on DVD and Blu-ray

    24 Feb 2015 | 11:15 am
    Are you as excited as we are about the release of Disney's Big Hero 6 on Blu-ray, Digital HD and DVD? We absolutely loved the movie in the theater and have been eagerly awaiting the day we could add it to our Disney collection. Folks, that day is today. Big Hero 6 is a heart-warming comedy adventure about the friendship that develops between a robotics prodigy, Hiro Hamada {Ryan Potter}, and an extraordinary robot, Baymax {Scott Adsit}. Directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams, and produced by Roy Conli, the film takes place in the fictional San Fransokyo, where a diverse group of friends…
  • Join the #Fusion Twitter party with Rayovac during the Oscars

    19 Feb 2015 | 10:46 pm
    What would you do with longer lasting batteries? Power your camera, your remotes, or simply keep the peace longer by making sure all your kids' toys are ready for play with the new Fusion batteries from Rayovac. This new battery is tested to be "35% longer lasting than Energizer Max", which means you can buy less batteries and worry about technology shut-downs a whole lot less. As someone who is admittedly very frugal and has been known to shop at dollar stores or purchase off-brands, batteries are one of the few items I refuse to go this route with. Those off-brand batteries end up costing a…
  • Comfort and luxury in the road trip-ready Lexus RX 450h

    16 Feb 2015 | 9:22 pm
    By Tyler, Editor and Author Were you looking for us a few weeks ago and expecting to find us holed up at home with our newborn while adjusting to life as a family of 5? If so, you were probably very disappointed to find our car in the driveway but no one at home. But really, how could you possibly sit at home when you have this beautiful Lexus RX 450h waiting for you to drive it? We took advantage of having a fancy new vehicle to explore in and instead spent our time off enjoying the islands around us, visiting family and friends near and far to show off the new babe, and using it as a great…
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  • Sundays and Signs of Spring

    22 Feb 2015 | 5:05 pm
    I don’t know about you, but I am overjoyed that I have a mansion just over the hilltop. Sundays may not be perfect all of the time (rarely), but I feel so blessed to be able to rub shoulders with other saints on Sunday. I love my church family and being around other Christians. They make our walk so much lighter and easier in this life. I love singing the old familiar songs – and reading the history behind them. I love our preacher’s lessons and the passion he shares for the Word. I love taking communion and knowing that my brothers and sisters the world over are sharing in…
  • Celebrating the Moments

    13 Feb 2015 | 10:16 am
    I got some really good advice at an Apologia Homeschool Conference a few years ago … and you’ll have to forgive me for paraphrasing it from memory, but it went something like this: “If you don’t celebrate your life, who will? And if you don’t celebrate and have fun and ENJOY homeschooling… will your kids?” Wow. Let that sink in a bit, homeschool mama. I know it gets difficult in those trenches, but how often are we lamenting our lot while the sun is shining and those little ones are watching us frown? I challenge you (and always myself, too –…
  • Finding a Homeschool Planner that Works for You

    10 Feb 2015 | 9:12 am
    This post is more of a journey through homeschool planning over my entire homeschooling career than a review, but in the end, I did come down to two planners to review – and I mentioned a few others and my experiences as well. If you don’t want the details behind my planner journey, you can scroll to the bottom to read a review between two very popular spiral-bound homeschool planners that I have used the past two years. For the rest of you, who don’t mind my chatter, pull up a chair and bring your favorite drink and snack. This could take a chunk of free time to read…
  • A January Recap

    31 Jan 2015 | 10:55 pm
    Have you ever been just sucked into such a whirlwind that you felt you were doing good just to make sure your teeth were brushed and all the urgent things of life tended to? Like you were on a wild ride that kept you twirling? Sort of like this guy: Yep. Well, that’s what life has been like for me for a while now. January 2015 has been a speeding bullet. I have missed being able to pause and write about life, because lately I’m doing good just to live it as it corkscrews by. Here’s my pictorial memory bank of January 2015… Benny, Dentist, Mindy, Tony Evans In January,…
  • Homeschool Service Project: Feeding Austin Area Hungry

    15 Jan 2015 | 12:13 pm
    Love this lady! For the past few years, our family has had the privilege of working with the Brighter Days Food Pantry which partners with Austin Area’s Texas Capital Food Bank to feed the hungry in our community. Our pantry is one of the few in our area that offer fresh produce, meat and dairy as well as dry and canned goods, hygiene products, cleaning products, fresh flowers, and more. The pantry started out helping only 30 families and has grown to serving more than 100 each week. My teenagers have done much more work than I have – especially my eldest son who will be 18 next…
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    Attachment Parenting International Blog

  • Parental choice for healthy immunity

    API Blog
    4 Mar 2015 | 8:47 am
    By Barbara Nicholson and Lysa Parker, cofounders of Attachment Parenting International (API) and coauthors of Attached at the Heart The big parenting news lately centers on childhood vaccinations. It is an area of parenting that we do not take a stance on. Rather, API advocates for informed choice. We encourage parents to make careful decisions based on their own research. We know that there is no one right answer for every family, as we all have different health histories, environmental challenges and family dynamics that affect our decisions. No matter what the outcome of our choices, we…
  • Saying “no” the Attachment Parenting way

    Stephanie Petters
    2 Mar 2015 | 11:58 am
    “Many of us were brought up to feel that we were greedy or selfish if we wanted things. Our parents turned our wants into occasions for shame.” ~ Love and Anger: The Parental Dilemma by Nancy Samalin This quote is completely true for me. Even now as an adult, sometimes I feel ashamed for wanting something I know isn’t possible to have at that moment. Our children have a right to ask for things that they want. And we have a right to say “no.” Our child will be unhappy with the “no” and likely feel angry, sad or disappointed. As the parent, our job is…
  • Someday you will miss this

    Kelly Shealer
    27 Feb 2015 | 2:58 pm
    It’s 4 a.m. My baby is awake again. She has nursed and fallen asleep…and then woke up again the second I tried to move her. Now she is wide awake, eyes open and smiling at me. I am exhausted — beyond exhausted. And I have to be up in a few hours to take my son to school. I really feel like I can’t handle this much longer. I just want to sleep. Then suddenly a thought pops into my mind: Someday you will miss this. I know that it’s true. Someday I will sleep again — full nights without interruption — and in a strange way, I will miss this moment. I won’t miss…
  • Is she too attached?

    26 Feb 2015 | 7:24 am
    Editor’s note: This post was originally published on Aug. 11, 2010, and centers on an issue that many of us know all too well — that of separation anxiety and Attachment Parenting. My 8-month-old daughter, Penelope, is going through a separation anxiety phase. If I walk out of her eyesight, even for a second — even if Peter, my husband, or someone else is sitting with her and playing — she cries. She is a mama’s girl right now. When her anxiety first showed up, I was concerned. I thought, “Oh, what have I done?!” Is she too attached? Have I taken…
  • How does Attachment Parenting inspire you?

    Rita Brhel
    24 Feb 2015 | 2:11 pm
    Parenting is inspirational. Our children motivate us to become better role models, to move past our childhood hurts and to find new ways to nurture and guide our children. Mothers and fathers who have discovered Attachment Parenting (AP) find that their creative geniuses come alive as they question the status quo and dare to do something different than the cultural norm — to have warm, nurturing relationships centered on compassion and respect. A boost of creativity is channeled directly into families, as parents strive to improve their relationships with their children, their spouses…
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    icefairy's Treasure Chest

  • Leaving Liberty Book Blast: $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

    4 Mar 2015 | 11:59 am
    A budding relationship could be easily killed by the dark secrets that one has to hold from the other. Will the couple in Leaving Liberty be an exception? Check out the latest romance novel from Lisa Mondello and enter to win a $50 Amazon gift card or cash! About Leaving Liberty There's been a storm brewing in Liberty Calvert's life. But she didn't know just how strong it would be until Texas
  • ClickN KIDS Tablet 2 Giveaway {Under the Rainbow Giveaway Hop} #UndertheRainbow

    2 Mar 2015 | 10:01 pm
    What would you like to find under the rainbow? Join the [3rd annual] Under the Rainbow Giveaway Hop hosted by the Lindsey Blogs & Viva Veltoro and see all the nice prizes you could win! Each prize package is valued at least $25. You could also win the Grand Prize - Fold N Go Double Stroller from Combi USA. My Giveaway CNK Digital has generously offered to give one of my lucky readers a ClickN
  • Raising Sleeping Stones Book Blast: $25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

    2 Mar 2015 | 10:00 pm
    Raising Sleeping Stones by P.H.T. Bennet is a fantasy adventure whose story and app will help readers learn more about their own dreams. To help you learn more about this book and how it is taking reading in new directions, Mother Daughter Book Reviews is hosting a book blast, which includes the chance to win your choice of a $50 Amazon gift card or PayPal cash. About the Book This innovative
  • Skip Hop Moby Collection Prize Pack Giveaway {Spring in to Spring Giveaway Hop}

    1 Mar 2015 | 10:00 pm
    Spring gives all living creatures the opportunity for rebirth and renewal. Do you planning to take up any new projects this spring? Mommy's Favorite Things and from Mama's Baby Cupcakes invite you to welcome the season of hope and growth with the "Spring in to Spring" Giveaway Hop. Each participating blog is giving you the chance to win a prize valued $25 or more, including the Grand Prize of
  • $150 American Express Gift Card Giveaway

    1 Mar 2015 | 10:00 pm
    This giveaway is sponsored by I've found myself having more and more of my shopping done online, from items as small as a screw to big ticket purchases like a refrigerator. I simply can't resist the convenience and comfort of getting all that I need without having to drive from store to store. Online shopping also helps me save money with exclusive discounts, cash back
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  • Nurturing A Child’s Passion: Why I Stopped Caring About the Stuff My Kid Does Well

    Denene Millner
    3 Mar 2015 | 9:01 pm
    As tempting as it is to push our kids into things they're good at, nurturing a child's passion is much more important to helping them excel. The post Nurturing A Child’s Passion: Why I... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
  • A Word About My Friend Mitzi Miller & Choosing Happy

    Denene Millner
    2 Mar 2015 | 9:52 pm
    Choosing happy requires one to be fearless. It's a tough combo to pull off. But Mitzi Miller has done it, leaving some cues for us moms and our kids. The post A Word About My Friend Mitzi Miller... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
  • How I Got A Black Boy To Read, Plus: 10 Great Books For Black Boys

    Denene Millner
    1 Mar 2015 | 10:11 pm
    Books for Black boys seem few and far between, but here's what happened when I managed to get one into the hands of a reluctant reader. The post How I Got A Black Boy To Read, Plus: 10 Great Books... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
  • That Beyonce Exercise Routine, Black Women & White Feminism, Sagging Pants and Food Stamps

    Denene Millner
    26 Feb 2015 | 9:36 pm
    In this week's MyBrownBaby link favs, the Beyonce exercise routine video makes its rounds, Patricia Arquette gets checked and sagging pants get dissected. The post That Beyonce Exercise Routine,... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
  • Juicy Pics of Brown Babies Here: MyBrownBaby_Fresh Is On Instagram!

    Denene Millner
    25 Feb 2015 | 9:09 pm
    Pics of brown babies have long been in short supply. But here at MyBrownBaby, we're celebrating that beauty with a new Instagram page—MyBrownBaby_Fresh. The post Juicy Pics of Brown Babies Here:... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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  • read across america day EVERY day of the year

    amy mascott
    1 Mar 2015 | 7:00 am
    This post was originally published on March 1, 2013 but we’re republishing because it’s that important.      It’s Read Across America Day!  Only something that everyone’s been talking about for days and days and days and days now, but don’t worry if you’re already in your pj’s or missed the boat altogether. Don’t worry if this is the very first time you’re hearing about it and now you feel like  you’re the only kid not invited to the party. TO-tally not so!  Everyone’s invited to this bash–no matter who you…
  • how to play bunco with FAMILIES

    amy mascott
    28 Feb 2015 | 3:00 am
        On an off for years now, we’ve played Bunco with our family. At family gatherings, after the little ones had gone to bed, the adults rocked out a little Bunco fun. Complete with crazy prizes a la our fun Bingo bonanza, the adults laughed and rolled dice and played Bunco late into the night. Now that Maddy, Owen, and Cora are older, though, we’ve introduced them to the fun of Bunco. Bunco is a simple dice-rolling game that leaves little to skill and all to chance. It’s fun–and easy enough for families with mixed-age kids to play.  There’s counting…
  • best bunco game night snack ideas

    amy mascott
    27 Feb 2015 | 7:00 am
        I lied when I said that the best thing about Bunco was that it was an easy game to play while catching up with friends. Really. I lied. It’s not 100% true. The best thing about Bunco is the snacks. There. I said it. Bunco snacks are awesome. But if Bunco isn’t your game and something else is–Scrabble? Phase 10? Pokeno? Yahtzee?–whatever it is, snacks are a fun part of game night. And though I am kidding, I’m also kind of not kidding. We all need good snacks to round out a fun night with friends. Here’s the skinny. . . Best Bunco Game Night…
  • how to play bunco: super fun gno (girls’ night out)

    amy mascott
    25 Feb 2015 | 7:00 am
          This month has been dedicated to spending time with friends–cultivating old friendships, spending time with current friends, and appreciating all the great people in my life. Spending more time with my spouse and more meaningful, quality time with my kids. One of the things that I did this month with friends was to re-start a Bunco group for my girlfriends. Bunco is the ultimate girls’ night out activity because it’s easy, it’s quick, and it’s essentially pretty mindless. You can play and chat and not worry about using your brain all that…
  • Future City: middle school competition inspires future engineers

    amy mascott
    23 Feb 2015 | 2:00 am
          For the past two years, we’ve been invited to attend the Future City Competition here in DC. Last year, only Maddy and I attended (It was the very same day our chicks hatched! Ahhhh, memories–), but this year, the whole family got in on the fun. Future City is a middle school engineering competition; this year over 40,000 students from around the world competed. It’s really a super-cool event that I love attending with my kids. And I’d love to see more families encouraging their schools to get involved because it’s easy for students of…
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    A Mothers Ramblings

  • The Last Week Of February

    2 Mar 2015 | 6:12 am
    The end of February was brilliant, we had a great week and to be honest I think February was very kind to my family, well my little unit of four anyway.The Last Week Of FebruaryIf you read last weeks post you might be wondering if I did indeed get my Fitbit... I did! On the Saturday morning I suddenly realised that I had been given a voucher for my personal use in a rather lovely department store. I had been torn about what to do with this voucher, I wasn't sure if I'd buy Beavers Uniform with it and then wait until Top Ender needed Guides uniform to spend the rest, or if I'd just go and…
  • The Third Week Of February

    23 Feb 2015 | 5:22 am
    The third week of February was half term here at A Mother's Ramblings Head Quarters. Daddy had thought about taking the week off, but in the end it was just the children and I and we had a complete blast! We didn't go away, we didn't do very much and we even managed a sneaky McDonalds so as you can see I know how to party...The Third Week of FebruaryAs has now become tradition, we didn't go for a family walk on the Sunday and our Saturday, despite being Valentines Day, was just a normal family day. It did mean however, that the children, Daddy and I had a rather lovely weekend just relaxing…
  • The Second Week of February

    16 Feb 2015 | 12:53 am
    Happy End of Week Everyone!I'm in a jolly good mood at the minute, I think it's because I've been surrounded by lots of lovely people over the last couple of weeks and of course that the Half Term Holidays start tomorrow, along with Mummy Home School! Big Boy had got really upset the other week because he was going to miss School for the five days that he wasn't there and he requested that we sort out Mummy Home School for the half term (it was already in progress!) so that he wouldn't miss School.I do love having children who enjoy going to School!THE SECOND WEEK OF FEBRUARY HAS HAD MEWell,…
  • Explosions of Fun

    15 Feb 2015 | 11:00 pm
    Big Boy and I were walking home after School the other night, when I stuck my hand in my coat pocket and pulled out a surprise for Big Boy. At Christmas we had each been given a box of Fun Snaps by Father Christmas and mine had magically worked it's way into my coat pocket. We walked the long way home as we knew that we'd be the only ones walking down the hill, as the older children in our road wouldn't have finished School yet and none of them live between the top of the hill and our house.We enjoyed throwing the Fun Snaps as we walked down the hill, at invisible Zombies and other scary…
  • Valentine's Day

    13 Feb 2015 | 11:00 pm
    Firstly, Happy Valentines Day to all those who wish to be wished it and to all those who don't... Happy Saturday!Yes, I'm fully aware that I don't need to wait until Valentines Day to show my appreciation to those in my life and if you've read my blog before or know me in real life then you'll know that I don't, but I do like to do something special every once in a while and Valentines Day is a good a day as any!Today I'm ready to spoil my lovely husband and children rotten, as we'll be together and none of us will have to disappear off to Work or School... although I will be going shopping…
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  • Leading Volunteers_Keep It External

    6 Feb 2015 | 8:59 am
    I’ve led volunteer teams for a long time. If you lead volunteer teams, you understand the juggle. Keeping track of where each volunteer is, what they need, when they serve and where they serve can be mind-boggling. Like a multi-layered game of Chutes & Ladders, one takes 3 steps forward, another seems stuck in place, and I just lost one down a chute! How do I keep track of this highly valued team and help them as they strive to serve? There are some amazingly gifted leaders in the ministry world from whom I’ve gleaned a few tips and tricks to make sense of the crazy and bring…
  • 5 Things to Help our Volunteers Lead Better

    16 Dec 2014 | 5:31 am
    © 36clicks | – Lane Five Photo As a ministry leader, one of my prime objectives is to lead a group of volunteers to successfully implement the functions of ministry on a weekly basis. That’s a flowery way of saying, “I lead a team of volunteers to invest in kids”. But that “Sunday-to-Sunday” race means I focus a lot time on preparing for church every week. Whether you do Sunday School, Children’s Church, or some variation of the two, kidmin leaders spend copious amounts of time ensuring we have enough volunteers to take care of the…
  • Your Ask is bigger than mine

    10 Dec 2014 | 5:47 am
    It’s true. If you volunteer in kids ministry… your ask is bigger than mine. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve got a big ask. But yours is bigger. How do I know? I can prove it. You see, I lead a ministry with a lot of kids. And I need a lot of volunteers to love those kids. I recruit volunteers from several avenues. To name a few, I might find a new volunteer from… …our new member class where someone wants to become an active part of our church. (40% success rate) …a push from the stage when my pastor mentions our kids ministry. (15% success rate)…
  • Preparing for what’s ahead – 3 things a Kidmin leader can do

    8 Dec 2014 | 12:44 pm
    It’s hard to believe 2015 is almost here. December is in full swing and as Christmas approaches we are preparing for special weekends and activities for kids focused on the joys of Christ’ birth. But amidst all the holiday focus, there are 3 things I need to have ‘running in the background’ in order to be prepared for 2015. In my ministry context, church attendance trends down through November and December. Holiday events and traveling draw families out of their normal routine and church attendance becomes sporadic. However, we know we’ll see our families again…
  • They Won’t Do It for Jesus… for long

    21 Nov 2014 | 9:25 am
    Leading volunteers is a craft. One that requires constant tweaking and learning. Yet there are some principals you learn about leading volunteers that never change. Volunteers want to know that what they do to matters. Volunteers want to enjoy what they do. Volunteers want to feel needed and known. Now, I can convince a volunteer to do just about anything if I present a compelling need. People are pretty generous and willing to do something they may not enjoy in order to meet a need. For a season, they will ‘grin and bear it’. But as ministry leaders, working with volunteers…
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  • 5 Surprisingly Good Reasons To Have Sex Tonight!

    Tara Weng
    3 Mar 2015 | 5:00 pm
    We all know that a good romp in the sack can be a stress-relieving workout, but there are other health benefits as well. If you’re really hot and heavy, you can burn about 70-100 calories per 30-minutes session, according to Ob-Gyn Evelyn Minaya, M.D. Regular sex also gives a healthy boost to your head, heart, and even your immune system. So if you’re looking for some more reasons to heat things up in the bedroom, here are 5 ways sex does your body good. It’s good for your self-esteem. It’s no secret that if you’re feeling sexy and desirable, you feel better about…
  • Working Out Without Breaking Out

    2 Mar 2015 | 5:00 pm
    We all know that we should workout at least 5 times a week for thirty minutes to help lead a healthy lifestyle. However, some people turn their yoga class or trainer session into a beauty competition. You know that woman who wears a full face of makeup and her hair is styled to perfection.  Most of us actually sweat when we hit the gym, which is what’s supposed to happen. If you’re doing it right, all that foundation would drip right off your face and your hair would be falling in your face. Whether you workout in the gym, at home, or outside, you need to protect your skin. These…
  • Do You Ever Feel Like your Mind Will Not Shut Off?

    Christine Hassler, Life Coach
    1 Mar 2015 | 10:00 pm
    Most of us are addicted to thinking. Our addiction tends to intensify when our mind perceives there is a problem to be solved. We want answers. We want resolution. We want to figure it out. Because we believe once we do, that everything will be better. As much as I practice meditation and do many things to quiet my mind, there are times when my thoughts feel like the energizer bunny – they keep going and going and going. Like the other weekend…. I just returned from spending three days totally off the grid at a spiritual retreat in New Mexico and was looking forward to spending some…
  • What Should You Do When Your Kid Forgets Things for School?

    Barbara Greenberg PhD
    25 Feb 2015 | 10:00 pm
    We’ve all rushed to school to deliver something for our child who has forgotten lunch, a musical instrument or even a signed consent form. Every parent has gotten at least a few of these phone calls or texts from their frantic kids who calm down quickly after you promise them that yep you will bring that item to the main office ASAP. So, you can imagine my surprise and intrigue when I learned that one New Jersey school district has decided to stop unannounced parental visits. Apparently,the school superintendent in Summit New Jersey is concerned about school safety and student…
  • Why Guy Friends Are Best After a Breakup

    24 Feb 2015 | 10:00 pm
    Few things match the emotional tidal wave of a breakup. Think about it. Other than the death of a loved one, are there any other moments in the shared human experience that matches the atomic hurt and despair of the end of what was expected to be an everlasting partnership? It feels like a death. Worse yet, unless you’re one of the rare ones that finds your true, lifelong love on the very first try, you’re going to experience that agony on more than one occasion…and it never gets easier, no matter how old you get. Most of us have developed our own coping methods and strategies to help…
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    Mommy's Hangout/Atlanta Mommy Blogger/Jen Williams

  • Sweeping Saturday 2/28/2015

    Jen Williams
    27 Feb 2015 | 9:00 pm
    Do you Have Giveaways? Please Share them here! Every Saturday there is new post with a Mr. Linky for you to list your giveaways. So Please Check weekly To Add yours! After you have submitted your links feel free to share this post on your social networks for even more exposure!The post Sweeping Saturday 2/28/2015 appeared first on Mommy's Hangout/Atlanta Mommy Blogger/Jen Williams.
  • Make it a family movie night with Feeln! *Giveaway*

    Jen Williams
    26 Feb 2015 | 5:36 pm
    Disclosure: I was provided a one-year subscription to Feeln but as always All opinions are 100% my own.   As many of you know I’m slowly trying to ditch our cable services! This has been a long and slow process, but we are almost at that point. I have downgraded our services down to the […]The post Make it a family movie night with Feeln! *Giveaway* appeared first on Mommy's Hangout/Atlanta Mommy Blogger/Jen Williams.
  • Sweeping Saturday 2/21/2015

    Jen Williams
    20 Feb 2015 | 9:00 pm
    Do you Have Giveaways? Please Share them here! Every Saturday there is new post with a Mr. Linky for you to list your giveaways. So Please Check weekly To Add yours! After you have submitted your links feel free to share this post on your social networks for even more exposure!The post Sweeping Saturday 2/21/2015 appeared first on Mommy's Hangout/Atlanta Mommy Blogger/Jen Williams.
  • My Daughter’s $30 Bathroom makeover thanks to Dollar General!

    Jen Williams
    20 Feb 2015 | 3:05 pm
    This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dollar General. All opinions are 100% mine. I have always loved a great challenge. So, when the good folks at Dollar General asked me to team up with them for a room makeover, I knew this was going to be a perfect fit! The […]The post My Daughter’s $30 Bathroom makeover thanks to Dollar General! appeared first on Mommy's Hangout/Atlanta Mommy Blogger/Jen Williams.
  • #HauteHavens Having it All: What does having it all mean to you?

    Jen Williams
    19 Feb 2015 | 6:15 am
    Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Nissan via Mode Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Nissan. As we celebrate Black History Month and are settling into the groove of the new year, I have found myself doing quite a bit of reflection […]The post #HauteHavens Having it All: What does having it all mean to you? appeared first on Mommy's Hangout/Atlanta Mommy Blogger/Jen Williams.
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    Rage Against the Minivan

  • Wednesday's Child: Faith

    4 Mar 2015 | 12:00 pm
    Every Wednesday I feature a child recently highlighted by a local Wednesday's Child newscast to share the stories of children from around the country who are waiting for a family. My hope is that this can broaden exposure for the children highlighted, but also serve as a reminder that these children represent thousands of children currently in the foster-care system. Perhaps their stories will inspire you to consider opening your home to a child needing a family. For more information and to learn about other waiting children, visit AdoptUsKids
  • What I want you to know about honesty and trust

    4 Mar 2015 | 6:00 am
    What I Want You to Know is a series of reader submissions. It is an attempt to allow people to tell their personal stories, in the hopes of bringing greater compassion to the unique issues each of us face. If you would like to submit a story to this series, click here. Today’s guest post is by Andrea. My husband has told me that I am the most honest person he knows. I take that as a huge compliment, for that is exactly what I strive to be. Honesty, though not always the easiest way, is always the best way. And with honesty comes trust and credibility, which are…
  • Questions of eternal significance: chores you hate, chores you love

    3 Mar 2015 | 3:00 am
    I was having a conversation with a friend the other day, and she was talking about how much she abhors laundry. She will go to great lengths to avoid doing the laundry, and it seems to pile up at her house. I was laughing a bit because laundry is one thing I really don't mind doing. Now dishes . . . I hate the dishes.Well, scratch that. I like loading the dishes. Can't stand unloading them.I'm neutral on swiffering the floors. But cleaning the bathroom? THE WORST. Every part of it.What household tasks do you absolutely hate doing? What do you not mind?Are there any of those menial tasks you…
  • What I want you to know about being pregnant, sick, and on state benefits

    2 Mar 2015 | 6:00 pm
    What I Want You to Know is a series of reader submissions. It is an attempt to allow people to tell their personal stories, in the hopes of bringing greater compassion to the unique issues each of us face. If you would like to submit a story to this series, click here. Today’s guest post is by Kari.I see it. Every day, these “clever” Facebook posts about all of these lazy people “enjoying” state benefits that "you" pay for with your hard-earned money. "You" continually berate these people, insinuating that they stay at home all day, enjoying a carefree life and…
  • Are we growing a generation of people addicted to screen-time?

    2 Mar 2015 | 5:30 am
    For the last several years I've taught a class on Addictive Behavior in a graduate psychology program at a local university. It’s a fun class, but I’ve noticed an interesting thing over the past five years since I started teaching.Every semester, the students are getting more and more zombie-like during class. Every semester, I am seeing more faces staring at their computer screens during class intead of paying attention (probably Facebooking or emailing as opposed to writing notes). Or texting on their phone. Or otherwise multi-tasking or engaging in technological brain-numb while I’m…
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    Decide On Day Care

  • Celebrating Chinese New Year at Day Care!

    Daycare Mom
    17 Feb 2015 | 12:31 am
    Chinese New Year begins on February 19, 2015. It’s one of the most important holidays in the Chinese calendar. It lasts for 15 days and is cause for much celebration, and a feeling of renewal. Sharing the concept of Chinese New Year with day care children would open the door for some fun activities! Many families will clean the house during the celebration, in order to sweep away bad fortune and welcome good luck into the . . . → Continue Reading This Day Care Article: Celebrating Chinese New Year at Day Care! The post Celebrating Chinese New Year at Day Care! appeared first on Decide…
  • Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day with Daycare

    Daycare Dad
    18 Jan 2015 | 3:35 am
    Martin Luther King Jr. Day is observed on the third Monday each January. King’s birthday is January 15, so the observance falls around the time of his birthday. Many schools observe this holiday and are closed for the day, but many workplaces are not, so there will be lots of kids in daycare that are normally in school. These school age kids will likely learn about Martin Luther King Jr. in school, and there may be some activities in daycare. Martin Luther King Jr. is probably the most recognizable figure in the . . . → Continue Reading This Day Care Article: Celebrate Martin Luther…
  • St. Patrick’s Day is Coming Up!

    Daycare Dad
    16 Mar 2014 | 10:27 am
    St. Patrick’s day is just around the corner, so make sure you and your child are ready for a fun day at daycare! The holiday itself can mean different things to different people but it is is a widely celebrated holiday which you will not want to miss out on in daycare. It’s never fun for your child to feel left out. St. Patrick’s Day is the celebration of the Irish patron saint, St. Patrick. It is a popular holiday, traditionally celebrated with lots of feasting and parades. As a parent, it’s . . . → Continue Reading This Day Care Article: St. Patrick’s Day…
  • The Fallacy of Being a Tattletale

    Daycare Dad
    16 Sep 2013 | 10:06 pm
    There is something that has bugged me for some time as a parent: how to discipline a child for being a “tattletale”. It seemed kind of strange that a parent, teacher, or daycare provider would discipline the child that “tattled” to them regarding another child’s bad behavior instead of the child who is actually behaving badly. I dismissed this as “just what we do” for so long but that nagging feeling about this idea persists. As a parent, I have avoided it because it made me feel uncomfortable but . . . → Continue Reading This Day Care Article: The Fallacy of Being a…
  • Daycare Back To School Blues

    Daycare Dad
    9 Sep 2012 | 2:56 pm
    Back to school time comes with a whole mix of emotions for parents and children alike. Even if you don’t have kids that are in school yet, they are bound to be affected by those that are heading back to school. Some kids will love going to school, while other children will be terrified about a change from their usual daycare routine. Parents can have the same range of emotions as they try to deal with their children in different places and always the struggle of them growing up too . . . → Continue Reading This Day Care Article: Daycare Back To School Blues The post Daycare Back To…
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  • Favorite Devotionals for Kids

    Jennifer Murray
    3 Mar 2015 | 11:09 am
    We aren’t doing a lot of things right around here, but one thing I don’t think we’ll ever regret is reading the Bible to our kids.  We’ve made it part of our nightly routine, and I KNOW we have all benefited from it. We’ve read a variety of books to them at night from biographies, to devotionals, to kids Bible’s, to just reading Scripture, and I thought I would share some of our favorites with you.  Sometimes it’s hard to find a good devotional for your family that covers a range of kids, that is solid theologically, and that is on their level.
  • Steps Forward

    Jennifer Murray
    24 Feb 2015 | 8:25 am
      Today I stepped back in the coffee shop I visited on the morning we got that Monday morning jaw-dropping positive surprise. I was able to walk in without tears, without anxiety, without heaviness, and without despair. This winter has been such a stark contrast to last. There’s sunshine where there was once darkness. There’s more joy than sorrow. There’s scars where there were once open wounds. “God always seems bigger to those who need him the most. And suffering is the tool he uses to help us need him more.” – Joni Earickson Tada  It wasn’t…
  • 5 Things I Love More Than Valentine’s Day

    Jennifer Murray
    12 Feb 2015 | 10:43 am
    Confession:  I’m a softie for Valentine’s Day. It probably started with the red and pink dotted tights I wore when I was four.  I’m a sucker for romance. However, it looks much different in this season of life than engagement/early marriage. Less dress up and go out and more double the recipe heart-shaped pancakes.  ;)  Commercial holiday or not, it’s always good to feel loved and appreciated by those closest to you - I mean really, who’s going to deny that? No roses or diamonds required here, just a little pat on the back and a warm embrace will suffice.
  • Thriving

    Jennifer Murray
    10 Feb 2015 | 10:05 am
    We are still unpacking from a fantastic long weekend in Nashville, TN.  I attended the Thrive Conference for Young Living Leaders and we decided to take the family along. Good weather, good friends, good family time.  It was a great balance for me of some quality family time and some professional growth time. {Thanks, Brad for all YOU did to make this part possible!} This was the 70 or so of us that represented our Oily Families Team at Thrive. When I signed up for Young Living, I had NO CLUE my feet were landing in such a SOLID group of individuals who have encouraged, educated, and…
  • Eight

    Jennifer Murray
    2 Feb 2015 | 7:12 am
      birth… one… two… three… four… five… six… seven… EIGHT     You are growing up before my eyes. You made me a mama on this day eight years ago.  Happy Birthday, Henry, Brooks, Clark, and Isaac. And I cannot put it into words how thankful I am for your lives I get to share with you. You are loved. You are so loved. 
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    Family Focus Blog

  • 10 Ways to Help Relieve Stress

    4 Mar 2015 | 11:49 am
    Let’s face it- we all get stressed out sometimes. I like to try to have a zenful approach to life but sometimes I get stressed out any. There are so many causes of stress, you can be upset about something someone said, have too many deadlines sneaking up on you, have too many kids yelling for your attention or fighting, getting ready for a big test, or maybe it is just that time of the month. No matter the cause, everyone needs to have some go-to methods to help relieve stress before it builds up to a boiling point. Stress is certainly detrimental to your happiness and ultimately to…
  • Parenting Advice For Raising Inquisitive Children

    Rob Youngblood
    4 Mar 2015 | 6:34 am
    You have to love the brain of a child – inquisitive, curious, always asking questions. This is how we all should be through life, even when we become adults, and being inquisitive is certainly something that we want our children to do and continue to do. I firmly believe that raising smart, thoughtful, well-adjusted role models starts with teaching them to think outside the box and be true to their instincts and individuality. Teach them to ask all the right questions – long before they have all the right answers! It is never to early to foster and encourage their unique…
  • Clever LED Nightlight Solution From SnapPower

    3 Mar 2015 | 8:26 am
    This is really one of those genius ideas that is so simple but so useful.  I love this clever LED nightlight solution and I am sure you will too.  This post is sponsored by SnapPower, makers of SnapRays Guidelights (the genius LED nightlight solution I was telling you about.) LED Nightlight That Doesn’t Take Up Outlet Plug Space And Makes A Great Baby Nightlight, Kids Nightlight or Guidelight System For The Home I’m telling you, this SnapRays Guidelight idea is just so smart!  The SnapRays Guidelight is a convenient LED nightlight that is built into your electrical wall…
  • Baked Avocados and Eggs Recipe

    Elizabeth Dooley
    2 Mar 2015 | 10:24 am
    This is a step-by-step recipe for baked avocados and eggs! Whether you are looking for an easy quick dinner or breakfast this combination is perfect. Add grits on the side for breakfast or bacon bits for dinner. This is a great alternative to a traditional baked potato. Use greek yogurt as a sour cream substitute and crushed chili peppers as a bacon substitute. You certainly cannot feel guilty over this meal, please enjoy! Healthy Baked Avocados and Eggs Recipe: Baked Avocados and Eggs serves 1 Baked Avocados and Eggs Ingredients: 1 Avocado 2 Eggs Green Onion Plain Greek Yogurt Onion Powder…
  • We Dare You- Small Steps To Making Healthy Choices

    2 Mar 2015 | 9:41 am
    I am all for healthy living. When you stop and think about it, health is one of the most important things you have. It is also something that we tend to take for granted when we are in good health. This healthy living post is brought to you by United Healthcare. Three Dares For Making Healthy Choices: I want to tell you about a new website called The goal of the website is to get people to take small steps to live a little bit healthier every day by making healthy choices. Each month they come up with fun dares for making healthy choices and when you complete a dare, you…
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  • Whale of a Weekend at Santa Monica Pier Aquarium

    6 Feb 2015 | 3:36 am
    I love any excuse to go the Santa Monica Pier and Aquarium. They are hosting a fantastic whale themed event Valentine’s Day weekend which will be great for families. Here’s the info below. Sounds like a whale of a time for sure! “Santa Monica, CA (Jan. 27, 2015) – Sightings of whales along the Southern California coast are already exceeding last year’s record-breaking numbers. Come show some love for the whales at Heal the Bay’s Santa Monica Pier Aquarium during “Whale of a Weekend,” February 14th & 15th. The Pacific gray whale completes one of the longest…
  • CHILL at the Queen Mary

    17 Dec 2014 | 8:35 am
    This just in from my intrepid editor Beth Szymkowiski, – a great idea for some chilly family holiday fun! “The holidays always get me hankering for some of the snowy fun I enjoyed growing up on the East coast, so I was eager to check out CHILL at the Queen Mary in Long Beach. One price gets you onto the Queen Mary and into the adjacent winter wonderland complete with an ice skating rink, a snow tubing hill and the most spectacular of the attractions, an ice slide and ice sculpture display. The latter two are in an enclosure kept at a frosty 9 degrees. Long parkas are included in…
  • Deck the Halls at Disney Hall, Los Angeles

    3 Dec 2014 | 11:00 pm
    One of my all time favorite things to do with the kids is to go to a concert at Disney Hall. My Dad is an opera buff and I remember as a little girl he would take me to Lincoln Center in New York and then later, when we moved to DC to hear music at the Kennedy Center. For a child to be in such a grand space, all dressed up and to hear the full glory of music is such a treat, and creates such a lasting memory. The LA Philharmonic makes it really easy to introduce your children to great music as they have a lot of programs specifically designed for children. You may be thinking that your…
  • Pancakes for Thanksgiving

    26 Nov 2014 | 7:24 am
    One of my all time favorite Thanksgivings was spent with my then 3 year old at a diner in Los Feliz. Just as we were heading over to our friend’s for dinner and we noticed that our little girl had a rash all over her. We knew one of our friends was going to be flying back to Boston with his family the next day – suppose the rash was the beginning of the flu or something? We couldn’t risk it. So my husband packed up our baby and the mashed potatoes and peas and headed to Santa Monica without my daughter and me. I looked at my toddler, all dressed up with no where to go, and wondered…
  • LEAF College Savings Gift Cards – A great holiday gift idea!

    6 Nov 2014 | 2:09 pm
    *this is a sponsored post, but as always, the views and opinions on are my own. Thinking about how much it will cost to send my two kids to college is enough to make my head spin in spite of the fact that they are still years away from enrolling. Still it’s never too early to start saving, and that’s why I am delighted to tell you about a fantastic holiday giving (and receiving) idea. Leaf College Savings Gift Cards are such a clever product. You can buy a Leaf College Savings Gift Card  for as little as $25.00 dollars, or as much as $1000.00. Through the web site, you…
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  • First Mums’ and Dads’ Congress 2015 pregnancy seminar – Register Now!

    Minoli Almeida
    4 Mar 2015 | 2:00 am
    Though the excitement of holding your little one in your arms can definitely banish any hint of anxiety, you know that your life is about to change with your baby’s arrival. Preparing yourself before the big day arrives will help ease you into your new role. Pregnancy is an amazing journey! Get first-hand tips from the healthcare experts at the First Mums’ and Dads’ Congress 2015. This pregnancy seminaris one event parents and parent-to-be should not miss out on! Read more about the First Mums’ and Dads’ Congress 2015 on the next page. First Mums’ & Dads’ Congress…
  • How Social-Emotional skills will help your child in life

    Minoli Almeida
    3 Mar 2015 | 8:45 pm
    Acing examinations alone won’t guarantee our kids success in the future. However, it is sometimes difficult not to get caught up in the pressures of having a school-going child. After all, the last thing you want for them is to lag behind in class. Research has shown that emotional well-being is an important factor in child’s ability to learn and stay motivated. The importance of emotional quotient (EQ) cannot be emphasised enough. Striking a balance between academics and social-emotional skills is of utmost importance for a child’s wellbeing. So we spoke to an expert to help…
  • This is the cutest baby talk we’ve ever seen!

    Justina Goh
    3 Mar 2015 | 5:30 pm
    Tell us what you think of this ‘Cutest baby talk ever’ video by leaving a comment below! The post This is the cutest baby talk we’ve ever seen! appeared first on Singapore Parenting Magazine for baby, children, kids and parents.
  • Punjab Grill: The place to go for delicious modern Indian fare

    Nalika Unantenne
    3 Mar 2015 | 5:00 pm
    Punjab Grill is a well-known Indian fine dining restaurant that has garnered numerous distinctions, including that of being featured on CNN as one of the “5 best Indian restaurants in Singapore.” Parents who are looking for the perfect place for a great night away from the kids will certainly appreciate the restaurant’s ambience and food. Situated in The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Punjab Grill’s look is inspired by the grandeur of India’s maharajahs. As a bonus, the service staff is prompt and courteous, making diners truly feel like royalty. The stunning…
  • 5 ways to get the best online deals – and save on shipping!

    Justina Goh
    3 Mar 2015 | 4:00 pm
    Most parents now prefer to shop at U.S. online stores such as Target, Amazon and Babies ‘R’ Us. Not only do these online retailers offer amazing deals all-year-round, they also have products and styles that are not usually available in Singapore. Instead of shopping for yourself, you tend to hunt down great buys for your kids. However, there are certain “seasons” to look out for if you’re looking to grab the best bargains online for particular items. Here are some tips to help you through, courtesy of the PacMe team who helps shoppers all around the world with their online…
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    Child Behavior Help

  • Attention-Seeking Behavior in Young Children: Do's and Don'ts for Parents

    23 Feb 2015 | 6:50 am
    Even though she was only three years old, Mallory knew exactly how to get attention from her parents. When she wanted a Popsicle before dinner, she"d whine and hang on to her father"s pant leg as he cooked. She"d continue until her dad caved in; of course, by that point, he was willing to do anything to make her stop. When she didn"t want to go to bed, she"d run around the house as her parents chased her; eventually, they"d give up and let her stay up an hour later. And when Mallory wanted to watch a video, even though she was told no numerous times, she"d scream until she eventually got her…
  • Struggling Child? 3 Things He Needs from You Now

    16 Feb 2015 | 4:50 am
    If your child is struggling socially, academically or behaviorally he is probably getting a lot of your attention right now. So much attention, in fact, that you may feel like you have nothing left for yourself at the end of the day. Working, taking your child to tutoring or counseling, running back to school to pick up his forgotten homework, and arguing with him daily about responsibilities can leave you depleted physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Smart but Helpless Kids: Can Your Child Make It in the Real World?

    9 Feb 2015 | 4:56 am
    Some of the highest rated television series for adolescents and teens today focus on what would happen if society was suddenly thrown into the ultimate test for survival like surviving the zombie apocalypse. How would you stay alive if you had to hunt and grow your own food, search for fresh sources of water and live without electricity, using only your wits and skills? The truth is most kids don"t possess those extraordinary life skills, let alone the mundane ones we all need to make it in the real world like balancing the checkbook.
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    Odd Dad

  • 71 Pins is on the air!

    Todd Wiese
    17 Feb 2015 | 1:12 pm
    We're all done with the swing music, folks. Big Boi Brian, the station manager at Garage 71 Radio, came up to me a couple months ago and said, "Todd, what do you think about a punk show?" And I said, "Punk? I love punk! I'd be happy to do a punk show!" So, I came up with the name 71 pins and ran with it! So, from now on it's all punk music from 8 PM - 10 PM EST Thursday nights on
  • Now Producing Southeast Wheels Events Radio Hour

    Todd Wiese
    22 Mar 2014 | 6:58 am
    Starting at 7 PM EST on Thursday nights you can hear me produce the Southeast Wheels Events radio hour with Big Mike and Hugh. It's an hour of the best in automotive talk and news about car shows and cruise-ins in the metro Atlanta area:'m behind the board for three hours now since I'll also be doing Odd Dad's Records immediately following Big Mike and Hugh at 8 PM. It's two hours of hardcore easy listening with Jazz, Big Band, Swing, Ska, etc.I've been doing less of the live records lately simply because it's so much easier to run the show entirely…
  • Manning the knobs

    Todd Wiese
    8 Nov 2013 | 4:38 pm
    So, I've been behind the computer and the mixer board lately. Thanks big time to Sound Byte Nik for showing me some of the ropes! It turns out that our hard drive has a lot of swing, big band, jazz and nostalgia to choose from. I'll still spin the old records from time to time; but it doesn't look like I'll have to worry about that for a while.
  • Back from The Netherlands

    Todd Wiese
    26 Jun 2013 | 5:40 am
    Howdy, nostalgia fans! It's good to be back in the good old USA. I had a wonderful trip to Holland the past four weeks. I got to hang out on the farm and see some old friends and family, but now it's time to get back into the swing of things at Garage 71 and Odd Dad's Records.I want to thank Eric the Great for filling in for me while I was gone. You did a great job, Eric!I'm bringing some new records into the studio on Thursday. Well, they're old records, but they're new to me and you! Some interesting Dutch tunes will be spun at 8 PM on Thursday. I remembered to bring my records home, but I…
  • What happened to At Dawn They Wake?

    Todd Wiese
    7 May 2013 | 1:41 pm
    Lots of folks have been wondering what happened to At Dawn They Wake, the blog. Well, it's still around in the form of a podcast: at, but I deleted all of the posts here because I wanted to keep this page as family-friendly as possible. Some of the posts on here weren't suitable for the average listener of Odd Dad's Records. It is a swing/nostalgia show, after all.You can click the link above and listen to any old episode of At Dawn They Wake. I doubt I'll be doing more posts comparable to those in the past on this blog page. I want to keep this one radio related. I should start…
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  • Mindfulness for the whole family, wellbeing for pregnancy and new mums, and spoiled cats

    Jodie Benveniste
    4 Mar 2015 | 10:37 am
    Mindfulness, wellbeing and have-a-laugh links… Last week, I mentioned some calming apps for kids. One of those apps is the mindfulness/mediation app, Smiling Mind. It has meditations for kids from 7 years of age through to teenagers. But is also has meditations for adults. Being mindful and meditating can be a whole family affair. It’s […]
  • 10 signs that you’re a good (enough) parent

    Jodie Benveniste
    3 Mar 2015 | 10:37 am
    How do we actually know if we’re being a good parent? Are our kids the measure? Maybe. But maybe not. I think what’s more telling is how we feel within ourselves. Because being a good parent is ultimately about being a good person. Not a perfect-I-never-make-mistakes kind of parent – or person. But just someone who […]
  • My One Direction confession

    Jodie Benveniste
    2 Mar 2015 | 10:37 am
    A few weeks ago I gave a talk to parents about their teenagers – how to understand their behaviour, how to deal with the conflict, and how to create as much household harmony as possible. The first thing I did was ask them, ‘Do you remember what it felt like to be a teenager?’ Everyone […]
  • Mess or love notes?

    Jodie Benveniste
    1 Mar 2015 | 6:28 am
    Do you see Lego left all over the living room floor, crumbs on the kitchen bench or dirty clothes in the bathroom as mess? Or as ‘love notes’? I’ve always seen them as mess. But I’m coming around to the idea of them being ‘love notes’. Let me explain. Leo Babauta from is a […]
  • You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes.

    Jodie Benveniste
    26 Feb 2015 | 10:37 am
    Every Friday, we end the week with a quote or some visual inspiration. This week, we look at the genius that is Dr Suess. The Ranking Fresh Doodles Do you have any other favourite Dr Suess quotes? Join our community to receive weekly updates and your free gift Email Address First Name
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    I Thought I Knew Mama

  • Healthy Baked Blueberry Oatmeal Treats

    Charise Rohm Nulsen
    8 Feb 2015 | 3:00 am
    The kids and I made the most delicious treats the other day, but the best part was that they satisfied my favorite requirements: – HEALTHY – EASY – DELICIOUS Ingredients – 2 1/2 cups of organic oatmeal – 1 teaspoon of baking powder – a few sprinkles of Himalayan pink salt – a few sprinkles […]
  • Homemade Healthy Chocolate Cinnamon Almond Butter Ice Cream

    Charise Rohm Nulsen
    23 Jan 2015 | 3:00 am
    Doesn’t healthy homemade chocolate cinnamon almond butter ice cream sound too good to be true?? My two year old and four year old will show you it’s not only real, but super delicious and best of all, it’s super EASY! What makes this so healthy? One of the few ingredients in this is Shakeology, and […]
  • 10 Foods to Add to Your Diet for Maximum Health

    Charise Rohm Nulsen
    21 Jan 2015 | 9:10 am
    The following foods are delicious AND nutritious! Plus, they’re easy to mix in to recipes that you already have in your rotation or to simply add into your diet as a snack. 1. Avocado Avocado contains healthy fats, fiber, potassium, and vitamin E. You can use it in sandwiches, salads, omelettes, or smoothies. I love […]
  • What is Beachbody Coaching? Join me for a Sneak Peek on January 26th!

    Charise Rohm Nulsen
    18 Jan 2015 | 7:40 pm
    If you said to me a few years ago that I could make a full time income as a Stay-at-Home-Mom without leaving my house, on my own time, by simply helping other busy parents better their health and fitness to create a healthier lifestyle for their families, I would have never believed it, but that […]
  • My Story: How I Became a Beachbody Coach and Why It Is My Passion {Video}

    Charise Rohm Nulsen
    12 Jan 2015 | 3:00 am
    This past weekend, I had the honor of speaking at Beachbody’s Super Saturday event in Katonah, NY. Please watch to learn how Beachbody came to enter my life as well as why it has become my passion.
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    Life With Sharon | Texas Mom Blogger / Vlogger Lufkin, Houston, Texas

  • When it’s time to get back out in the dating game?

    25 Feb 2015 | 11:26 am
    You guys remember when you were nineteen or twenty and it was so easy to find a date. And back then it was so easy to get ready as well. But sometimes life happens and you get tossed back out there and everything is so different. Expectations are different, getting ready rituals are different and honestly your body changes.   In my situation I was thrown back out there at thirty two after having been in a relationship since I was twenty. Kids were a part of the equation and then things had changed. My body was different (kids will do that) and my confidence was shot.   To boost my…
  • Can You Use A Twitter Account To Save Money On Your Utility Bills?

    24 Feb 2015 | 6:30 am
    The harsh winter season is upon us, and millions of Americans are feeling the pinch of plummeting temperatures and the crunch of budget breaking utility bills. Is there any way of preventing the horror of skyrocketing energy costs? Is there a place Americans can turn to in order to get expert advice from industry professionals on how to avoid spending massive amounts of their hard earned money on what amounts to a monthly supply of hot air? There’s A Place You Can Go To Get Expert Advice On Saving Money As it turns out, the answer is an emphatic, “Yes!” There is, indeed, a…
  • Breathing Clean Air In The Home

    19 Feb 2015 | 7:55 am
    Before the summer or winter season, one of the things that you want to do is change the air filter in your heating and cooling system. The filter should be in a location that is easy to get to, and it isn’t difficult to change the filter once you know where it’s located. There are a few benefits of changing the filter at least twice a year. When you change the air filter in the home, you are ensuring that your family will have healthier air to breathe that is free of allergens. All of the dust and other debris that floats through the air of your home, with the help of your heating…
  • Kid-Friendly Kitchen Design Tips

    19 Feb 2015 | 7:46 am
    A beautiful design in any kitchen can have a major impact on the overall feel of the home interior. In any show home, the kitchen will be one of the most stylish rooms, designed to show off the property in its best light, and the same applies for those looking to renovate with a view to selling their home. But for those looking for a liveable kitchen area, suitable for the needs of all the family, there are particular constraints and considerations that should be taken into account. When it comes to designing your kitchen in a more kid-friendly way, there are a number of simple changes that…
  • How Adopting a Dog Could Help Your Family

    19 Feb 2015 | 7:38 am
    Can adopting a pet, such as a dog, help bring your family together and make you all feel happier and healthier? It sure can! Continue reading to learn more about the many benefits of rescuing a dog’s life through adoption. And remember, if you aren’t a dog person, there are so many other species of pets available for adoption, from birds and cats, to rodents and reptiles, and they all provide incredible benefits and joy. You’ll Get More Exercise Every member of your family should remain active by getting outside and getting exercise on a regular basis every week. But…
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    Seven Clown Circus

  • St. Patrick’s Day Chex Mix {recipe}

    2 Mar 2015 | 12:00 am
    How to Make St Patrick’s Day Chex Mix is so easy to make your kids could do it too.  It’s a festive treat that looks super cute and tastes really yummy.  This Chex Mix Recipe uses Vanilla Chex cereal, Honey Nut Chex Cereal, white chocolate baking chips, pretzels and green M&M’s.  The mix is perfect for a birthday party, St. Patrick’s Day, or customize the color to match your party or event! It’s a great homemade gift idea for friends and neighbors, too! Chex Mix Ingredients 1 Box Vanilla Chex Cereal 1 Box Honey Nut Chex Cereal 12 oz bag of white…
  • Easy Black Bean and Butternut Squash Soup

    24 Feb 2015 | 12:00 am
    This Easy Black Bean and Butternut Squash Soup with Sweet Potatoes is super delicious year round, but especially lovely on a chilly evening.   The nice thing about this recipe is that you can change things up to customize it for a flavor most to your liking, just add different vegetables or more seasonings.  I have 5 kids and they all love this vegetarian soup recipe.  If you don’t have a large family like I do, then simply cut the recipe in half to yield around 4 servings. Easy Black Bean and Butternut Squash Soup Ingredients: 2 TBS extra virgin olive oil 2 medium yellow onion,…
  • LUCKY St. Patrick’s Day Banner {how to}

    18 Feb 2015 | 12:00 am
    Making a St. Patrick’s Day Craft that is useful, pretty and decorative is easy as 1-2-3 with this DIY St. Patrick’s Day LUCKY Banner!  You might already have all of the materials on-hand, it’s super inexpensive, and I guarantee it’ll bring a smile to your face.  The best part is that you can make it in under 30 minutes.  Get into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day with this fun banner! Materials Needed Patterned Fabric Burlap Gold Vinyl Trim/Ribbon/Twine Hot Glue Gun Scissors Instructions for Making LUCKY Vinyl Letters Use a die cut machine to make your letters (I…
  • XO Valentine’s Day Mantel

    10 Feb 2015 | 10:00 am
    I’m so excited to show you my XO Valentine’s Day Mantel!  Over the past few weeks I have shown you how to make DIY Glitter XO Letters, DIY Pom Pom Garland and last years DIY Burlap LOVE Banner.  I LOVE how it all came together to make a simple and fun Valentine’s Day Mantel that anyone can do! I wanted a simple mantel I could put together quickly with a punch of sparkle!  I decided to go with metallic gold and glitter, which is right on trend.  I absolutely love how it turned out, it’s perfection! The pom pom wreath I had displayed during Christmas and just…
  • 5 Dessert Recipes Perfect for Valentine’s Day

    4 Feb 2015 | 10:00 am knows How to Make Dessert Recipes Perfect for Valentine’s Day.  These five recipes are just made to serve on Valentine’s Day, but if you are too busy, they are good year round.  {{smiling}}  Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all! Red Velvet Ice Box Cake – This easy and delicious cake layers red velvet cookies, sweet cream cheese and shaved milk chocolate. The cookies soften up nicely as the cake sits overnight.  I’m pretty much in love with the idea. Chocolate Mousse – Chocolate mousse is always a win in my book! Double Chocolate Tart…
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  • Birdseed Valentines

    10 Feb 2015 | 10:53 am
    Backyard bird feeding is most helpful at times when birds need peace of mind, such as during temperature extremes, and in late winter when natural seed sources are depleted. So, February is the perfect month to supply these backyard buddies with a healthy high-calorie winter treat—a Birdseed Valentine. The recipe below can be used to make 3 or 4 birdseed valentine treats, although it could easily be doubled or tripled to make a dozen. Wrapped up with a ribbon and card, these make great Valentine’s Day gifts for friends, neighbors, and teachers—or any folks who will thoughtfully hang…
  • Seedbombing NYC

    19 Jun 2014 | 6:57 am
    click on image to play video.
  • Scatter Some Seeds

    17 Jun 2014 | 7:52 am
    Does a river spend a lifetime daydreaming of someday becoming a deep ocean? It does not. Its everyday actions move it swiftly forward toward something bigger than itself, and it holds its nose and jumps right in. It starts small. But it’s persistent. And it’s purposeful. It’s time to be the river. In an age of unprecedented global challenges, NOW is the time to take new things you know and put them to work. Right now. An avalanche of environmental change looms before us and very few people are paying attention. How can one single individual like you make a difference when the Earth’s…
  • Fun Times and Winners!

    3 Jun 2014 | 9:19 am
    I’ve been doing little bit of book touring lately—sort of like me and zillions of folks hanging out tinkering with stuff outside and getting our hands good and dirty. So many amazing things have happened over the course of these two months, I never got around to telling you about them, maybe because it’s all been so surreal. Most recently, I ventured HERE and HERE, and next week I’ll be HERE and HERE. I am not scary at all and would really love to get to know you. If you’re nearby, please swing by and say hello. Proof of my amiability RIGHT HERE from the perspective of some new…
  • The Birdhouse Gourd

    16 May 2014 | 6:01 am
    Since a home is normally filled with prized possessions—cute smallish snuggly things—it makes sense to keep it nice and tidy and safe. Homes of birds are no exception. Bird nests are marvels of architecture—built with specific materials and meticulously maintained. Even a relatively simple nest is often elegantly constructed. A yellow warbler’s may have coarse twigs at the base, finer plant fibers and grasses intertwined with weeds and plant stems inside the open cup, and plant down and wool within the inner lining. A more intricate nest, such as that of the Baltimore oriole, may…
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    Our Empty Nest

  • Names, Names, Names

    13 Feb 2015 | 3:32 pm
    Almost the first question people ask when they find out Brittany and Dan are expecting (besides “when are they due?”) is, “Have they picked out names yet?”And they’ve worked hardat it! Nearly everyday Brittanywould call me to see what I thought about a name. It was surprisingly hard to find a middle name that sounded good with the first names she was coming up with. It was also hard because they had to come up with names for both sexes even though they’d only be using one.Then invariably Dan wouldn’t like the name or one of her friends wouldn’t so eventually she decided she…
  • Surprise!

    25 Dec 2014 | 12:55 pm
    Brittanycalled on her way home from work one night and the first thing she said was, “Promise you won’t get mad?” Of course my mind started racing wondering what she could have done that would cause her to ask. Before I could say anything she started sobbing.Now I was really concerned! “Brittany, are you ok?”“I’m pregnant!”“Well, you’ve always wanted kids! And you wanted them before your second anniversary. So why are you crying?”“Because the timing’s so bad!”And then I started doing the math. She will be 7 months pregnant when John and I take she and Dan to Punta…
  • Dog Sitting

    2 Aug 2014 | 9:21 am
    Brittany and Dan weren’t able to see his parents over the Christmas holidays and had planned on visiting them in February. (Dan works most Saturdays so scheduling weekends away is hard.)In mid January they started planning the trip beginning with what to do with their two dogs. They had had a bad experience with the kennel the last time they left them and Brittanycouldn’t find anyone she trusted to come and stay with them.After talking to John… or maybe I didn’t ask him, I forget…. I called Brittanyand said, “It’s far enough out that we don’t have plans yet for that weekend.
  • Visiting the Newlyweds

    27 Jul 2014 | 3:52 pm
    A few weeks after their wedding John and I took all the wedding presents down to Brittany and Dan’s in Charleston. Since they had left from our house for their honeymoon and went straight home afterwards our car was packed to the gills!While we were there the newlyweds had a Pig Pickin so they could use some of their new stuff and we could visit with their friends. We had stayed with them quite a bit before the wedding, but this seemed like a new beginning. From here on we were in-laws and of course we wanted our new son-in-law to want us to visit as much as our daughter…
  • 13 Mar 2014 | 6:22 pm

    13 Mar 2014 | 6:22 pm
    My book is out in paperback on Amazon! You can preview it here
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    It Builds Character

  • Untethered

    28 Feb 2015 | 12:09 pm
    Photo credit: iStock It’s been a looooooong time since I’ve written here, or even stopped by to glance around. Even when I was last actively posting, it was generally just to provide links to my articles on other websites. This past year was, in a word, intense. There was a lot of good to it, moving forward both professionally and personally. I built a lot of strength and confidence in both of those areas of my life. After a while, work became an overwhelming force, tussling with the anything in its path. My stress levels were at a constant high, I got sick often, I slept less, and gained…
  • Labor Day: Is it really time off?

    1 Sep 2014 | 4:01 pm
    Today is Labor Day, where most of us get the day off in appreciation for our work. If you have kids, you know that time off is a relative term. I’m over at EverydayFamily today with what a holiday weekend really looks like when you are a parent. Stop by and let me know how your “time off” plays out! ~ChiMomWriter The post Labor Day: Is it really time off? appeared first on It Builds Character.     Related StoriesHow do kids benefit from a working mom?Kids’ music you’ll loveTips for daycare and preschool dropoffs 
  • How do kids benefit from a working mom?

    26 Aug 2014 | 10:01 pm
    Photo credit: iStock Leave the mommy wars at home – This is not about why being a working mom is cooler than being a stay-at-home mom. We all know there are benefits to both. If you happen to work, whether at home or in an office, there are a few important ways that your kids benefit. I’m over at EverydayFamily talking about working moms and what kids gain. What do you think? ~ChiMomWriter The post How do kids benefit from a working mom? appeared first on It Builds Character.     Related StoriesWant to know a secret? What working moms really do at…
  • Kids’ music you’ll love

    25 Aug 2014 | 7:19 pm
    Photo credit: iStock One of the many things that has caught me completely off guard as a parent is that a lot of the music made for kids today is actually pretty good. Some of it I even listen to when the kids aren’t around. Some of it is because adult artists have crossed over to children’s music, but some if it is just fun with great storytelling. Want to know who to check out? Stop by EverydayFamily to see who made the list. ~ChiMomWriter The post Kids’ music you’ll love appeared first on It Builds Character.     Related StoriesHow do kids…
  • Tips for daycare and preschool dropoffs

    19 Aug 2014 | 10:05 am
    Photo credit: iStock I know it’s been quiet over here lately – We are in the middle of some exciting new projects at work, but I will share more about that next week! Alongside work, another school year is starting. Abby is getting ready to start kindergarten while Austin will stay at the daycare Pre-K class. As we transition to a new set of routines (when are we NOT transitioning to something new these days??), I am reminded of when my kids first started at preschool and daycare. For those families just starting out in the school routine or if you are heading back to work, I have…
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    Toy Reviews | Toy Queen | Educational Toys | Toddler Toys | Best Apps for Kids | Toy Giveaways | Preschool Games | Baby Product Reviews

  • Attended Social Media on the Sand #BeachesMoms

    2 Mar 2015 | 1:14 pm
    “You don’t have to be the expert at everything you do, you just have to have a willingness and a desire to never give up.” – Adam Stewart, CEO Sandals & Beaches Resorts I don’t think there is a more fitting quote said by a CEO to over 125 bloggers seated in the same room at a social media conference, but it can strike a chord with any human being who ever had an idea or a thought to make a difference in the world. In October I attended the Social Media on the Sand Conference hosted by Beaches Turks and Caicos. I know you are wondering, why should I even…
  • Can Video Games like WiiU Teach You About a Child’s Personality?

    18 Feb 2015 | 6:12 pm
    Gavin and I are part of the Nintendo Kid Reviewers Program. We’ve received a Nintendo WiiU, Nintendo 2DS, and the new Nintendo 3DS XL (pictured left), plus a variety of games and amiibo characters to review. Any opinions shared are our own and other than product, no other compensation is being received. Being a family that blogs, creates YouTube videos and photographs images for companies like Samsung, it’s pretty evident that my husband and I enjoyed adopting technology into our lives well before we said “I Do.” As parents, there is no way to shelter our son from our…
  • Little Mermaid Songs Available Through Legacy Collection Soundtrack- Giveaway

    18 Jan 2015 | 8:26 am
    I received the Little Mermaid Legacy Collection CD as a member of the Entertainment New Media Network. No further compensation was received and all opinions are my own. This post may also contain affiliate links. The Little Mermaid was originally released on my 12th birthday. While as an ordinary pre-teen I may not have paid that much attention to animated movies, my little sister was born that year, right at the dawn of the new Disney princess era. We owned the movies on VHS, but my most predominant memories included listening to the soundtracks on cassette tapes in my mother’s wood…
  • New Exclusive Look at NERF Rebelle Arrow Revolution Bow #RebellePower

    13 Jan 2015 | 6:31 pm
    NERF Rebelle Arrow Revolution Bow Do you like sneak peeks and exclusive info? I can’t believe we are even thinking about next Christmas (December 2015!), but if you have a NERF Rebelle fan in your house, here’s a picture of the newest NERF Rebelle toy, the Arrow Revolution Bow! It’s not available until Fall of 2015, but I’m hoping to get my hands on one during my annual trip to Toy Fair! For kids who love blaster toys, the NERF Rebelle Arrow Revolution Bow allows them to rapid-fire 6 whistling arrows, up to 90 feet! Here is more information on the NERF Rebelle Arrow…
  • Keri Wilmot of on NECN Sharing Toy Buying Tips

    4 Jan 2015 | 7:50 am
    Ally Donnelly of NECN (left) and Keri Wilmot at Walmart The holidays were a busy time of year, but in case you didn’t see the excitement prior, here’s a link to a live news segment I participated in with Ally Donnelly of NECN at a local Walmart as part of a hot toys segment. While I’m sure the craziness of running around buying toys prior to the holiday is a far distant memory, but there are some great tips in these videos that may already plan your prep strategy for any toy buying situation. Tips on How to Find Hot Toy Alternatives:   Toy Alternatives for Tweens:…
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    My blog

  • Hello world!

    14 Feb 2015 | 8:59 pm
    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!
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    Eat. Sleep. Be

  • 25 Ways to Celebrate YOU on ME Day

    4 Mar 2015 | 5:41 am
      Recently I wrote a statement within a post that seemed to really resonate with readers. It was about how I maintain a sense of balance by making an effort to put myself on the list. Between work, home, and parenthood, our lists are long, people. You may have also noticed that those to-do lists are never fully completed either. Sure, you might feel a sense of accomplishment when you finish your daily list, but upon waking up the next morning there is always more to get done. Sanity comes with making sure that YOU are on the list. (As an introvert by nature, this is something I learned…
  • Anti-Aging Essential Oil Skincare for Daytime

    2 Mar 2015 | 7:19 am
    Over the weekend I received an email from a reader who made my DIY night crème and enjoys it enough to send an inquiry about what regimen I use for the daytime. Of course, this natural skincare recipe is made from essential oils too. It does not contain any oils that are light sensitive, so it can be applied after the shower and worn under makeup. If there are one or two oils in this skincare recipe that you do not have in your arsenal, do not fret. You can still make this fabulous lotion! You can also make adjustments as necessary. For example, if I had Rose Oil in stock I would probably…
  • Easy Ways to Make Your Small Business More Socially Responsible

    27 Feb 2015 | 3:35 am
    Call it social responsibility, good business or simply good karma. Whatever you call it, it matters, whether your business is a multinational corporation or if you work alone at your kitchen table.  Running a socially responsible business is not only possible, but vital. Today 90% of consumers want to know what companies are doing to make the world a better place.  Not only that, four in five say they wish brands would support causes and would consider switching brands to one that supports a cause. Corporations and large businesses are taking that to heart. Yet what if you are a small…
  • Thai Coconut Pumpkin Shrimp Soup

    25 Feb 2015 | 5:20 pm
    Last week I played with some ingredients I had on hand and ended up making the creamiest, most delicious soup ever. It was such a lovely surprise that I just had to post the recipe for you all. This soup is gluten free, dairy free, low calorie, low fat, low sugar, and can be made using mostly organic and GMO-free ingredients. Not too shabby, right? And the best part is that it was easy to make too! So without further adieu, here is my super healthy, super easy Thai Coconut Pumpkin Shrimp Soup. Thai Coconut Pumpkin Shrimp Soup Per Serving (Approximate): 160 Calories 7 Grams of Fat 5 Grams of…
  • 10 Marathon Training Tips from a Running Coach

    24 Feb 2015 | 5:55 am
    Runners are an enthusiastic bunch. It seems to me that once someone starts running, it gets into their blood and becomes their lifeline. They live, eat, and breathe running. However, that was not what happened to me. I enjoyed running. I still enjoy running. However, I wasn’t getting any better at running, and then I stopped pushing myself. I’d still love to be a runner. To be among that enthusiastic bunch who just need to run. So how could I make that happen? Well, one way is to read up on tips for becoming a better runner. Another way is to get a running buddy or even a running…
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  • How to motivate your child the Steve Jobs way

    Abel Cheng
    26 Feb 2015 | 2:04 am
    If you know or read about him, Steve Jobs was not a guy with excellent PR. He said what he thought. He was so straight forward that some people call him rude and many couldn’t get along with him well. Despite that, Steve was one of the entrepreneurs that revolutionized the world across five industries. He had touched the lives of billions of people. He had changed the way we live, work, and play. Yet, with his poor human-relationship skills, how did the Apple co-founder convince his colleagues to create what he envisioned? If you think he lured his workers with money, you are wrong. If…
  • The untold benefits of tidying up a home… on a big scale

    Abel Cheng
    16 Feb 2015 | 1:20 am
    Photo Credit: Marc Dufour In the past one month or so, our family was busy doing a major tidying up (it’s not planned that way but coincidentally the timing was just right for the annual Lunar New Year spring cleaning) ever since we moved into this house. It’s tiring but meaningful and worthwhile. Even though there are still minor areas we need to clean up, it’s not too early for me to reap the benefits of a clutter-free home. The principles outlined in the book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” fit nicely in…
  • ParentWonder has a new look!

    Abel Cheng
    11 Feb 2015 | 12:39 am
      In the previous post, I shared with you about a huge project of tidying up my home that I am still embarking on. The result? A clutter-free, spacious home that I really like. So do my wife, J and K. This is not the end. I continue with the cleaning spree and it has now spread to my blog: ParentWonder. Yep, you guessed it right. I “tidy up” the website by removing the unnecessary designs, buttons, links, graphics, and everything else I deem would create distraction on the website. Once again, the result? A clean, clutter-free, distraction-free website that you will enjoy…
  • Learning this simple concept could make your home tidy

    Abel Cheng
    21 Jan 2015 | 12:28 am
    Photo Credit: Nathaniel Rosa All this while I have been dreaming having a minimalist house. That is, as simple as possible, for everything. I want the house to be clutter-free with clean, simple look. To have the home stuffed with furniture and lamps and decorative items (and toys!) is the least that I want. Funnily, having a simple house is not simple. And I have been putting off this dream until now. Not that I am lazy to go after it but I don’t know how to begin. As luck would have it, I think I have found the formula to having a tidy home. I have tested it with some of the items and…
  • How to handle unfairness between siblings fairly

    Abel Cheng
    7 Dec 2014 | 11:50 pm
    Photo Credit: Sharon Mollerus It’s too long. I can’t remember when was the first time J and K started to argue over what’s fair and what’s not. It’s as old as history. I only know that lately their quarrels, sometimes even over tiny things, intensify to a level that I can’t stand anymore. They happen too often and over things that are getting smaller. They try to uphold fairness in almost everything. If one party has not done something equally, the other party will start complaining. Oftentimes, this leads to unhappiness in all. “It’s time for…
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    The Young Mommy Life

  • [Ladies Lounge] Getting The Sex Life You Deserve + A Giveaway!

    1 Mar 2015 | 11:30 pm
    How long has it been since your last orgasm? Come on, don’t be shy. We’re family here. If it takes you too long to remember, today’s post has been written just for you. I sat down with sexologist Kimani Fisher, blogger and creator of, to discuss your most urgent sex questions. A few weeks ago, I asked you all to submit your questions to my account (so you could be anonymous if you so chose). Quite a few of you wrote in and I selected four questions for my time with Kimani. Read on to see if your question was selected, and scroll all the way to the end to…
  • Is Your Relationship Good For You? The Simple Question You Need To Ask Yourself

    24 Feb 2015 | 11:45 am
    Relationship “gurus” like Steve Harvey have made millions “teaching” women how to attract and keep a successful man. But to me, the mark of a healthy relationship is simple and doesn’t involve a ton of books or webinars. If you want to know if your relationship can possibly go the distance, there’s only one question you need to ask. “Do I feel safe?” It’s the basis of all healthy relationships and if the answer is anything other than “YES!” your relationship will flounder. Until you can enthusiastically say, “Yes, I feel…
  • Parenting Isn’t About What You Say. It’s About What You Do

    18 Feb 2015 | 2:27 pm
    “Y’all drink too much juice,” I told my kids a few weeks ago. I was on that it’s-the-New-Year-so-we-need-to-have-better-healthier-habits kick and we were going through a couple cartons of orange juice and lemonade a week. I wanted them to drink more water. But you know it’s hard to change a habit simply using your words. You’ve got to act. If you don’t act, then nothing changes. So I made drinking water my personal goal. I filled up my water bottle at least four times a day and make sure the kids saw me sipping water all day long. Now they pack their…
  • What Going To Therapy Is Really Like

    10 Feb 2015 | 2:30 pm
    So I’ve been going to therapy for about a month now. I began this year with a pledge to myself: I wanted to stop talking about how I wanted to be happy and instead focus on actually being happy. It was time to take the reins of my life and stop waiting on other people to help me feel happy, content and well-nourished. I had to do it for myself. It was possible, but I am the only one who can take that first step. So I called my insurance company, double-checked my coverage, gritted my teeth and booked my appointment. And then resisted the urge to call and cancel because “Wait,…
  • You Don’t Have To Humiliate Your Kids To Get Them To Listen To You

    5 Feb 2015 | 8:07 am
      Another day, another parent showing their “creative discipline” skills on social media. This time it’s Russell Fredrick, a 34-year-old father of three and owner of A-1 Kutz Barber Shop in Georgia. When his 12-year-old son’s grades slipped, he gave his son the “Benjamin Button” special and his grades improved. Fredrick and the other barbers are offering their services to any parents who wish to teach their kids (sons?) a lesson. In an article from the Washington Post, he offered the following explanation: “I hope that most people won’t have to do…
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    Raising Great Men™

  • The Legacy of Black Father’s Love

    17 Feb 2015 | 6:49 am
    The best part of my childhood was knowing how much I was loved. It wasn’t the “be a good kid and we’ll show you love” conditional kind of love. As for my father, he loved me with a fierceness that made me believe that I was infallible. I wish I could say that that I loved my father in the same way. Unfortunately, I held him up to unrealistic expectations and made unfair demands of him to prove his love. I had high standards for my dad. I wanted him to be the perfect husband, father, and man. Anytime he made a mistake, I voiced my disapproval. I wanted him to be more than he could be…
  • Lions Do Raise Lambs: Embracing Your Child’s Personality

    15 Jan 2015 | 10:33 am
    Years ago, I adopted a phrase that a friend’s mother used to say “Lions don’t raise lambs.” I thought it was a powerful statement to make and soon made it my parenting motto. That is until I decided to take a look at myself. Who was I kidding? The only lion I was like was the Cowardly Lion or Alex the Lion from the movie Madagascar. After all, I’m the one who had to sleep with the lights on after watching The Sixth Sense (it’s not even a horror film). The more I thought about it, I realized that this statement reflected my relationship with my mother. My mom is one tough cookie…
  • The World According to Little Kids

    Marie Roker-Jones
    14 Jan 2015 | 11:37 pm
    Walls look so much better when they are decorated with artwork. Markers and crayons work best. The living room is so much better for running around and making noise than your own room. A couch makes a great trampoline. Things that belong to parents are made to taken apart and explored. Just feel the music and dance. Don’t worry about how you look. I won’t play with that kid just because you’re  friends with his parents. Stop asking “Why did you do that?” I don’t have an answer. Some of us like to play quietly and some of us like to run wild, don’t…
  • Should Women Mentor Boys?

    11 Jan 2015 | 11:10 am
    Recently, I was talking with a male friend who has a high profile position about mentoring and I was pleasantly surprised when he shared that his mentor is a woman. Our conversation led me to think about the numerous young men I have informally mentored throughout the years. I never considered myself a mentor simply because I did not attach a title to our interactions. They would simply reach out to me from time to time to brainstorm or share ideas. What they shared with me helped me to better understand their experiences as young men.When I look back on the mentors who have influenced me, I…
  • 5 Tips To Help Your Son Think Like a Champion

    Marie Roker-Jones
    26 Dec 2014 | 3:00 am
    “Champions aren’t made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them – a desire, a dream, a vision.”-Muhammad Ali Growing up, I remember Wheaties cereal being a staple on our breakfast table. I’ll admit that I hated the cereal but loved the tagline: Breakfast of Champions. Yeah, they sold my parents on that concept and my parents were shortchanged (well not my brother, just me).  But seriously, we love the idea of being a champion yet some of us believe that it’s reserved for those high achievers in life.  What if we didn’t talk…
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  • When Mom is Sick

    24 Feb 2015 | 4:57 am
    As if taking care of an infant with a cold wasn’t tricky enough, finding a way to bring yourself back to health while tending to a little one may seem impossible. There are a few ways to sneak in some relaxing moments though, provided you’ve got the essentials. Before the cold season hits, take stock in your cold rescue items. Make sure you’ve got products that include cough drops, tea, honey, lemons, tissues, hand sanitizer and a few pair of comfy pajamas or lounge clothes. When you feel a cold coming on, take great care to keep your germs to yourself. It’s much…
  • Stay at Home Mom – Keeping a Sense of You

    24 Feb 2015 | 4:57 am
    It’s entirely too easy to lose yourself in motherhood when you’re a stay at home mom. You’ve entered into a whole new world full of diapers, bottles, tiny clothes and new responsibilities. The first few months of baby’s life are very demanding as you both adjust to this new world together. But before you morph into super mom trying to take on every challenge yourself and forget about tending to you… stop, breathe and remember yourself! What hobbies do you enjoy? What friends would you like to spend more time with? What new activities have you thought about trying? Who…
  • Keeping Active with a New Baby

    24 Feb 2015 | 4:57 am
    Being in constant care of a new baby could mean spending lots of time on the couch to cuddle, feed or entertain. Although this may be just what the doctor ordered after childbirth, when doc says it’s OK to get moving take the advice and get active! It is the simplest way to boost your spirits and get more energy to keep up with a growing baby. There are several ways to keep moving without having to venture out of your home. The most common form of new mommy exercise would be the “walk and cuddle.” Simply hold your baby close and walk around the house stopping at all points…
  • Alternate Uses for Otherwise Thrown Away Packaging

    24 Feb 2015 | 4:57 am
    If you’re using disposable diapers then you’ve probably sent countless empty wipes containers and diaper boxes to the recycle bin on trash day. Or maybe you’ve just redecorated baby’s room and have some empty plastic zipper bags from the new window treatments and bedding. There are always those teensy tiny diapers and baby clothes that get grown out of at light speed that may be hanging around waiting for a new purpose. Well, wait no further. Here are some ideas on how you can reuse all of these items. Let’s start with all the packaging that collects from using…
  • Keeping the Spark in Your Relationship

    24 Feb 2015 | 4:57 am
    The journey into parenthood brings along with it new responsibilities and focus for both parents. Everything in the home seems to revolve around the new baby, from money matters to laundry duty. It’s so easy to lose sight of the original relationship between mom and dad. As a stay at home mom I took on all household chores while my husband went off to work each day so that we could afford to live our lifestyle. Every ounce of energy we had revolved around our new baby and by day’s end we didn’t have much left to tend to “us.” It’s a sacrifice most of us…
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    Mindful Mum

  • How to Protect Your Family from the Flu Virus

    John McHugh
    24 Feb 2015 | 2:14 am
    Over the centuries, influenza epidemics have killed millions of people, and today, despite great advances in medicine, flu is still fatal for some members of the population. Flu is a common virus, but some strains of it are more dangerous than others. You can catch flu all year round, but the virus tends to be a lot more prevalent during the winter months. Flu is a nasty illness whatever your age, but older people and the very young are most at risk from the effects of the flu virus. Unfortunately, it is impossible to avoid catching any virus unless you become a hermit, but you can minimise…
  • Smart casual – a new look in my repertoire

    John McHugh
    19 Feb 2015 | 5:22 am
    Smart casual is a new look I’m enjoying. As a Digital Marketer, I visit client sites daily so I have to look quite smart. But my office is a cool ‘co-working’ environment, so I also have to look quite fashionable. The answer: smart casual jeans from our friends @ Repertoire Fashion. Repertoire Fashion were looking for some mums to trial some product’s, and they suggested the Armani Stretch Skinny jeans, which I have to say are just perfect. The jeans are skinny stretch, so they’re seriously comfy. But they’re also great quality, which means they should cope with the…
  • Equity Release Explained

    John McHugh
    3 Feb 2015 | 7:25 am
    As house prices have risen over the years and pensioners find their income stretching to meet the cost of upkeep of their home as well as their lifestyle, many are turning to a new process called equity release to boost their budgets. Equity release allows a homeowner of late middle age or into their pension years to borrow money – be it in one lump sum or a regular payment – against the value of their home. For anyone in their golden years who wishes to supplement their income, help their children and grandchildren get a head start in life or simply add some luxury to their own lives,…
  • Use Your Data To Save Money

    John McHugh
    30 Jan 2015 | 4:10 am
    Households across the country are tightening their belts, and trying to cut costs by looking at their monthly expenditure. We tend to look at our energy tariffs regularly, but often don’t think about what we are paying for our broadband, television and phonelines. Thankfully you don’t necessarily need to give up your pay TV channels and superfast broadband to save money. Many service providers now offer great broadband, TV and phone packages all in one. Why have more than one provider when you can get all three in one package? You will only have to keep track of one monthly bill, and a…
  • The perfect bra guide

    John McHugh
    29 Jan 2015 | 11:51 am
    In fact every breast is unique, as no two are the same, even if they belong to the same body. Genetics, lifestyle and age can all contribute to the shape and size, although just because your mother had small, even breasts, it’s no guarantee that yours will be the same. Buying a bra is rarely given the importance it deserves, and many women opt out of being properly measured – however, for your own health and comfort, it is really important that you buy bras that are the right size and design for your breasts. Uneven breasts Breasts that are completely identical are usually achieved by…
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    We Got Kidz

  • 10 Unbelievable Facts About Some of Your Kid’s Favorite Animated Films

    Kesha of We Got Kidz
    3 Mar 2015 | 6:00 am
      Parents tend to have a love-hate relationship with children’s films. Although most are an absolute joy to watch, children’s innate penchant for repetition often times make kid’s films the bane of our existence. I mean, you can “find Nemo” but so many times in a given week right? In order to add a fun and unique spin on those classic animated films that we adults love to loath, I’ve dug up some interesting (and a few unbelievable) facts. Like for instance, did you know that Prince (or The Artist Formerly Known As depending on whom you ask) fell so in…
  • 5 Educational Lessons Your Kids Can Learn from the Family Dog

    Kesha of We Got Kidz
    26 Feb 2015 | 6:00 am
      Has your little one been asking for a pet? – A pet of the four-legged, furry, “arf-arf” variety? I know your knee-jerk reaction may be to say no; but you’d be surprised to find that there are some actual benefits to making a dog a part of the family. Of course, your kids having a dog will come with the obvious benefits of increased physical activity due to all of that running and walking that come along with playing with Fido; but did you know that dogs can contribute to children’s educational development? It’s true! According to Richard Peterson, Vice President of…
  • What to Buy and What to Skip at the Dollar Store

    Kesha of We Got Kidz
    20 Feb 2015 | 6:00 am
      Who doesn’t love the dollar store? You walk in to find an endless sea of trinkets, food stuffs, and household goods for a bargain basement price that you’d swear you have to have. While in the dollar store, it’s so easy to forget that old adage: you get what you pay for. You have to go into “super-smart-savvy-shopper” mode when you step foot into any discount retailer. Impulse buying can be the downfall of even the savviest of shoppers; so be careful. You can very easily leave with more than you need. Just keep repeating, “Just because it’s a dollar doesn’t mean it’s…
  • How ZzzQuil and Febreze Saved Me from the Sleepless-Sunday-Night Blues

    Kesha of We Got Kidz
    13 Feb 2015 | 6:00 am
    It was the first Sunday in February and I’d just snuggled underneath the covers with the hopes of getting a restful night’s sleep; but I couldn’t seem to turn my brain off. Between thoughts of my busy week ahead, and wondering whether or not Punxsutawney Phil was going to see his shadow, I was left tossing and turning on yet another Sunday night. Just before I began counting my third flock of sheep, I remembered my #SleepSoundly partnership with Febreze and ZzzQuil. This would be the perfect night to try-out the Febreze Sleep Serenity Bedroom Mist and ZzzQuil. I didn’t want to…
  • Free Kids Printable “Color Me” Valentine’s Day Card

    Kesha of We Got Kidz
    9 Feb 2015 | 6:00 am
        With Valentine’s Day less than a month away, I’m sure your kids have already decided who they’d like to give Valentine’s Day cards to. Get a little creative with their acknowledgments this year and print out this cool “colorable” Valentine’s Day card. The outside of the card displays a simple “Happy Valentine’s Day” message with a super cute cupid hovering above. The inside of the card boasts the phrase, “You’re awesome” in a fun easy to color bubble font. Don’t spend any money on those…
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    Life With 4 Boys

  • 20 Trendy Spring and Summer Nail Looks + #Giveaway #NailArt

    3 Mar 2015 | 7:49 pm
    Spring is almost sprung, and I am so ready to bring out the brighter colors and warmer temperatures. Don't get my wrong, being from Florida, I appreciate the cooler temperatures of Winter, but it is time to think "beach" and get our fun in the sun on! I recently became a Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant, and our new line of Spring/Summer wraps just came out yesterday. I am absolutely in
  • How to Get Rid of Bad Breath for Good #Listerine

    2 Mar 2015 | 8:55 pm
    Three weeks ago I shared a post with you about how LISTERINE® had approached me to take the LISTERINE 21-Day Challenge. I'll admit, I wasn't thrilled at first. Raise your hand if you were forced to take that sickeningly sweet odd tasting mouth rinse treatment in elementary school. Yeah, we did, and it made me gag every time. I dreaded those days. It also made me swear off mouthwash once and
  • 12 Bright and Colorful Spring #Crafts for Kids

    2 Mar 2015 | 4:00 am
    Spring is just around the corner. No really, I promise it is. Trust me, we were in the 40's here in North Florida today, and it have even me doubting that warmer weather is up ahead, but it is. Want to help melt the snow a little faster and get the kids excited for the coming of Spring? Try out these twelve delightfully cheery Spring crafts for kids. 1. Rainy Day Duck Craft http://
  • Baked Chocolate Guinness Donuts with Baileys Glaze

    27 Feb 2015 | 4:55 am
    St. Patrick's Day is just a few weeks away. Perhaps one of my favorite holidays! No, I am not a drinker at all, in fact I can't stand the taste of most alcohol, with one exception. I do like using it inside recipes. I don't know what it is, but it lends to the taste and won't give you a hangover, so it's a win win. Want to try a little bite of amazing? Try making these Baked Chocolate Guinness
  • 15 Lip-Smacking Crock-Pot Soup #Recipes

    26 Feb 2015 | 4:00 am
    If you've come around the site often enough, you've seen my monthly freezer to Crock-pot meals posts before. Every so often I will gear up and put together a month's worth of Crock-pot meals to freeze for later use. This allows me to skip the long meal prep in the kitchen and just throw a pre-made bag in the Crock-pot in the morning for dinner that evening. I have been looking for some new
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    Sweet Memoirs

  • Your Guide to Brilliant Days Out on a Budget!

    3 Mar 2015 | 5:22 pm
    These days going out can be quite expensive. Alongside the other expenses you have in your life this is another to make things tight. You’re going to want to save money where you can. And the good news is that there are great ways to enjoy days (or nights) out and save money too. Here are a few ideas for how you can save some of your hard-earned cash and still enjoy great days out.Image SourceZooIf you’re looking for a great day out that isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg, you’re in luck. Visiting the zoo is one of the oldest and most enjoyable pastimes in the UK. You can spend…
  • 4 Huge Finance Tips For New Families

    3 Mar 2015 | 5:17 pm
    image sourceStarting a family is one of the most wonderful, life affirming things you will ever do. You’ll start to see the beauty in the small things like a child’s giggle or a smile. There’s nothing more rewarding than watching a child grow into an adult. There’s nothing more warming than a close, happy family. Of course, one thing looms large over all of this, and that’s money. Starting a family is a wonderful thing, but it’s also an expensive thing!Today we’re going to look at how to set your family up for the financial future. It starts with simple ideas about budgeting and…
  • The Refreshing Benefits of a Kitchen Redesign

    2 Mar 2015 | 8:44 pm
    Opting for a new kitchen is something people choose to do for a variety of reasons. It may be that they are approaching selling their home and feel a new kitchen would create the best impression to prospective buyers, or they might just feel it would be beneficial to improve the look and layout of this centrally important room for a more convenient space. Whatever the reasons, there are a number of benefits that are created as a direct result of redesigning your kitchen, and for the most part, this makes it money well spent. So what dividends can you expect from overhauling your kitchen…
  • The Calm Before the Storm

    2 Mar 2015 | 8:40 pm
    Early part of Saturday, I got to enjoy the Triplet Cheesecake from D' Good Cafe which hubby and I ordered for take away (take out) after we had dinner at Cucina Italian Restaurant on Friday night.I was already feeling crappy that time but wanted to cheer myself up. The rest of Saturday was spent on bed rest. I was having some intense abdominal and back pain simultaneously accompanied by fever.Sunday morning, hubby brought me to see our family doctor. He gave me intravenous injection to relieve my pain and he referred me to A&E.
  • Thrive

    2 Mar 2015 | 8:08 pm
    The world is filled with many people. Each person is different and for good reason. There will be some people who are similar; however, no two people will be exactly the same. Each person possesses a unique set of skills, talents, viewpoints and passions that make up their personality. This means that every person has the ability to help others in ways that no one else can. If everyone is busy being like everyone else, the world is missing out on what it needs. If people want to be their genuine selves, they must do the things they love to do. No one can tell another how to live. No one…
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    The Sports Parenting Podcast | JBM Thinks

  • “What is the Coach Thinking?”

    4 Mar 2015 | 3:00 am
    Have you ever asked yourself that question? Here’s how you can better understand just exactly what he or she is thinking…     Is it Softball Season in Your House? It is in ours! My 27-year-old is having a blast coaching and we love watching her! But if you are a softball mom, I know...Read More
  • Sports Parents, Get off the Bench and Stop Being Critical

    2 Mar 2015 | 3:00 am
    Being critical seems to be a sports parenting pastime. And this is partly understandable because it’s easy to find things to criticize when your child is playing sports. The coach doesn’t communicate enough. The snack bar is unorganized. The time-keeper keeps messing up. The ump continually makes bad calls. The problem is that most critical...Read More
  • 4 Signs of a Youth Sports KillJoy

    27 Feb 2015 | 3:00 am
    Youth sports is full of people who suffer from the very subtle–or maybe not so subtle–syndrome of being a killjoy. Otherwise known as  spoilsport, wet blanket, party pooper, and prophet of doom. Killjoys usually don’t recognize their own malady, so if you are reading this and saying, “I’m no killjoy!” then take a few minutes and see...Read More
  • Youth Sports Podcast: Best Starting Sport For Your Child and Learning From Failure

    25 Feb 2015 | 3:00 am
    To listen to the podcast, click on the above arrow. In this new series of youth sports podcasts, I will be focusing on How You Can Help Your Child Improve His Athletic Skills.  Today’s podcast focuses on two issues: what is the best starting sport for your child? and how can you help your child deal...Read More
  • What Do You Say When Your Child Says, “I Want to Quit!”?

    24 Feb 2015 | 3:00 am
    There are bound to be days when your child wants to quit sports. What will you say when that happens?         Are You Frustrated with the Politics of Youth Sports? The issue of politics in youth sports can take all the fun out of the game – if you let it! I...Read More
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    Tales From the Nursery

  • Get Ready to Shop the Spring Germantown/Port Washington JBF Sale & Save! #JBFSale

    Darcy Zalewski
    3 Mar 2015 | 12:09 pm
    I’m working with JBF Germantown/Port Washington to help spread the word about their upcoming spring JBF Sale March 11-15. I’ve consigned and shopped with them in the past and love it!  Look at all that stuff! Photo credit: JBF Germantown/Port Washington Spring is almost here, I swear, and with that comes time to change out our kids’ seasonal clothing. If your kids grow fast like mine, then most of the clothes they wore last spring and summer will be way too small for them this year. Heck, they are quickly outgrowing the clothes I bought them last fall! They both sprouted a…
  • 5 Reasons to Love Door to Door Organics #Ad

    Darcy Zalewski
    2 Mar 2015 | 7:00 am
    Disclosure: We were provided with a shopping credit in order to try out Door to Door Organics and share our thoughts with you. We’re also sharing a $10 off code on first time orders and giving away shopping credits. Grocery shopping is generally a necessary evil that we must do to keep our families fed. So, when I heard about Door to Door Organics coming to the Milwaukee area, I was interested in learning more about it. Not only do I love having things delivered to my door, we continue to work on healthier eating and food selections. And fresh produce is a must every week! Door to Door…
  • What a Sick Day for Mom Looks Like #ReliefIsHere #Ad

    Darcy Zalewski
    26 Feb 2015 | 8:50 am
    This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/P&G. The thoughts shared are mine. Before I had kids, I recall lounging on the couch and napping whenever I felt like it during a sick day. Work usually could be put on hold until I felt better and returned to the office. My sick days don’t look like that anymore. Instead they look like this… Wake up with a scratchy throat and a headache. The kids bounce around me on the bed, excited to just be them. I frown, wanting to bury under the covers and hide away my crabby self. Eventually I get up and sluggishly get myself and the kids ready.
  • Get Creative With McDonald’s New Create Your Taste Burgers! #MyPerfectSandwich #McDPtr #Ad

    Darcy Zalewski
    16 Feb 2015 | 12:39 pm
    This post was created in partnership with McDonald’s. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I love a good burger. What I don’t like is when I’m not sure what comes on it. I rarely ask for things (like onions) to be left off because I was taught at an early age to take what I don’t like off myself. Sometimes it’s hard to do that depending on how it’s put together. However, tt used to take too long to request alterations to regular menu items. So when I was asked to try out the new Create Your Taste burgers at a local Milwaukee McDonald’s, I was…
  • The Progression of a Sibling Relationship

    Darcy Zalewski
    14 Feb 2015 | 8:00 am
    Despite being amazed at how fast Aerissa and Xander are growing, I’m most fascinated by their evolving relationship. When Xander was a little baby, Rissa was a doting and overly loving big sister. She was always curious what the baby was doing and wanted to help. At times she’d be jealous of him nursing or being with me so much, but mostly she showered him with hugs and kisses, proclaiming her love for him to all who would listen. As he got a bit older, she entertained him with dancing and silly faces, making them both giggle. Rissa would offer her brother toys and ask to help…
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    One Little Mister

  • How to Grow a Love of Science and Learning Through At Home Experiments for Kids

    Christi Kopp
    3 Mar 2015 | 10:07 pm
    We want our kids to want to learn. We all hope they find their own love of science and learning to guide them though exploring the world around them. There are so many things we can do to nurture... This is a content summary only. Visit for full links, other content, and more!
  • Ten Great Ways to Encourage Children to Engage in Independent Play

    Christi Kopp
    1 Mar 2015 | 9:39 pm
    There comes a time when we need our children to entertain themselves no matter how completely awesome we find spending time with them. The reason may be to keep them safe as we cook or even... This is a content summary only. Visit for full links, other content, and more!
  • Finding the Best Books for every age insures a lifelong love of reading

    Christi Kopp
    26 Feb 2015 | 9:44 pm
    We all want to raise kids who have a lifelong love of reading. The best way to do this is to find books they love. If they find books fun and engaging they are more likely to want to be readers. I... This is a content summary only. Visit for full links, other content, and more!
  • Tasty Homemade Bread Recipe Sure to Please Everyone in Your Home

    Christi Kopp
    24 Feb 2015 | 9:38 pm
    When it comes to meals, bread seems to be a staple in many American diets. But, at upwards of $3 a loaf, it can get to be a substantial part of the family grocery budget. I was determined to find a... This is a content summary only. Visit for full links, other content, and more!
  • Top 10 Natural Remedies for Chicken Pox

    Christi Kopp
    23 Feb 2015 | 12:21 am
    We all face times when we need to find a treatment for our children. And, we want to keep away from chemicals as much as possible since they can be so sensitive to components which may not bother us... This is a content summary only. Visit for full links, other content, and more!
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    The Potty Diaries

  • Goodbye, sweet poison...

    3 Mar 2015 | 3:54 am
    Sometimes, I catch glimpses of you across a crowded room, always looking cool, sleek, and refreshing.  For over half of my life you were an integral part of my routine; I couldn't imagine twenty four hours passing without your featuring in it at some point. Sure, there were days that I had to make do without you, but it was never by choice.  Sometimes, other people who didn't understand how important you were to me just didn't want you around, so I was forced to do without you.  I couldn't bring you everywhere with me; that would have been rude and crazy, so from time to time I…
  • The Photo Gallery 218: Colour

    18 Feb 2015 | 3:59 am
    Even on a winter's day, with no leaves on the trees, I was surrounded by colour when I went out skiing on this beautiful Moscow morning...This post is part of The Gallery over at Tara's Sticky Fingers blog.
  • The Daily Fail does it again.

    16 Feb 2015 | 11:46 pm
    Years ago, not long after I started blogging, I wrote a few pieces for an online publication for women.  It had just launched and was looking for publicity and in the way of we shy, retiring, oh-my-god-surely-nobody's-actually-interested-in-what-I-have-to-say bloggers back then, so was I.  Consequently, when this online publication asked me if I would be interested in being interviewed for a feature about it by a national newspaper, I was quite excited and inclined to say yes.Until, that is, I found out which newspaper it was - at which point, I said no.Because if there is a daily…
  • The Photo Gallery 216: Cold

    3 Feb 2015 | 11:38 pm
    The prompt for this week's Gallery over at Tara's Sticky Fingers blog?  'Cold'.*Rubs hands together*Living in Moscow, I do have some experience on this subject.  When we arrived here in January 2010 the city experienced it's coldest spell for 10 years or more; within a week the temperature dropped to below -20degC and stayed there for some weeks.  (I would like to point out that at this stage we had no car, and I was walking the kids to school.  It wasn't far - about 15 minutes with a 6 year old trudging across the ice and a 4 year old being towed on sledge - but thank god…
  • Please come and visit us in Moscow - but leave the kids at home...

    2 Feb 2015 | 12:02 pm
    My long-term bloggy friend Jennifer Howze over at Jenography has just contributed to a Yahoo piece called 'The Worst Vacation Spots on the Planet for Kids'.  Jen's contribution was to suggest that there are certain beach resorts in Europe which are best avoided at the wrong time of year, with which I would whole-heartedly agree.  She mentioned Magaluf in Majorca and Blackpool in the UK.  I would  throw Bodrum in Turkey in July and August into the mix (too hot, too busy, too noisy and just too... much) and I'm sure you could come up with your own ideas on this one.But I…
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    Abundant Mama

  • A Super Fast Remedy For A Nagging Negative Thought Pattern

    4 Mar 2015 | 11:51 am
    Sometimes I feel like the world is going around and around and I’m on the sidelines watching. Head spinning. Eyes bulging. People laughing and smiling. And, I’m trying to get on, I’m trying to find the on-ramp but it’s escaping me. I feel confused. Little. Lost. Overwhelmed. Dizzy. Left out. Alone. Lately, when these thoughts bubble up and I feel scattered or disorganized or like I’m not enough, I have made a pact with myself. Pay really close attention to where I am feeling that overwhelm by tapping into all of my Abundant Mama tools … and then get up and…
  • On Choosing “Less is More” As A Family Motto

    2 Mar 2015 | 6:56 am
    When my family piles onto our bed to read, I swoon inside. I relish these family moments more than anything. And those days when we’re just too busy to make it happen leave me feeling sad inside. These years are short. And sometimes the days feel even shorter and if we’re not conscious we will allow the simple pleasures of life to slip away in the busyness of being more, doing more, having more and owning more. And yet when I tap into my own inner wisdom, I know what is best for my family. And less always means more. When we choose a less is more motto, we learn what it can feel…
  • You Can’t Have It All. But You Can Absolutely Have Right Now

    25 Feb 2015 | 7:07 am
      You may not get it right today. You may have already made a mistake. Yelled. Said something you regret. Did something you regret. Here’s the thing about motherhood. There’s never a perfect one. Even the best are blamed for something wrong in their children’s lives. Here’s the thing about children. There’s never a perfect one. Even the best make many mistakes. Here’s the thing about families. There’s never a perfect one. Even the best have their issues and drama. Your kids may never be the highest achieving. And your family may never have the…
  • Stop Thinking About What Makes a Good Mother. Be One

    23 Feb 2015 | 5:52 am
    You don’t need to think so much. What you need is permission to stop your mind from spinning around and around on the same problems and challenges day after day. You don’t need to research incessantly about what makes a good mother. What you need is permission to stop thinking the answers lie “out there” under some other ideal conditions and start understanding that the answers are already within YOU and what you really need is to start taking action. You don’t need to plan to the point of over-planning and over-obsessing. What you need is permission to…
  • 41 Wishes for Good Enough Moms

    18 Feb 2015 | 12:39 pm
    Last year, for my 40th birthday I wrote a blog post called 40 Wishes for My Daughters. I still love that post and re-read it often myself, as a reminder. Today, I want to do the same for you — all of you — inspired by one of my favorite children’s books, “And, Here’s To You.” Here’s to The highly-sensitive ones. The stronger-than-strong ones. The alone ones. The Yell-y ones. The Imperfect ones. The Guilt-Ridden Ones. The Bitter and The Sour Ones. The Angry Ones. Yes, here’s to all of you. If I have a chance to blow out a candle or 41, I’m…
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    Project Motherhood

  • #HotTopic Change in Protocol for Peanut Allergies?!

    Deborah Hetrick Catanese
    4 Mar 2015 | 7:01 am
    HOT TOPIC that concerns all Mamas! There is a stunning new study just released about peanuts, suggesting that the advice of pediatricians to wait to introduce peanuts to children until age 3 or later might actually be CAUSING the dangerous uptick in peanut allergies, which were almost non-existent in the past. Add to this the concerns about immunizations, and whether gluten free is better for everyone (or just the 1 or so in 100 who have Celiac Disease), and whether vegan or paleo is healthier, and on and on… and we as Moms get that sinking feeling of “NOW WHAT am I supposed to…
  • My Fashion Bucket List

    Allison Cooper
    2 Mar 2015 | 5:00 am
    Fashion is a beautiful thing, and there are some pieces that I treat like art, because to me – they belong in a museum! These aren’t the trendy pieces that you need to switch up season after season, but the life-changing pieces that become the precious garments and accessories that you keep perfectly stored and tenderly pull out of your closet on special occasions. These are the pieces that we lust for, save for, and plan to keep in great condition to pass down to our daughters. Here is my humorous approach to the pieces that top my list. My Fashion Bucket List On my fashion…
  • No Thanks, I’m Just Browsing

    Deborah Hetrick Catanese
    27 Feb 2015 | 10:58 am
    While Fashion Week had the epicenters of style in tremors last week over Fall Fashion 2015, there was additional excitement over the early arrivals of Spring fashion into stores. Ah, yes, Spring…it may not seem like it will ever arrive, but there is something about trying on Spring clothes that assures you that all will soon be well. Even if you feel like “just browsing”. Last week, as I watched some Spring Runway Events live online, I was amazed at the gorgeous looks going down the runway from a variety of brands…and also a bit stunned about some of the big style…
  • 5 Truths About Working From Home

    Allison Cooper
    25 Feb 2015 | 5:13 am
    If you have been following along with Project Motherhood for a while now, you know that in June of 2013 I went from full time working Mama to a full time working from home Mama – a decision I am beyond happy that I made. While it was scary at first to be self-employed and responsible for every penny that comes into the bank account roll, I’ve embraced the challenge and the inevitable ups and downs that it brings. So whether you are considering the self-employed path or taking a position that allows you to be more flexible about where you work, here are some things to consider…
  • Hourglass Body Shape Confessions – Featuring Lori Berkowitz Photography

    Allison Cooper
    24 Feb 2015 | 5:35 am
    Do you have an hourglass body shape and are in need of a little inspiration from a fellow hourglass lady? Look no further because today I’m sharing a Mama-to-be confession from the beautiful (and glowing) Lori Berkowitz from Lori Berkowitz Photography! So here is a little confession of my own, I met Lori whenever she offered an amazing boudoir photography session last year. Yes, I stripped down and barred it all (well most of it) for the camera and she truly gave me the confidence that I needed to feel beautiful in that very intimate state. The pictures turned out amazing and I truly…
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    The Mommist

  • Desire: Tattly

    Len Dela Cruz
    1 Mar 2015 | 9:03 am
    Want tats but can't commit? Here's your answer to that dilemma! Tattly, as the name suggests, is a brand of temporary tattoos designed by professional artists such as Timothy Goodman. I love Tattly's designs!!! Obviously, my favorite is typography; second best is food. I recently bought the French Clarendon to quell down my indecision regarding a new ink. I've been putting it on hold since last year because I don't know where to put it. I'll go for the nape this time around. Onward and Upward!
  • Style Board: Skirt Over Leggings for Grown-Ups

    Len Dela Cruz
    1 Mar 2015 | 4:51 am
    Backpack  /  Ankle Boots  /  Sunglasses  /  Jacket  /  Leggings  /  Skirt  /  Crepe SweaterSkirt over leggings style is one of those combinations that I still like. I'm sure most of you tried it once or twice during your younger years. With a little substitution here and there, this combo can still be appropriate for grown-ups! I really don't follow a rigid rule when it comes to style. If you can rock it, wear it!Onward and Upward!
  • Desire: Bone Tote

    Len Dela Cruz
    27 Feb 2015 | 8:07 am
    Injecting a bit of anatomy in a bag is pretty good! The Common Knowledge's Bone Tote is 'inspired by the way the bone meets the skin'. It's a fairly new brand by Industrial Design grad, Zara Dramov. As always, the simplicity of the design with a sophisticated edge is the thing that's making my head hurt like hell right now. The colors {except for the Oxblood} being versatile is another. It ticks all the boxes for an everyday bag. It's made of Italian leather and comes with a little pouch inside. It's available in three sizes: Extra Large, Large, and Mini. Plum and Olive Bronze - you two are…
  • Photo Lust: Abandoned Places

    Len Dela Cruz
    25 Feb 2015 | 9:25 am
    Creepy and amazing are the two words that best describes this Instagram account I'm currently obsessing over: @itsabandoned. You gotta have a certain level of weirdness to appreciate things like these. I do. I'm not just fascinated by these buildings, I dream of owning one someday too, like this one. I want to restore structures {especially the historical sites} to their former glory. There's a few, scratch that, very few left in this part of the world because building preservation here count for nothing. Appalling, really.Pripyat, Pentedatillo Ghost Town in Italy, Hashima Island…
  • K & L Cafe Brings Baguio Food Experience to Manila

    Len Dela Cruz
    25 Feb 2015 | 5:40 am
    "What do they serve at K & L Cafe?", I asked one of my foodie crews, Richard. "Baguio food, mostly," he replied. That sealed the deal. I immediately said yes. You see, Baguio and I have a mutual love affair. I will choose it over a beach-y spot any day; in return, it gives me a cool atmosphere, pleasing pine scent, and good food!K & L Cafe is the brainchild of the same kids {they look really young!} behind Blushing Cupcakes: Karen and Loren. During our convo, I told them that I envy the natural blush that the people of Baguio sport. I have to fake mine all the time. Anyhoo, Karen said…
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  • The Eyes of a Little Baby

    Bob Aycock |
    2 Mar 2015 | 1:04 pm
    “If one feels the need of something grand, something infinite, something that makes one feel aware of God, one need not go far to find it. I think that I see something deeper, more infinite, more eternal than the ocean in the expression of the eyes of a little baby when she wakes in the […]
  • Creating More Magic on the #DisneyMP

    Bob Aycock |
    2 Jan 2015 | 12:51 pm
    Last January, I started helping Guests on the Disney Parks Moms Panel as a Walt Disney World Resort Specialist. It was an honor to serve in 2014 and will be an honor to serve again this year. I am very excited to announce that I was asked to return to the Moms Panel for another […]
  • Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse!

    Bob Aycock |
    18 Nov 2014 | 8:29 am
    Today is Mickey Mouse’s 86th birthday! And who better to tell us a little about him than Uncle Walt? “I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing—that it was all started by a mouse.” —Walt Disney “The life and ventures of Mickey Mouse have been closely bound up with my own personal […]
  • Back to School

    Bob Aycock |
    18 Aug 2014 | 8:15 am
    Around this time each year, I like to share a few words to the students, teachers, and parents preparing for back-to-school time. While this is only my personal view, I do hope it offers some solace to what can be a hectic and emotional time of year. To all the students starting school, be appreciative […]
  • Mickey Monday

    Bob Aycock |
    4 Aug 2014 | 8:48 pm
    “The life and ventures of Mickey Mouse have been closely bound up with my own personal and professional life. It is understandable that I should have sentimental attachment for the little personage who played so big a part in the course of Disney Productions and has been so happily accepted as an amusing friend wherever […]
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    The Kerrie Show

  • Partner in Crime Position Filled by Mr. Kerrie on July 20, 1995

    Kerrie McLoughlin
    3 Mar 2015 | 8:26 pm
    Almost 20 years later, Mr. Kerrie is still on the job. I don't need anyone else. Position filled! (except his morals are about 99% spot-on and I'm pretty happy about that one!)
  • One Crazy Week At My House: Funeral, New Van, Sick, Podcast

    Kerrie McLoughlin
    2 Mar 2015 | 8:25 pm
    A fellow writer just wrote me asking when I might have my print version of Make Money to Write About Your Kids in the print version because she would buy it in a second. I wrote her back that a lot has come up and that I would not bore her with the details of my life. I will bore you instead because, dang, I gotta vent!When you are the middle of chaos, you just keep moving. It's like when you're in the middle of childbirth and you have no choice but to keep going. There is no AROUND THE PAIN, there is only THROUGH the pain. You signed up for this and you gotta deal with this. Yep, that's my…
  • The Big News At My House Right Now!!!

    Kerrie McLoughlin
    25 Feb 2015 | 6:52 am
    No, I am not pregnant. Let's just get that out of the way.But I did kinda give birth, in my own little writer world. I got the 6th edition of my ebook of parenting and family writing markets and helps uploaded to as the Kindle edition. It feels good to have it done! Here's the info about it here.I found about 50 new markets and got rid of the ones that had folded or were not reliable for paying. The ebook still includes regional parenting magazine information for publications like San Diego Family, Kansas City Parent, Houston Family, Pittsburgh Parent and a ton more. It also has…
  • Guest Blogger: Stop Judging Big Families, Please

    Kerrie McLoughlin
    17 Feb 2015 | 11:58 am
    Today I have a guest blogger. Okay, so she didn't set out to be that, but she ALWAYS says the best stuff on Facebook but doesn't have a lot of interest or time to mess with making her own blog. I simply MUST get some of her stories out there for the world, though! I'm about to compile all her best Book of Faces posts and make them into some sort of rockin' ebook as a gift for her and the world!Anyway, here is what I found today and it's sad how people can be sometimes but awesome how she has an attitude of loving her life anyway. I remember people saying things to my own mother sometimes…
  • #WeightLoss Tip This Week: Don't Beat Yourself Up #MoscatoMozzarellaMommy

    Kerrie McLoughlin
    10 Feb 2015 | 8:35 am
    Today's #WeightWatchers Weigh-In #12PoundsIn12Weeks Challenge February 10, 2015Today's tip from me as a veteran of trying to lose weight and knowing how to do it in a healthy way is ... DON'T BEAT YOURSELF UP!I went to this week's weigh-in knowing I was not going to lose any weight and I was okay with that. I have discovered Moscato wine after being a lifetime non-drinker and enjoy a glass a night now so that adds food points to my life. Saturday was my daughter's birthday and she wanted some yummy foods. I had no willpower and had mozzarella sticks, chicken strips, salmon, mashed potatoes,…
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    A Juggling Mom | A Juggling Mom

  • Singapore Heritage Playgrounds – Dove Playground, Dokota Crescent

    1 Mar 2015 | 4:58 pm
    With so much fanfare going on about SG50 to celebrate Singapore’s year of Jubilee, this was the opportune moment to... Continue reading » The post Singapore Heritage Playgrounds – Dove Playground, Dokota Crescent appeared first on A Juggling Mom.
  • Project Life 2015 – Week 8 Celebrating Chinese New Year

    23 Feb 2015 | 3:15 pm
    Last week, we celebrated the Lunar New Year where the first and second days falls on the 19th and 20th of... Continue reading » The post Project Life 2015 – Week 8 Celebrating Chinese New Year appeared first on A Juggling Mom.
  • River Hongbao 春到河畔 2015

    17 Feb 2015 | 7:31 pm
    The River Hongbao 春到河畔 opened at the Floating platform at Marina Bay last night. Since this iconic event has become an annual event for... Continue reading » The post River Hongbao 春到河畔 2015 appeared first on A Juggling Mom.
  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears (in Mandarin) PLUS Giveaway

    11 Feb 2015 | 4:33 am
    Have a Chinese kid at home who doesn’t like Mandarin? I had one too. But I am proud to say... Continue reading » The post Goldilocks and the Three Bears (in Mandarin) PLUS Giveaway appeared first on A Juggling Mom.
  • The day I decided to be a less hung-up mum

    9 Feb 2015 | 3:00 pm
    I have always thought that I was a cool mum when it came to academics. After all, you only get one shot... Continue reading » The post The day I decided to be a less hung-up mum appeared first on A Juggling Mom.
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  • A Crafting Surprise

    Erica Price
    3 Mar 2015 | 10:30 pm
    I’m not a natural crafter. Perhaps that’s a bit unfair. I can knit reasonably well and I’ve experimented with crochet in the past. I occasionally do a little needlework, but I can’t cope with electric sewing machines. At school I was a needlework disaster: the blouse I made literally fell apart on its first wear. I gave up anything practical like art or craft as soon as I possibly could. I don’t tend to do crafting for fun. Hillarys Blinds tempted me though with their promise of tea and biscuits with fellow bloggers. And at the weekend I found myself at a…
  • Building a Nest Egg

    Erica Price
    3 Mar 2015 | 10:29 pm
    Often the super rich have a financial advisor that sets up and manages their portfolio of investments for them, getting the perfect balance of risk/security, to make sure that the rich become richer.  Now in the past we’ve tried to create our own portfolio, or at least we tried to in our couple days when we had more money to spare.  Of course though, with a family making the right investment decisions is more important than ever.  Wouldn’t it be nice if us less financially well off bods could emulate the super rich and have someone to help us manage our money.I’ve been…
  • Super Farmer Game Review and Giveaway

    Erica Price
    3 Mar 2015 | 4:48 am
    Super Farmer is the game that we have been playing after school for a week.  H has been mad keen for it.  It’s a simple game to learn, but you can use tactical play to make it more complicated.Each player is a farmer and you have to try to increase your animal stock until you have one of each animal (except the two types of dogs).  Obviously, some animals are more valuable than others and it’s easier to acquire more rabbits than anything else.  Basically, you throw the dice and if you have a pair of an animal you get one or more of that beast.  The more animals you have, the…
  • Looking for a Career You Can Do From Home? Here Are Three Ideas You Never Thought Of

    Erica Price
    2 Mar 2015 | 10:57 pm
    No one could blame you for getting sick of working out of a boring office all day, every day. The commute is horrid, costing you money you don’t have in fuel and time that could be better spent on work or something you actually enjoy doing. Choosing a profession that allows you to work from home is becoming a much more viable option in today’s world. Here are a few career ideas that will allow you the freedom to do just that.1. Forex TraderTrading stocks and bonds online requires, at minimum, around an hour a day of analysis before any trading should commence. Imagine what you could get…
  • Interflora’s Priceless Mum’ Challenge

    Erica Price
    2 Mar 2015 | 1:47 am
    Interflora recently asked myself and H to film our takes on motherhood from both sides of the table as it were.  H is a YouTuber in the making, so he was keen to share his thoughts on camera.  Here’s his video with his key points about what makes a great mum. I’m a bit concerned about whether I live up to the mark for him.  Is my cooking of a high enough standard to satisfy him?  It’s the first thing he mentions, so is that the top priority for him?  I’m more comfortable about being the person who looks after him and helps him, as hopefully I do that quite well. I…
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    Forever In Mom Genes

  • Spoil Your Kids Awesome

    2 Mar 2015 | 9:51 am
    Are you spoiling your kids rotten? If your kids are demanding, self-centred and ungrateful, yet you continue to give in to their every desire, you might be. If you set limits and model gratitude and kindness (as often as you can, obviously—some days I'm an ungrateful hag) you’ll be rearing awesome little citizens who will take, but with genuine appreciation. Sincere 'please and thank yous' go a long way. I tell my kids that people want to do things for them because it makes them feel good. By acknowledging somebody's generosity, you make them feel even better. And friends and family will…
  • Lego Craft Fail: Pinterest, Why Can't I Quit You?

    1 Mar 2015 | 12:09 pm
    My son has a massive collection of Lego mini-figures languishing headless and mismatched in a bin under his bed. So when I saw this clever idea on Pinterest I thought (with possibly a bit too much zeal), "I will make this and my son will be so pleased!" Spoiler alert: He didn't give a rat's ass about this crafty addition to his bedroom decor. He was all, "Um, thanks mum and everything but you didn't have to make this..."But I did. I HAD to make it. Pinterest made it look so appealing and easy and organized. I physically couldn't stop myself from making it.My efforts to up-sell this project…
  • This Post Is A Total Fluff Piece

    26 Feb 2015 | 3:54 pm
    People keep talking about what they're giving up for lent—even if they're not religious, they seem to dig the challenge. It's like a pious double dog dare.I'd happily give up a number of things including exercise, doing laundry, unloading the dishwasher and/or working for a living. But that's not the point though, is it? Lent is a solemn religious observance marked by "fasting, both from foods and festivities. Observers give up an action of theirs considered to be a vice, add something that is considered to be able to bring them closer to God, and often give the time or money spent doing…
  • Security Measures For Families With Young and/or Special Needs Children

    19 Feb 2015 | 10:14 am
    Early this morning a 3-year-old boy went missing from his home in Toronto.Elijah was captured on his apartment building's security cameras stepping out into the bitter cold at 4:20 a.m. He appeared to be on his own, wearing only a t-shirt, diaper and boots. His family discovered he was missing when they woke three hours later. He was found shortly after 10 a.m. only a few hundreds metres from his apartment and was taken to hospital in life threatening condition.Poor, poor baby. Why did he wake and decide to wander? Was he sleepwalking? Some children do. I did. My son had terrible night…
  • A Look Inside the Ontario College of Teachers—from a teacher/parent perspective

    17 Feb 2015 | 9:38 am
    From a very young age I knew I wanted to be a teacher. Not because I enjoy organizing everything and everyone at all times. Okay partially because of that *sideways glance at my smirking husband* but mostly because of my grade three teacher. Mrs. MacDonald was kind and creative and funny. She loved children and she made learning so much fun. She made everything fun. I wanted to be just like her. So after university and a bit of globe trotting, I went to teacher’s college to become a real teacher—with a real classroom, brimming with real children. After ten terrific years in the classroom,…
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  • Trompe-l'œil coffee cups + Wordless Wednesday Linky

    Nicole orriëns
    3 Mar 2015 | 5:08 am
    This coffee cup may look like a couple of stacked cups, but it's only one cup! An InLinkz Link-upMake sure you don't miss any posts on Momfever! Enter your email address:Delivered by FeedBurner
  • Am I the maid?!

    Nicole orriëns
    3 Mar 2015 | 2:49 am
    I work from home. And since I'm the one who is at home, I'm the one who does most of the cooking and cleaning.Because I work a lot, and I'm not all that good at housekeeping, my aunt Marie comes in once a month to help me. She cleans the windows, and does all the stuff I don't get to.I pay my aunt Marie for her efforts. She's happy to help me out, and I think she secretly loves feeling superior. Because she's often scandalized by the way I have kept things.Using an official maid service is not something I would consider right now. Mostly because of the costs. And I think I would feel…
  • My own psycho shower scene

    Nicole orriëns
    28 Feb 2015 | 1:51 am
    It was early morning. I was in the shower enjoying some quiet time. Feeling the warm water cascading down my body, cherishing the feeling of being alone. No one else around.Then suddenly I heard that telltale sound of a door opening, followed by an icy cold swish of air. Then: 'Hiiiiiii honey. Are you enjoying your shower?'That's when I remembered: 'Right, hubby has a day off...'
  • Plan a Staycation, Vegas Style!

    Nicole orriëns
    26 Feb 2015 | 10:20 pm
    More and more often now, it seems people are opting for an alternative to pricey get-aways. Like Pippa to Kate Middleton, the staycation may not be the real deal, but she’s still just as attractive as her older sister, coming out of nowhere to steal the show.Staycations are hotAccording to Forbes, the staycation trend picked up heat a few years ago when the recession began taking its toll. on funds normally allocated for 'unnecessary' spending. Like splurging on that chic pair of must-have spring wedges or a week-long vacation in Hawaii.Las Vegas is the go-to weekend trip, the place where…
  • Selfmade Minnie Mouse + Linky

    Nicole orriëns
    24 Feb 2015 | 4:11 am
    My youngest daughter is very good with a needle and thread. She does nót take after her mom. She created her own Minnie Mouse costume! An InLinkz Link-upMake sure you don't miss any posts on Momfever! Enter your email address:Delivered by FeedBurner
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    Your Daily Serving of Mommie Daze

  • In Honor of Dr. Seuss, A Silly Poem for Parents About Reading Month

    Colleen Stout
    4 Mar 2015 | 10:23 am
    Yes, I know reading is important. I wrote all about that yesterday. But let’s face it. If you have children in school, Reading Month is a lot of work. Right now, I’m tracking and signing five different forms about what and how much my kids read every day. It’s a lot of paperwork, am I right? And there are dress-up days, book swaps and other special activities to keep track of. That’s on top of all the usual stuff to keep an eye on like homework, take-home folders, library books, lunch money and permission slips. Kids should send their parents flowers on Administrative…
  • What to do with a Reluctant Reader and a Child Who Doesn’t Fit in the Box

    Colleen Stout
    3 Mar 2015 | 11:41 am
    “Your son struggles with reading. I think we need to put him in a remedial class. You know, studies show that if children aren’t reading at grade level by the end of kindergarten, they don’t succeed in high school.” It was September. David, my oldest son, was only in his second week of kindergarten. Already, the death knell was sounding on his academic career. Panic Ensues The teacher dropped this bombshell on me in the hallway when I came in to pick him up from school. I was balancing a toddler on my hip and trying to listen to her over the din of children slamming…
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  • Siblings: Introducing your child to a new baby

    3 Mar 2015 | 11:00 pm
    Siblings: Introducing your child to a new baby New babies bring lots of challenges, whether it’s the first or the fourth. Every single time the experience is different, and never more so than when you already have another child to entertain, and inspire. My little girl was only 19 months old when her new baby brother was born. Two in nappies brought interesting times to the family, and we were determine to Learn more From: KiddyCharts - A helping hand for your little stars
  • Snowdrop walk at Gardens of Great Easton Lodge

    2 Mar 2015 | 11:00 pm
    Snowdrop walk at Gardens of Great Easton Lodge 2015 is meant to be where I improve my photography; both for the business, and generally – for life. I dabbled at Caerphilly, and this weekend was the perfect spring day to take my compact, my kids and husband and hit the Gardens at Great Easton Lodge which are blooming with rather a lot of wonderful snowdrop at this time of year. Can u Learn more From: KiddyCharts - A helping hand for your little stars
  • Parenting Pin It Party #94

    1 Mar 2015 | 11:00 pm
    Parenting Pin It Party #94 Welcome back to this week’s Parenting Pin It Party and the lovely Otilia of Romanian Mum is back with us and sharing the wonderful posts she has discovered from last week’s party.  Do have a mosey on over to her to see who is on her feature list this week! However, before you pop over there have you decided you have a parenting post Learn more From: KiddyCharts - A helping hand for your little stars
  • Sponsor the Honkosaurus! #TeamHonkDanceathon

    26 Feb 2015 | 11:00 pm
    Sponsor the Honkosaurus! #TeamHonkDanceathon   Come one everyone – Sponsor the HONKOSAURUS! After my aborted attempt to draw a Honkosaurus, the lovely and very talented Alice, from Life as Alice, put together this wonderful picture for me…what do you think? I suspect that this is the cutest that I am ever, ever likely to look. The big day is on the 8th March, and we are nearly there Learn more From: KiddyCharts - A helping hand for your little stars
  • Saffron Walden Common: Finding calm in a-mazing spaces #BetterPlaces

    25 Feb 2015 | 9:15 am
    Saffron Walden Common: Finding calm in a-mazing spaces #BetterPlaces Over ten years ago, my husband and I come on holiday to Suffolk, and from there we went for a walk that took in a little town called Saffron Walden. I’d never heard of it before, but my husband went there as a child. We sat on a bench there and chatted…in that carefree way that you did when you didn’t have to stop a small Learn more From: KiddyCharts - A helping hand for your little stars
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    Nanny to Mommy

  • 12 Months of Peanut {Wordless Wednesday}

    Diana Chastain
    3 Mar 2015 | 7:23 pm
    My Peanut turns ONE on Friday. ONE! Where did the past year go?! This time last year, I was nesting but didn't know it yet. I kept thinking, "Oh I still have two more weeks." So that's why when he came home the nursery wasn't ready, in fact the crib wasn't even up. That's my suggestion to anyone who is miserable pregnant, PROCRASTINATE and your water will break two weeks early. :)   For this Wordless Wednesday, we are celebrating a year of Peanut. :)
  • Toogli #AmberTeethingNecklace Review {Spring into Green Giveaway Hop, Ends 3/17}

    Diana Chastain
    2 Mar 2015 | 9:01 pm
    Welcome to the Spring into Green Giveaway Hop, hosted by Happy Mothering, Easy Green Mom and Brittleby’s Corner through the Green Moms Network! This March we want to help you Spring into Green by showcasing all the great green and eco-friendly products available! After entering my giveaway, be sure to hop around and enter all of the other giveaways listed on the linky at the bottom of this post for your chance to win great eco-friendly gear! Be sure to enter the grand prize giveaway! One winner will receive a prize package from Nest Bedding, The Choosy Chick, Globe In and…
  • Tommee Tippee Fiesta Fun Time Bottles Review {#UnderTheRainbow Giveaway Hop, Ends 3/17}

    Diana Chastain
    2 Mar 2015 | 9:00 pm
     Welcome to the [3rd annual] Under the Rainbow Giveaway Hop Event, hosted by the Lindsey Blogs & Viva Veltoro.Who doesn’t love finding gold under the rainbow? I’ve joined with a group of bloggers who will be offering great prizes for you, just waiting to be found under the rainbow! So, hop along to all in the giveaway hop linky below to find your gold! Don't miss the Grand Prize too - if you have 1 or 2 children, you'll find the gold under the rainbow in the form of an amazing Fold N Go Double Stroller from Combi USA! Enter the Grand Prize here. I received complimentary…
  • Fleece Photo Blanket Review {Spring into Spring Giveaway Hop, Ends 3/16}

    Diana Chastain
    1 Mar 2015 | 9:30 pm
    Welcome to the "Spring in to Spring" Giveaway Hop hosted by Heather from Mommy's Favorite Things and Michelle from Mama's Baby Cupcakes. This hop has a Open Spring Theme, and each blog has a minimum prize package of $25 per winner. After visiting my giveaway, make sure you use the linky below to take a look at the other blogs to see what they have to offer for you! Be sure to check out the Grand Prize on Mommy's Favorite Things blog for a chance to win from Umi Shoes and a Bubble Guppies DVD. I received complimentary products to provide this review. All…
  • Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Sandbox Giveaway, Ends 3/16

    Diana Chastain
    1 Mar 2015 | 9:00 pm
    Welcome to the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Sandbox giveaway hosted by Housewife on a Mission and sponsored by Little Tikes!Spring is just around the corner, and to celebrate one lucky person is going to win a new Cozy Coupe Sandbox from the Little Tikes! Your little one(s) can have hours of fun in this sandbox, building sand castles and more! What fun for imaginative play outdoors!Features of the Cozy Coupe Sandbox:  • Classic Cozy Coupe with friendly face  • Two built-in seats  • Two cup holders   • The Cozy Coupe Sandbox includes a removable lid that covers…
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    Virtually Yours

  • Nut Butter Bars with Dove Fruit Blueberries

    4 Mar 2015 | 9:35 am
    This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #LoveDoveFruits #CollectiveBias Eating foods that are good for you doesn’t just mean... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
  • #PetTales Twitter Party March 4th at 1 PM ET!

    3 Mar 2015 | 12:11 pm
      What kind do you have? We have a cat and a lovebird, and they are truly part of our family! We all love our pets, so join us as we celebrate them with the brands that love them too! We will be... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
  • 26 St. Patricks Day Desserts

    2 Mar 2015 | 1:11 pm
    I love holidays. When my kids were little and going to parties, I would always offer to bring something. Baking is not my gift, but if I had known about recipes like this, I would have been the... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
  • Target Makes Wedding Registry Easy #TargetWedding

    28 Feb 2015 | 7:12 pm
    Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Target. All opinions are my own. Planning a wedding is stressful. I remember when I was planning mine. I had to find my dress, then had to pick out... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
  • Shamrock (Green) Smoothie

    27 Feb 2015 | 3:40 pm
    It’s time to go GREEN!!! Are you like me? You know St. Paddy’s Day is coming. You get the flyer in your child’s backpack saying they will be serving Green Eggs & Ham that morning and to have your... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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    Because I'm the Mommy

  • Here We Go Again....

    The Mommy
    16 Feb 2015 | 11:15 am
    Turn the Page =>
  • Bad Morning

    The Mommy
    27 Jan 2015 | 7:46 am
    It seems like Porter can only have one good day at a time. And that's harder than when he's just having bad days, because good days give you hope. So when that bad day comes so quickly and your hopes are crushed, it hardly seems like those good days are worth it.Yeah, it was a bad morning.Turn the Page =>
  • Answered Prayers and God's Wicked Sense of Humor

    The Mommy
    10 Nov 2014 | 5:14 pm
    The story I'm going to tell you happened a week ago. It was a very serious situation but the humor isn't lost on me. There are also several f-bombs. If you have a problem with that, you might want to come back another day. Turn the Page =>
  • Get a Brain! It's a Saturday. At Wal-Mart!

    The Mommy
    4 Nov 2014 | 9:22 am
    Let me start off by saying that extreme couponers both frighten and fascinate me. Mostly, fascinate. I've seen the show. I too have had visions of free food dancing through my head. But realistically, it just doesn't work for my family. I don't have 40 hours a week to clip coupons and plan shopping routes and I DON'T have the storage space for 6000 bottles of ketchup. I save grocery money in other ways.Turn the Page =>
  • It's Time You Knew

    The Mommy
    23 Oct 2014 | 10:59 am
    Hi.I'm ready to tell you the reason I haven't written in awhile. Porter is bipolar and more than likely, autistic. I didn't want to share this with anyone, for reasons that aren't particularly clear to me. I just didn't want anyone to treat him differently; I just wanted everything to be alright. But it's not alright.Three weeks ago, Porter told teachers and the SRO officer that he wanted to die. His behavior became increasingly violent, both to himself, his siblings, his environment and to me.Three weeks ago, we had to commit our son--my baby. I had to leave him, in the care of strangers,…
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    Grown and Flown

  • The Greatest Unexpected Pleasures of Parenting

    Grown and Flown
    4 Mar 2015 | 7:36 am
    Grown and Flown asked 15 women to share their greatest unexpected pleasure of parenting. Here are their honest, funny, and straight-from-the-heart answers. Lindsey Mead  A Design So Vast @lemead Becky Blades Laundry or Die @LaundryorDie Liane Kupferberg Carter Autism After 16 @LianeCarter Jennifer B. Wallace Jennifer B Wallace @wallacejennieb Theresa B Kilman   Grown and Flown @grownandflown Sharon Greenthal Empty House, Full Mind @sharongreenthal Mindy Trotta Relocation: The Blog @mindytrotta Whitney Long The Southern C @thesouthernc Linda Wolff Carpool Goddess @CarpoolGoddess Lisa…
  • What Parents Need to Know: Teen Stress

    Grown and Flown
    2 Mar 2015 | 7:05 am
    Eleventh grade felt like the 7th circle of Hell, a place so sinister and drained of joy that I despaired of my kids or I ever emerging from it. Although frankly, I may have felt their teen stress more acutely than they did, I worried about my boys. They are young, and while I had learned coping mechanisms for stress, they were still finding their way. Soon I came to see that my job was two-fold. As one of the two people who loved them most in this world, I wanted to help ease them through this period with little things I could do to help. But far more importantly, I needed to show them what I…
  • The Maze of Teen Dating

    Grown and Flown
    25 Feb 2015 | 12:19 pm
    Aggie Mannix, lawyer, independent college counselor and mother of three, writes about the maze of teen dating: Dating is confusing enough when you are the one making the choices, but it can seem downright perilous watching your son or daughter in the labyrinth. Do you set rules? For them? For you? Learning the dating verbiage (wasn’t it easier when there were bases?) understanding the impact of social media and staying aware of shifting cultural mores seemed surmountable obstacles compared to determining my place as their mother. Rules, Guidelines, and Discussion For my daughters and…
  • Fatherhood: A College President Reflects

    Grown and Flown
    20 Feb 2015 | 2:34 pm
    Dr. Lawrence M. Schall, president of Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, Georgia, writes a guest post today on fatherhood. During a recent winter vacation with his now-adult kids, as they recounted the teenage years, they waded into a “quagmire of fact, fiction, truth and lies.” His story follows:   Over the holidays, I was able to spend a week with my two older children, ages 32 and 27. We were missing two others, including my stepdaughter who has decided Thailand is the perfect place to live. We found a house to rent in the high desert outside Tucson shaped like a crescent moon.
  • 7 Parenting Lessons You Learn Once Your Kids Leave Home

    Grown and Flown
    19 Feb 2015 | 9:33 am
    Along with the quiet and a little heartbreak, having kids leave home is a time for reflection. As parents, we have all had a front row seat to watch childhood from beginning to end and that is a gift like none other. Amazing people, whom we gave birth to, have somehow managed to become fully functioning adults, an outcome that once seemed unlikely. As our kids walk out the door to start their own lives there are more than a few lessons for us, their parents, left behind. We were good parents. While there may have been 18 doubt-ridden years when parental insecurities at times threatened to…
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    Ten to Twenty Parenting

  • When Parenting Gets Hard

    Tiffany Haywood
    4 Mar 2015 | 3:26 am
    By Tiffany Haywood There are times when as a parent the actual parenting gets hard. Let me explain. Being a mother is one of the greatest blessings I have ever received BUT being the parent – the grown up and responsible one can be difficult at times. There are days when making the big decisions is something I wish I could […] The post When Parenting Gets Hard appeared first on Ten to Twenty Parenting.
  • My Babies are Leaving Me – Party at Carrie’s Empty Nest!

    Carrie Wible
    3 Mar 2015 | 3:37 am
    By Carrie Wible What would you do with an empty nest? So, I just went to a parent informational meeting for Kindergarten for my twin boys for the fall. I thought I was going to cry, but not sure if out of sadness, empty nest- edness, or ecstatic glee. You see, in addition to the twins going to all […] The post My Babies are Leaving Me – Party at Carrie’s Empty Nest! appeared first on Ten to Twenty Parenting.
  • Ten to Twenty Talk Radio: Why Teens Tell Lies with Blanca Cobb

    Ten to Twenty
    2 Mar 2015 | 9:11 pm
    By Ten to Twenty Why Do Teens Lie? They tell big lies, little lies and crazy lies but what we really want to know is WHY do teens and tweens tell lies?  Hot off the Today Show, body language expert, Blanca Cobb offers her expertise on the topic. And you’ll probably be  a little surprised at what she says […] The post Ten to Twenty Talk Radio: Why Teens Tell Lies with Blanca Cobb appeared first on Ten to Twenty Parenting.
  • It Can be Tough For Teens and Tweens Living with Anxiety

    MaryBeth Matzek
    2 Mar 2015 | 3:18 am
    By MaryBeth Matzek As soon as I figured out how to assign ringtones to numbers on my then-new phone a couple of years ago, I immediately assigned the siren tone to school. I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss it. Unfortunately, it goes off way too often. But the reason isn’t one you might expect – it’s […] The post It Can be Tough For Teens and Tweens Living with Anxiety appeared first on Ten to Twenty Parenting.
  • 14 Slow Cooker Desserts That Will Make Your Family Happy!

    Ten to Twenty
    1 Mar 2015 | 2:58 am
    By Ten to Twenty Does your family love sweets but sometimes you barely have time to make dinner,  much less dessert? Well, we’ve pulled together 14(!) dessert recipes that you can make in the crock pot and every single one of them is guaranteed to put a smile of their face!   Slow Cooker Chocolate Lava Cake       […] The post 14 Slow Cooker Desserts That Will Make Your Family Happy! appeared first on Ten to Twenty Parenting.
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    Four Hens and a Rooster

  • Date Ideas for Your Teens

    Kristen Daukas
    3 Mar 2015 | 3:34 am
    By Kristen Daukas Remember when your kids were younger and all they wanted to do was spend time with you? And all you could think after 8 non-stop hours was “can’t I even PEE in peace??”. Flash forward a couple of years and suddenly you’re all sniffly because you can’t even buy 8 SECONDS of together time, right? Not me. My kids want to spend ALL their time with me and we never fight or argue. My life is awesome and you’re doing something wrong. HAHA!!! Almost fooled you, didn’t I?? You were thinking that I was some kind of sanctimonious witch bragging…
  • I Know Your Secret, Victoria and I Don’t Like It

    Kristen Daukas
    22 Feb 2015 | 3:27 am
    By Kristen Daukas This is a story about a woman named Victoria. Victoria has a secret. Actually she has a lot of secrets and I’m not a fan of any of them. Victoria likes to get together with all of her friends and have sleepovers. And during their sleepovers, they wear naughty nighties and have pillow fights. Because that’s what girls do when they have sleepovers, right? Ask any man and he’ll tell you that’s what they think we do during sleepovers once we’re past the age of 16. (And if you ask your SO and he tells you otherwise, he’s lying.) Victoria also…
  • Dive Into The New Season Of Mako Mermaids

    Kristen Daukas
    20 Feb 2015 | 2:15 pm
    By Kristen Daukas This is a very special post written by a very special young lady… Everyone, say hi to Cassie who’s making her debut here today! Cassie’s a huge fan of Mako Mermaids so when she found out she was getting to do this for the #StreamTeam and was even rewarded with her own thank-you swag! So, in her own words… Cassie reviews Mako Mermaids! Season 2 for Mako Mermaids is out and ready to be watched. The first season was released about 2 years ago the second season was released so far behind the first one because when the new season was released it came along…
  • Looking For Winston-Salem’s Cinderella for a Prom Makeover!!

    Kristen Daukas
    18 Feb 2015 | 7:04 pm
    By Kristen Daukas Who Do You Know That Deserves a Prom Makeover? I am on the lookout for a real life Cinderella. This Cinderella is a high school girl who wants to go to prom so desperately but maybe she can’t afford it.. maybe she’s too busy with community work or sports that she doesn’t think about herself…or her parents can’t help with buying her the beautiful gown of her dreams and going to the salon is definitely out of the question. She has a date but she’s too worried about putting it all together to really know she’ll have a good time. What…
  • Smelling Good and Feeling Better

    Kristen Daukas
    10 Feb 2015 | 3:53 pm
    By Kristen Daukas No.. that’s not me, but I thought it would catch your attention!! I’ve had a couple of products sent to me over the past few weeks that I wanted to tell you about. One I liked pretty well and the other – not so much. GoGargle – Around this house if you have a sore throat or other infections of the mouth (cold sore, etc) you’ll be handed a glass of warm salt water and told to gargle. GoGargle takes it one step further and adds honey and chamomile to their effervescent tabs to give you a little extra boost to this home remedy. This arrived just as…
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    The Review Wire Update

  • Under the Rainbow Hop: Creativity Studio Deluxe Mickey Smart Stylus + App Giveaway | Ends 3.17.15

    2 Mar 2015 | 9:01 pm
    Does your child like to draw? The Disney Creativity Studio Deluxe Mickey stylus turns your iPad into an artist’s studio! This smart stylus allows for your kids to color, draw, personalize and even animate dozens of magical coloring pages filled with their favorite Disney characters!  The... This is a content summary only. Please visit The Review Wire for more!
  • Spring in to Spring Hop: Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb Giveaway | Ends 3.16.15

    1 Mar 2015 | 9:03 pm
    I have the latest installment of the Night at the Museum franchise called Secret of the Tomb to give away. The first two movies were funny, even for adults so I am sure that this one will surely please. While I have not seen this yet, I will update this post as soon as my screener arrives. The kids... This is a content summary only. Please visit The Review Wire for more!
  • MediPals “Favorite Amazon Finds for Kids” Group Giveaway | Ends 3.16.15

    1 Mar 2015 | 9:01 pm
    Welcome to the Favorite Amazon Finds for Kids Giveaway, generously sponsored by Medi-Pals! The Review Wire has teamed up with several bloggers to help promote this awesome Kids Giveaway!  Medi-Pals are a kid-friendly medication dispenser that is available in 3 fun characters. Medi-Pals dispensers... This is a content summary only. Please visit The Review Wire for more!
  • Super Saturday Giveaway Linky 2.28.15

    27 Feb 2015 | 10:00 pm
    Welcome to the Super Saturday Giveaway Linky. Feel free to link up your current giveaways. ~ Leave a link that leads directly to the featured giveaway. ~ Be sure to leave the deadline for your giveaway. Those that DO NOT have an end date will be automatically deleted. ~ Be sure to leave your email... This is a content summary only. Please visit The Review Wire for more!
  • Step2 Play Up Gym Set Group Giveaway | Ends 3.13.15

    26 Feb 2015 | 9:09 pm
    The Review Wire has teamed up with several other bloggers to bring you this Gym Set Giveaway! It’s been pretty cold lately across much of the US and that has us thinking one thing – Spring! We can’t wait to get back outside and enjoy some warmth and sunshine! Thanks to the... This is a content summary only. Please visit The Review Wire for more!
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    Less Than Perfect Parents

  • When It Comes to Parenting, Are You Building Hedges that Buffer or Oppress?

    23 Feb 2015 | 3:00 am
    For good reason, parents are getting more and more protective of their children. There are certainly a lot of sickos out there and it’s a sad reflection on our society that parents must be so cautious when it comes to their kids’ safety. But there are some instances in parenting, when hedge-building can cross over... Read More » The post When It Comes to Parenting, Are You Building Hedges that Buffer or Oppress? appeared first on Less Than Perfect Parents.
  • What Is Green Living?

    9 Feb 2015 | 3:00 am
    Green living is a hot topic these days, but what does it really mean? The EPA has defined green living as making sustainable choices about a variety of things, such as what you eat, how you travel, what you purchase, and how you dispose of items. It is believed that by implementing these practices into... Read More » The post What Is Green Living? appeared first on Less Than Perfect Parents.
  • Lady In Red

    6 Feb 2015 | 3:17 pm
    I want to thank thredUp for sponsoring this post. I just became a thredUp ambassador for 2015 after discovering their amazing company. I felt like they would be the perfect fit for me and all of my Less Than Perfect Parents readers. We all want gorgeous fashions at inexpensive prices right? Of course we do!... Read More » The post Lady In Red appeared first on Less Than Perfect Parents.
  • How To Motivate Your Child To Study

    2 Feb 2015 | 3:00 am
    Parents always want their child to be a stellar student, but often are confused about how to help motivate their child to do well and what they can do to help with study habits.  As a parent, you must first understand that learning is a lifelong process and does not take place just in the... Read More » The post How To Motivate Your Child To Study appeared first on Less Than Perfect Parents.
  • Self-Care Sunday: Think Happy Thoughts

    31 Jan 2015 | 5:00 am
    Think happy thoughts! Changing your thoughts can change your life. I have spent the last year focused on changing the way I think about things and the results have been amazing! You can easily make your life happier by consciously changing your thought habits. One of the first things I did was spend five minutes... Read More » The post Self-Care Sunday: Think Happy Thoughts appeared first on Less Than Perfect Parents.
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    confessions of a crummy mummy

  • Is getting your baby’s stem cells frozen as an ‘insurance policy’ a good idea?

    4 Mar 2015 | 1:13 am
    As a journalist I meet all sorts of people from all walks of life. This week I met a mum, Hannah, who had the blood from her baby’s cord, which is rich in stem cells, harvested at birth and cryogenically frozen in case it comes in handy during later life. It might sound like something out of a science fiction movie, but more and more parents are using private stem cell banking to preserve the potentially life-saving cells which are otherwise thrown away. Are they wacky, or actually rather wise? Hannah’s baby daughter Lola has a congenital heart disease and while her parents don’t know…
  • How to work from home with a baby and stay (relatively) sane

    25 Feb 2015 | 3:38 am
    I’m coming to the end of my second month being a stay-and-work-at-home-mum (SWAHM – yes it does exist!) and to say it’s been a learning curve is an understatement. Working from home with a newborn baby sleeping peacefully in his seat is one thing, but quite another now he’s almost 17 weeks old and demanding more and more attention. So I thought now would be a good time to share my top tips. Of course it depends on what you do – my job involves sitting in front of the computer and talking on the phone. In the last week I’ve done a phone interview with the managing director of…
  • Why don’t pregnant women use wheelchairs?

    23 Feb 2015 | 5:42 am
    That’s among the questions three ‘pregnant’ dads have posed just days into their mission to wear pregnancy suits for a whole month. I left BB and Little B in the capable hands of Misery Guts on Sunday to go and write about their story, among others, and it really is an interesting one. There’s no doubt the world would be a different place if it were men who gave birth. The three dads are wearing 15kg ‘empathy bellies’ – the average weight of a full term pregnancy – day and night in the run up to Mother’s Day to see what it’s like for all us mums out there. They’re…
  • Mountain Buggy Protect review: it’s amazing what you can hold between your teeth

    18 Feb 2015 | 5:53 am
    Maxi Cosi better watch its back. Mountain Buggy has entered the travel system market with a new group 0+ baby car seat from birth to 13kg (pictured). And boy, is it light. In case I haven’t harped on about it enough, we live in a fourth floor flat, which is one thing when you’ve got an independent three year old who can walk, but quite another when you’ve got said independent three year old AND a baby. Which is asleep in the car seat. And shopping. And wellington boots the independent three year old discarded in the hallway downstairs…you get the picture. It’s amazing what you…
  • Dream job interview: my out-of-date noughties outfit was fine

    13 Feb 2015 | 4:00 am
    These things are never as bad as you think they’re going to be, are they? Leaving Little B with Granny and going into central London and back again really wasn’t that bad, even though I did miss him terribly and it felt like we’d been apart an age. My stinking cold managed to contain itself for an hour or so, my out-of-date noughties outfit was fine (according to Gok flared trousers are actually back in), my boobs didn’t leak and instead of being the grilling I thought it would be the interview was more like a nice chat. And it’s fine just to work weekends. I start next Sunday.
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    incy wincy spider | BLOG

  • To a healthier year ahead: Guardian Gummies for Kids

    24 Feb 2015 | 12:49 am
    With the Chinese New Year celebrations coming right after Aiden's 4th birthday, we had an extended celebration and with this, feasting on food that is not exactly healthy for both ourselves and the kids.Aiden is a relatively fussy eater, and is not open to trying new variety of food. He also has a very limited list of favourite food which he will ask for daily. Worrying he does not get a balanced diet and the necessary nutrients and vitamins he needs, we turn to vitamins and supplements that are appealing to him and complement this with his diet.Guardian recently launched two new products for…
  • We are going on a playground hunt...

    21 Feb 2015 | 9:24 am
    I remember the good old days when I was a kid, and grandma would bring us to the playground (almost) daily. She would catch up with her friends in the neighborhood while we exhaust ourselves running around, challenging one another to swing the highest and attempt climbing up the slides. It was her breather for the day. We were happy to occupy ourselves with games like Police and Thief, Hide & Seek.With fewer of the old school playgrounds remaining, complete with real sand for the even rarer few, I decided to bring Aiden and Ava to the watermelon playground near Tampines Central for a fun…
  • 5 things I will do differently in 2015

    15 Feb 2015 | 2:00 pm
    This year, for me is going to be a year of focusing on being present for the family and carving out more me-time for myself.  Here are the 5 things I will be doing differently in 2015:1) Understanding and speaking the love languages of Aiden, Ava and Daddy DarrenI have always wanted to learn more about the different love languages and how I can apply them in strengthening my relationship with my loved ones. I picked up these books, The Five Love Languages of Children by Dr. Gary Chapman and Dr. Ross Campbell M.D.and The Five Love Languages and I would highly recommend them for those of…
  • One step, two step, baby steps.

    8 Feb 2015 | 9:51 am
    When did your baby start walking?Being mummy the second time, we are overall more relaxed with Ava. This also meant not being as disciplined in reading to her, going through flash cards with her and also seldom bringing her out.As she is turning 15 month old in a week's time, I start to panic as she has yet to take her first independent step. She is also pointing more than trying to tell us what she wants verbally. Doesn't the second child usually start blabbering their first words and take their first steps earlier than the first child as they try to mimic their elder sibling? Aiden took his…
  • No more babies Mummy!

    27 Jan 2015 | 6:09 pm
    'No more babies Mummy!' Aiden said to me recently in the shower,'Can you don't born (give birth to) anymore babies Mummy?' Puzzled as to why he suddenly said this, I asked him and he said, 'With so many babies, they will sleep in my room, in ah-ma's place, all over the sofa and Daddy cannot sit on the sofa to watch TV and I will have to sleep with Daddy and Mummy as the babies would take up space in my room.' Interesting train of thoughts.Credit: The GuardianWe were chatting about being the first child, middle child or youngest child of the family with my parents. I asked Aiden aloud, 'can…
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    Girlilla Warfare

  • The Age of Anxiety: Stop Stressing Out Your Kids

    2 Mar 2015 | 4:27 am
    By Debby Shulman When I was a freshman entering high school, our well-known, endearing and ultra-conservative principal gave the same welcome speech year after year. Word for word, he spoke to us about the excitement of high school, exploring new activities with different groups of friends, recognizing we were still so ‘little.’ His well-rehearsed and most repeated phrase?  “Green things grow.” And while E. J. Duffy’s words and memory still linger throughout the hallways of my alma mater, I am particularly reminiscent of his child-rearing philosophy these days. Troubled from…
  • ‘Date Night’ & 50 Shades: How Can I Arouse My Wife? A Husband’s Perspective

    23 Feb 2015 | 7:00 pm
    By Evan Field So we went to see the movie. Yeah that movie. 50 Shades. Before the movie … My wife, excited as can be, telling me that this will be a GREAT date movie. Making side comments about how there’s no way we are making it to dinner afterward because she will need to be taken home and I will have to get rid of the babysitter at lightning speed. Before the movie, I was neither here nor there about the actual film, but I was extremely excited about the effect it might have on my betrothed, knowing how the book brought out her carnal side. Popcorn bought, seats taken, lights…
  • Baby ‘Battle Scars’ & Flaws: We Celebrate YOU, Cindy Crawford

    16 Feb 2015 | 10:03 pm
    By Arden Edelcup (aka: “The Beauty Babe”) “Even I don’t look like Cindy Crawford in the morning.” — Cindy Crawford While 50 Shades has been on everyone’s mind, here’s the Other Story that women nationwide are talking about. This past week, an “unaltered” photo from 2013 of Supermodel Cindy Crawford in a black bikini for Marie-Claire was leaked, unveiling the 49-year-old’s “flawed” body. The unretouched stretch marks spanning Crawford’s stomach reveal the beautiful battle scars of two pregnancies, just like the rest of…
  • Here’s To YOU, Girlfriends — Happy Valentine’s Day

    14 Feb 2015 | 8:45 am
    May your hearts be full, your minds be at peace, and your souls be 50 Shades of joyful … With Much Love, xoxo GIRLilla Warfare
  • Bedroom Or Bored-room: 5 Ways To NOT Hate YOUR Love Life When You See ‘Fifty Shades’

    8 Feb 2015 | 10:03 pm
    By E.J. Gordon One of my friends said to me, “Are we all going to go see Fifty Shades together on a girls’ night?” My immediate response was, “Yeah, I’ll go, if I’m in the mood to hate my life.” My friend laughed. She got it. It’s not that I’m unhappy. My marriage is a good one. Yes, we work at it, but it’s good. And sure, the book was erotic and exciting, but whips and chains and red room pain aside, reading Fifty reminded me of something else. It made me long for The Beginning. In The Beginning, there was excitement. Not should we go to Cabo or Puerta Vallarta kind of…
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    Natural Parents Network

  • Calling for Submissions for the March 2015 Carnival of Natural Parenting: Day in the Life

    25 Feb 2015 | 5:00 am
    We continue to be delighted with the inspiration and wisdom our Carnival of Natural Parenting participants share, and we hope you’ll join us for the next carnival in March 2015! (Check out February, January, December 2014, November, September, August, July, June, May, April, March, February, January, and a summary of all our 2013 posts, 2012 posts, and 2011 posts if you missed any.) Your co-hosts are Lauren at Hobo Mama and Dionna at Code Name: Mama. Here are the submission details for March 2015: Theme: Day in the Life: Pick a typical day, and take one photo an hour. Or pick twelve or…
  • Round Table Discussions: ReTHINKing Discipline

    20 Feb 2015 | 5:00 am
    This post is written as part of the Round Table Discussions with Natural Parent Network volunteers. In an effort to discuss, support, and promote a kinder, more gentle world, we are taking an in depth view of various books. Our current book is No Drama Discipline by Daniel J. Siegel, M.D. and Tina Payne Bryson, Ph. D, authors of the book The Whole Brain Child. We hope you will join us with an open mind and a desire for change and growth. Please read some of the posts by our volunteers – linked in the text below – for more information on No Drama Discipline and positive parenting.
  • Regaining Family Peace

    NPN Mentors
    18 Feb 2015 | 4:28 pm
    An NPN reader asks our natural parenting mentors: I am a mom of two lovely children, 5 years old and 3 years old. I desperately need help! I no longer know what to do. My 5-year-old boy is completely out of control. He is always shouting and screaming, making big scenes, calling us stupid and other unpleasant names, being ungrateful when he receives gifts or treats, or not accepting no for an answer. Nothing I do is working with him. I just feel like crying. Being a mom is all I ever dreamed about. It is what I most love in my life and I want to have more children, but I have a big problem…
  • DIY: Homeschooling

    NPN Guest
    10 Feb 2015 | 3:00 am
    Welcome to the February 2015 Carnival of Natural Parenting: Do It Yourself This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting hosted by Hobo Mama and Code Name: Mama. This month our participants are teaching us how to make something useful or try something new. Often when I meet parents at the park or around the city and they learn that we are homeschoolers, a common response is: “Oh, I could never do that!” To which I respond, “Of course you could! Why not?” What follows is usually a litany of reasons including, “I don’t have…
  • Join Natural Parent Network Volunteers for Our Round Table Dicussions

    6 Feb 2015 | 5:00 am
    Parenting in a gentle manner can be difficult in our punitive society. Many parents haven’t learned the skills to interact with their children non-violently. Others lack the support to do so. Still others are out there, struggling to do what they think is right while trying to stay afloat. As such, I would like to take this opportunity to personally ask you to join Natural Parent Network volunteers as we share with you our Round Table Discussions. In 2015, we will be taking a long look at three different books. We encourage you to read with us. The pace will be slow. Just like you, we…
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    Code Name: Mama

  • Jackie’s Weaning Story: Mixed Feelings

    2 Mar 2015 | 5:00 am
    I weaned my daughter off of breastmilk while we were on holiday. Months prior she had been showing less and less interest in her feedings, which made it clear that she was weaning herself off slowly. I made a decision to start on Tuesday the 4th of November. I knew she would be constantly distracted while we were there, so it would be the perfect opportunity to wean. As predicted, she didn’t ask for milk once our entire stay. The side effects of weaning that have hit me the hardest are the mood swings from my fluctuating hormones, and some lower back pain. I broke down last night when…
  • Calling for Submissions for the March 2015 Carnival of Natural Parenting: Day in the Life

    26 Feb 2015 | 5:00 am
    We continue to be delighted with the inspiration and wisdom our Carnival of Natural Parenting participants share, and we hope you’ll join us for the next carnival in March 2015! (Check out February, January, December 2014, November, September, August, July, June, May, April, March, February, January, and a summary of all our 2013 posts, 2012 posts, and 2011 posts if you missed any.) Your co-hosts are Lauren at Hobo Mama and Dionna at Code Name: Mama. Here are the submission details for March 2015: Theme: Day in the Life: Pick a typical day, and take one photo an hour. Or pick twelve or…
  • Name It to Tame It

    25 Feb 2015 | 5:00 am
    The Downstairs Brain Think of the brain as having two levels. When babies are born, they are functioning mostly on the lower level, some call it the “reptilian brain,” the authors of No Drama Discipline call it the “downstairs brain.” The downstairs brain is primitive. It controls things like instincts, strong emotions, and “basic functions like breathing, regulating sleep and wake cycles, and digestion.”1 When your toddler hides in fear, when your preschooler hits you while you’re brushing his teeth, when you feel your blood pressure rising in…
  • Distinguishing Between “Can’t” and “Won’t”

    20 Feb 2015 | 5:00 am
    Imagine: you are late for a meeting. You’ve asked your older child to put the dog outside, and you’ve asked the younger child to put her coat on. These are tasks both children have carried out before, they are capable. So when, after three requests, you come into the room where both coatless children are now petting the dog, how do you react? Before you even respond with a discipline tactic, think first about how you feel inside. Notice whether this scene (or some variation adapted to your family) evokes tension, stress, anger, frustration. It does for me in all sorts of ways.
  • Every Child Has a Story

    17 Feb 2015 | 5:00 am
    My counselor and I were talking about empathy recently. She said that when she’s feeling unsympathetic, when she wants to blame or be angry at what she’s perceived as thoughtlessness or selfishness, she remembers that everyone has a story. The person who cut you off in traffic? Perhaps he is on his way to the hospital to visit a dying parent. The salesclerk who never made eye contact or said a word to you? Maybe her home is in foreclosure and she’s worried about where her family will land. And so on. The same is true of our kids. I wrote recently about three questions…
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    Parenting Tips and Advice at Uplifting Families

  • Top Three Things to Consider When Choosing a Drug or Alcohol Treatment Facility for Your Teenager or Family Member

    4 Mar 2015 | 1:37 pm
    Do you suspect that your teenager is caught up in the wrong crowd and experimenting with drugs or alcohol? As a parent if our children end up getting caught up doing things that we don’t approve of, we automatically wonder what we did wrong and ponder if there was anything else that could have been done differently. However, even the best parents in the world have children who experiment with drugs (including prescription and over the counter medication) or alcohol. I know that you probably want to go off and confront them immediately but doing it when you are upset can cause further…
  • Enter to Win The Berenstain Bears Please and Thank You Book Giveaway Ends 3/12

    3 Mar 2015 | 3:12 pm
    The Berenstain Bears’ Please & Thank You Giveaway Hosted by Pea of Sweetness Co-Hosted by Deals of Sweetness Stan and Jan Berenstain introduced the first Berenstain Bear books in 1962 and the Bear family celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2012! Here the charming and lovable Bear family is once again introducing children to the typical issues and questions that they face every day. In The Berenstain Bears’ Please & Thank You Book, little readers are introduced to the importance of manners, through gentle reminders given to Brother, Sister, and Honey as they await their…
  • Mountain Magic: Why Whistler is Fun for Kids of All Ages

    3 Mar 2015 | 12:50 pm
    Whistler is one of the most popular mountain resorts in North America. Families are attracted here throughout the year to enjoy the great outdoors, and you will find plenty of sports and activities to keep you and your group happy for as long as you stay. One of the things that makes it so popular is that there are activities available for all ages including kids, teenagers, and adults. Skiing for All Ages Skiing is one of the most popular activities in Whistler during the winter months, and you will find facilities here catered for all ages and abilities. While parents can go off and enjoy…
  • Enter to Win Crystal Wash Giveaway Ends 3/6

    2 Mar 2015 | 6:06 pm
    Crystal Wash Giveaway Sponsored by Crystal Wash Hosted by Deals of Sweetness Co-Hosted by Pea of Sweetness What if there was a laundry solution that saved money, saved time, and is good for environment? Crystal Wash offers 1000 loads of laundry without chemicals, dyes, or perfumes – and no detergent! Simply add the Crystal Wash to your laundry, and they will clean your clothes over and over again! Now they are releasing Crystal Wash 2.0! Check out their Kickstarter Campaign for more information. Emilee at Deals of Sweetness was excited to try a laundry solution that is free of…
  • Video Chat With A Licensed Doctor, Pediatrician, Psychologist, or Lactation Consultant From the Comfort of Your Home #IC #Sponsored #FeelBetter

    2 Mar 2015 | 2:18 pm
    “I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Doctor On Demand. I received a free trial coupon code to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.” Have you ever heard of Doctor on Demand? What if you could visit with a board certified doctor, pediatrician, psychologists, or a lactation consultant without ever leaving the comfort of your home? I have good news for you!!!! I woke up over the weekend feeling fatigued and my ears felt full. I knew immediately that I was starting to get a sinus infection. I usually try…
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  • Should Wives Worry When Men Look at Other Women?

    4 Mar 2015 | 1:58 am
    Spring is right around the corner, and so are women wearing less … and less. That’s great news for men and potentially troubling news for couples. Enter Dennis Prager. Huh? The conservative radio host talks politics most days, but he also saves time for other subjects. Consider his regular features like The Happiness Hour or The Male-Female Hour. Prager University also tackles material beyond the Left/Right chasm. His latest “course” caught my eye like a fetching female applying suntan lotion at the beach. “He Wants You” examines the age-old question…
  • Why ‘Star Wars’ Reduces Grown Men to Children

    1 Mar 2015 | 2:17 pm
    The Force is strong with one of Lucasfilm’s most animated tie-ins. Last weekend Daddylibrium spent some quality time at the Lucasfilm compound in San Francisco. I took advantage of the Dad 2.0 Summit’s invitation to screen the newest “Star Wars”-themed LEGO series. Yes, grown men gathered in a gorgeous movie theater to watch Luke, Leia and co. come to life as LEGO figures.  Our children were nowhere in sight. That didn’t matter. Sometimes you don’t need an excuse to feel like a kid again. “LEGO Star Wars: Droid Tales,” the latest synergy…
  • Get Comfortable with Lee Jeans, Save 20 Percent!

    26 Feb 2015 | 4:10 am
    For the second year in a row I developed a crush on a pair of Lee Jeans. I just got back from the Dad 2.0 Summit in San Francisco where the jeans company was once again a key sponsor. And the folks at Lee Jeans gave away free product for participating fathers. Free stuff. What’s not to love? Except I’m rather particular about the jeans I wear. I want comfort with a dash of style. When I go jeans shopping with Mommylibrium it’s usually an arduous affair. It doesn’t help that we shop at Marshalls and TJ Maxx, so the fashion misses outweigh the hits. Yet I instantly…
  • How a Dating Disaster Led to Wedded Bliss

    25 Feb 2015 | 6:49 am
    Elvis Costello nearly wrecked my chance at happiness. Let me explain. I was living in Alexandria, Va. at the time, and I had a date with an intriguing woman I met in tennis class. I didn’t know much about this Julie, but she forced me to power past my standard-issue shyness. We met for, what else, a game of tennis. Then, I suggested we retreat to my apartment for a cold drink. Hopefully the ensuing conversation would push us past any awkward pauses, I thought. So far, so good. Drawing an Unfair Conclusion It was time to bring out the big guns. I was a former art major, and I was…
  • What One Courageous Dad Taught Me at Dad 2.0 Summit

    22 Feb 2015 | 9:28 am
    This Dad wouldn’t call himself courageous, not by any conventional definition. I’ve never sky dived, served my country or rushed into a blazing building to save a life. Courage comes in many forms, though. And the most courageous father I met at this weekend’s Dad 2.0 Summit in San Francisco may not adhere to the conventional definition, either. But I tip my cap to Lorne Jaffe all the same. Lorne is a familiar name in both the Dad Bloggers Facebook community as well as the Summit. He suffers from depression and anxiety, and yet at last year’s Summit delivered an…
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    Learning Together

  • Be Prepared for Elementary School

    Dr. Susan Canizares
    4 Mar 2015 | 12:09 pm
    Like many parents of preschool-aged children, you’re probably wondering, What comes next? After all, there’s still a lot of growing and learning to do before entering elementary school. Let’s take a minute to explore some options, with these school readiness program offerings.   Pre-Kindergarten The Pre-K program offers substantial learning experiences in literacy and mathematics. This includes our Focus on Literacy! enhancement, featuring in-school and at-home activities to improve every child’s literacy skills. Early math is explored through simple addition and subtraction, as…
  • Primary Caregiving

    Dr. Susan Canizares
    4 Mar 2015 | 11:51 am
    What is primary caregiving? It’s a system that ensures our classrooms meet each child’s unique needs, that each child is properly supervised, and that each child’s developmental needs and abilities are communicated accurately to families. Most importantly, a primary caregiver system also leads to greater levels of attachment, which is critical to a child’s growth and development. So, how does it work? First, every child in an infant, toddler, or twos classroom is assigned a Primary Caregiver. It is that Primary Caregiver’s responsibility to help ensure a smooth transition into the…
  • 5 Easy-to-Grow Veggies for Nutrition Month

    2 Mar 2015 | 1:00 pm
    March is National Nutrition Month! Kick off the celebrations by learning about some veggies that you and your kiddos can grow together! Growing these five vegetables is easy and it’s a great way to teach the little ones not only about eating healthy, but how to work together and wait patiently as they watch their little seeds transform into fully ripened vegetables. A healthy diet full of fresh veggies is just one way that we at La Petite Academy Grow Fit™! Click on the image to view the full PDF: Want some nutritious recipes that are kid-approved and packed with nutrients? Check out our…
  • 5 Tips to Ease the Morning Routine with Kids

    27 Feb 2015 | 8:39 am
    By Kerry Rivera Three kids 10 and under. Two working parents. One crazy, golden retriever. Every day we choose to accept the challenge to get out the door, on time and without screaming at one another. Yes, we are not battling sleep-deprived teenagers … yet. But I have to say our track record is good. My kids have NEVER been tardy to school. My husband has NEVER been late to work. Me? Well, I have a 35-mile commute, so there are times when traffic is outside my control, but I am rarely late, and I take pride in our timeliness. Every family is different, and schedules vary, but mornings can…
  • 6 Ways to Have a Heart-Healthy Family

    18 Feb 2015 | 10:44 am
    February is Heart Month and the time of year that we remind parents how important it is to be raising their children in a heart-healthy environment. Research shows that healthy and active parents raise healthy and active children. However, busy parents may consider it to be too difficult to find the time and energy to exercise and make heart healthy meals. That’s why I have provided 6 simple ways to integrate a heart healthy lifestyle into your busy schedule. 1. Hide the exercise. The American Heart Association recommends an hour of vigorous exercise each day for healthy children ages 2 and…
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    Jana Kingsford

  • 3 Ways To Break The Facebook Habit (AKA Facebook Addiction)

    Jana Kingsford
    3 Mar 2015 | 2:35 am
    3 Ways To Break The Facebook Habit (AKA Facebook Addiction) I’m so excited to send you this. Because it’s the first ever episode of BigDreamsTV and I’m sooo stinkin excited your the 1st one to get it! Every Tuesday: look forward to big dreams strategies in your inbox! “Big Dreams” means so much to me, it’s the reason I’m here right now doing what I do. Running a bajillion (ok a few online courses and writing books)… 8 years ago I had a dream to graduate university and start a bajillion (a couple) of businesses on the side (even though I had 2…
  • My organising nooks! (motivation for organising comes from my business)

    Jana Kingsford
    20 Feb 2015 | 10:49 pm
    My organising nooks! (motivation for organising comes from my business) I promise the ORGANISING NOOKS stuff is below, but first read this! I have 3 kids and a hubby and a house to keep clean. What’s that got to do with the price of milk? Well, I just gotta tell ya. That these moments, right here, right now… Where I get to sit down with a cup of tea and some beautiful soft meditation/writing music in my ears and just write… I just have to tell ya. It fills my cup up. It makes my eyes well up with tears so much just thinking, how much I LOVE this time. You see when I was a…
  • Fear of SHINING silently sabotaging your success?

    Jana Kingsford
    11 Feb 2015 | 6:56 pm
    Is the fear of SHINING… silently sabotaging your success? Is your fear of SHINING silently sabotaging your success (in all areas of your life?). I think it’s the hidden epidemic amongst women entrepreneurs. We hold ourselves back for a plethora of reasons. But this is #1. It’s something that sabotaged my big dreams, so bad, for so long. AND I didn’t even know it. So today is all about IDENTIFYING whether you’re holding yourself back, because you feel uncomfortable OUTSHINING OTHERS. You might remember times in your life, when everyone was saying to you…
  • [FREE DOWNLOAD] Sticking To Habits With Sticker Charts

    Jana Kingsford
    2 Feb 2015 | 11:00 pm
    [FREE DOWNLOAD] Sticking To Habits With Sticker Charts WOAH how did we get in February so fast? If you’re having trouble sticking to habits or resolutions this year, I wanted to give you a gift. FREE HABIT STICKER CHART DOWNLOAD: “My Sticker Charts For Sticking To Habits” (These Sticker Charts Are Not For the Kidlets!!). I decided to share a bit more about my STICKER CHART system for STICKING to habits with… stickers! I’ll explain it a bit more below. See this picture. That’s a result of one of my new habits this year. HABIT: “ONE FUN THING” per…
  • LOVE the LITTLE time you have to work on your BIG dreams.

    Jana Kingsford
    19 Jan 2015 | 7:11 pm
    LOVE the LITTLE time you have to work on your BIG dreams. I want to tell you a little secret about the LITTLE time you have to work on your BIG dreams. I’m guessing it annoys that shiz outta you, that you only have dribs and drabs of time to work on your BIG dreams. You think “if I only I had one solid chunk of time to work on my BIG dreams, imagine what I could do”… I’m hearing ya. We see all these people (usually childless) getting to work on their BIG dreams for BIGGER amounts of hours and it’s soul destroying seeing what they can achieve and what…
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    An English Mamma in Stockholm

  • Weekly wishes – week 9

    2 Mar 2015 | 8:41 pm
    My main plan for weekly wishes this week: write better goals – ones that I can actually achieve. Hmmm, yes, I managed a big fat zero with my goals last week. Let me explain (or make excuses). Weekly wishes last week Start week 4 of the Bikini Body Guide.NOPE, as I was sick on Tuesday and it took me all week to feel better. Mindfulness meditation. NOPE, and no excuse. Work on hand lettering course and post on Instagram #betterhandlettering. Not really – a couple of days only. Arrange a skiing day at Hammarby Backen. I did try with this one but when I looked for the weekend, I…
  • WIWW: The work casual outfit

    26 Feb 2015 | 8:04 am
    As I was hit by a stomach bug on Tuesday and I was still a little shaky on Wednesday, my energy only stretched as far as business / work casual outfit for the office. But I like to think that my new hair colour more than brightened up the outfit. At the beginning of the week I was at the hairdressers and had decided to go for a new, slightly less blonde look. It’s a mixture of copper and ash to give it some depth. And I love it. Unfortunately, I don’t love te bags under my eyes from too little sleep – please excuse those. I was lucky in that Husband was on hand to take my…
  • Weekly wishes – week 8

    23 Feb 2015 | 8:12 am
    Last week was a bit of a selfish one for me: I kept my head down, trained, practised mindfulness and carried on with the courses I’ve signed up for. There is so much else going on at the moment that this felt like the best strategy for getting on. That said, it was only decent on the weekly wishes front. Weekly wishes last week Last day of week 3 of the Bikini Body Guide and start of week 4.HALF DONE – I finished week 3 but did not get a chance to start week 4. Mindfulness meditation. YES! I finally managed one session of mindfulness and it really helped to settle my mind, which…
  • Further adventures in South Africa

    20 Feb 2015 | 8:21 am
    When I left the story of our South Africa adventures, we were heading towards Hermanus, the centre of whale watching territory. The whales migrate in October and November, so we had missed them by a good couple of months, but we still encouraged them to keep an eye out for them whenever the road wound close to the water. That certainly was a good way to keep them occupied during the journey. Hermanus is a stunning place. Just look at that view. This was taken from a brilliant little playground by the cliff edge and close to Burgundy, a restaurant where we ate lunch that first day. I…
  • Three of my favourite Instagrammers

    18 Feb 2015 | 3:00 am
    Last month I missed out on participating in answering the question posed by Victoria and Meg on The B Bar: what had I purchased in the past year that became invaluable. I really wanted to join in but it came close on the heels of our trip and I simply didn’t manage to find the time. I was determined that I would not miss out of this new blog link-up this month though. And I am glad that I got my act together this time around because I love the question for February: Who are your three favorite Instagrammers and why? I’ve made a conscious decision this year to participate more on…
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    Support for Stepdads

  • Protect Your Kids From These Questionable Apps

    Paula Green
    2 Mar 2015 | 12:01 am
    Hello I hope you enjoy Protect Your Kids From These Questionable Apps from Support for Stepdads . Kids pick technology lightning fast. If you’re a parent, it’s your responsibility... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
  • Things To Consider When Dating As A Single Mom

    1 Mar 2015 | 12:01 am
    Hello I hope you enjoy Things To Consider When Dating As A Single Mom from Support for Stepdads . When you’re out on the market again, this time with little ones at home, you’ve probably... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
  • Eight Tips To Keep Your Teen Driver Safe

    Christopher Steven
    26 Feb 2015 | 12:01 am
    Hello I hope you enjoy Eight Tips To Keep Your Teen Driver Safe from Support for Stepdads . Tragically, teenagers have the highest accident rates among all age groups.  This may come as no... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
  • How To Behave If Your Ex Doesn’t Visit The Kids

    Fiona Grayson
    23 Feb 2015 | 12:01 am
    Hello I hope you enjoy How To Behave If Your Ex Doesn’t Visit The Kids from Support for Stepdads . The divorce is a more complicated process than it seems. Signing on the dotted line may... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
  • How To Be Sensitive To Kids Of Divorce

    Brooke Chaplan
    22 Feb 2015 | 12:01 am
    Hello I hope you enjoy How To Be Sensitive To Kids Of Divorce from Support for Stepdads . After ending a marriage, a great deal of time gets spent talking about how the divorce will affect the... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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    Cheering on Charlie

  • The Trouble With Feeding

    Rebecca Wood
    28 Feb 2015 | 8:35 pm
    Tonight, I jumped in a conversation on Twitter. The topic was about colic. Someone jokingly asked if there was colic in the NICU. And, I remembered. Charlie was fussy after she was transitioned off of donor milk to 24 cal/oz preemie formula. She didn’t cry, at first, but was incredibly gassy. The excess gas was explained by the removal of the replogle. I was reassured that it would get better. It didn’t. The last week Charlie was in the NICU, she finally took the majority of her feeds from a bottle. She sometimes cried after I fed her. I asked the nurses and the doctors if it was…
  • In Sickness And In Cold

    Rebecca Wood
    19 Feb 2015 | 10:58 am
    A quick check in since I haven’t posted for quite a while. Charlie’s third birthday in May is slowly approaching. I’m starting to wrap up things up and prepare for Charlie’s transition out of Early Intervention. Additionally, I’ve written my final post for Preemie Babies 101. Earlier this week, Charlie and I spoke to a Social Policy class at my alma mater. Other than having to get up before dawn to do so, I enjoy the opportunity to speak with college classes. I find the students to be inspiring and I leave feeling optimistic about society’s future.
  • How Little Is Understood

    Rebecca Wood
    4 Feb 2015 | 6:20 pm
    Only a handful of people will ever fully understand any of the feelings involved in Charlie’s birth. That is why I became so annoyed with this article that repeatedly appeared in my social media feeds today. Numerous moms lauded it and responded with proclamations of sisterhood. However, not one of my friends that have lost a child praised it. Nor, did I see any of my fellow micro preemie moms passing it on. The thing is, unless you are a micro preemie mom, you can’t possibly understand what I’ve been through. Even then, our experiences may be vastly different. Similarly, I…
  • Today, The Pediatrician Called

    Rebecca Wood
    23 Jan 2015 | 6:13 pm
    This afternoon, we had barely made it to speech therapy in time and Charlie needed her diaper changed. I was in the midst of changing Charlie’s diaper when my cell phone rang. It was Charlie’s pediatrician. Normally, I let all calls go to voice mail when I’m busy. But, the pediatrician’s call went to voice mail yesterday. I didn’t want to waste more of her time. I answered the phone and awkwardly cradled it between my head and shoulder. It wasn’t a surprise the pediatrician called. We usually talk after Charlie’s clinic days to discuss how the…
  • The End Of Holiday Break

    Rebecca Wood
    9 Jan 2015 | 7:11 pm
    I’m guilty of not updating my blog. The vacation from therapy allowed Charlie and I to do other things. For example, I’ve written this post: Ten Activities In Virginia State Parks For Kids Who Aren’t Walking Yet and this post: Why We Didn’t Have More Children. Mostly, Charlie and I had fun playing. She’s tried new things like a toddler tumbling class and regular swims. Here is a video of tumbling class: Next week, we hit the ground running as her therapy schedule resumes after a very long winter break. Hopefully, her orthotics will finally arrive. Charlie…
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    The Disorganisation Guru

  • Culturally shocked the right way

    3 Mar 2015 | 5:27 am
    Hello from Saigon! It’s the first day and although I am in a bit of haze because of the long travel, time zone change and temperature”upgrade”, my mind has soaked in so many things that I can’t wait to write down. Apart from the familiar warm and sticky smell of an Asian city, Saigon, or […]
  • An Excerpt From Finnish Tango, a novel by Bosko Velimirovic

    27 Feb 2015 | 11:48 am
    I am happy to share an excerpt from a novel set Finland that I translated into English. It is an absurdist comedy, and at the same time a gentle and touching story of love in contemporary times. You can purchase a digital and hard copies at Amazon here. I would love to hear your opinion! “Non-existence Tampere The cyclicality […]
  • See You in a Week WordPress!

    7 Feb 2015 | 1:19 am
    I am traveling to China today and will be back in a week. I will be writing there, but cannot post, because WordPress is blocked there. Read you all in a week!
  • How to Increase Your Facebook (un)Popularity

    1 Feb 2015 | 11:34 am
    If you don’t have a Facebook account, you don’t need to read this. If you do, you probably already know what works best for you. However, if you are interested in finding out what works worst, below is a disorganized guide on how to annoy yourself and everybody else on that social network. 1. Facebook is […]
  • 4 Pieces of Advice You Should Never Take

    25 Jan 2015 | 6:32 am
    We hear those pieces of advice all the time, often from people who care for us deeply. They are given to provide us support, comfort, encouragement, not to do us harm. But, if you come to think about them, very often it is precisely the advice that you should not take. Here is several of them […]
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    Ruddy Bits

  • Dad and The Trampoline

    Cort Ruddy
    24 Feb 2015 | 3:06 pm
    I bounded not once but twice on the trampoline, hoping to get the height and momentum needed to flip my body forward on the next jump over the edge and into the pit of foam cubes. That’s just what a random five-year-old kid did on the turn before mine. And it looked easy enough. Besides, I’ve been known to do forward flips off the diving board with regularity, if not with grace. How different could it be? Once the kid before me cleared the landing area, and the teenager with the whistle signaled it was my turn to go, and my daughter watching gave me a supportive…
  • Lucky Seven

    Cort Ruddy
    9 Feb 2015 | 7:07 am
    Today is our wee Sadie’s birthday. Our creative, zany butterfly-trapped-in-person’s body of a child is lucky seven years old. To put it mildly: she’s a personality. As my sister describes her, she’s what you might imagine Tina Fey was like as a child. Sadie's hilarious, and so in her own world. She can draw better than any kid I’ve ever met, and does a mean robot dance.  Me: "I want to take a picture for your birthday."Sadie: "How about one with me drinking apple juice."Me: "Sure?" Celebrating her birthday also reminds me of what I was doing when she was born. Seven…
  • The Secret to Making Chicken-Pot-Pie Flavored Mush

    Cort Ruddy
    30 Jan 2015 | 6:41 pm
    Sometimes, you plan to make a nice meal and it ends up a big pile of mush.I wish that was an analogy, or some sort of lame metaphor. But it’s actually a true story.This past week I was wandering through the grocery store when I found a whole chicken for a pretty good price. I often buy whole chickens and give them my version of Thomas Keller’s roast chicken and vegetables. It’s a simple, sophisticated meal that both kids and parents enjoy.Yet, for some reason, when I spied this particular chicken, I had a different idea entirely.  I decided this chicken wanted to be … no,…
  • Ending the Holidays With Style ... and a Splat.

    Cort Ruddy
    5 Jan 2015 | 9:47 am
    Some kids are barfers. Let’s just get that out there.   It seems every family has one. I remember growing up in our rather large family that my younger brother was our designated barfer. Whenever even the slightest cold would work its way through the gaggle of siblings, he’d end up hung over a bucket for a few hours or a few days.In more recent years, my own kids have had a fairly open competition for who would carry the mantle in our family. They’ve all done their share of regurgitation. But as I look back over the years, and read the related posts, I realize that one…
  • A Cat, a Pine Tree, and a Christmas Wish

    Cort Ruddy
    24 Dec 2014 | 10:46 am
    Christmas miracles come in all shapes and sizes. Some are big, some quite small. Some are furry. And some involve men with bucket trucks.Before we get to that, let’s just establish that I don’t consider myself a cat person. I’ve even been known to poke fun at friends who use Facebook as their cat’s personal online photo diary.Growing up, my family always had cats and dogs, and I always leaned toward the barking variety – in part because I found them more manageable and thus more easily loved. Don’t get me wrong, I adore kittens, with their rambunctious playfulness. But the…
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    NoBullying|Bullying & Cyber Bullying Resources & Advice

  • When Should You Do An Intelligence Test ?
    4 Mar 2015 | 12:00 pm
    Intelligence tests were first introduced in the late 1800s as a way to evaluate new immigrants to America, but over their years their use has expanded to everything from assigning jobs in the Armed Forces to determining who should be given access to higher education.  Along the way, the use and accuracy of an Intelligence Test has stirred a lot of controversy. A Brief History In the late 1800s, a growing movement called social darwinism espoused the belief that some human beings were innately stronger, smarter, and even more attractive than other people.  Just as the biologist Darwin had…
  • Four Effective Weight Loss Tips for Men and Women
    4 Mar 2015 | 10:00 am
    Weight loss is a big topic and there are numerous websites and blogs devoted to topics such as quick weight loss tips, easy weight loss tips, weight loss tips for women, weight loss tips for men, etc. Unfortunately, not all weight loss tips are effective; in fact, some can do your body more harm than good. Following are four fundamental weight loss tips that are guaranteed to work for anyone, regardless of age, gender or how much weight needs to be lost. These tips may sound simple but are effective in helping you not only lose weight but also keep it off on a permanent basis. Eat Right Going…
  • Foreign Accent Syndrome
    4 Mar 2015 | 8:00 am
    Is there such a thing as Foreign Accent Syndrome? Foreign accents are intriguing.  Many of us adopted accents while playing with friends as children, and actors do it all the time (some with more success than others).  Imagine, however, that rather than affecting an accent for fun, you wake up one day and sound like a native of a foreign country – like you grew up speaking a different language.  Additionally, you cannot help but speak this way, and you are doing nothing to make it happen! This phenomenon is called Foreign Accent Syndrome – a rare but very real neurological disorder.
  • The Miracle of Self Discipline &How to Achieve the Impossible With It
    4 Mar 2015 | 6:00 am
    The Miracle of Self Discipline &How to Achieve the Impossible With It How would you like to have virtually anything you want in the next few days? Or if that’s not physically possible, how would you like to be well on your way to achieving virtually any goal you set for yourself within the next few days? If you are like most people, the first response you gave to those statements was probably something like, “Oh, no. Here we go again with all that self-help, get rich quick garbage.” If that’s what you thought, you’re only half right. This is because it is self help, but then…
  • Understanding the Emotional Intelligence Test
    4 Mar 2015 | 4:00 am
    What is Emotional Intelligence? And what is an Emotional Intelligence Test PsychologyToday defines emotional intelligence as “the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others.” There are three skills that are said to apply to this type of intelligence. Those three skills are being aware of one’s emotions, embracing them and using them to help tackle problems and managing one’s emotions as well as the emotions of those around them. Emotional intelligence is also defined as a social competency type that takes the previously mentioned skills into account.
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    Joy Makin Mamas

  • Mabel’s Labels Prize Pack Giveaway ends 3/16

    Meghan G
    2 Mar 2015 | 4:38 am
    Mabel’s Labels Prize Pack Giveaway Hosted by: CT CouponCrazy Mommy Co-hosted by: Joy Makin’ Mamas, Michigan Saving and More and Deliciously Savvy We all have the best intentions of keeping our New Year’s resolutions. Yet many can be difficult to keep. Why not make this year’s resolution to get organized? To help you get and Read Mabel’s Labels Prize Pack Giveaway ends 3/16 on Joy Makin Mamas! Thanks for being a subscriber- you are the best! More Good Stuff: BabyLit Halloween Pack Giveaway! Ends 11/14 Crazy For Kids Gift Pack Giveaway ends 12/4 Holiday for Her Gift Pack…
  • Healthy Bite Giveaway ends 3/22

    Meghan G
    1 Mar 2015 | 9:28 am
    Healthy Bite Giveaway! In honor of National Nutrition Month, Robyn Kievit, Nutrition Mentor, is showering you with goodies as a way to kickstart healthier habits! Hosted by: Savory Savings Co-hosted by: Michigan Saving & More Sponsored by: Robyn Kievit, Nutrition Mentor Did you know that March is National Nutrition month? Maybe that is because most of the Read Healthy Bite Giveaway ends 3/22 on Joy Makin Mamas! Thanks for being a subscriber- you are the best! More Good Stuff: G.H. Cretors Organic Popcorn Giveaway ends 3/5 Festive Fit Giveaway ends 12/8 prAna Fall Into Fashion Giveaway…
  • Give a humble onion a star makeover and push it to the center of the plate.

    Meghan G
    26 Feb 2015 | 7:49 am
    Hollowing an onion is not as hard as one might think, and these stuffed onions make what would otherwise be a plain-Jane casserole into a rock star entree that's fancy enough for company, but easy enough for family dinners. Read Give a humble onion a star makeover and push it to the center of the plate. on Joy Makin Mamas! Thanks for being a subscriber- you are the best! More Good Stuff: Skillet Coq au Vin (with Chicken and Vegetarian versions!) Apricot Chicken Slow Cooker Chicken Piccata
  • Best of Basics Madeleine Maternity Giveaway ends 2/27

    Meghan G
    20 Feb 2015 | 4:04 am
    **Post may contain affiliate links** Best of Basics Madeleine Maternity Giveaway! Hosted by: Savory Savings Co-hosted by: Joy Makin’ Mamas, Everything Home Life, Acker Acres and An Ordinary Housewife Sponsored by: Zulily The days of moo-moo style dresses, giant floral print and just plain ugly styles for maternity clothes are over!  Zulily and Madeleine Maternity Read Best of Basics Madeleine Maternity Giveaway ends 2/27 on Joy Makin Mamas! Thanks for being a subscriber- you are the best! More Good Stuff: Red Gold Lasagna Made Easy Kit Giveaway ends 2/3 Penny Paperheart Mini Set…
  • Easy Lentil and Rice Pilaf – microwave OR slow cooker recipe

    Meghan G
    19 Feb 2015 | 6:19 am
    I have always loved those rice pilaf mixes that come in a box. The ones with rice and pasta or rice and another grain, that come pre-seasoned. You know the ones! They are easy to make and they go well with lots of foods. Unfortunately, they tend to be really high in sodium, the price Read Easy Lentil and Rice Pilaf – microwave OR slow cooker recipe on Joy Makin Mamas! Thanks for being a subscriber- you are the best! More Good Stuff: Slow Cooker Chicken Teriyaki Slow Cooker Wine Chicken Slow Cooker Chicken Piccata
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    Early Intervention Support | Early Intervention Support

  • 10 Tips to Enhance Newborn Development Through Play

    3 Mar 2015 | 10:18 am
    We’ve all heard child development experts say time and time again that children learn through play. But what does that mean? And how do you ‘play’ with a newborn when they can’t yet move on their own, hold toys, or play games? The important thing to understand is that we have to expand our understanding of the word ‘play,’ and that it can take on many different meanings. For infants, play is learning how to move, communicate, socialize and begin to understand their environment. This is especially crucial during the first months of their lives when most of these skills are acquired…
  • The Early Intervention Foundation for Success

    24 Feb 2015 | 9:18 am
    The birth of our beautiful daughter, Chloe, in 2003 placed our family on an incredible journey that has allowed us to become strong voices for children and families. We had no prenatal testing during my wife’s pregnancy, and we were informed shortly after Chloe’s entrance into this world that she had characteristics of Down syndrome. Genetic tests confirmed Chloe’s diagnosis, and the initial responses were negative, focusing on Chloe’s limitations. Our family was shortly connected to the world of Early Intervention, and the focus was on what Chloe could and would do. We soon would…
  • 5 Winter Crafts For Toddlers

    17 Feb 2015 | 1:49 pm
    What can you do with your little one when it’s so cold outside?  While we wait for the sunshine and warmth of Spring, here are some winter crafts you can do with your toddler to bring some snowy fun to the indoors. Please note all of these activities will also work on language skills as you talk with your child about what you’re going to do, what you’re doing during the activity, and what you did after the activity. Cotton Ball Snowman You’ll Need: cotton balls, clear contact paper, construction paper, scissors, and stapler Skills: Following directions, paying attention, fine motor…
  • Ways to Make Story Time Fun For Your Infant or Toddler

    10 Feb 2015 | 4:00 am
    Many parents love the idea of sitting with their infant or toddler on their lap and snuggling in to listen to a great book. This magical moment of reading to your child  can quickly fall apart, however, as he or she squirms out of your lap onto the floor, tries to eat the book, or even grabs and throws the book down. Infants and toddlers typically do not want to sit for story time. They are more interested in turning pages in the book independently and looking at the exciting pictures they see.  It is important to know that this is typical for young children. This is how they are exploring…
  • How to Prevent Boredom with Toy Rotation

    2 Feb 2015 | 5:05 pm
    Have you ever wondered why your child gets bored with his or her toys?  Often even after the holidays when your house may have an abundance of new and exciting toys, children still tend to lose interest in toys after a few weeks.  So, why does your child becomes bored with his/her toys so easily?  And how can you help your child become more engaged in the toys you already have? First of all, we know that children learn through playing and new experiences.  Children learn as they figure out how to use a new toy or as they explore new ways to play with an old familiar toy.  When children…
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    A Fine Parent

  • How to Have a Clutter Free Home (Especially When You Have Kids)

    Shanan Winters
    2 Mar 2015 | 4:00 am
    It’s amazing how clutter just happens, especially when you have kids, isn’t it? It doesn’t matter whether you work a job or you’re at home; if your kids are toddlers or teenagers –the to-dos and whatnots just keep piling up in corners, on surfaces and in that one special drawer. Toys overflow their baskets and our feet painfully discover Lego bricks in the dark. Mount Laundry grows like a volcanic peak — in the laundry basket, the corner of the bedroom and yes, even on the couch. No matter how much we pick up, there’s always an endless supply of clutter. My husband and I,…
  • How to Support Parents With Special Needs Kids

    Sharon Lynn Pruitt
    23 Feb 2015 | 4:00 am
    Do you feel tongue tied when you meet parents with special needs kids? Are you worried that you might say or do the “wrong” things? As the mother of a child with autism, I’ve seen a lot of people in your situation. And even though most mean well, sometimes friends and family do end up with their foot in their mouth. My son Addy was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder about one year ago. I remember sitting in that doctor’s office, twisting a Kleenex in my hands to calm my nerves, feeling terrified to hear her say the words I knew were coming. That day feels like…
  • How to Forge a Strong Family Using Good Old Family Stories

    Holly Munson
    16 Feb 2015 | 4:00 am
    Wonk. Bummy-wup. Giffis. Do you understand any of these words? If so, then congratulations, you are a member of my family. (If you’re not, FYI: the words mean milk, tuck in for bedtime, and breakfast, respectively.) It was only when I got married that I realized how unique my family vocabulary is. Almost daily, I would say something that would be met with a blank stare by my husband. So much so that I had to compile a “family dictionary” translating the distinct words, phrases, and inside jokes frequently referenced by my family. All families have stories to tell—whether it’s…
  • How to Love Unconditionally When Your Child is Being Difficult

    Deborah Stern
    9 Feb 2015 | 4:00 am
    So we’ve all heard parenting experts tell us that the one thing children need most to grow and thrive is unconditional love from their parents. It is easy to say that we love our children when they are being good. Figuring out how to love unconditionally when kids are being really difficult is quite another. I thought that I had mastered the art of teaching my children compassion, empathy and the love of family. I thought that unconditional love came easily for me. But that was before I opened my home to my little four year old foster son, who came to me kicking, screaming and…
  • How to Deal with Sibling Rivalry (Without Losing Your Cool)

    Cate Scolnik
    2 Feb 2015 | 4:00 am
    How do they do it? How do siblings go from playing perfectly to fighting furiously, in a matter of seconds? Not only is the shift quick and pronounced, but kids seem to have a built in timer — they know the exact moment you sit down for a quiet cuppa; that moment when you relax, and it seems so hard to get out of your chair. And you wonder why the peace was shattered, and how the change happened so suddenly. And then you remember: nobody can fight like family. It’s sibling rivalry, it drives parents nuts, and it’s inevitable if you’ve got more than one child in your home.
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    Bumps n Baby

  • Homemade Sprouted Ragi Flour, Ragi Porridge for Babies

    Jayalekshmy Velswamy
    3 Mar 2015 | 7:30 pm
    How to make homemade sprouted ragi flour and ragi porridge popularly known as ragi kanji/kuruku with the homemade ragi flour? Let’s see today in this post. Have you read our ragi cake with chocolate sauce? Ragi or finger millet has a distinct taste with amazing health benefits. It is a rich source of calcium, protein, carbohydrate, fibre, […] The post Homemade Sprouted Ragi Flour, Ragi Porridge for Babies appeared first on Bumps n Baby.
  • 3 Spinach Recipes – 100% Toddler Approved

    Anu Prabin
    2 Mar 2015 | 9:56 pm
    Today I bring to you the 3 spinach recipes for toddlers. These three recipes are tried n tested by me and tasted n approved by my fussy eating toddler. If you have a picky fussy eater at home, I am sure that your kitchen will be equivalent to a mini experiment lab. You will keep […] The post 3 Spinach Recipes – 100% Toddler Approved appeared first on Bumps n Baby.
  • Little Charms To Make Your Little One Feel Special

    Sangeetha Menon
    2 Mar 2015 | 2:09 am
    Just rewind those beautiful childhood days of yours. Remember those small fights for toys and other stuffs that you used to have with your siblings? And that epic dialogue that puts an end to every such fights – “ Is your name written on that toy? If not you don’t own it” Whoever first delivers […] The post Little Charms To Make Your Little One Feel Special appeared first on Bumps n Baby.
  • Vaccination Schedule in India FREE Printable

    Anu Prabin
    25 Feb 2015 | 11:05 pm
    In today’s post I bring to you the vaccination schedule in India, basics of vaccination, common myths, FREE printable vaccination schedule and catch up charts which you can download and keep with you for reference. Also we will be discussing on what to do if you miss a vaccine shot at the recommended scheduled time. […] The post Vaccination Schedule in India FREE Printable appeared first on Bumps n Baby.
  • Modern Cloth Diapers for Baby – The Beginner’s Guide

    Vandana Srirangam
    24 Feb 2015 | 7:30 pm
    Modern cloth diapers are an easy and eco-friendly alternative to disposable diapers. In today’s post I present to you the basics of modern cloth diapers, experience of using it for my son, cloth diaper varieties available in the market and its PROS/ CONS. Before my son was born, I had zero knowledge about almost anything […] The post Modern Cloth Diapers for Baby – The Beginner’s Guide appeared first on Bumps n Baby.
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    Piccolo Universe Home - Piccolo Universe

  • 5 Shows on Netflix That I'm Embarrassed to Watch

    4 Mar 2015 | 12:14 pm
    It might be hip to chat about Homeland and House of Cards at the office these days but what about the lesser known Netflix series that we rush home after work to binge on. Surely, I'm not the only one with a list of shows I pretend I don't watch. Well, in the interest of total honesty, here is my list. Are any of you with me?Pretty Little LiarsYes, I could have parented the vast majority of actors on this addictive little Netflix series and I should likely be dismissing their antics as drivel while I work on the New York Times crossword, instead--but I just have to watch. I don't like to…
  • Five Books to Motivate and Inspire You

    3 Mar 2015 | 12:57 pm
    Five years ago, I unwrapped a long-buried passion for a sport I loved as a teen. At the age of 44, I started barefoot water skiing again. In the process of rediscovering my passion, I began to dive into motivational and inspirational non-fiction books. The beauty of reading these books is that you are literally gaining a mentor by being able to tap into each author's wisdom.While I loved being a parent, I found I was a better parent when I expanded my knowledge and focused on my passions as well. In the five year's since I dove into my passion, I've read hundreds of books. It was tough to…
  • Treat Eczema with this Tea Tree Oil Sugar Scrub

    28 Feb 2015 | 11:55 pm
    It seems like our little man was born with eczema and always has a mild rash somewhere on his body. If he's stressed out, it gets worse. We do have prescribed steroids to apply if the rashes get out of hand; however,I have a secret weapon that I always turn to first: tea tree oil scrub. When we use it a few times a week in the bath, his skin is always less irritated.Tea tree oil is extracted from tea trees in Australia and are not to be confused with Asian tea plants that produce leaves for brewing a nice cuppa. This oil has natural antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory…
  • How to talk to your kids about drugs. Interview with heroin expert Tim Ryan.

    27 Feb 2015 | 12:00 pm
    As a parent, Tim Ryan was pretty messed up. For twelve years, he battled an addiction to heroin. The addiction landed him in jail--twice. it cost him his job, his family, and nearly his life. During his second stint behind bars, Tim vowed to turn his life around. This time, he wanted his life to mean something. He wanted to reach out and help others out of the haze of addiction.As soon as he got out of prison, Tim went to work with a vengeance. He wanted to make a difference in the lives of families and those gripped by addiction. He created a weekly support group in his home town and began…
  • Definitive Proof That Cats are Superior to Husbands

    26 Feb 2015 | 10:16 pm
    If you've yet to find your partner in life (or even if you have), worry not. Find your way down to your local SPCA and adopt a friend because I can promise you after tens of years of research, (living with a husband and a cat) I can, without a doubt, tell you that cats are superior house mates--and here's why:{zphotos::120}
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    Growing Your Baby

  • Man Whose Mother Acted as Surrogate Permitted to Adopt Child

    4 Mar 2015 | 11:52 am
    When we think of surrogacy, we don’t normally think of in-family situations. But this is exactly what a man and his mother chose to do after the original surrogacy plan fell through. The courts recently heard the case to determine if the man could adopt the son he biologically fathered. The man, in his mid-20s, spoke with specialist lawyers before ever embarking on his journey to fatherhood. He also consulted fertility specialists regarding his unique situation—he wanted to be a father, but did not have a partner. “The papers show that, for some considerable time, he has wanted to be a…
  • Doctors Being Pressured by Parents to Postpone Vaccinations

    4 Mar 2015 | 11:42 am
    Regularly scheduled vaccines are designed to protect young children from potentially life-threatening diseases like measles, polio, and diphtheria. But with the emergence of anti-vaccination groups that have concerns over the safety or potential side effects of vaccines, doctors are now being pressured by parents to postpone those vaccines . . . and a recent study found that the majority of physicians are buckling under it. “Virtually all providers encounter requests to spread out vaccines in a typical month and, despite concerns, most are agreeing to do so,” researchers from the study…
  • Kristi Yamaguchi Teams Up With LeapFrog to Raise Awareness of Early Childhood Literacy

    Lisa Arneill
    3 Mar 2015 | 8:13 pm
    This week it was announced that LeapFrog and Olympic Gold-Medalist Figure Skater Kristi Yamaguchi are joining forces to raise awareness of the importance of reading to young children with the launch of the “20/20 Reading Challenge.” To kickoff its 20th anniversary celebration, LeapFrog has created the “20/20 Reading Challenge” which simply asks parents, grandparents and caretakers to spend 20 minutes each day reading to their child during the month of March. For each pledge received LeapFrog will donate 20 children’s books to The Kristi Yamaguchi Always Dream Foundation, up to $5…
  • Health Concerns for 10-Month-Old Baby Weighing More Than 40 Pounds

    3 Mar 2015 | 4:02 pm
    Mohammad Saleem and Shabana Parveen have already lost one child due to rapid and excessive weight gain. Now they fear they will lose their 10-month-old daughter, Aliya Saleem to the very same issues. Aliya was born at nine pounds, but started to rapidly gain weight starting at the age of four months. Now ten months old, she weighs more than 40 pounds—the same weight as an average six-year-old girl. “A few months after her birth, she started gaining weight,” Shabana told Daily Mail. “We had to buy her a new pair of clothes every two weeks because the old ones became too tight for…
  • RECALL: 13,000 Dream on Me 2-in-1 Bassinet to Cradle Due to Fall and Suffocation Hazards

    Lisa Arneill
    3 Mar 2015 | 3:47 pm
    The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in conjunction with Dream on Me Inc., of South Plainfield, N.J., today announced a voluntary recall about 13,000 2-in-1 Bassinet to Cradles because the wire supports on the sides of the bassinet can disconnect causing the fabric sides to lower; posing a risk that infants can fall out or become entrapped and suffocate. bassinet r Dream on Me has received one incident of the wire frame support bracket failing and the fabric portion of the bassinet collapsing while an infant was asleep in the cradle. No injuries have been reported. This recall…
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    Go Au Pair Philadelphia and Wilmington DE Area

  • Au Pairs and Online Dating

    17 Feb 2015 | 4:28 pm
    I definitely showed my age when I was sitting with one of my au pairs having coffee and chatting and she asked me if I thought it was okay for her to have a guy she met on a dating website pick her up from her friend’s house.  My heart jumped into my throat and I felt like yelling at her NO WAY!!!!!  Luckily, I calmly asked her to see his profile and then said no, I did not think it was a good idea.  I was so lucky that she agreed and listened to me, but this won’t always be the case. Online dating can be risky, especially for a young girl from another country.  I can’t…
  • Misconceptions about Au Pairs in Rematch

    21 Jan 2015 | 7:12 am
    Whenever I have a family and au pair decide to rematch early, the biggest fear for the host family searching for a new au pair in country is “why are they in rematch?” When a family is given, or has given, their two weeks notice, they of course need someone to provide childcare as soon as possible, so they begin their search with in country au pairs. I have experienced the same fears from every host family; why is this au pair in rematch? Did something bad happen that they are no longer with their host families? Did they not provide quality childcare? These are all natural, fair,…
  • Bates Motel- A True American Halloween Experience!

    28 Oct 2014 | 7:58 am
    It sounds silly, but I never realized that other countries don’t celebrate Halloween!  Once I heard this, I of course had to give the girls their first true Halloween experience!  What better way to do this than to visit Bates Motel in Glen Mills!  The Hayride has been featured several times on the Travel Channel and has now been rated as the Number 1 Haunted Attraction in America by Haunteworld Magazine, USA Today and many other national publications. I was a little nervous going on the hayride as I heard they have people in costume jump out at you and scare you.  This is NOT…
  • Halloween Safety

    21 Oct 2014 | 6:53 pm
    Times have changed so much since I was young enough to go trick or treating!  My parents biggest concern was making sure we were warm enough if it was too cold out!   There is so much more to worry about today, and it is important for Au Pairs who may have never gone trick or treating to be aware Although they seem like common sense precautions, the following tips will help ensure that the children stay safe while trick or treating, but most importantly, that they have fun! Trick or Treating usually starts once it gets dark out and children go from house to house dressed up in costumes and…
  • Why I Love Being a LAR

    7 Oct 2014 | 11:25 am
    It’s funny to think back to when I first started as a LAR for the Philadelphia area.  Everybody was a stranger to me and all I knew about the host families and au pairs is what I read in their profiles. Fast forward almost 6 months later and I feel an amazing closeness with the host families, and especially the au pairs in my cluster.  I feel almost like a big sister to my au pairs and love that they feel comfortable coming to me and talking to me. I especially enjoy taking new au pairs under my wing and helping them to feel comfortable with their new families and the other girls.
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    parenting blog - Fuel Center | Family Coaching

  • 32 text abbreviations teens don't want you to know

    Dr. Cameron Caswell
    26 Feb 2015 | 6:52 am
    By Dr. Cameron Caswell In addition to the amount of time teens spend attached to their phones, parents worry about what they’re texting about. Here are some text abbreviations to watch out for. If you see any of these red flags, try to stay calm. You don’t want to ignore the situation, but getting angry, grounding your teen and banning him from ever using his phone again will most likely create a power struggle and flip the focus from what’s really important–the dangerous behavior–to a battle of the wills. Not only will your ability to influence your…
  • Do you know how to bully-proof your teen? 7 easy things you should be doing.

    Dr. Cameron Caswell
    26 Feb 2015 | 6:49 am
    By Dr. Cameron Caswell Since cyberbullying often occurs while teens are at home, parents can be a great resource in preventing instances of this type of bullying. Here are some ways you can protect your teen from online bullies:1. Have the “cyberbullying conversation”Talking regularly with your teen about cyberbullying, Internet safety and etiquette, as well as their own online activities is one of the most powerful ways to prevent your teen from being both a target and a bully. If you cultivate and maintain an open, candid line of communication with your teen, he’ll be more likely to…
  • 11 alarming reasons you should be talking about cyberbullying with your teen

    Dr. Cameron Caswell
    22 Feb 2015 | 9:51 am
     by Dr. Cameron Caswell My 16-year-old niece was in tears the other day. Why? Because of a mean-spirited comment posted about her on Yik Yak. Who posted it? There’s no way to know, it’s anonymous. Why did the person post it? Not sure, but if it was to make my already-sensitive niece feel self-conscious, humiliated and disliked—it worked. What makes it worse, is that the bully called out my niece by her full name, so everyone in their class knew exactly who was being attacked, but the bully’s identity was completed protected.In a way, it’s no surprise that cyberbullying, the use…
  • Top 10 gifts to give your teen this holiday season

    Dr. Cameron Caswell
    22 Dec 2014 | 1:41 pm
    by Dr. Cameron Caswell It’s so difficult to shop for our teens. If they need it, they probably already have it. If they want it, do we dare trust ourselves to pick the right one out? Even if we get it spot on, trends are fleeting, and technology is practically obsolete before the wrapping paper is torn off.  So what can we get our teens that will always fit, won't break the bank, will never go out of style, and that they actually want? Here are 10 priceless gifts that teens will appreciate more than anything that can be gift-wrapped.1. Your AttentionThe number one thing most teens…
  • Entitled teen? 6 ways to change her attitude to gratitude

    Dr. Cameron Caswell
    5 Dec 2014 | 1:42 pm
    By Dr. Cameron Caswell Nathan Gibbs | “The world does not owe you a living; you owe the world something. You owe it your time, energy and talent. . develop a backbone, not a wishbone...You are important, and you are needed.” — John Tapene, Principal, Northland College (1959) We all want our kids to have every opportunity we can afford: experiences, classes, training, and stuff—lots of stuff. The problem is; we don’t just provide our children with everything they need, we have a tendency to give them everything they want too. By doing so, the lines between…
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    Raising Wild Ones

  • Valentines Day activities for kids + We Love Weekends

    13 Feb 2015 | 4:25 pm
    Eeek, it’s Valentines Day tomorrow… how on earth has it crept up on us so quickly? I’ve been really enjoying reading everyones Valentines Day posts this year and seeing all the crafts and activities families have been doing together :). Seeing as it’s Friday, time for the We Love Weekends linky and tomorrow is not... Read More » The post Valentines Day activities for kids + We Love Weekends appeared first on Raising Wild Ones.
  • DIY back garden nature fort

    12 Feb 2015 | 12:57 pm
    We currently have a household full of illness, including me… so this will be a short and sweet post and I’ll be adding some more details as soon as I feel better. This month Louise from Building Blocks & Acorns is hosting a Fort Building Challenge. We were super excited to join in, and on... Read More » The post DIY back garden nature fort appeared first on Raising Wild Ones.
  • Braun no-touch thermometer review

    11 Feb 2015 | 1:12 pm
    As a parent, there’s nothing worse than your children being ill. In the majority of cases all you can do is look on helplessly and try to comfort them until they feel better. However, if your child develops a fever checking their temperature periodically (sometimes as often as 1-2 hourly depending on their condition) is... Read More » The post Braun no-touch thermometer review appeared first on Raising Wild Ones.
  • Bluestone spa retreat

    11 Feb 2015 | 2:51 am
    A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to stay at Bluestone National Park Resort in Wales to experience one of their amazing spa retreats. Now, if you haven’t heard of Bluestone before you better keep reading because it is a true gem of a holiday park here in the UK. Situated... Read More » The post Bluestone spa retreat appeared first on Raising Wild Ones.
  • How to declutter clothes, shoes and accessories

    10 Feb 2015 | 3:36 pm
    Do you have too many clothes? Clothes that you never wear? Clothes that don’t even fit you? Well, join the club because I have more clothes than I will ever need, yet I still spend every day going through my wardrobe waiting time choosing what to wear. Clothes can be difficult to declutter for various reasons.... Read More » The post How to declutter clothes, shoes and accessories appeared first on Raising Wild Ones.
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  • The Teen Connect

    3 Mar 2015 | 4:46 pm
    This guest blog has been contributed by Ramendra Kumar, a national award winning author with 25 books to his name.  Ramen’s work has been published in several Indian and foreign languages and six of his books have been recommended as supplementary readers by CBSE, India. His stories have found a place in text books and anthologies published across the world, including the popular Chicken Soup for the Soul series. This blog is an excerpt from his recently published parenting book, “Effective Parenting: A New Paradigm”.   How do you connect with a teen who has a myriad…
  • Carpets: Are your Children Crawling and Walking on Toxins?

    Aniko Sziraczki
    2 Mar 2015 | 11:17 pm
    Do you love your carpet? Do you enjoy walking on soft, luxurious, thick carpet? Have you ever thought about what might be lurking in your carpet? Let’s take a detailed look: Carpets in your homes expose you and your family to dangerous, toxic chemicals that are 10 to 50 times higher in your carpeted room than outdoors. They contain dust mites, food debris, pollen, human and pet hair, and traces of skin, mould and fungi. Carpets are also a great breeding ground for dangerous bacteria, including Salmonella, Campylobacter, Listeria and Shigella. Chemicals of Concern Commonly Found in Carpets:…
  • Book Fair

    Sia Mitra
    1 Mar 2015 | 6:30 pm
    One of the major events of last week was the book fair. My diary was boldly marked for a day or two there. Book fairs are huge and because I am not getting any younger or sprightlier year after year, I need more than one day to visit. As I stood at the ticket booth, I was glad and sorry to see no huge queues of jostling humanity out there. Glad because it makes my work easier. Sorry because we could do with some more book lovers. But then it was only half an hour since the start time. As I sauntered in I saw large groups of school children herded together by their harassed teachers. Now this…
  • Fun and Educational Games for Kids

    Rima Desai
    27 Feb 2015 | 8:04 pm
    Last week I came across a post on Facebook that reminded of a game my dad used to play with us. Dad has always been great with kids. He attracts kids the way magnets attract paper clips. Besides fun, play, and stories, he was great with constructive activities to sharpen our I.Q. I am not surprised I am a parent educator today. So much of the credit goes to Dad! Hence, I dedicate today’s article to all the activities that dad played with us, which made us so much smarter than rest of the crowd! Ideal for ages: 6 – 10years All the activities require: Either more than two children or an…
  • Grandparent-edge

    Sridhar Ramanathan
    26 Feb 2015 | 7:38 pm
    Source: Google images What is the role of a grand parent today? I have been a grand parent since 2007. Our first grandson arrived that year. Two years later our secondgrand son arrived. Both were born in Mumbai in a hospital close to our home. So I started my role as a grandparent from the day they were born. Both my wife & I played distinct and different roles as grand parents. She was a big help to my daughter in doing many things for the babies. I played a limited role in the early days. I used to get up early, so did our grandsons. So my daughter would hand over the baby to me. She…
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    Moms Best Umbrella Strollers

  • Inglesina Swift Strollers Review: A Colorful Day to Stroll

    Grace Wilson
    26 Feb 2015 | 9:45 am
    Following the example of its beloved predecessors from Inglesina: the Zippy, Avio, and Trip, come the Inglesina Swift Stroller! Also, sporting its siblings’ same functionality and overall design, the Swift Stroller is a great travel-friendly convenience stroller that parents everywhere will surely love! Rundown features of Inglesina Swift Ergonomic soft touch handles. Swivel front wheels equipped with a locking-unlocking system, which – once activated – automatically positions itself. Amortized front and rear 5.7” diameter wheels. Backrest reclining in 4 positions. Inserts…
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    The Raising Supaman Project

  • Spend Two Hours Watching Rocky With Your Child Today

    Nathaniel Turner
    2 Mar 2015 | 3:27 am
    One of my favorite movies of all-time is Rocky. In fact, as soon as I’ve finished this post, I’m going to watch it for the 10,000th time. I’ve watched Rocky so many times that I can practically recite the lines right along with the actors. Among the most memorable lines for me are: “Yo Adrian!” […]
  • Practice What You Preach

    Nathaniel Turner
    19 Feb 2015 | 10:36 am
      Giving advice and keeping your child encouraged are two of the cornerstones of parenting. When children are faced with tough decisions parents are there to share wisdom and insight that might make the choices appear less demanding and clearer. When children are down in the dumps parents are there to inspire them to believe […]
  • Have You Tried Mindful Parenting?

    Nathaniel Turner
    10 Feb 2015 | 3:27 am
    I don’t know about you but there are so many parenting methodologies I have trouble keeping track of even of fraction of them. Not to mention the names are so perplexing that when I hear them I’m unsure if I should be visiting the zoo, an aquarium or planning an airborne sightseeing trip. There is […]
  • Four Tips to Help Your Child Become College Ready

    Nathaniel Turner
    4 Feb 2015 | 3:27 am
    The pressure to achieve academically has never been greater. The fate of our nation hangs in the educational balance. The better prepared our children are academically, the better the nation’s collective socio-economic well-being. Looking solely at the numbers of American children who are attending college, one might surmise that American children have shown themselves ready […]
  • Cultivate Hopes & Harvest Dreams: The Farmers Only Way

    Nathaniel Turner
    28 Jan 2015 | 10:38 am
    I’m going to tell you something about me that you might not know. Can you keep a secret? Do you promise to keep my secret? I’m a big fan of farmers. I know that sounds crazy doesn’t it? An urban dweller like me having more than a passing interest in farmers. Yet, it’s true. I […]
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    Sessa Daily

  • House Hunting Is Giving Me a Headache

    28 Feb 2015 | 9:58 am
    The post House Hunting Is Giving Me a Headache appeared first on %% You may or may not be aware that we are currently looking to buy a house in Dublin. This is a near impossible task because a) prices are stupidly high b) the market is stupidly competitive and c) taking extended maternity leave means we only have one income to apply for a mortgage with. (Don’t get me started on the argument of going back to work when the majority of my wage would be spent paying someone else to look after my child and not actually going towards a mortgage at all – the bank…
  • Baby G is…11 months old!

    27 Feb 2015 | 11:45 pm
    The post Baby G is…11 months old! appeared first on %% Ok, technically Baby G is a few days short of being 11 months old but since February is only 28 days…here we are. Wow. Next month it will be her 1st birthday – I can’t believe it! I’ve got big plans for her 1st birthday that I can’t wait to share but you’ll have to wait to find out Weight: No update on this again – I’ll do it for the next one! Feeding: We’ve successfully managed to drop our night milk feeds! We’re down to about 3 milk feeds a day and…
  • Let the weaning begin…

    27 Feb 2015 | 5:36 am
    The post Let the weaning begin… appeared first on %% So, Baby G is days away from turning 11 months old. Holy crap – next month will be her 1st birthday. I can’t even begin to think about because I’m not ready for that milestone yet!! But now she’s approaching the year mark it’s time to start thinking about weaning from breastfeeding. I haven’t really thought too much about it – it’s a mix of emotions. I’m happy to have a bit of independence back but at the same time I love that bonding time and I know once…
  • Baby G is…10 months old!

    3 Feb 2015 | 1:54 am
    The post Baby G is…10 months old! appeared first on %% Ok, I can’t believe my baby is 10 months old. Not only are we creeping closer to the year mark – now she will never be single digit months old again. I know, she’s still tiny and there are many many many milestones still left to come. But, wow. How is time going by this fast?? Weight: Haven’t weighed her recently again. Will probably do it around the year mark! Feeding: She’s back to feeding fairly regularly again – mix of milk feeds and plenty of solids. We had a few days…
  • My Baby Eats Better Than I Do

    26 Jan 2015 | 8:28 am
    The post My Baby Eats Better Than I Do appeared first on %% There is something that has been weighing on my mind the last few weeks. It’s something I find disturbing because it shows not only an incredible lack of will power on my part but also a total disregard for my health. My baby eats better than I do. First of all, nothing goes into her mouth that hasn’t been either handmade by me or the ingredients scrutinized first. She eats mostly organic. All her meals are well balanced. I make sure she gets portions of fruit, veg and protein throughout the day.
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  • Speed Bumps To Gifted Acceleration

    28 Feb 2015 | 8:31 am
    Imagine you are travelling on a straight road, but the speed limit is low. You wish to go faster, but there are several speed cameras that do not allow you to go above that speed. You may slow down, but … Continue reading → Tags:  gifted acceleration, gifted in Singapore, giftedandtalented, online learning, stanford epgy Facebook TweetThis Digg StumbleUpon Comments:  0 (Zero), Be the first to leave a reply!You might be interested in this:    Ben 10 Obsession  Gardens By The Bay Visit  We Are Going To The Zoo  El…
  • Getting A Piano Finally

    21 Feb 2015 | 6:29 pm
    We finally bought a piano! El had been practising on a keyboard for the longest time. The children like the keyboard because of the tunes and beats, and they can change the instruments too. However, we need to switch it … Continue reading → Tags:  concert playing, music, piano Facebook TweetThis Digg StumbleUpon Comments:  0 (Zero), Be the first to leave a reply!You might be interested in this:    Gar And His Kiddy Rides  Gar at 18 months  Dirty Medela Pump Membrane  Upp X Rd  Summer ReadingCopyright…
  • Gifted Testing In Singapore From A Parent’s Perspective

    31 Jan 2015 | 5:07 pm
    It was Christmas Eve. My five-year-old was going for an intelligence assessment. I had driven for half an hour to an old estate in the south of Singapore and I crossed a run-down looking overhead bridge and reached the place. … Continue reading → Tags:  GEP, gifted testing, gifted testing singapore, IQ test, sb5, stanford binet 5, WISC IV Facebook TweetThis Digg StumbleUpon Comments:  3 comments on this itemYou might be interested in this:    Mixed Up Upper And Lower Case Letters  El's new school  7 Ways To Advocate For Your…
  • Gardens By The Bay Visit

    24 Dec 2014 | 11:58 pm
    We went to the Gardens By The Bay in early December. The place is free at certain parts, but if you want to visit more of the exotic plants, you will have to pay. To see the supertrees, it is … Continue reading → Tags:  gardens by the bay Facebook TweetThis Digg StumbleUpon Comments:  0 (Zero), Be the first to leave a reply!You might be interested in this:    Kampong Glam Heritage Trail  River Safari  Bishan Park and Grub  Obsession With Dinosaurs  Word Play and LimerickCopyright © [Gardens By The…
  • Jurong Bird Park

    4 Dec 2014 | 4:16 am
    We just went to Jurong Bird Park on 1 December and my boys enjoyed themselves! There was light rain in the morning, but when we reached there, the weather had cleared mostly. There was slight drizzle for a short while, … Continue reading → Tags:  african penguin, aviary, carribean flamingo, conure, iguana, jurong bird park, king penguin, manmade waterfall, pelican, scarlet ibis, stork Facebook TweetThis Digg StumbleUpon Comments:  2 comments on this itemYou might be interested in this:    Today I Am Loving  El's Sports Day…
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    The Stir By CafeMom: Big Kid

  • 12 Easter Egg Crafts Kids Can Make Themselves

    4 Mar 2015 | 7:21 am
    Post by Suzee Skwiot. Easter egg crafts are all fun and games until the shells cracks and you're left with a yolk-y mess and free-flowing spilled paint. So why not ditch the dozen and go for the mess-free options instead? You'll save yourself (and your kitchen table) from the unruly crafting disasters.Using string, plastic eggs, and a little bit of creativity, your egg-free Easter crafts work just as well in putting the "spring" in your Easter step. They're colorful, themed, and easy enough for even the youngest DIYers. So grab those plastic eggs and get to work! #5 is so cute! Which one is…
  • 11 Kids' School Projects Gone Very, Very Wrong (PHOTOS)

    2 Mar 2015 | 1:09 pm
    Post by Suzee Skwiot. Give them a set of crayons, some instructions, and an idea, and you'll never know what crazy answers kids will give to school project assignments. But sometimes, well, we're to blame for putting kids up to it.From the inappropriate (cough, rockit, cough), to the downright sassy, these are projects no one really thought through before assigning them to kids. But we bet the teacher and parents sure had some great LOLs over all of the responses. Eek, #7 is way too hilarious! Which one is your favorite? Image via imgur
  • 7 Safety Mistakes Moms Are Making at Home

    26 Feb 2015 | 12:19 pm
    Post by Suzee Skwiot. How safe is your home? You may have babyproofed the kitchen area and the bathroom, but have you really prepared your house for the baby? As prepared as you may be, there are still about 10,000 children who visit the emergency room every year from common injuries in the home. And Safe Kids Worldwide just surveyed 1,010 parents to better understand the major household safety mistakes parents are making.Here are the most unsafe things in the home and the biggest no-nos parents are making in the home: Toxins in reach: 3 out of 10 parents who have a toddler in the home…
  • 12 Surprising Scientific Facts About Kids and Sugar

    25 Feb 2015 | 1:06 pm
    Post by Suzee Skwiot. At birthday parties, Halloween, or as a lunch treat, candy tends to be a part of the kid diet. And a child's sugar intake doesn't come from candy alone. Between breakfast foods and drinks, sugar is hidden in many daily dishes, and the kids consume them all.And you've probably heard plenty of debate on the playground -- maybe even been involved in a tussle or two. Does sugar make our kids hyper? Is it just a part of a normal childhood? Good news: scientists have dug into the story behind sugar to help moms make the tough choices about how much is too much, and we've waded…
  • 11 Clever Traps to Catch a Leprechaun on St. Patrick's Day

    24 Feb 2015 | 7:53 am
    Post by Suzee Skwiot. With St. Patrick's day quickly approaching, it's time for kids to start plotting their mischievous plan. You know exactly what we're talking about: it's your kiddo's mission to trap the leprechaun, and out-smarting him is step one.Luckily, you can easily make leprechaun traps at home. Using every day crafting items and some kitchen pantry tools, you can easily find a way to lure the guy with the gold into your trap. And here are 11 great DIY leprechaun traps to get the kids started.
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    Loving Moms Diary

  • BabyPing Secure Baby Monitor: The Popular New Kids on the Block

    Gloria Duff
    3 Mar 2015 | 11:41 pm
    Wireless signals bounce round every room of today’s modern homes, and that includes the nursery. Wi-Fi routers and cellular devices carry the bulk of those messages for communications and informational needs, but the BabyPing Secure Wi-Fi Baby Monitor is cutting in on the action by hooking into these signals to create a digital conduit between a slumbering baby and his or her concerned parents. BabyPing is a Newcomer. Does it Pack Enough Punch to be a Good Baby Monitor Investment? BabyPing Secure Wi-Fi Baby Monitor at a Glance The BabyPing takes advantage of the network of Wi-Fi ones…
  • How to set up baby monitor with your mobile devices

    Gloria Duff
    18 Feb 2015 | 7:41 am
    Becoming a parent can be overwhelming. Suddenly, you’re responsible for the well-being of a tiny, adorable and completely helpless little human being. Selecting the best baby monitor for your needs can help to lessen the burden of worry, because these devices allow you to check in on your baby from any room in your house. With the advent of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, mom or dad can use monitors to peek in on their little darling while they’re out of the house. If you work all day, you can check in with baby during any spare moment. When you take the big step…
  • Mimo Smart Baby Monitor Starter Kit: A Futuristic Baby Monitor Solution

    Gloria Duff
    2 Feb 2015 | 4:14 pm
    Anyone who has a baby knows that it is important to have a good eye on the baby no matter what- in fact, even people who don’t have babies understand how important it can be to watch out for your baby all of the time. A baby monitor is perfect for parents who let their children sleep in other rooms and allow their children to spend time when they are alone. Most baby monitor reviews show that parents use the monitors at night when the children are sleeping to keep an eye on them. They do this to ensure that they are not going to be in danger while sleeping and they often want the best…
  • Levana Sophia Digital Video Baby Monitor Reviews

    Gloria Duff
    19 Jan 2015 | 3:43 am
    A baby is a joy and an exciting new member of any household. However, watching your little one constantly can be a bit exhausting, particularly when there are other things that you need to get done around your house. Because of this, many parents turn online to do their baby monitor research in order to determine the best baby monitor for their family’s needs. For many, the Levana Sofia Digital Baby Monitor is a top candidate for the best baby monitor. This is something that is evident based on the many positive review ratings that it has been getting. Levana Sophia Digital Video Baby…
  • Coping with Work Life After Maternity

    Gloria Duff
    4 Jan 2015 | 1:30 am
    Going through labor and thriving through an infant’s first few months are challenges all moms face, but adding in a career afterward is a major task. Many mothers decide to head back to work for personal advancement or merely financial stability. You may have flipped through all the baby monitor reviews to ready yourself for each simple maternity challenge, but leaving the child altogether is hard for everyone involved. Transitioning back into regular work life will be difficult, but try a few key coping mechanisms to make the change a positive one. How to Cope with Work Life after…
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    Diary of an Angry Father.

  • Time Travel, The Big Suck, and my Brian Williams Moment.

    Miso N. Grey
    16 Feb 2015 | 7:38 am
    By 2050, there ain't gonna be jack for us to do, and there ain't jack any of us can do about it. Even the darkest cornerstones of civilization, slavery and prostitution, may be automated by some future capitalist genius. Continue reading →
  • Done with Macs. Again.

    Miso N. Grey
    12 Feb 2015 | 3:46 pm
    Apple fanboys are more likely to drive Subarus, Saabs, Volkswagens, or Hondas in their effort to hide a microdick or a personality defect. They take solace in knowing that since they paid two to three times more for their generic looking silver piece of plastic and aluminum, it will surely last two to three times as long as something someone less fortunate, like any PC user, can buy. But that's unfortunately not true. Continue reading →
  • Domestic Violence Activists Say Boycott ’50 Shades of Grey’

    Miso N. Grey
    5 Feb 2015 | 6:33 am
    Originally posted on TIME:50 Shades of Grey is one of the most hotly anticipated movies of 2015, but domestic violence activists say there’s a better use of your money. A social media campaign with the hashtag #50dollarsnot50shades asks people to donate $50 to a domestic violence shelter rather than spending it on movie tickets…
  • Netflix Will Help Parents Trick Kids Into Going to Bed Early on New Year’s Eve

    Miso N. Grey
    30 Dec 2014 | 4:26 am
    Originally posted on TIME:Netflix is making it easier for parents to get their kids to go to bed early on New Year’s Eve this year. The streaming service has launched an on-demand, three-minute New Year’s Eve countdown hosted by King Julien from Netflix’s All Hail King Julien series, CNNMoney reports. The animated Netflix show,…
  • Dual Enrollment vs AP Classes.

    Miso N. Grey
    14 Nov 2014 | 8:04 am
    Regardless of what your counselor tells you, taking AP courses is not the best choice for your child's path to success. Continue reading →
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    Mom Fuse

  • Easy Panko Crusted Salmon Recipe

    Jessica @ Mom Fuse
    24 Feb 2015 | 3:28 am
    Original: Mom Fuse: Easy Panko Crusted Salmon Recipe Most people I meet think cooking fish is difficult and time consuming, but I think it’s one of the easier meals to make. That’s why I’m going to share one of my favorite fish dinners with you today. It only takes 30 minutes to prepare and cook and it’s healthy and delicious. Win-Win-Win! I buy my fish fresh at Giant and I usually get the Alaskan wild-caught        
  • Got a Messy House? Tips from a Mom on Clearing the Clutter

    Jessica @ Mom Fuse
    23 Feb 2015 | 5:06 am
    Original: Mom Fuse: Got a Messy House? Tips from a Mom on Clearing the Clutter Over time any house can get messy. If you’ve got a big family, it’s even easier. However, you don’t have to live in a home where everything seems to be all over the place and every drawer seems like the junk drawer when you open it. Trust me, as a mom who takes care of a busy household full time, I’ve been where you are        
  • A Great Place For Coupons, Shopping & Hot Deals

    Jessica @ Mom Fuse
    21 Feb 2015 | 9:15 am
    Original: Mom Fuse: A Great Place For Coupons, Shopping & Hot Deals I don’t know about you but saving money and finding great coupons and shopping deals makes me smile :). I’m always on the hunt for coupons and great deal sites that will help me save money. But who isn’t, right?  I was recently introduced to a new site called Frugga ( and I’ve come to really like the site.  The site is really easy to        
  • 4 Hour Slow Cooker Recipes – Easy Crock Pot Dinners

    Jessica @ Mom Fuse
    21 Feb 2015 | 6:00 am
    Original: Mom Fuse: 4 Hour Slow Cooker Recipes – Easy Crock Pot Dinners There never seems to be enough time in the day which is why slow cooker recipes are perfect for busy families. I know we use our crock pot at least once a week but there are times when we don’t need an 8 hour cook times, sometimes those 4 hour slow cooker recipes come in extremely handy. While sometimes those recipes are hard to find,        
  • Why Your Choice Not to Vaccinate Puts Everyone at Risk

    Jessica @ Mom Fuse
    19 Feb 2015 | 11:46 am
    Original: Mom Fuse: Why Your Choice Not to Vaccinate Puts Everyone at Risk It’s important in America that we all have a right to make choices, but what happens when those choices put others at risk? That’s the question on many minds, especially after the recent outbreak of measles that began in Disneyland. This infectious disease was once thought to be eliminated from our society, and has now reared its head with a vengeance. Yet some families steadfastly        
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    MinneMama Adventures

  • Discover the Dinosaurs. Or Don’t.

    27 Feb 2015 | 10:25 pm
    Disclaimer: I received 4 family passes to the Discover the Dinosaurs exhibit in exchange for my time sharing this post. All thoughts are my own. We took our kids to the highly-anticipated Discover the Dinosaurs exhibit at the Minneapolis Convention Center Friday night. I’m going to keep this simple and create two lists for you. One [...] The post Discover the Dinosaurs. Or Don’t. appeared first on MinneMama Adventures.
  • Above & Beyond: Sky Zone Trampoline Park

    26 Feb 2015 | 9:57 pm
    Disclaimer: I received a Supreme Birthday Party Package at Sky Zone Minneapolis in exchange for my time sharing this post. All thoughts are my own. SKY ZONE TRAMPOLINE PARK  |  PLYMOUTH & OAKDALE, MN  |  VISIT WEBSITE  Awhile back, a kind and generous contact at Sky Zone Trampoline Park offered me a full birthday party experience for [...] The post Above & Beyond: Sky Zone Trampoline Park appeared first on MinneMama Adventures.
  • Simply Beautiful: Simply Jane Art Studio

    19 Feb 2015 | 9:14 pm
    SIMPLY JANE ART STUDIO  |  MINNEAPOLIS, MN  |  VISIT WEBSITE  Art holds a very special place in my heart. It also holds a spot on my wall in the form of a Bachelor’s Degree. When we had children, I had two high hopes for them: 1) be creative and 2) be musically-inclined. So far, we are [...] The post Simply Beautiful: Simply Jane Art Studio appeared first on MinneMama Adventures.
  • Pause. Breathe. Pause again.

    10 Feb 2015 | 9:20 pm
    Pause. Breathe. Pause again. Now, write… For the last few weeks I have been struggling with, well, parenting. I’ve been toeing that mom line of super-lame and short-tempered – both characteristics which are so very ugly on me. The part that hurts the most is that I know it. I know I’m out of touch with the [...] The post Pause. Breathe. Pause again. appeared first on MinneMama Adventures.
  • Waterpark of America + 4-Pack Ticket Giveaway

    9 Feb 2015 | 6:33 pm
    Disclaimer: I received a family 4-pack to the Waterpark of America in exchange for my time sharing this post and hosting this giveaway. All thoughts are my own. WATERPARK OF AMERICA  |  BLOOMINGTON, MN  |  VISIT WEBSITE  Congratulations to Molly H. who won the 4-pack Giveaway! The idea of going to a 70,000 square foot indoor waterpark with [...] The post Waterpark of America + 4-Pack Ticket Giveaway appeared first on MinneMama Adventures.
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    The Kidizen Blog

  • 4 Mar 2015 | 9:17 am

    Dori Graff
    4 Mar 2015 | 9:17 am
  • Real Shop Stories: Stella & James Finds

    Mary Fallon
    30 Jan 2015 | 11:05 am
    Chapter 1: Meet Jen, Stella And James Hi I am Jen Snyder, Shop Keeper and Mama Stylist of Stella + James Finds up here in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.  I am a woman that wears a lot of hats at my house. I am a stay at home mom, but also a professional photographer, painter, Barre instructor and wardrobe stylist. One thing I have always loved is both art and fashion.  I try creating unique and eye catching outfits for myself + kids that blend these two favorites together and make it super fun to get everyone ready each day. It is amazing how much kid’s fashion has…
  • Shop of the month: Alice & Finn

    Mary Fallon
    12 Jan 2015 | 2:08 pm
    Hi Cadyn! Please tell us about yourself and your family.Hello! We are a very adventurous and lively family. My husband Alan and I have a 6-year-old, Finley Sophia and a 3-year-old, Alice Amelia. He is an artist and I work in advertising, so design is a huge part of our life. We love to travel and we jump at every opportunity to explore, but for the past 15 years or so Austin has been our home. My family is all about constantly learning by our own experiences or ones we read about. Creativity and love of learning is crucial.How did you hear about Kidizen and how did you get hooked?I was…
  • Meet OUR Kids...

    Mary Fallon
    7 Jan 2015 | 9:36 am
    Here at Kidizen, we've asked ourselves, "what message will inspire us as a community in 2015?". You may have realized by now that we're not the "out with the old, in with the new" type, more of the "old is IN" type. And by "old" we mean: super stylish, pre-loved hand-me-downs that deserve to be out climbing trees, riding bikes, visiting grandmaw, learning addition, going on playdates, dressing up for the holidays and all the other fun stuff that kids do!In looking back on our last year together, we realized that what makes our community so special is SHARING. You've shared your outgrown…
  • Meet Katherine, the Mama Behind Style Addiction

    Dori Graff
    25 Nov 2014 | 12:34 pm
    Hi Katherine! Tell us a bit about yourself and your family.As of March of this year, I am a stay at home mom. Previously, I was a sales rep for a pharmaceutical company. My husband also works in the healthcare industry. I have 2 kids, Madison is 4 going on 15, and Alex is 2. We live in the suburbs of Chicago in Plainfield.We would love to hear your Kidizen story, how did you get started?I started with Kidizen pretty recently (I think in August or September). I have always thought that running a kids consignment shop would be fun, but I would never be able to do the hours as my family keeps me…
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    Mama of 3 Munchkins

  • Patty Melt Grilled Cheese

    4 Mar 2015 | 6:00 am
    Say goodbye to boring old grilled cheese, make it a meal by adding a little more oomph to it. By oomph I mean ground beef and sauteed onions… I know! Delicious right? This is my version of the traditional patty melt. While I like the flavor of patty melts in general I don’t like the […]
  • Looking for the Perfect Gift? Bottles & Wood has it!

    3 Mar 2015 | 6:00 am
    Do you have a mother‐in‐law? I’m pretty lucky to have a great one, but like most mother‐in‐laws, it’s hard to find great gifts for her. She has a home bar, so when I was asked to review these Belvedere Vodka Bottle Rocks Glasses, I was happy to oblige. She’s going to really like them. Some […]
  • Are You America’s Most Adventurous Family? Enter the Hit the Road Contest!

    2 Mar 2015 | 6:00 am
    I never thought of myself as a van kind of mom, but when the kids got a little bit older, I started to think about it more. It’s not just the kids that need space – the older they get, the more space their stuff seems to need.  First, it was soccer gear. Before I knew […]
  • Why My Kids Prefer Milk Over Sugary Drinks

    27 Feb 2015 | 6:00 am
    Milk is extremely important for building STRONG bones and healthy bodies. Do you remember those commercials years ago when they’d show the awkward little kid and then the football player or model those kids turned into a few years later from drinking milk? Um okay, so they were a little far‐fetched, perhaps, but they made […]
  • Homemade Pancake Mix

    25 Feb 2015 | 6:00 am
    Our family LOVES pancakes and that may even be an understatement.  A Homemade Pancake is so much better than a store bought mix and after experimenting with many recipes we’ve found one we like best!  They cook up fluffy and the center is not left doughy like some pancakes.  They also have a great cinnamon […]
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    Spymaster Pro Official Blog

  • How To Find Lost iPhone

    6 Feb 2015 | 10:43 pm
    How to find lost iPhone – An infographic by the team at Spymaster Pro To Share this Infographics on Your Site: Copy and Paste the Code Below How to find lost iPhone – An infographic by the team at Spymaster Pro
  • How Can I Spy On A Samsung Galaxy Phone?

    Chandni Sharma
    5 Feb 2015 | 4:13 am
    It is evident that the Samsung, a South Korean enterprise is apparently one of the colossal and preeminent Android smartphones OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). And this is the reason that lately I’ve been receiving loads of queries on “How can I spy on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone?” Well, flip through the article to know the […]
  • How To Spy On Text Messages Online?

    Chandni Sharma
    19 Dec 2014 | 11:16 pm
    According to a recent survey – Billions of text messages are being sent every day by all the smartphone users. The use of the text messaging service has drastically changed the deportment of all the smartphone possessors. Because they are always been tapping their phones, no matter where they are viz. official meetings, family and […]
  • Dodge Your Sender With The New WhatsApp Plus Tricks!

    9 Dec 2014 | 11:35 pm
    Till date, you cannot find any instant messaging app better than WhatsApp. WhatsApp PLUS is the parallel and the best alternative to WhatsApp. Both the wonders of messaging apps- WhatsApp and that of the WhatsApp Plus have a slightest yet important difference between each other. Although WhatsApp helps us enjoy our communication through its variant […]
  • WhatsApp Increase Group Chat Limit!!

    30 Nov 2014 | 10:43 pm
    For all people having different big friend circles, here is a great news for you, from WhatsApp! The group chats can be just double the present number. Yes, you can now increase the present limits of your nexus from 15 to that of the 50 members in an individual chat group created where the group […]
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    Problem Kids Blog » Problem Kids Blog

  • Parenting Toddlers Tips – 7 Basic Rules

    Robert Locke
    2 Mar 2015 | 2:09 pm
    With toddlers, you have to keep a few basic principles in mind. These range from them not being able to tell you what they want nor can they move as fast as they like – just as well! That is the perfect recipe for acting out, temper tantrums, hitting siblings and an astonishing range of bad behavior. Here are the basic parenting toddlers tips. If you think that it is all uphill, it helps to remember that if you consistently show praise, encouragement and affection as opposed to talking about rules, criticism and consequences all the time, then you are on to a winning strategy. Long term, of…
  • 10 Healthy School Lunches Ideas

    Robert Locke
    25 Feb 2015 | 12:47 pm
    Are you getting tired of the same old recipes that you trot out week after week, when getting the kids’ lunches ready? You know that healthy school lunches for kids are usually much better than what they can get at any school cafeteria. The only problem is that it takes longer and you have to be really organized to get them ready in time. But follow these tips where we will give you some useful ideas. First watch the video below for some great advice about getting the right mix of protein, carbs and greens but also she has good ideas about the actual containers (laptop lunch boxes, also…
  • 9 Famous ADHD Celebrities – Inspire Your Kids With These Stories

    Robert Locke
    17 Feb 2015 | 1:09 pm
    If you think that ADHD has had a bad press, you are right! The problem is that there is far too much emphasis on the problems with ADHD such as inattention, lack of focus, distraction, fidgeting and hyperactivity, just to mention a few. But while millions of people struggle to cope, adapt and just learn to live with it, there are many famous ADHD celebrities who have actually had enormous success. In many cases, they have been able to exploit their condition which has helped, rather than hindered them. It has been estimated that adults with ADHD are 300% more likely to run their own business…
  • Ban Handheld Devices For Children – Crazy or Sensible?

    Robert Locke
    30 Jan 2015 | 12:42 am
    Should we ban handheld devices for children or not? Let us look at what is going on here and whether this is really a practical suggestion or not for parents We shall look at the fact that the tender age of toddlers is no barrier to using these high tech devices (cell phones, tablets, computer games). We now know that about 33% of kids under the age of two or three can use one of these gadgets before they can even talk! An article in the The Daily Telegraph warns of the dangers parents face when their kids are allowed to use a tablet or smart phone for a few hours a day. The long term effects…
  • 7 Discipline Rules For Children That Will Work

    Robert Locke
    4 Jan 2015 | 1:08 pm
    When we think of discipline rules for children, we probably think of our own parents and how they brought us up. Many parents try to copy their own upbringing in many ways. Others seek to reverse the trend if they suffered from over strict rules and had an unhappy childhood. Above all, we want to find pretty simple and enforceable rules that will result in reasonable behavior. If the kids are happy and the atmosphere is fairly relaxed then we really have found the formula for setting limits for acceptable behavior. Easier said than done? Let’s see. The guiding principle is always, as far as…
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    When the Dust Settles

  • Daddy and his Baby Girl

    Ashley Beolens
    4 Mar 2015 | 2:00 am
    When I first found out we were having a daughter, an event that, in itself, was stunning both to myself, and Zoe, in a number of ways; she who thought that pregnancy was not going to happen due to polycystic ovaries, and me because I thought I’d had my lot (2 sons from a previous […] The post Daddy and his Baby Girl appeared first on When the Dust Settles.
  • Fat Face Cotton Duffle Jacket – Review

    Ashley Beolens
    3 Mar 2015 | 2:00 am
    I’m a lucky chap, with my birthday just passed my wonderful other half (Zoe) bought me this amazing Fat Face Cotton Duffle Jacket (in green), although I have plenty of waterproof jackets (I’m out in the rain a lot) my last warm coat is now a little past it. Having owned and worn it I […] The post Fat Face Cotton Duffle Jacket – Review appeared first on When the Dust Settles.
  • Farewell to The Point

    Ashley Beolens
    2 Mar 2015 | 2:00 am
    In 1985, Milton Keynes (my home town), saw the construction of the first multiplex cinema of the UK, boasting ten separate screens for your viewing pleasure, host to UK and world premiers, an iconic ziggurat shape with glowing red pyramid lighting, the Point was the kind of place dreams were made. Containing 10 screens, a nightclub, bars, […] The post Farewell to The Point appeared first on When the Dust Settles.
  • Silent Sunday

    Ashley Beolens
    1 Mar 2015 | 2:00 am
    I know should be silent, but as Zoe won’t thank me for posting the picture I need to say sorry, but I love this image of my girls on the beach (and that isn’t patronising, I’m happy to be one of their boys). Anyway back to the silence…. The post Silent Sunday appeared first on When the Dust Settles.
  • Passing of a stranger

    Ashley Beolens
    28 Feb 2015 | 7:48 pm
    How can the passing of a stranger affect you so much? I’m not sure what happened just now, but I’m sat with tears in my eyes as I write this listening to Billy Joel – Piano Man, why? Because a man called Oren Miller passed away today. I did not know Oren, I had never […] The post Passing of a stranger appeared first on When the Dust Settles.
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    Playdate Parenting App ... by JAGO

  • Kids Easter Activity : Easter Egg Bowling

    4 Mar 2015 | 3:42 am
                            EASTER EGG BOWLING This is an Easter game that can be played with a small group of children but it is also suitable for a large group. For this game you can use hardboiled eggs painted or dyed in different colors or chocolate Easter eggs wrapped in different colors. Give a different colored egg to each child. Using a plain hard boiled egg, roll that egg across the floor or the ground. The kids have to roll their eggs and try to land as close as possible to the plain egg. The one whose egg is rolled closest to…
  • Grandmas’ Top 25 Parenting Tips

    2 Mar 2015 | 3:58 am
    We came across this excellent (and in some cases amusingly worrying) list of ‘Grandmas 25 Tips for Successful Parenting’ at a local car boot sale.  Published in the early 1950’s gives an idea on how times have changed!   1. Always keep the baby neat and clean. 2. Cut the nails properly with utmost care. 3. Wet nappy should be removed and private parts should be cleaned with soap. 4. Take care of the genitals because fungal infection is common in that area. Private parts should be kept dry. 5. Care of the scalp is very important.Fungal infections, dermatitis etc can be…
  • Low-Tech Parenting: a Guide for 2015

    1 Mar 2015 | 2:33 am
    We live in an era of lightening fast communication, 24 hour 7 day a week connections and communications, it’s fast and accelerating every day. As a parent with kids who’re more computer literate at 8 than I was at 18 it’s both a source of pride and concern.  Even using the word computer literate is already out of date since my 8 year old only know the world  of tablets, browsers and touch screen. One of my kids told me yesterday that he found using the computer keyboard much more difficult than the tablet screen! So as life changes so do the parenting skills we need…
  • A Message to Parents from Sydney Choir

    28 Feb 2015 | 11:00 pm
    This is great…what a way to start the week!   Post by Playdate.
  • Embrace Your Childs Uniqueness

    27 Feb 2015 | 2:39 am
    Just like a snowflake or a fingerprint, every child is unique in their own special way. Every child has a unique way of feeling, thinking, and interacting with others. Some children are shy, while others are outgoing; some are active, while others are calm; some are fretful, while others are easy-going. As a loving and nurturing parent, it’s your job to encourage them to embrace their uniqueness and celebrate their individual qualities. Allow your child to express themselves through their interests.  They may find a creative outlet in theatre, dancing or art, or they may be exceptionally…
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  • via @Quartz, “How American parenting is killing the American marriage”

    Parent Co.
    4 Mar 2015 | 12:26 pm
    “Sometime between when we were children and when we had children of our own, parenthood became a religion in America. As with many religions, complete unthinking devotion is required from its practitioners. Nothing in life is allowed to be more important than our children, and we must never speak a disloyal word about our relationships with our offspring. Children always come first. We accept this premise so reflexively today that we forget that it was not always so.” How American parenting is killing the American marriage – Quartz. The post via @Quartz, “How American…
  • Via Quartz, “You probably don’t know the real story behind Baby on Board signs”

    Parent Co.
    4 Mar 2015 | 12:22 pm
    “Whether or not the sign can be used as the ultimate testimony of an unhealthy obsession with one’s children, there are a enough legends surrounding its creation and use to prompt a little record-setting.” You probably don’t know the real story behind Baby on Board signs – Quartz. The post Via Quartz, “You probably don’t know the real story behind Baby on Board signs” appeared first on
  • via Psychology Today, “Why French Kids Don’t Have ADHD”

    Parent Co.
    4 Mar 2015 | 12:09 pm
    A provocative article: “In the United States, at least 9 percent of school-aged children have been diagnosed with ADHD, and are taking pharmaceutical medications. In France, the percentage of kids diagnosed and medicated for ADHD is less than .5 percent. How has the epidemic of ADHD—firmly established in the U.S.—almost completely passed over children in France?” Why French Kids Don’t Have ADHD in Psychology Today. The post via Psychology Today, “Why French Kids Don’t Have ADHD” appeared first on
  • A Census Inspired Playlist (no one has ever written that before.)

    Sara Goldstein
    4 Mar 2015 | 9:36 am
    According to the most recent census, the average age of first time moms in the US is 25.1. What topped the charts in 1990, the year THEY were born? The post A Census Inspired Playlist (no one has ever written that before.) appeared first on
  • via The Atlantic: “How Parenting Became a DIY Project”

    Parent Co.
    3 Mar 2015 | 1:28 pm
    “From home birth to homemade baby food to homeschooling, raising kids is a way for parents to express their individuality.” FROM How Parenting Became a DIY Project – The Atlantic. The post via The Atlantic: “How Parenting Became a DIY Project” appeared first on
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  • ¿Qué tipo de familia quieres aprender y enseñar a ser?

    Luis Ku
    4 Mar 2015 | 9:09 am
    Para saber más sobre este tema visita ¿Qué tipo de familia quieres aprender y enseñar a ser? Familia y tribu Después de estos años, pero en particular este sábado pasado con mis niños –día de cortar el pelo, películas en casa, parque, y jugar a las luchitas, ¡estamos hablando de tres hombrecitos de 7, 3 y 2!-, he concluido que mi familia es mi gran tribu, ¡y una gran aventura! Cada día es diferente, y ahí es donde entra nuestra creatividad para disfrutar intensamente hasta acabar rendidos cuando el sol juega a las escondidas detrás del horizonte. En esta etapa…
  • El semáforo

    Alejandro Cuéllar
    3 Mar 2015 | 9:12 am
    Para saber más sobre este tema visita Ser padre es increíble sobre todo cuando te das cuenta que tus hijos son bilingües. Papás umbilical. Conoce más historias como ésta en nuestro canal de Youtube   Gracias Cris Amaral por esta linda y florida anécdota. The post El semáforo appeared first on umbilical.

    Verónica Nieva
    3 Mar 2015 | 8:30 am
    Para saber más sobre este tema visita A Regina le gusta jugar a muchas cosas; entre sus juegos favoritos está ser la doctora que me atiende en una consulta. Primero escucha mi corazón con su estetoscopio, luego toma mi presión y me “revisa los huesos”… La felicidad. A Regina le gusta jugar a muchas cosas; entre sus juegos favoritos está ser la doctora que me atiende en una consulta. Primero escucha mi corazón con su estetoscopio, luego toma mi presión y me “revisa los huesos”; después se asoma con un otoscopio a mis orejas y me dice que todo…
  • Miedo en los niños ¿Cómo ayudo a mi hijo a no tener miedo?

    Laura Cervantes
    2 Mar 2015 | 9:20 am
    Para saber más sobre este tema visita Debes saber que no hay manera alguna de ayudar a tu hijo a NO tener miedo porque los temores son comunes en casi todos los niños, son pasajeros y son inevitables. Lo que podemos hacer es ayudarles a superarlos. Miedo en los niños Debes saber que no hay manera alguna de ayudar a tu hijo a NO tener miedo porque los temores son comunes en casi todos los niños, son pasajeros y son inevitables. Lo que podemos hacer es ayudarles a superarlos. ¿Por qué son inevitables los miedos infantiles? Los miedos infantiles tienen características…
  • Una de fantasmas

    Alejandra Ulloa
    27 Feb 2015 | 8:25 am
    Para saber más sobre este tema visita Una de las (muchas) desventajas de ya no tener mascota, es que se queda una sin culpable designado para sombras y ruidos nocturnos inexplicables. Una de las (muchas) desventajas de ya no tener mascota, es que se queda una sin culpable designado para sombras y ruidos nocturnos inexplicables. A partir de que se fue nuestra Chiquis, tuve que aprender a distinguir los crujidos de la casa, los chasquidos y coleteos de las lagartijas de la cocina y acostumbrarme al reflejo fugaz en la puerta del horno, que sigue siendo inexplicable, pero aceptado…
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    Raising Creative Children

  • Experimenting with watercolors and art!

    22 Feb 2015 | 1:30 am
    We are big fans of providing young children opportunities to experiment with art. While experiments take place in science or STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) contexts, anyone who engages in the arts knows that inquiry and experiments are a key part of being creative. A post on watercolor experiments on Ms. Walker’s Art Info blog offers some great ideas for having young people combine aspects of scientific and artistic experimenting. San Fransisco’s Exploratorium also offers a number of arts-focused videos that could lead to interesting experiments related to…
  • Playing and learning with interactive art: Meet Kandinsky!

    14 Feb 2015 | 6:27 pm
    For those who allow young ones to use technology, an entire world of options is available in terms of interactive art and music. Take the recently created Animated Kandinsky by Nivetha Kannan and Sarah Kwan. As they explain, Animated Kandinsky is: A project exploring the relationship between traditional abstract art and current animation, Animated Kandinsky uses interactivity and gamification to introduce viewers to Wassily Kandinsky’s famous 1932 piece titled “Decisive Pink” in an entirely new and immersive way. The fun animations and sound provide a creative and…
  • Inventing to Learn and Maker Culture For Children

    13 Feb 2015 | 1:15 am
    Maker culture offers children countless ways of being creative and exploring science, technology, engineering, arts, and math, (otherwise known as STEAM). Photo by Bill Benzon Books such as Invent To Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom or Tinkerlab: A Hands-On Guide for Little Inventors are great starting points to learn more about fostering maker culture and “go to” references for project ideas. Photo by Pete Prodoehl Websites such as MakeZine’s Make: Kids & Family also provide numerous starting points for projects. Take a look at some of the…
  • Adult-Friendly Music for Kids

    8 Feb 2015 | 1:27 pm
    I am quite excited about one of the first baby gifts we just received–the album Jazz for Kids from music publisher Universal Music Family.  Both kids and adults would be pleased with this album. A personal favorite for me is Louis Prima’s “Yes! We Have No Bananas.” I love Louis Prima. Photo by Tormod Ulsberg “Old McDonald” and “The Muffin Man” have never sounded more sophisticated but still fun and very kid-friendly as when Ella Fitzgerald sings them. There are also several non-kid songs on the album, such as the classic “What a Wonderful…
  • Fun with Fingerplays!

    26 Jan 2015 | 5:25 pm
    There are plenty of reasons to have little ones engage with fingerplays. Fingerplays combine music with hand movements and gestures and provide a fun way to combine children’s love of music with their development. Photo by woodleywonderworks If you don’t know or remember any fingerplays, consider Dr. John Feirerabend’s book The Book of Finger Plays & Action Songs. Dr. Feierabend is an internationally recognized expert in early childhood music education and has a wonderful series of books called First Steps in Music. Benefits of Fingerplays?! Making music with a childhood…
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