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  • What to Do When Your Teen Thinks She’s Beyond the Rules

    Barbara Greenberg PhD
    22 Oct 2014 | 11:00 pm
    It happens. Your teens may not only stop talking to you as much as they used to, but they may also decide to stop following the rules. Some of them think, ‘I’m older now, so I’ll follow my own set of rules and I’ll do as I see fit.’ Not so fast here. A teenager is not an adult and it is your job as a parent to set structure and rules and look out for your teen’s safety. As much as your teens would like to think that they are ready to set their own set of rules… they simply are not. They are inclined to take risks and often use bad judgment. So what…
  • Ideas for Halloween Costume

    over 50 under 5
    7 Oct 2014 | 3:16 pm
    Kind of rushed today, but wanted to jot down a few ideas for a Halloween costume. Fire chief. I already have the hat, the red chief overcoat, and I have visited a fire station and rang the bell. Burt Reynolds. Grow mustache. Take off clothes. Pose like centerfold. Bit of a stretch. Does anybody remember that photo shoot? A German speaker. I am learning German at school. Vocabulary so far: nein. Just the one word. A Tiger.  It’s what I was last year.  I still have the costume, so it’s the low-friction choice. Costume a bit stuffy.  Digging deep into the archives (from last year)…
  • Now in Chinese!

    Growing Children
    Kim Allsup
    14 Oct 2014 | 5:59 pm
    Seven Reasons to not (always) Answer Your Child’s Questions has been translated into Chinese at this site : using the lovely photo above. It has been viewed by almost 2,000 people who visit this Waldorf website. I have been enjoying learning a few Chinese characters by entering parts of the post in Google translate.  Many thanks to the person who translated this post into Chinese.Filed under: Uncategorized
  • Sports Injuries: Is Your Child At Risk?

    Piccolo Universe Home - Piccolo Universe
    23 Oct 2014 | 10:48 am
    Sports injuries are something all parents have to worry about if they have an active child. From football to baton twirling, injuries are bound to happen. My friend even got injured bowling when we were kids. And we've all heard stories of video game injuries! Here are some of the most common injuries children get while playing sports.Sprains and broken bonesMy daughter's first X-Ray was as the result of a soccer injury. The incident occurred before the game, though. Her best friend threw the ball at her unexpectedly in close proximity. It hit her fingers hard.She came to me crying. I offered…
  • Guide To Making A Great Pumpkin Jack-O’-Lantern

    Family Focus Blog
    Rob Youngblood
    23 Oct 2014 | 5:11 am
    At our house, the Youngblood Men like to wait until close to Halloween to carve our pumpkins. It really gets my son into the spirit and it also helps the pumpkins continue to look fresh for the trick or treat parade. With that in mind, I thought I would share my pumpkin jack-o’-lantern carving tips and tricks that I have learned over the years (and am still learning and working to perfect). Guide To Halloween Pumpkin Jack-O’-Lantern Carving Tips And Tricks   Some of our finest pumpkin jack-o’-lantern carving! How to Pick and Carve a Pumpkin You want a fine looking…
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    BabyCenter Blog

  • How I explained to my three-year old why I'm going bald

    Stacie Lewis
    24 Oct 2014 | 1:56 pm
    by Stacie Lewis posted in Mom Stories Bring on the Halloween jokes early. I'm one bald mama and it is seriously scary that I don't need a costume for next week. At the beginning of the summer, I relapsed. That was after being remission from leukemia for over a year and a bone marrow transplant -... Read more » Want to get the full story? Click on the headline above. And thanks for reading the BabyCenter Blog.
  • What the New York City Ebola case means for you and your family

    Dr. Lisa Dana
    24 Oct 2014 | 11:02 am
    by Dr. Lisa Dana posted in Mom Stories Another case of Ebola has been confirmed in the United States. A doctor in New York City has been hospitalized with Ebola. Dr. Craig Spencer had been volunteering in Guinea for Doctors Without Borders and was treating patients with Ebola there.  As parents, we can't help but... Read more » Want to get the full story? Click on the headline above. And thanks for reading the BabyCenter Blog.
  • Aaron Paul drags Barbie into the Breaking Bad toy debate

    Sara McGinnis
    24 Oct 2014 | 11:01 am
    by Sara McGinnis posted in Celebrities Aaron Paul may not be a father just yet, but he has some pretty strong opinions about toys. Reaching out via Twitter to respond to one mom who managed to get Breaking Bad toys pulled from Toys R Us shelves, the actor has called on his followers to take... Read more » Want to get the full story? Click on the headline above. And thanks for reading the BabyCenter Blog.
  • Holiday Gift Ideas for Children Ages 5-7

    tada shop
    24 Oct 2014 | 10:44 am
    by tada shop posted in Products & Prizes Finding presents for children of this age isn’t easy. They have opinions, you have opinions… So we searched high and low to find items we think will hit that sweet spot to please you both, and ensure a merry gift giving season for all. Boys will spend... Read more » Want to get the full story? Click on the headline above. And thanks for reading the BabyCenter Blog.
  • Hey stranger, please don't offer my daughter money.

    Laurie Gelman
    24 Oct 2014 | 9:44 am
    by Laurie Gelman posted in Mom Stories I was at the grocery store with my youngest daughter the other day. She is 10 but looks younger because she was a preemie and also refuses to eat anything besides bacon and peanut butter. Anyway, I was checking out and the man bagging our groceries was chatting... Read more » Want to get the full story? Click on the headline above. And thanks for reading the BabyCenter Blog.
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    Yahoo News - Latest News & Headlines

  • 2 dead in Washington state school shooting

    24 Oct 2014 | 1:57 pm
    A student opened fire in Marysville, fatally wounding one before he was killed.
  • Remains belong to missing Virginia student

    24 Oct 2014 | 2:31 pm
    RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Remains found nearly a week ago in a rural area of Virginia are those of a university student who disappeared last month, authorities said Friday, ending a search that left the campus and community on edge.
  • Obama meets Ebola survivor Nina Pham at White House

    24 Oct 2014 | 1:06 pm
    President Barack Obama gives Ebola survivor Nina Pham a bear hug, part of his personal hands-on approach to persuade jittery Americans to trust elite doctors and scientists to keep them safe.
  • Heathcare worker at Newark airport to be quarantined on Ebola fears

    24 Oct 2014 | 2:24 pm
    NEW YORK (Reuters) - A healthcare worker who had been treating patients in West Africa was detained at Newark Liberty International Airport and will be quarantined, in line with a new policy aimed at reducing risk from the Ebola virus, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said on Friday. "Her next stop was going to be here in New York," Christie said during a news conference announcing the mandatory quarantine policy. "A quarantine order will be issued." Christie's remarks about the quarantined healthcare worker were first reported by CNBC. ...
  • U.S. officials considering quarantines for returning healthcare workers

    24 Oct 2014 | 12:55 pm
    By Sebastien Malo and Laila Kearney NEW YORK (Reuters) - The Obama administration is considering quarantines for healthcare workers returning from Ebola-ravaged West African countries, an official said on Friday, as authorities in New York retraced the steps of a doctor with the disease. In Washington, President Barack Obama hugged a Dallas nurse who survived Ebola after catching it from a patient. ...
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    Daddy Types

  • This Post Is Entirely Unrelated To The Previous One

    23 Oct 2014 | 7:04 am
    A+ advertisement trolling by AirBnB, here. RT @mik3cap: Really? Really?? #trolling— Alastair Coote (@_alastair) October 23, 2014...
  • Snohetta Dollhouse, For SFMOMA

    22 Oct 2014 | 7:17 pm
    The Norwegians-in-Brooklyn architecutre firm Snohetta are doing the new SFMOMA building. So when the museum leaned on them to donate work to a fundraising auction last year, they put up a dollhouse. It is an insane, psychedelic wunderkammer of...
  • The Least Surprised I've Ever Been: Marcel The Shell Has New Video, Book

    21 Oct 2014 | 6:16 am
    A new Marcel the Shell video has appeared, just in time to promote the release of Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer-Camp's new Marcel book, The Most Surprised I've Ever Been. This kind of marketing synergy works, though it would...
  • Adorable Dutch Urchins Wearing Garbage, By Ed Van Der Elsken

    20 Oct 2014 | 8:40 pm
    Halloween costume production has kicked into high gear around the DTHQ; ideas were locked down weeks ago, followed by concept, design and shopping, and this weekend, sewing/construction. [Legolas and a poofy ballerina witch, btw.] But the point is, this...
  • We Are Amused: Princess Victoria Baby Tooth Brooch

    20 Oct 2014 | 6:57 pm
    Wow, as if the royals weren't weird enough. Here is a brooch made in 1847 from the baby tooth of Princess Victoria, the 7-yo daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. The princess's dad pulled the tooth during a...
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  • Better, more restful sleep? Breathe Right = sleep in

    Dave Taylor
    23 Oct 2014 | 8:12 pm
    Never one to shy away from testing and experimenting, I was intrigued by the Breathe Right strips and when I learned they were introducing a lavender scented strip I was ready to give it a try for a few days and see how it would affect my sleep. Their slogan caught my attention: Breathe Right, Sleep In. Sleep in! An unimaginable luxury as a single parent. To set the stage, I tend to go to sleep late and get up early to get my kids to school by 8:00am. A typical night might have me heading to bed around midnight and up before my 7:00am alarm. Night after night. Why do I stay up so late? Part…
  • Consolidate all your social media with MessageHub

    Dave Taylor
    21 Oct 2014 | 9:18 am
    If you’re active in social media like I am, you have a rather bewildering array of different news feeds to track. Between Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Google Plus, SMS text messaging, iMessage, LinkedIn, Pinterest and I don’t even know what else, seems like my little notifications window on my iPhone is going non-stop. In fact, it’s common for other people to comment on it after a short period, typically “you sure are popular!”. If only they knew… :-) More seriously, this non-stop stream of information is endemic to our interrupt driven age, but it’s…
  • My son is out hunting with his step-father…

    Dave Taylor
    20 Oct 2014 | 9:50 am
    image slightly altered for privacy There’s a certain point in the journey of being a father when you look around at other dads and realize that however hard you try, you really just cannot offer all possible experiences to your children. Like everyone, I’m good at some things, really excellent at some things, and pretty poor at others. And there are still other experiences that I just have zero interest in doing, like skydiving. Living on a 16-acre farm part of the time, my children get the benefit of two different worlds. It’s City Mouse, Country Mouse every week, where…
  • Cool Tech: Thermal Label Printing at Goodwill

    Dave Taylor
    19 Oct 2014 | 10:00 am
    Most people are familiar with the Goodwill chain, a line of stores with an emphasis on social services of global proportions. Thanks to these stores, many opportunities have been generated for individuals who struggle to maintain stability financially and socially. Generating more than $212.8 million since 1999, Goodwill is especially dedicated to helping individuals who have disabilities, special employment challenges, or lack of education/experience. Although Goodwill Industries is among the top five most recognized organizations in the nonprofit sphere and social services arena, it has…
  • Why YOU Need to be a Healthy Dad

    Dave Taylor
    17 Oct 2014 | 3:40 pm
    This post is just for you, guys. You know who you are, you’re like me. You give your all to your kids and to everyone — and everything else — in your life. I know that I do just that, staying up late to find a few minutes free from kids, with whom I am constantly interacting when they’re awake, then I wake up early to get them to school, the gym, sporting events or friends. If we’re heading to a doctor it’s because one of them needs it, not because I do. Dentist? Therapist? Clothes shopping? Target?? Yeah, I’m probably modeling things wrong, but at…
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    Susan Heim on Parenting

  • A Giveaway from Peanut Hottie: The Delicious New Hot Peanut Butter Drink!

    22 Oct 2014 | 6:12 am
    I recently told you about a fantastic new hot peanut-butter drink called Peanut Hottie! It comes in two flavors: Peanut Butter (which tastes like a peanut-butter cookie that just came out of the oven) and Peanut Butter and Chocolate (with the smooth taste of your favorite peanut-butter cup). Each cup of Peanut Hottie is only 83 calories, and it’s easy to make -- just add hot water to 4-5 teaspoons of this powdered drink. Peanut Hottie is also caffeine-free, and made with no artificial additives or colors. It does, however, have real peanuts!You can find Peanut Hottie at Walmart,…
  • Treat by Shutterfly: Buy One Card, Get One Free!

    21 Oct 2014 | 6:25 am
    I love the cards at Treat! They have a huge selection, and they can be personalized with your own photos and text. Wouldn't your out-of-town friends and family love a Halloween card personalized with your child in his or her costume? The prices are awesome, and they'll even mail the card for you! Head over to Treat now by clicking on the banner above to get a free card with the purchase of one! Use promo code TRTBOGO. This special ends at 11:59pm PT on October 27, 2014.
  • Curse of the Granville Fortune Book Tour: Read a Guest Post and Enter to Win the eBook ~ 5 Winners!

    20 Oct 2014 | 9:01 pm
    Title: Curse of the Granville Fortune (Granville Fortune #1)Publication Date: October 21, 2014Publisher: Tantrum BooksAuthor: Kelly HashwayABOUT CURSE OF THE GRANVILLE FORTUNE:Find the fortune, break the curse!The hunt is on for an ancient treasure tied to nine-year-old J.B.’s family history. He’s been having visions that make him sweaty, lightheaded, and certain he’s turning into some kind of freak -- or worse, going insane. But things are worse than he imagined. The visions stem from a family curse. An ancient ancestor was accused of stealing the massive Granville fortune, and now…
  • Winners for the Weeks of October 5 and 12, 2014

    19 Oct 2014 | 5:00 am
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles GladWare Prize PackCongratulations to the winner: Katie B.!The Learn, Absorb & Praise Classic Collection of Board Books from Graham BlanchardCongratulations to the winner: Marnie D.W.!Life Not Typical: How Special Needs Parenting Changed My Faith & My Song, by Jennifer ShawCongratulations to the winner: Denise S.!
  • Super Saturday Giveaway Linky (October 18, 2014)

    17 Oct 2014 | 8:01 pm
    Welcome to the Super Saturday Giveaway Linky, which runs all week! If you are hosting a giveaway on your blog or website, please enter it in the linky below and then share this page with your social media friends and fans. If you're just here to win some prizes, you've come to the right place! Check out the giveaways listed in my right sidebar, as well as those in the linky below. Keep coming back throughout the week as more giveaways are listed. Good luck!
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    Earnest Parenting

  • Monday Giveaway Linky, Back From Retreat Edition

    Amy LeForge
    19 Oct 2014 | 9:47 pm
    Good Monday, Heroes! I got to spend the weekend with my quilting buddies and my sewing machine.Ahhhhhhhhhh.Pursuing a hobby or interest is a good way to keep yourself fresh as a parent. I hope you have something you love to do, and that you do it. At least occasionally.And here we are again at our linky day. An InLinkz Link-up Be the first to comment...Related Posts:Monday Give Away Linky, Grumpy Mom EditionGiveaway LinkyWahoo Monday Give Away Linky!Monday Give Away Linky, Late August EditionMonday Give Away Linky: We’re into March!! Edition Copyright © 2014 Earnest Parenting. All…
  • Monday Giveaway Linky, Fall 2014 Edition

    Amy LeForge
    12 Oct 2014 | 8:58 pm
    Good Monday, Heroes! Here at Earnest Parenting the weather is turning cooler and the leaves are changing colors. It’s very pretty and I really enjoy my favorite colors. The last-minute panic to get outdoor chores done before snow flies? Not as much my favorite. But at least I can panic while the leaves are gorgeous. I’m pretty thankful for a husband and boys who will help occasionally. Hubby and I stained the deck tonight while The Mercenary was kind enough to mow the lawn.Of course, he did take a small break from mowing to construct some kind of gadget with a sled and some rope.
  • Monday Give Away Linky, New Week (Again!) Edition

    Amy LeForge
    5 Oct 2014 | 7:52 pm
    Heroes, I’m going to claim it’s not my age that is causing time to fly faster and faster. It just can’t be! There must be another reason. Perhaps…I’m just more occupied. That’s it, right?Wait. Don’t answer that.What is keeping everyone so busy? Well, let’s take a look at the list: school, soccer, AYSO soccer (those are two different things, and therefore I am counting them separately), homeschooling, Scouts, church, managing the house, healthcare appointments, bills, working on various business pursuits (that counts for at least 5 different…
  • Monday Give Away Linky, Slightly Stained Edition

    Amy LeForge
    28 Sep 2014 | 9:20 pm
    Good Monday, Heroes!So, I’ve been trying for weeks to finish a project: staining our deck. Hubby helped me clean it long ago, but we haven’t had 48 hours of completely dry weather that coincided with enough time in the schedule to do the job. A couple of weeks of rain on and off didn’t help. It did help the grass, and I love not having to water the flowers. But erg! It does make the deck project difficult.Today we finally had time to work and the wood was dry enough. That’s when monkeys started throwing wrenches at me. No fun. We managed to get a portion of the railing…
  • Monday Give Away Linky: Ouch, My Head Edition

    Amy LeForge
    21 Sep 2014 | 8:49 pm
    Well, Heroes, I have a headache. The good news is that they’re a lot less frequent than they used to be. The bad news is this one is a doozy.While I’m off resting and trying to kick the ache, please enjoy the lovely giveaways listed below.Thank you. An InLinkz Link-up 2 Comments - Read what others are saying about this post...Recent CommentDinell HolmesTHanks for the linky!Reply this commentRead more comments...Related Posts:Monday Give Away Linky, Grumpy Mom EditionWahoo Monday Give Away Linky!Monday Give Away Linky: We’re into March!! EditionMonday Give Away Linky:…
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  • Crest and P&G Everyday #LifeYouWantSEA Twitter Party

    ModernMom Staff
    24 Oct 2014 | 1:06 pm
    Crest and P&G Everyday #LifeYouWantSEA Twitter Party #CrestSmile on October 30, 2014 at 6pm PST/9pm EST This fall, P&G brands join Oprah Winfrey’s “Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend,” an eight-city arena tour to serve as the catalyst to spark a global movement around Engaging, Encouraging, and Empowering women. OLAY, the national co-sponsor of the tour, and additional P&G brands – Bounty, Pantene, Charmin, Tide, COVERGIRL and Crest – will be featured in each city along with relevant programs including Orgullosa, P&G Everyday, and My Black is Beautiful. a ModernMom…
  • Halloween Twiggy Treats: Caramel Apples

    The Sugar Mommas
    23 Oct 2014 | 8:40 pm
    After glancing through an old issue of Southern Living, we were inspired by their caramel apples. We decided to let our kids loose in the backyard in search of twigs and this recipe is what we conjured up with some caramel and our imaginations. While your little ones don their costumes, try dressing up some fruit to make these delicious sweet treats for the holiday. Ingredients 5 medium tart apples (such as Granny Smith or Pippin) Assortment of twigs Toppings (such as crushed Oreos, graham cracker crumbs, Heath Bar Bits)** 1 (11 ounce) package Kraft Premium Caramel Bits 2 tablespoons water…
  • Roasted Red Pepper Chicken Sliders

    The Nutrition Twins
    23 Oct 2014 | 5:25 pm
    Burgers can often leave you feeling heavy and full… so try this healthier option for your next party: Roasted Red Pepper Chicken Sliders! This light, healthy and flavorful recipe is just as satisfying as a juicy burger AND doubles as either an appetizer or an entrée!  Tammy’s daughters love them (no easy feat!) and all of their friends do too. Roasted Red Pepper Chicken Sliders Ingredients (makes 4 sliders) 1/4 whole-wheat baguette 4, 3- ounce chicken breasts 1/2 red bell pepper 3 Tbsp balsamic vinaigrette 1/4 cup basil 4 Tbsp fat free feta cheese Directions Grill chicken breast on…
  • Turbo Interactive Story App + $100 iTunes Giveaway

    ModernMom Staff
    23 Oct 2014 | 3:07 pm
    I’m sure your kids loved Turbo, the movie from DreamWorks Animation, how could they not? It’s a story about following your dreams and all of us have dreams. They can continue the fun by interacting with their favorite characters from the movie in an interactive storybook experience from iStoryTime. a ModernMom giveaway The story is based on the Turbo F.A.S.T. TV series (currently available on Netflix). Turbo and his hilarious crew of racing snails take your kids on a storybook adventure that they will thoroughly enjoy. Your little ones will recognize animation and graphics from…
  • Effective Upper Body Exercises You Can Do At Home

    ModernMom Staff
    23 Oct 2014 | 6:03 am
    Everyone loves the holidays, but one thing is for sure – it’s choc full of carbs! To help combat the effects of too many Christmas cookies, Brooke Burke and her trainer, fitness expert Greg Joujon-Roche, have shared some great exercises with hand weights to tone and tighten your upper body. These three simple and effective work-out moves are perfect for moms who want to show off some killer arms and shoulders! Starbursts 1. Spread your legs and squat slightly, keeping your core engaged. 2. Extend your arms out and up, then bring back in. Make sure not to flex your neck. 3. Squeeze…
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  • The NaMos are Coming! The NaMos are Coming!

    Michelle W.
    24 Oct 2014 | 8:00 am
    November is one week away, and that means NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo are, too! If you’ve been thinking about reinvigorating your blogging or are finally ready to stop procrastinating on that book you’ve always wanted to write, these two great events (and communities) can give you the jolt of motivation you need. NaMo what now? NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo are short for “National Novel Writing Month” and “National Blog Posting Month,” respectively. In the first, writers commit to writing a 50,000-word novel between November 1 and November 30; in the second, to…
  • New Themes: Minnow and Cols

    Tammie Lister
    23 Oct 2014 | 8:00 am
    We’re happy to introduce two brand new free themes today! Minnow Designed by Mel Choyce, Minnow is a light, simple theme that puts your social presence front and center. A social links menu is displayed prominently below the site title and logo, so readers can easily find you on your favorite social networks. When activated, the optional Custom Menu or Widget area appear in a slide-out sidebar, making secondary content accessible while keeping the focus on your content. Learn more about the free Minnow theme at the Theme Showcase, or preview it by going to Appearance → Themes. Cols…
  • Longreads’ Best of WordPress, Vol. 7

    Mark Armstrong
    22 Oct 2014 | 10:08 am
    Here it is! A new collection of our favorite stories from across all of WordPress. As always, you can find our past collections here. You can follow Longreads on for more daily reading recommendations, or subscribe to our free weekly email. Publishers, writers, you can share links to your favorite essays and interviews (over 1,500 words) on Twitter (#longreads) and on by tagging your posts longreads. 1. What Happens When a Veteran High School Teacher Becomes a Student for the Day Grant Wiggins “I waited fourteen years to do something that I should have done my…
  • A New My Sites Section

    Andy Peatling
    20 Oct 2014 | 10:10 pm
    My Sites just got a new look, but more importantly, it got a technical overhaul, making the page dramatically faster and more powerful. From one central location, scan and select any of your WordPress sites or create new ones with the support of a more visual interface. Head directly to the posts or pages of a particular WordPress or launch stats to glimpse trends and get inspiration for blog or website content.  Access themes, user settings, and sharing options with a click to make WordPress your own. The new My Sites page is a small piece of a larger effort to make faster,…
  • New Theme: Penscratch

    Caroline Moore
    16 Oct 2014 | 10:00 am
    Today we have a brand new free theme especially for writers and bloggers! Penscratch Penscratch is a clean, sophisticated theme for sharing your writing. Whether you’re working on an analytical essay, an anthology of poems, or a piece of long-form fiction, Penscratch makes for a pleasant reading and writing experience all around. Choose between a one- or two-column layout by adding widgets, add links to your favorite social networks, customize your home on the web with a site logo or header image, or add fancy pull quotes throughout your content. Penscratch is also responsive, ensuring…
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    Crazy Adventures in Parenting

  • #FavBabyFirsts with Tammin Sursok and JOHNSON’S Baby {Giveaway}

    24 Oct 2014 | 3:00 am
    Attention! We've moved this feed! Please update so you can stick around, k? This feed is now located at: Please update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us :)
  • Celebrate Mini Milestones with Netflix #StreamTeam

    23 Oct 2014 | 7:07 am
    Attention! We've moved this feed! Please update so you can stick around, k? This feed is now located at: Please update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us :)
  • Happiness is ______ {2014-W42} #happinessis

    22 Oct 2014 | 7:18 am
    Attention! We've moved this feed! Please update so you can stick around, k? This feed is now located at: Please update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us :)
  • The Holidays are HOW CLOSE!?

    21 Oct 2014 | 7:56 am
    Attention! We've moved this feed! Please update so you can stick around, k? This feed is now located at: Please update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us :)
  • The Importance of Saying “Thanks” to Our Military

    20 Oct 2014 | 3:53 pm
    Attention! We've moved this feed! Please update so you can stick around, k? This feed is now located at: Please update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us :)
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    Boutique Café

  • #IamBraveAndBeautiful Bloghop Special Event

    29 Sep 2014 | 3:00 am
    I am Brave and Beautiful – a beauty movement that is sweeping the globe. Colbie Caillat started it with her recent song and video called TRY. My blogging friend Megan of Brassy Apple wanted to push this movement along and invited women from all over to share what they looked like without make up and I joined in!! Colbie’s song says, “Take your make up off. Let your hair down… Look into the mirror at yourself, Do you like you? Cause I like you… “ Megan and her friend Cobi of Peacefrom6pieces have been the team behind this whole project. Their worldwide…
  • Alexa Ray Joel sings “Just the Way You Are”

    16 Sep 2013 | 8:35 pm
    Back in 2007, I had the honour of interviewing Alexa Ray Joel for an exclusive Boutique Cafe podcast. I love Alexa’s voice and her music and have followed her career ever since. Now Alexa has beautifully reworked her Dad (Billy Joel’s) original hit “Just the Way You Are”, and also has teamed up with Gap for their “Back to Blue” campaign. Love you Alexa – Congratulations!! XO Daria Snag Alexa’s gorgeous version of “Just the Way You Are” on iTunes here>>
  • Luv Chicken Booster Cushion

    10 Sep 2013 | 5:11 pm
    Check out this adorable and highly portable booster cushion from Luv Chicken! This mini booster is cute as can be, in wipeable and easy to clean vinyl. The bottom of each cushion is non-slip and there’s a handle to make it easy to carry, even your toddler can tote it along (and believe me they will want to). The soft and comfortable foam insert makes seating issues at restaurants a thing of the past, now your child can sit up at the table at the proper height. If your child is past the highchair phase, but not quite tall enough to join the family at the table, the Luv Chicken boosters…
  • Mindy Gledhill’s Pockeful of Poetry

    5 Sep 2013 | 1:58 pm
    Did you know that you can Pre-Order Mindy Gledhill’s new album Pocketful of Poetry on iTunes? I just did and I can’t wait for the full album to drop. {LOVE IT} Sneek peeks of her new songs on Mindy’s youtube channel here>> I MUST own this, take me to iTunes>>
  • Summer Lovin’ at Boutique Cafe

    4 Aug 2013 | 9:11 pm
    Why Hello friends, I’m sure you’ve been wondering where I’ve toddled off to. It’s summer and I’ve been spending my days with my cute little kids enjoying the sunshine. We’ve been surfing in Tofino, swimming in our pool, I even hosted a wedding for a couple I’d never met before at my house overlooking the ocean. It’s been busy and wonderful all rolled into one. The truth is, that I miss you all though. I’ve been trying to make some new plans for Boutique Cafe. When I started this website years and years ago my life was infinitely different,…
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    The Committed Parent

  • Why I Own Scores of Unread Books: My Brain Made Me Do It!

    Mark Brady
    19 Oct 2014 | 1:42 am
    I have an 8 foot by 8 foot bookcase full of books that I haven’t read. What I’ve recently realized is that the way my brain’s reward circuitry is structured is primarily responsible for this situation. My brain operates with book-buying in much the same way that many drug and other addictions work. Here’s how. I’ll use a recent book purchase as an example. I come upon a review of a new book. In this case let’s use Daniel Levitin’s, The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload. Immediately, I feel this excited, pleasurable…
  • How Learned Helplessness Can Ruin a Lovely Walk in the Park – A Cautionary Tale

    Mark Brady
    12 Oct 2014 | 4:12 am
    Last month my wife stepped into a hole, fell and twisted her ankle while I stood by and did nothing; never offered her a helping hand or asked after her well-being. Nothing. Which seems totally out of character for someone who thinks of himself as kind, considerate and compassionate. Even rats trapped in a cage will help one another. Not only that, but I’ve personally treated rattlesnakes better than I did her. We were out together walking our dogs at the local dog park, and as you might expect, my response – or really a lack of one – was not especially well-received. To put…
  • How Debt Damages the Brain

    Mark Brady
    5 Oct 2014 | 3:13 am
    *** Free Offer at the Bottom *** When I turned 40 years old I made the decision to transition from being a carpenter, mostly working for wages, to become a spec builder. I would take on the building responsibilities of the whole house, from foundation to rooftop. In order to finance my transition into what was essentially a significantly different business, I periodically ran up bills on any number of credit cards and then paid everything off once my projects were complete and cash flowed freely. I always felt uneasy about this way of operating, but my brain struggled to come up with any…
  • 7 Essential Brain Features Every Helping Professional Needs to Know (Including Parents, Teachers and Business Leaders)

    Mark Brady
    28 Sep 2014 | 3:31 am
    I believe it’s a mistake to think about the brain and brain science in any kind of reductive fashion. That said, our brains are involved in every aspect of ours and our clients’ lives. Might we be well-served to keep these 7 qualities of brain function somewhere in the forefront of our own brain? 1. The brain is the most complex creation in the known universe I suspect it’s a rare neuroscientist who hasn’t been filled with awe and wonder at both the complexity and the beauty of how a healthy brain is organized and operates. Reposting from a recent blog, here’s…
  • Why Creativity Can Be Bad for the Brain

    Mark Brady
    21 Sep 2014 | 4:47 am
    When I was in my early 20s I traveled to Ojai, California to attend a public lecture by the spiritual teacher, Jiddu Krishnamurti. Seemingly through the luck of the draw, I had become unexpectedly successful selling profitable airplane hardware to the U.S. Military, and I found myself plagued, as many financially successful people are, with the recurring question, “Is THIS all there is?” I was hoping Krishnamurti would answer that question in inspiring, heartful ways. “This is my secret: I never mind what happens.” ~ J. Krishnamurti What mostly drove my interest was…
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    My Home Sweet Home

  • The Gift of Rest

    Dawn Camp
    20 Oct 2014 | 5:57 am
    It wasn’t my intention to start a 31 days series and let it fizzle after 10, but keeping up with that schedule showed me what I’d otherwise missed: I’m burned out right now—physically and mentally—and the late nights spent writing made it worse. I don’t plan to abandon the series, but it might look different, more photos and less text. My husband and I celebrated our 29th anniversary this weekend. We spent Saturday in the north Georgia mountain town of Dahlonega, site of Georgia’s gold rush. First we went to Three Sisters Vineyards for Swine and Wine, where…
  • All about Cirque du Soleil & an Amaluna Giveaway!

    Dawn Camp
    15 Oct 2014 | 8:56 pm
    [Contest is closed: Alex Perez is the winner!] Sunday night my husband and I experienced Cirque du Soleil for the first time when we saw Amaluna at Atlanta’s Atlantic Station. I expected an over-the-top visual experience, but I wasn’t prepared for performers whose abilities extended beyond what I believed possible. More than once I shook my head in disbelief: the human body is capable of amazing things with skill and practice. Amaluna runs here in Atlanta until November 30, 2014. Leave a comment at the bottom of this post for your chance to win four tickets! Fun Facts about Cirque…
  • When We Look for Our Points of Intersection

    Dawn Camp
    13 Oct 2014 | 6:20 pm
    My hometown hosted the Arkansas Oklahoma State Fair, one of my fondest childhood memories. My family owned a piano company and my daddy tuned the pianos for the acts that performed when the fair came to town. If it was open, we were there. As a teen I was too cool for country. My daddy still reminds me how I could have seen George Strait for free (I later paid to see him as an adult), but many are the lessons you’re too impatient to learn at 17. Uncle Earl lived across from the fairgrounds. A people person and all-around character—if you know what I mean—he entertained the folks who…
  • A Free Daily Grace Printable

    Dawn Camp
    10 Oct 2014 | 7:29 pm
    Searching for God’s daily grace this month is showing me how important it is to look for it, to actively seek it. It’s easy to miss as you fly through the day, pulled in a hundred directions. I created this free printable image to remind you—and me—to watch for those grace moments in our days. Click the image and you’ll go to the page on Flickr where it can be downloaded. Click the arrow in the bottom right corner and select “original” to download it in a size that will print on standard 8.5″ x 11″ paper. {This is day ten of a 31 day series, 31…
  • If I Had to Choose Next Year’s #write31days Topic Now

    Dawn Camp
    9 Oct 2014 | 2:08 pm
    If I had to pick next year’s topic for my October Write 31 Days now, I would choose 31 Days of Bible Study Notes. I keep a journal where I write the verses that appeal to me most from each day’s reading (and yes, I miss days, too), but I wish I could discuss them with someone. I’ve always wanted to be in a Bible study or book club with other women, but coordinating one face-to-face isn’t easy. So today I set up a private Facebook group for my husband, the five of our children old enough to have Facebook accounts, and our two future daughters-in-law. Those of you…
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    Postcards from the Mothership

  • This is #MyOttawa

    24 Oct 2014 | 9:42 am
    When I left the house this morning, I knew I’d be going across downtown for a meeting. Beloved and the boys had brought home some beautiful yellow roses for me earlier in the week, and I took a minute to pluck one out of the vase on the table to bring with me near the War Memorial. As I crossed Majors Hill Park, the sun behind me shone brightly on the Parliament Buildings. The Peace Tower, with its flag at half mast for Cpl Nathan Cirillo, blazed in light against dark clouds behind it, and all I could think of was this: even after the worst storms, the sun still comes out. Isn’t…
  • A few thoughts about our collective loss today

    22 Oct 2014 | 12:10 pm
    It was a warm September day in Ottawa, and I had just picked up a takeout lunch from the Ribfest on Sparks Street. I had a styrofoam box filled with beef ribs, beans and cole slaw, and I was looking for a spot in the sun to enjoy my lunch. I stepped out of the shadows of the big buildings around Sparks Street and into the bright sunshine beaming down onto the square around the War Memorial and found a spot on a bench to enjoy my way-too-heavy lunch. As I ate, I happened to be watching the Honour Guard in front of the Canadian War Memorial. The different elements of the Canadian Forces take…
  • Halloween Family Fun with the City of Ottawa Museums

    21 Oct 2014 | 8:37 am
    Looking for spooktacular family fun in Ottawa this weekend? Whether you’re a fearless adult or a tiny trick-or-treater, the City of Ottawa museums have an adventure that’s perfect for you. Here’s the details, in their own words. Haunted Historic Village – October 24 and 25 Experience starts at 7:30 pm with the last admission at 10:00 pm Cumberland Heritage Village Museum Confront your most basic fears in Ottawa’s newest and hottest Haunted Village! Our cast and crew will chill you to the core as you wander unassisted in small groups through creepy forested areas and…
  • Photo of the day: Adorable AND smart!

    19 Oct 2014 | 3:42 pm
    Oh babies! So! Many! Babies! on the porch lately. I’d ask where they’re all coming from, but with three of my own, I’m pretty sure I’ve got that part figured out. This handsome fellow was so curious and interested in me and my camera, but he was not at all interested in having those fake glasses on his face. In his mouth, yes, but not on his face. I think he figured he was less “Clark Kent” and more “SuperBaby”. The weather has turned chilly, so these may well be the last chubby, naked baby toes on the porch until spring thaw. I can hardly wait!
  • An ode to two t-shirts

    16 Oct 2014 | 2:07 pm
    They came from the clearance rack at the Gap. It’s really rather astonishing what a large percentage of my clothes come from there. I’m sure I didn’t pay more than $6 each for them – just plain old cotton t-shirts, one in a nice cool magenta, and one in utilitarian navy blue. I’ve had them for four years at least, probably more. Man, I love those t-shirts. They are the perfect fit – a bit of a scoop to the neckline, fitted ever so slightly at the waist but not too clingy, and falling to my hips. A bit of a cap sleeve. A decent heft to them, so they’re…
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    News Moms Need

  • Safe sleep for babies

    24 Oct 2014 | 11:19 am
    Safe sleep can help protect babies from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and other sleep-related dangers, like suffocation (not being able to breathe). Newborns sleep about 16 hours a day, so it’s important to make sure that where and how they sleep are safe. Here are some things you can do to help keep your baby safe when she sleeps: Where to put your baby to sleep • Put your baby to sleep on her back on a flat, firm surface—a crib is best. Use only the mattress made for your baby’s crib. The mattress should fit snugly in the crib so there are no spaces between the mattress and…
  • Halloween ideas for kids with food allergies or sensory challenges

    22 Oct 2014 | 6:48 am
    When you hear the word “Halloween” do you think of candy? Chocolate? Fun costumes? For children with food allergies or sensory issues, Halloween can be a frustrating evening. The thrill of getting treats can quickly become a letdown if there is nothing that your child can eat. And, the thought of wearing a costume may be the last thing your sensory special child will want to do. Non-foods gain in popularity Years ago, in my neighborhood, we knew of a child on our street who had food allergies. As a result, some moms decided to have an assortment of other acceptable treats to give out, so…
  • Did you get your pertussis vaccine?

    20 Oct 2014 | 7:09 am
    Pertussis, also referred to as whooping cough, is a respiratory infection that is easily spread and very dangerous for a baby. Pertussis can cause severe and uncontrollable coughing and trouble breathing. Pertussis can be fatal, especially in babies less than 1 year of age. And, about half of those babies who get whooping cough are hospitalized. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has reported 17,325 cases of pertussis from January 1-August 16, 2014, which represents a 30% increase compared to this time period in 2013. The best way to protect your baby and yourself against pertussis is to…
  • Keeping safe from Ebola

    17 Oct 2014 | 11:46 am
    Lots of people are talking about Ebola. Here’s the deal. Ebola is a rare, but very serious disease caused by a virus. It’s spread by coming in direct contact with body fluids (like blood, breast milk, urine or vomit) from a person sick with the disease. You also can get Ebola if you have direct contact with items, like needles or sheets, that have an infected person’s body fluids on them. Ebola can start with flu-like symptoms, but over time it can cause more serious health problems. Eventually, it can cause heavy bleeding, organ failure and death. Some research shows that Ebola in…
  • Honoring parents with angel babies

    15 Oct 2014 | 7:00 am
    The loss of a baby is heart wrenching.  As today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day, I want to take a moment to honor those parents who have angel babies. Most people cannot even imagine being in their shoes for an instant, yet alone having to live a day-to-day existence without the baby they continue to love. The loss of a baby touches so many people in profound and long lasting ways. No two individuals grieve in exactly the same manner. The mother may grieve differently from the father. Children who were expecting their sibling to come home from the hospital experience their own…
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    The Erin Experiment

  • Experiment 4.0 Launch a business

    9 Oct 2014 | 7:04 pm
    One of the reasons I haven't been blogging on here very often is because I recently launched my own business. After years of helping family, friends, local business and website owners with their digital marketing, I decided to turn my passion into something more substantial.Once I unpacked the moving boxes and got the new home office set up exactly how I liked it, I bought myself a domain and started building the site. Because I have a day job (doing a similar kind of digital marketing, but for a different audience and with different clients), it took a few nights and weekends to get…
  • Experiment 3.0: Dating

    16 Sep 2014 | 6:12 am
    Me, getting ready for a date: Early 2014This 'experiment' could its own blog. And, who knows, maybe that's what this blog will become... Erin's Experiments in dating. But, for now, this is probably where the most irritating humorous parts of my daily life are occurring.There have been too many suitors to recount every single one of them in a blog post; however, there are two that have stuck out in the last year.The Cougartender. Ah, Cougartender. Our meeting was a fluke, or rather, my getting to know him past "hey cute guy, can I have another" was. He was serving me drinks and I was the…
  • Experiment 2.01: Soul Collage

    13 Sep 2014 | 8:42 am
    I have a friend, S, who I've known since 8th grade. S is one of those people who knew me even before I knew myself; she's one of the few people that have seen me through AquaNet bangs, great outfits and bad breakups. She was someone who I knew I could count on during the great 'Reinvention of 2014.'About a month ago, S invited me to a "Soul Collage" night. The idea sounded kind of cool and heaven knows I needed all the nourishment to my soul I could get, so I agreed to attend.For those who have never heard of SoulCollage (and I'd imagine it's a lot of people), it's a creative way to tap in to…
  • Experiment 1.01: Reinvent Self

    5 Sep 2014 | 9:02 am
    Blogger Note:  If you're a long-time reader of this blog: Heeeeeeeey!!! Welcome back and thanks for sticking with me through the roller coaster that has been this blog. I'm going to try this one more time, but with a slightly different posting method. If you're a new reader to the blog: Howdy. Feel free to poke around, check things out and help me see if that handy contact me form works over there on the right. Now.... back to our regularly scheduled blog post...A New LifeI'd been reading Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth, when my lightbulb moment happened. There is a passage…
  • closing the door on 2013...

    31 Dec 2013 | 5:58 am
    I am a visual person. While some people can imagine shutting the door on an experience, my tendency is to find an actual gesture or symbol that I can physically do something with. I'm a girl that needs actual 'gestural-closure' to move on to the next thing.2013 has been one of those years for me that required a few symbols and gestures. This was the year of the 'plot twist'; the great character builder; the time in my life where I'll look back as a reminder of how strong I really am.I've spent the better half of December preparing to leave 2013 as something that exists only in my memory. I…
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    Connect With Your Teens Through Pop Culture and Technology

  • New Design Studio Kit is Like an Internship For Your Teens

    Jennifer Wagner
    19 Oct 2014 | 2:07 pm
    The Extraordinaires Design Studio gives teens and tweens 8+ (and even adults) a chance to learn what designers do other than drawing designs. This amazing, and extremely under-priced studio in a box, is almost like landing an internship at a real design studio. With the Extraordinaires Design Studio, users learn to think like designers. How does the The […] The post New Design Studio Kit is Like an Internship For Your Teens appeared first on Connect With Your Teens Through Pop Culture and Technology. Related posts: Online Java, App and Game Design Classes for Teens and Tweens…
  • Talk With Your Teen About Medicine Abuse Dangers

    Jennifer Wagner
    14 Oct 2014 | 9:07 am
    Parenting Teens has always been challenging. With all the technology that has become part of our lives in recent years, it is more difficult than ever as parents have to learn how to deal with completely new problems. However, parenting is also easier, because we have much more in common with our teens than our parents […] The post Talk With Your Teen About Medicine Abuse Dangers appeared first on Connect With Your Teens Through Pop Culture and Technology. Related posts: Film Festival Premieres Teen Documentary on Prescription Drug Abuse Thats Not Cool Website Deals with Digital Dating…
  • Choosing A College Should Be Like Making A Perfect Match

    Jennifer Wagner
    12 Oct 2014 | 1:43 pm
    Once teens are in their junior year at school, they begin thinking about college. Choosing the college that they will attend is probably the biggest decision they will make at this point in their young lives. How can you, as parents. help them make a sensible decision? Many teens want to go to school where […] The post Choosing A College Should Be Like Making A Perfect Match appeared first on Connect With Your Teens Through Pop Culture and Technology. Related posts: College Size – How Important Is It In Choosing a School? Pick-A-Prof: Help for students choosing college classes 25…
  • Celebrate Family Milestones With Parenthood on NBC or Netflix

    Jennifer Wagner
    7 Oct 2014 | 10:20 am
    I have a love/hate relationship with the TV series Parenthood. I love the actors and the characters they play, I love most of the story lines, and I love how realistic it is. I also sometimes hate how realistic it is. But whether we like it or not, we see the Bravermans, warts and all, […] The post Celebrate Family Milestones With Parenthood on NBC or Netflix appeared first on Connect With Your Teens Through Pop Culture and Technology. Related posts: Orange Is The New Black: Season 2 Netflix Binge Watching Netflix Family Movie or TV Night With Teens Watching Arrested Development on…
  • Love Lists? See Alltime10s YouTube Channel For Video Lists

    Jennifer Wagner
    1 Oct 2014 | 12:26 pm
    Lists are very popular. People love to see lists of the best or worst of almost any category. Other popular lists are “things you didn’t know”, “amazing facts about” a person, place or thing and the most of something. Lists are popular because they are easy to read, you can learn something quickly and they are […] The post Love Lists? See Alltime10s YouTube Channel For Video Lists appeared first on Connect With Your Teens Through Pop Culture and Technology. Related posts: YouTube Education, Trends and Creator Hub – Great Resources Do You Know What is…
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    Priceless Parenting Blog

  • Free Window Cord Safety Kit

    24 Oct 2014 | 10:35 am
    If you have young children in your home, it's wise to check if your window cords could present a problem. Tragically over 200 infants and young children have died since 1990 from strangling with window cords according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. You can prevent a strangling tragedy by retrofitting your blind cords to make them safe. Free retrofit kits are available from the Window Covering Safety Council. There are instructions with each kit plus videos demonstrating how to do the installation.
  • Providing Positive Parenting Support in Your School

    6 Oct 2014 | 12:32 pm
    A mom of a first grader spoke to me today about how she can provide positive parenting support to other parents at her daughter's school.  She's learned a number of positive ways to respond to her daughter's behavior through the Priceless Parenting online classes.   She loves the fact that she can continue to get support in her parenting through ideas in the monthly newsletter and on the web site.After observing various parent/kid interactions, she is passionate about sharing what she's learned with others who might appreciate it.  She called me for ideas about how to…
  • The Effects of Media Violence on Children

    19 Sep 2014 | 9:53 am
    If Not You, Then Who? Guest Blog by Gloria DeGaetano, educator, author, and founder, The Parent Coaching Institute Many parents, unfortunately, seem to think that their children can handle M-rated video games. Nothing can be further from reality. Yet, so many moms and dads are looking the other way, while children as young as six years old, look at inappropriate content such as murder, torture, and prostitution for up to six hours a day. In a new survey, 50% of parents weren’t keeping tabs on the video games their kids played. This is such a tragic situation. Have you seen the psychopathic…
  • Making and Breaking Promises to Kids

    11 Sep 2014 | 8:10 am
    Has your child ever accusingly said, "But you promised!"? Did you break a promise or did your child misinterpret a statement as a promise when no promise was intended?Being intentional about what is a promise and what is not can be helpful in avoiding misunderstandings. Once you make a promise, it is important to follow through with whatever you promised.Remembering Broken PromisesPeople remember broken promises for years, especially if it was an emotional event. Often remembering the situation even triggers some of those original emotions.One 50-year-old woman recalled being at a pool and…
  • How Exposure to Violence Affects Babies and Toddlers

    5 Sep 2014 | 5:17 pm
    Watch this video for the latest ideas on how exposure to violence affects a child's developing brain.
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    Telling It Like It Is

  • My Willow Tree Grandparents With Grandchildren Figurines Collection

    11 Oct 2014 | 1:16 pm
    As a grandparent with several grandchildren, and surely more to come in years ahead, I was instantly drawn to the Willow Tree figurine collection, Susan Lordi’s line of carved, figurative sculptures. I was introduced to Willow Tree figurines a few years ago when I received the “Together” Willow Tree figurine from my husband as a Christmas gift. I was hooked on Willow Tree ever since, and have regularly searched for any and all newly added items to the Willow Tree family of products. I’m especially drawn to the Willow Tree Grandparents figurine collection, and have…
  • Preparing for the Holidays

    9 Oct 2014 | 4:58 pm
    The Holidays are Coming! The Holidays are Coming! The holiday season is upon us, with Halloween due in a couple of weeks, followed by Thanksgiving shortly thereafter, and then Christmas and New Years. Where has the year gone?! The stores are stocking up on all of the holiday goods, and we’re in full holiday mode in our home, making necessary preparations for family gatherings and fun times for all. I think my favorite holiday of all is Thanksgiving. Family and friends gathering together to enjoy each others company and joyful conversation, making memories, and enjoying good tasting…
  • Occupational Mercury Poisoning in Dentistry

    9 Jun 2014 | 7:02 am
    I. Dental personnel and mercury exposure Dental offices are known to be one of the largest users of inorganic mercury. It is well documented that dentists and dental personnel who work with amalgam are chronically exposed to mercury vapour, which accumulates in their bodies to much higher levels than for most non-occupationally exposed. Adverse health effects of this exposure including neurological effects have also been well documented that affect most dentists and dental assistants, with measurable effects among those in the lowest levels of exposure. Mercury levels of dental personnel…
  • It’s Not Selfish to Take Care of Yourself

    28 Apr 2014 | 4:07 pm
    Self-care is not selfish. Taking care of ourselves must be a priority, otherwise how can we care for others when we ourselves are virtually running on empty? This fact became all too clear to me a few months ago, and I had to take whatever time I needed to take care of me, leading me to an unplanned and unexpected writing hiatus. Everyone and everything else had to take a backseat in some ways, until I felt the time was right and I was able to clear my mind and heart and press on. I did it to myself though. I tend to refer to it as Information Overload. You see, for the last several years,…
  • Why I Stopped Wearing Makeup and You Should Too

    30 Sep 2013 | 9:24 am
    A little over a year ago, I completely stopped wearing makeup. I just quit makeup, cold turkey. One day I woke up in the morning, got ready to go to work and while standing in front of the mirror, I decided I would go to work with no makeup on whatsoever. I hadn’t decided to participate in some sort of “no makeup challenge” for a day, week or month, that some writers have participated in over the last few years. At the time I decided to stop wearing makeup, I hadn’t seen or read any of the numerous articles online about women’s reasons for going without makeup…
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    Darryle Pollack | I never signed up for this...

  • Life Interrupted

    Darryle Pollack
    1 Oct 2014 | 10:58 am
    She never signed  up for this….. Barbie Ritzco did sign up to be a Marine, to be on the front lines fighting America’s battles. She did not sign up to be on the front lines fighting breast cancer. Soon after her deployment to Afghanistan in 2011, as she stood in the shower she could feel a lump in her breast growing bigger every day.  Her code of honor and loyalty ran so deep, she agonized that having cancer  could require her to prioritize her own health over her responsibility to her fellow Marines.  When that happened, she later said, leaving her unit was harder to accept than the…
  • My Husband Drove his Car Over My Foot….and here are 10 GOOD things about it

    Darryle Pollack
    28 Sep 2014 | 10:43 am
    1.  It makes great blog fodder. 2.   It was an accident.  I thought I should probably mention that.  In today’s world, you never know. 3. There were witnesses. We were with another couple (who both escaped injury.) 4. It’s not life threatening; I don’t need surgery but potentially could score a handicap parking pass. 5. Need I mention my husband is now waiting on me hand and foot. Possibly for life. 6.  Wearing a canvas boot for weeks is a great excuse to buy new shoes. 7. In the ER I got to try out my brand new Medicare card.  Wait, is that really a good thing? 8. No…
  • Life@50+ Top 10 List

    Darryle Pollack
    10 Sep 2014 | 12:18 am
    Welcome to AARP.  By welcome I don’t mean getting the card.   I’ve had mine for a while.   (okay, a LONG while.)  By welcome I mean attending my first AARP event,  Life@50+. They had me at hello.    Actually they had me even before Hello, as soon as I walked in the door of the San Diego Convention Center. #1:  My intimate friend Mrs. Fields greeted me right off the bat in the lobby.   Immediately I knew this would be a good time.. Blogger friends: Suzanne Simone Stavert (left) and Lois Alter Mark (right) #2.  Inside, more friends, old and new.  Which set the tone with a…
  • Heroes Among Us

    Darryle Pollack
    26 Aug 2014 | 7:42 pm
    In a world where Kardashians are the gold standard of celebrity; where Oscar Pistorius, one of the world’s most admired athletes, is tried on murder charges; our world seems sorely in need of heroes. Yet often heroes seem to be in short supply. Who is a hero?  The official definition:  a person, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.Many qualify who deserve but rarely get our attention. Even though many of us are exposed to heroism on a daily basis….by people who demonstrate character and courage and nobility.Sometimes we wonder how we’d…
  • Birthday Gifts from the Internet

    Darryle Pollack
    19 Aug 2014 | 2:19 pm
    Today is a BIG birthday. How appropriate that for someone whose life has centered around the internet for the last few years, the internet came through in a BIG way. So who told Google it was my birthday?  I saw this graphic today and was completely convinced this was a coincidence.  It took me hours to figure out that Google knows all.  Neat trick, Google, and thanks;  I can’t wait to see what you do next year. BIG Thanks to Upworthy for including my TED talk on Upworthy.  (Click here )  — a gift that makes me feel both UP and WORTHY.   BIG Thanks to humans of the…
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    Kim Becker {aka MommyKnows}

  • Best Brownie Mix

    Kim Becker
    14 Oct 2014 | 7:29 pm
    Betty Crocker Chocolate Chunk Brownie Mix
  • Quick & Easy Pumpkins Spice Muffins

    Kim Becker
    30 Sep 2014 | 12:41 pm
    I’ve become the queen of cake mix hacks. Oh the goodness I’ve been creating. It’s so easy to turn a cake mix into tasty muffins, a loaf cake or even cookies. All with your very own twist. I’ve blogged the family favourite on my LifeMadeDelicious Blog and I’m going to blog my favourite here today. Pumpkin Spice Muffins: Cake mix hacks fill all my quick, easy and inexpensive criteria. The last time I purchased Betty Crocker cake mixes they were $1.49 each and if I bought two, the third was free. That’s $1.00 each! Ingredients: 1 Betty Crocker Golden Cake Mix…
  • A Yummy New Job

    Kim Becker
    15 Sep 2014 | 1:03 pm
    Well it’s sort of a new job. It’s an old gig, that’s been renewed. I am both grateful and excited to be once again blogging for the folks at LifeMadeDelicious … my kids just call them the Betty Crocker People, which is cute, but they’re so much more. They’re the Cheerios people, the Pillsbury people (I love that little dough-boy), the Old El Paso people, the Green Giant People, the Yoplait people, the Nature Valley people … and more! One of my tasks will be to review a product on a monthly basis. This month’s options included: Multi-Grain…
  • Giant Steps – Part 1

    Kim Becker
    10 Jul 2014 | 12:41 pm
    The Giant Steps – Banff National Park There are places in the world world, where you stand and feel so very small and insignificant. It seems easy to feel humbled, in all the vast greatness of the outdoors, especially the Canadian Rockies. I think it is expected. Even welcomed? It puts all your worries and fears and disappointments into perspective. They are minuscule … Truth, but then not. On the sofa in my comfortable home, those thoughts and worries can seem overwhelming. The insignificance disappears and becomes overwhelming. Feelings no longer feel minuscule or unimportant,…
  • Cinnamon Roll Waffles

    Kim Becker
    7 Apr 2014 | 1:32 pm
    Cinnamon Roll Waffles I am Pillsbury fan, not long ago I happened upon a tweet with a photo of a waffle iron cooked Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll! My kids love waffles, they love cinnamon buns, and I love EASY! This looked like it would tick all of those boxes, but I was a little bit skeptical. I’ve tried a few other ‘waffle iron recipes’ that were flops. I am happy to announce that this Pillsbury recipe worked. It was a hit! Also I found that for my teens who are always rolling out the door late. It was also made a great, ‘good-to-go’ snack eaten cold. They were also…
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    My Thoughts, Ideas, and Ramblings

  • Fall Into Autumn With Apples

    24 Oct 2014 | 1:37 pm
    My Thoughts, Ideas, and Ramblings - There are certain foods that just remind you of fall. Pumpkins and apples are two of those things for me. There are just so many fall apple recipes that I want to make this time of year. They keep you warm and remind you of the comforts of home. Here are a few recipes that I know I will be trying this fall. Check out Fall Into Autumn With Apples by Lisa at How about you? What apples recipes do you like? Are there any of the recipes in my collection that you will trying? Copyright © 2012 My Thoughts, Ideas, and Ramblings. This Feed is for…
  • WD My Cloud EX2

    23 Oct 2014 | 4:54 am
    My Thoughts, Ideas, and Ramblings - When you work online, your data staying safe and protected is important. Heck, most of us no longer print off our photos and keep them on our computers. I have blog photos, personal photos, contracts, documents, etc. on the laptop that I am typing this on right now. That is why I was happy to try out the WD My Cloud EX2. When you run your own freelance writing/social media business out of your home, you cannot afford to be down ever. I have already had a hard drive fail on me on a pervious laptop. That is the worst feeling since it just happened one morning…

    22 Oct 2014 | 7:40 pm
    My Thoughts, Ideas, and Ramblings - We are so excited for this movie in our house!!!!! Marvel Studios presents “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” the epic follow-up to the biggest Super Hero movie of all time. When Tony Stark tries to jumpstart a dormant peacekeeping program, things go awry and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye, are put to the ultimate test as the fate of the planet hangs in the balance. As the villainous Ultron emerges, it is up to The Avengers to stop him from enacting his terrible plans, and soon…
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  • Organize Your Photos In 4 Easy Steps

    Anthony Evans
    13 Oct 2014 | 11:43 pm
    DSLRs and digital cameras have really made the capture of pictures easier. Because of the ease in capturing photographs, more and more people are taking pictures and a new problem now has to be resolved. People have now problems in organizing the pictures that they captured especially the digital format. The need to organize photographs especially in digital format has never been this great in the past years. Here are steps that you can do so you can organize your photographs. Always set the current time and date of your camera It is one of the easiest ways to organize your photographs but…
  • 5 Date Night Ideas For New Parents

    Anthony Evans
    9 Oct 2014 | 3:12 pm
    When you’re a new parent, you may feel like you have to learn how to do everything over again. When you have a newborn, you world gets turned upside down and you have to learn how to multi-task. For some people, this adjustment is fine, but for others, this is a frustrating and challenging task to grasp the concept of. Although you are new parents, you can still have dates and enjoy spending quality time with your significant other. Having a Simple Movie Night When you think of a movie night, you think of a big screen, surround sound, popcorn, drinks, and candy. Contrary to popular belief,…
  • Beauty Hack: Tips For Younger-Looking Skin

    Anthony Evans
    29 Sep 2014 | 11:46 am
    Search for a photo of Jennifer Aniston and Tom Cruise now and compare it 10 to 15 years back. Notice how incredibly ageless they are? If they can achieve it, so do you. This digital age appears to have kept us occupied and flitting from one activity to another. There is really no need to spend thousands of bucks to be forever young! Here are five tips on how to effortlessly attain a younger-looking skin and achieve beauty from within. Sleep is the fountain of youth You may say that you still function well even with less than 8 hours of sleep but it is taking a toll on your skin. When we…
  • Save A Lot Of Money On Your Next Family Vacation

    Anthony Evans
    6 Sep 2014 | 9:23 pm
    When was the last time you and your family went on a vacation and not think of the huge costs it will entail? Having a vacation with your family is becoming more and more expensive these days, it makes it very hard for the family to enjoy and seize the moment while on vacation. Fortunately, there are still ways to save a lot of money while going on vacation. There are tons of discounts and promos on venues and hotels out there, it would be hard not to participate. Also, you can do some planning yourself ahead of time in order to save on cash. Here are a few of the tips on how to save money on…
  • Things To Remember In Starting An Online Business

    Anthony Evans
    7 Aug 2014 | 3:13 am
      An online business is the widely known business that offers trade of products and services through internet. It also provides buying, transferring or exchanging information between the company, the clients or the costumers. It allows the external activities and business relationship with the other business, people, or groups. Online business involves greater responsibilities like conventional business. It requires more effort to make it profitable and stable. THINKING OF STARTING AN ONLINE BUSINESS? HERE ARE SOME REALITIES OF BUSINESS ONLINE Make a Marketing Research Before you start…
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  • Trick or Treat

    Shaman Mother
    19 Oct 2014 | 3:47 pm
    October is the season filled with displays of witches, ghosts, skeletons and ghoulish items.  They represent the dark side of us all and the fears that permeate our minds.   Horror movies pique interests on watching the terror a person must face to survive.  The HBO series Dexter is an example. (He’s a serial killer that kills other murderers;  a hero and a villain, all at the same time.) Do we need to watch horror flicks to stimulate our fears and darkness when the daily news fills our minds with fear everyday?  Ebola flashes across the TV screen like a red flashing light warning us…
  • What is the T word?

    Shaman Mother
    9 Apr 2014 | 10:00 am
    Trust, according to Webster’s dictionary is: “the belief in and reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc, of a person or thing.”  If you look back on your own life experiences, how many times your trust has been violated on many different levels of life?  I think every single one of us can share a story of how a trust was broken and how painful it was.  We can look at organized religions that have broken a sacred trust, as well as governments, banks, businesses, and personal relationships in which trusts are broken frequently.  You might ask ‘Is trust humanly…
  • The Joy of Eating

    Shaman Mother
    26 Nov 2013 | 12:41 pm
    Americans are obsessed with dieting; billions of dollars are spent by consumers on weight loss companies and diet literature.  Yet, one third of Americans are obese and out of shape.  Eating disorders are rampant on college campuses and women who are petite, lament how fat they are.  The new word for diet now is “CLEANSE” OR DETOX.  No one is happy with themselves, no matter what weight they are and the joy of eating is gone! Food experts are everywhere; everyone has an opinion about food: …..Do not eat meat it’s not spiritual. …..Raw food has all the nutrients in them so do not…
  • Integrity

    Shaman Mother
    8 Sep 2013 | 12:47 pm
    Integrity is an important virtue to cultivate. In our fast paced society many people over commit themselves and never follow through on their promises.  Honesty goes hand in hand with integrity like a harmonious chord.  People are conditioned to say what people want to hear, rather than speak the truth. Recently I made hotel arrangements with an online company that had “ Price Assurance”; I thought that this was the lowest rate possible.  I booked with them and then discovered I was over charged by hundreds of dollars.  The travel service told me that the hotel did not have the right…
  • Moment of Surrender

    Shaman Mother
    17 Jul 2013 | 5:14 pm
      Do you feel like life is one big struggle?  There is always some inner or outer conflict that seems to be upsetting our inner peace.  The lists of obstacles are endless: money, health, jobs, relationships, traffic, weather and so on.  I had a client come to me recently and tell me how tired she was of the struggle.  I decided to tell her this story.  A man discovered a chrysalis on his property one day.  Observing the progress of the metamorphosis fascinated him.   But after a period of time he watched helplessly as the caterpillar was struggling to be free of her encasement.
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    Jolly Mom

  • Ten Ways to Boost Your Confidence

    Piera Jolly
    20 Oct 2014 | 8:15 am
    What makes YOU feel more confident as a woman? How does your confidence level affect your daily life? The truth is that confidence matters. I know that for me personally, when I feel confident – I feel like I can do anything. I can take on the world. The way that I feel about myself impacts every aspect of my daily life from being a mom and wife to my work and business life. Today, I thought I’d share some confidence-boosting tips with you. Ten Ways to Boost Your Confidence Invest in YOU. Take the time to read a good book, learn a new language, or learn a new skill or even hobby.
  • Halloween Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips

    Piera Jolly
    14 Oct 2014 | 5:39 pm
    Halloween is only a couple of weeks away and it’s time to start planning the evening’s festivities. If you are going trick-or-treating then it is also important to have a safety plan in place. Halloween is a fun holiday, but it is also a prime opportunity for bad things to happen. Today, I thought I’d share some safety tips so that you and your kids can have a fun and SAFE Halloween this year! Lucas with his new Rayovac Glow in the Dark Flashlight   Halloween Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips Make sure that your child can be seen! Plan costumes that are bright and…
  • New Survey Findings from Cascade Platinum and Marie Claire say – Skip the Pre-Wash!

    Piera Jolly
    14 Oct 2014 | 9:52 am
    This post was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Cascade. I was compensated for this post, but all opinions are 100% mine. For years, I have been pre-washing my dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. It usually takes me about 10 extra minutes to “pre-wash” the food and gunk off our dishes. That’s a long time, which adds up over the course of a week! If you think about it, it’s kind of ridiculous to wash your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, but it seemed like a necessary step. I just recently learned that you don’t have to pre-wash your…
  • Join Us for the Let’s Celebrate Halloween Twitter Party #OrangeTuesday

    Piera Jolly
    8 Oct 2014 | 12:07 pm
    This is part of a sponsored collaboration with BuyCostumes.  However, all opinions expressed are my own. Boo! Halloween is only a few weeks away, which means that it’s time to start planning a spooktacular night of trick-or-treating with the family. Plus, since Halloween falls on a Friday this year, a party is definitely a must! has identified the top 10 Halloween party trends this season; find them at Which will you choose? Do you coordinate your costume with your party theme? teamed up with lifestyle expert Sandra Lee for the…
  • Useful Mango Tips & Recipes – Learn How To #MasterTheMango

    Piera Jolly
    7 Oct 2014 | 8:43 am
    One of our family’s main eating philosophies is to eat produce that’s in season. As the weather gets cooler, the variety of fresh fruit at the grocery store that is actually in season is dismally low. That’s why we love mangos so much! You can find a type of mango that is in season pretty much year-round. Right now, you should look for the Tommy Atkins mango  - it’s peak availability is October – January. Mangos are one of our favorite fruits. I love that they can be eaten alone and so easily paired with both sweet and savory recipes.  Plus, they are full of…
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    My Mommy Manual (For the Journey)

  • My child won’t stop crying!

    Zen Mommy
    11 Oct 2014 | 5:07 am
    The next time your little one is losing it over something you think is silly (like maybe they asked you for a banana but not a PEELED banana, and, well, you peeled it! Who knew this could cause such pain and upset, right?!? but they are kids - not mini adults, and believe it or not, it DOES...) and you're tempted to stay "Stop crying" or "Don't cry", take a deep breath and as you offer them the peeled banana anyway, say instead... (read more)
  • Helping Kids Make “Good” Decisions

    Zen Mommy
    3 Sep 2014 | 2:13 pm
    Like learning to balance, learning to make "good" decisions takes practice and encouragement. It takes allowing our children to listen and follow their intuition, not simply our rules and directions.
  • Am I Raising An Entitled Kid?

    Zen Mommy
    17 Aug 2014 | 4:05 pm
    As parents, we hear much these days about entitlement. We talk about it, think about it and read articles/books/posts about it because lets face it, NO ONE wants to raise an entitled kid. Quotes like the following leave us quaking in our boots lest we end up the parent of the sniveling brat who will never learn to take out the trash, tie his shoes or appreciate the world around him: "A lack of discipline is apparent these days in just about every aspect of American society. Why this should be is a much larger question, one to ponder as we take out the garbage and tie our kids’ shoes." -…
  • Could Spanking Be the Answer?

    Zen Mommy
    30 Jul 2014 | 9:49 am
    If you spank your kids as a form of discipline or you believe in spanking, let me say this to you before you go any further:
  • When did “like a girl” become a put down?!

    Zen Mommy
    28 Jun 2014 | 1:49 pm
    A group of actors, young and old, are audition for a commercial. They are all instructed to perform simple tasks but “like a girl.” Run like a girl. Kick like a girl. Throw like a girl.
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    Home of Lynn Kellan, contemporary romance author

  • A new contemporary romance novel

    22 Oct 2014 | 2:00 am
    My new book, Clear as Glass, releases today. Clear as Glass won 5 Romance Writers of America chapter contests and is published by The Wild Rose Press. The last thing Mitchell Blake needs is another hot-shot consultant, but this one is different. She is hiding something. If he can unearth her secrets, he might have good reason to fire her…or keep her. So, if you’re in the mood for romance, perhaps this one is for you? Available on Kindle, Nook, ebook, iBooks, Kobo, for all ebook readers, and in print.
  • Why nervous parents shouldn’t visit their kids at college

    15 Oct 2014 | 2:00 am
    I made the mistake of visiting my firstborn at college for Parents’ Weekend. I was nervous. I needed reassurance that we sent her to the right school. When we arrived, I saw terrible signs that we’d made a huge error. Clearly this “inoperable fireplace” has been used. That wasn’t the only weird thing going on at college. Apparently, there is a 24 hour study room in the library …but I saw this:   If this place doesn’t know the definition of a 24 hour study space, what nonsense are they teaching my kid? My anxiety skyrocketed when I saw this:…
  • Why you shouldn’t brush your teeth

    8 Oct 2014 | 2:00 am
    My husband told me he loved our new toothpaste. I nodded and asked him to carry a heavy pumpkin to the cashier. My husband wondered why our new toothpaste tastes like peanut butter. I shrugged and wondered which mum to buy. My husband barked at a cat, which was weird. I frowned at him and kept walking. When we got home, I realized why my husband was acting so strange. This was on our bathroom countertop. Do I tell him, or not? This post brought to you by Websites With Broken Comment Boxes. I’m happy to report the comment boxes for my site work again!
  • Don’t tell my husband…

    1 Oct 2014 | 2:00 am
    I’m gonna talk about my husband. Because today is our wedding anniversary. My husband is six foot, five inches tall. No kidding. He’s actually shorter than the guy I dated in college. My husband has great legs. Great legs can get a marriage through the tough times, I believe. My husband’s favorite food is ice cream. I don’t eat ice cream any more, so he gets dessert all to himself. Plentiful ice cream helps a marriage through the rough spots, don’t you agree? Dreamy gazes can get a marriage through any rough spot. I bat my eyelashes at my hubby every night,…
  • Meet my characters

    25 Sep 2014 | 2:00 am
    In one month, Clear as Glass releases! This story won five Romance Writers of America chapter contests, and I’m so excited to share it with you. Published in both paperback and ebook by The Wild Rose Press. Available October 22nd. Marooned with a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, Jaye Davis isn’t sure how to read the brawny guy who offers to help. When he gets too close, she hits him in the nuts. Turns out, he’s not a murderous sex maniac – he’s her new boss. Now he has good reason to fire her, but she’s determined to save his faltering glassblowing…
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    Harassed Mom

  • Its all about the mundane here I am afraid!

    23 Oct 2014 | 7:58 am
    So my little #mundahappiness challenge has taken off better than I anticipated. My twitter and instagram feed are full of photos and updates (I am behind on blog reading so haven’t checked their yet). Thank you so much to everyone who is joining in! If you haven’t joined us then you can start now. Julia asked me this morning why there are no posts. There are two reasons. The first is that I have been busy and today our Santa Shoebox Drop Offs started so its crazy crazy. But the second reason is a little disturbing for me. I just haven’t had the inspiration/desire/motivation…
  • The wheels on the bus go round and round (and round and round)

    20 Oct 2014 | 7:07 am
    This post is part of a new challenge I have started over at Blog Share Connect - please join us. Its going to be fun. I moan often about the driving around of my many kids in the afternoon. It is tiring and no really a whole lot of fun especially now that its warmer. It’s not all bad though, far from it. There really are a lot of reasons why it is great to be able to play moms taxi in the afternoon. Jack is always so super happy to see me. Every single day. Last week I was a little bit late to fetch him, the look on his face when I arrived was priceless. I get to stalk watch Cameron…
  • Standing up for yourself is NEVER wrong even if you get pushed down again.

    16 Oct 2014 | 6:44 am
    Articles and posts about bullies are everywhere. Stories of teens committing suicide as a result of bullies are almost a daily occurrence. I have blogged about it. Kiara has been bullied. Sharon has blogged about it. Bullies are everywhere, everyday. Wikipedia defines bullying as follows; Bullying is the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively dominate others. The behavior is often repeated and habitual. One essential prerequisite is the perception, by the bully or by others, of an imbalance of social or physical power. Behaviors used to assert such domination…
  • If you are happy and you know it, leave a comment!

    15 Oct 2014 | 2:09 am
    I had about three blog posts in my head yesterday but I got so distracted with the next #jozimeetup and catching up on blog reading etc etc.that I missed my window to actually write at least one of them. So this morning I sat down ready to go because I had three options to choose from so I figured it would be a quick thing! WRONG! Here I sit 3 hours later and still NOTHING. I considered the post I had planned about bullying but then figured theirs enough fuel on that fire at the moment BUT there is still a post to come, then I wanted to write about teaching my kids to stand up for themselves…
  • Parenting just got real!

    13 Oct 2014 | 1:24 am
    There is nothing more overwhelming that giving birth. That moment you are handed that screaming little person is possibly one of life’s greatest moments. You are overwhelmed by every emotion there is  – fear, love, panic, wonder, admiration – you feel it all at once every few seconds but the love is rather overwhelming. I don’t you realise it until the second day when the sister comes to do those first vaccinations and you hear your baby scream, I remember wanting to punch the nurse with every single baby. You realise in that moment though, that you would lay down…
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    Maryland Family - Baltimore Sun

  • Making video games in Baltimore with Sid Meier

    23 Oct 2014 | 7:59 am
    Legendary game developer creates interactive exhibit for Baltimore Museum of IndustryLegendary game developer creates interactive exhibit for Baltimore Museum of Industry
  • Baby turtles hatch at Aquarium, new admission discounts announced

    21 Oct 2014 | 11:28 am
    There are some new residents of the National Aquarium now that four big-headed Amazon River turtles have hatched. The aquarium said today that it believes this is the first time this type of turtle has been bred successfully in North America.
  • Having a third child. Try it, you'll like it

    20 Oct 2014 | 5:44 am
    Over Memorial Day weekend in 2011, my husband and I left our twin boys — who had just turned 1 — with my parents, to head out for two nights in West Palm Beach. We'd never left our babies overnight; in fact, we were so swallowed up by first-time parenthood, we'd barely left them...
  • 'Wild Things' are at the Pratt Library

    18 Oct 2014 | 12:00 am
    That day, 2-year-old Max Nistico wore his wolf suit and made mischief of one kind and another and his mother called him "wild thing." So Max wasn't even a little bit surprised when he walked into the Enoch Pratt Free Library and found himself right in the middle of his favorite storybook.
  • Kids with food allergies can seek out teal pumpkins this Halloween

    17 Oct 2014 | 1:56 pm
    As you walk around the neighborhood for some Halloween fun this year, you might find yourself wondering why some of the pumpkins are teal.
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    Playground Confidential

  • People I won’t be giving candy to this year

    Rebecca Cuneo Keenan
    24 Oct 2014 | 8:45 am
    Gone are the innocent days of yesteryear when you could count on young children to go door-to-door donning masks and extorting candy from vandalism-fearing citizens. Now it seems everybody wants in on the action regardless of age and proficiency in egging. There’s been a growing sense of discontent among people who have access to internet ... [Read more...]The post People I won’t be giving candy to this year appeared first on Playground Confidential.
  • “Step on the scale, Mom,” he said.

    Rebecca Cuneo Keenan
    20 Oct 2014 | 8:22 am
    My thighs are killing me. So is my ass. And also the sole of my foot because I stepped on a stray game board-game piece, but that’s a different story. You see, I knew I’d slipped up. The regular exercise routine I had last winter and early spring had been knocked off course by a ... [Read more...]The post “Step on the scale, Mom,” he said. appeared first on Playground Confidential.
  • We ran for breast cancer and now my heart is swollen

    Rebecca Cuneo Keenan
    16 Oct 2014 | 11:44 am
    Irene and I ran the 1K at this year’s Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run For The Cure. I am so grateful to have been a blog ambassador for the Run this year. THANK YOU to everyone who donated. I almost forgot to tell you how the CIBC Run for The Cure went. And you must hear ... [Read more...]The post We ran for breast cancer and now my heart is swollen appeared first on Playground Confidential.
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  • Getting Started With Essential Oils

    8 Oct 2014 | 11:10 am
    By now you probably have heard people talking about essential oils and may be wondering what they are, as well as how to use them.  When my family first started using essential oils my expectations were fairly minimal, I figured our house would smell great from diffusing something natural, instead of using synthetic fragrances and that […]
  • WaterWipes Baby Wipes

    SafeMama Kathy
    11 Sep 2014 | 12:41 pm
    I’ve gotten hundreds of emails asking me my opinion on WaterWipes! I have since added my two cents in the Baby Wipes Cheat Sheet but the kind folks at the copy sent me some to test out.  Granted, I do not have any babes around here anymore but I know a good baby wipe when […]
  • Updates Coming to Your Favorite Cheat Sheets

    SafeMama Kathy
    5 Sep 2014 | 5:15 am
    See I told you I was back! It’s been a long year and there is a lot to cover around here but I started by updating the Baby Wipes cheat sheet for you mainly for the #1 email I received on my hiatus.  I have a review in the works of the new product on […]
  • SafeMama’s back!

    SafeMama Kathy
    3 Sep 2014 | 5:15 am
    Hello loyal SafeMama readers! I know I have been VERY quiet and despite that, your emails and comments and visits still flood the SafeMama gates.  I am so grateful for that.  I needed, without realizing it, a break from this project.  I love this website and what it provides.  But my life became busier and […]
  • La Mav Organic Skin Care

    SafeMama Kathy
    24 Feb 2014 | 3:46 pm
    I had the opportunity to sample a swanky line of skin care this year. I wasn’t sure at first, if I wanted to review it.  It looked too pretty to be free of toxic ingredients.  I looked a bit closer and was actually impressed by the list and decided to give it a try.  I […]
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    Rave & Review

  • Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro car seat offers safety and comfort to grow with your child

    20 Oct 2014 | 10:20 pm
    As a parent, I want to keep my kids as safe as humanly possible. That has meant extended rear facing, five point harnesses as long as they fit the weight/height maximums of their seats, and never allowing my children to just simply use adult belts because their peers are allowed to. For us, graduating to a booster seat is a very big deal, and we took our time coming to the decision of when we would do it, which vehicle we would switch first, and what brand would help us make the leap. When I met Kiddy USA at The Baby Ladies BlogHer Baby Shower, I knew that this was a company that valued…
  • All the reasons I love the Ninja 3-in-1 Cooking System

    14 Oct 2014 | 11:12 pm
    Fall is by far my favorite season. It’s still hot enough here in the Pacific Northwest to wear skirts and sandals some days, but then it’s boots and sweaters the next, all under the gorgeous backdrop of changing leaves and fall colors. Just look at my happy harvester, collecting vegetables for the week. The one thing that isn’t awesome? Meal planning. With unpredictable weather and high temperatures nearly every afternoon, it makes it hard to plan what kind of meals to make that won’t leave the house sweltering at the end of the day. When a friend suggested I try slow cooking instead…
  • 10 tips to keep your kids safe this Halloween

    10 Oct 2014 | 9:25 pm
    Did you know that Halloween night is one of the most dangerous nights of the year? In fact, kids are twice as likely to be hit by a car on Halloween over any other day of the year. With little kids in costume sharing the road with vehicles of all types and lights turned down low, it's really a recipe for disaster. While those are certainly sobering statistics, that doesn't mean you can't keep your kids as safe as possible this Halloween by planning ahead and helping teach your child basic safety rules before they head out hunting candy. 1) Avoid masks and costumes that could cover the face…
  • TacoTime Flatbread Frenzy {enter to win 1 of 20 $100 gift cards}

    8 Oct 2014 | 9:14 pm
    Anyone that has lived in the Pacific Northwest for any length of time understands the deliciousness that is TacoTime. With 350+ locations in the United States and Canada, and most of those restaurants located in the Pacific Northwest, it’s definitely a local favorite. All through my corporate days we had set Fridays which were lovingly referred to as “TacoTime Friday” and even to this day, my ex coworkers will often message me on Fridays and wish me a happy TTF, which was our version of TGIF. And now, even though my bosses are under the age of 7 and Fridays don’t really have the same…
  • Hello, phablet! Nokia Lumia 1520 16GB from AT&T

    5 Oct 2014 | 9:06 pm
    Remember my beloved Nokia Lumia 920 Windows phone? It met its untimely demise after the screen was crushed at Disneyland last April, which is after it was revived after it took a swim in the kids’ bath, and after it had been dropped a bazillion times while juggling kids. I was so distraught about ruining my phone that I simply couldn’t retire it and kept on using it even with the cracked screen and the odd thumping noise it made when it would get shaken. But, then the Nokia Lumia 1520 with Windows Phone 8.1 arrived and I happily ditched the 920 in a pile of paperwork until it could be…
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    Being a Mummy

  • Quick, Cheap and Easy Keema Fusilli Pasta Bake

    Claire Walsh
    20 Oct 2014 | 11:42 am
    I was asked to design my own recipe for a dish to make with keema. Once you have made a batch of keema you'll find that its a brilliantly simple dish which is incredibly versatile. The challenge posed me with a problem, i'm not that good at cooking, well, at least i'm not all that interested in cooking. However, I know how to do all the basics and nearly everything we eat at home is cooked from
  • Ready, Steady, Cook Fish! Simple Creamy Pasta and Asparagus with Trout

    Claire Walsh
    17 Oct 2014 | 4:41 am
    I was asked to design a fish dish for a new campaign from Seafish which is the national authority on fish called Ready. Steady, Cook Fish! The challenge was to design a recipe in 30 minutes using fish. I'm all for quick, easy, uncomplicated healthy dishes which are economical to make, so I thought I'd make up this pasta and Trout dish. This quick and easy dish is a perfect comfort food for
  • Cooking with Keema

    Claire Walsh
    11 Oct 2014 | 8:22 am
    Rather excitingly I've been asked to design my own Keema dish to be entered into a competition. I'm sure I won't win the competition, but hey, little old me has been asked to do something cookery related. With my track record of cooking this suggests that I'm improving! Anyway, like me, you're probably wondering what Keema actually is: Keema is inspired by South Asian cuisine and is used all
  • Book Review: A Treasury of Animal Stories by Holly Webb

    Claire Walsh
    11 Oct 2014 | 7:58 am
    Holly Webb's animal stories are brilliant for little readers and also to read to primary school aged children. Over the years we have built up a few of them individually so it was lovely to receive this collection of 11 of them all nicely presented in a soft cover book. The stories speak for themselves and are a lovely collection perfectly pitched at primary school aged readers. I enjoy
  • Book Review: Sloth Slept On Written and illustrated by Frann Preston-Gannon

    Claire Walsh
    11 Oct 2014 | 7:44 am
    We really enjoyed Frann Preston- Gannon's previous offerings How to Lose a Lemur  and Dinosaur Beach so it was with much excitement that we received Sloth Slept On. This is a story about discovery and identification, teamwork and the value of books. Personally I think its a really charming book with fantastic illustrations and a great story. I really enjoyed reading it to the children,
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  • Chipotle-Sesame Beef Tacos with Cotija, Avocado and Cilantro

    21 Oct 2014 | 9:37 am
    El Picosito Copycat Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and I’m proud to be working with the Beef Checkoff. I would have shared this recipe with you regardless, so the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association is a perfect partner (since I already use Beef at home every week). Also, you need to know, that although they did provide me with some tips to share about beef, I’m going to share a bunch of additional health information with you that DID NOT come from them. I’m kind of on a bit of a soap box about proper nutrition lately, and I think beef and fat in particular…
  • PSAT Week

    19 Oct 2014 | 9:10 am
    Last Wednesday my teenagers took their first high-school standardized test: the PSAT. It was the bomb that went off in our week. I don’t mind tests. I like to compare how my kids are doing along side public school kids. However, I’m not sure even with the scores – when we finally get them – how I’ll be able to compare much, because we are on a totally different scope and sequence. But… college money sounds good, so loaded the big kids up and took them to take the test this past Wednesday at a local Christian School. They spent all of 3 days studying for…
  • When Autumn Leaves Begin to Fall

    12 Oct 2014 | 8:16 pm
    I miss the Arkansas leaves this time of year. Texas trees never know what to wear in Autumn. We are lucky to get a couple of weeks at Thanksgiving with reds and yellows; unless you count the few yards where some brave soul has dared to plant a more showy tree and has taken the time to nurture it. Even my red oak was hardly red last year – and my husband is the “tree whisperer” (he gives our trees organic fertilizer and lots of water all year at the perfect times). I’ll take this cooler weather, though… and I can make do with brown (it is one of my favorite…
  • Mostly Grain and Sugar Free Lunch Ideas

    9 Oct 2014 | 3:57 pm
    I did a BIG List of Lunch Ideas Post a year or so ago – right before we began our journey to live a more “paleo-ish” lifestyle and ditch inflammatory grains and disease-and-obesity-causing sugar. We were really doing well with our low-grain and sugar diet until my oldest teen started slipping up. The closer he gets to 18, the more he thinks he deserves a cheat every day (or two). I’m coming to grips with the fact that I have to let go… which is hard when he’s eating sprouted grain toast and honey in front of his little brothers (who are decades away from…
  • Emptying to Be Filled

    2 Oct 2014 | 2:20 pm
    There hasn’t been room to do much more than breathe in the past month for me. I haven’t even been sleeping full nights because of the to-do list. The bags were barely unpacked from the last trip when I stuffed them full for today’s women’s retreat; they tell the story of a woman who needs to slow down. So I’m going this weekend to soak up some of my savior – sans the social media – and to tell a little bit of my story to my sisters. We all have a story. I’ll be ready to start next week afresh after I’m (empty, and then…) full. Do…
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    Attachment Parenting International Blog

  • Taking time for self makes me a better Mommy

    Kelly Shealer
    24 Oct 2014 | 6:02 am
    It was 8:00 at night. I was putting my oldest son to bed, and I realized that I hadn’t eaten dinner. I had made dinner for both of my sons, had nursed my baby multiple times and had even made sure that my husband took food to work with him. But I had completely forgotten about myself. And because of it, I was getting irritable and was on the verge of losing my patience with my son, who was doing nothing wrong except not relaxing for bed as quickly as I wanted him to. I quickly made a decision to leave the room for a few minutes, grab something to eat and then go back to my son. I almost…
  • The time-in technique

    23 Oct 2014 | 2:00 am
    Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on August 27, 2008, but I love the message it offers to parents about how positive discipline dovetails with responding with sensitivity in observing what underlying needs children may be expressing when they act out. Recently there has been a discussion about time-out technique on a Yahoo group. A mother was sharing about how effective she finds the time-out sessions to teach her 18 month old not to bite mommy. Lots of people were interested and wanted to learn more about the technique. I believe in gentle discipline. I remember reading…
  • Editor’s Pick: AP Month on “How to get from there to here”

    Rita Brhel
    22 Oct 2014 | 6:26 am
    “We nod our heads recognizing scientific ‘child outcomes’ as…parenting goals regardless of our style of parenting. But how do we get from there to here? What’s the parenting analogue that allows us parents to be all that, enough of the time, so that these child benefits are possible?” ~ “How to get from there to here” on AP Month 2014 On today’s AP Month post, we’re posed the question: How do we get from there to here? How do we, as parents, raise our children to fulfill the positive child outcomes that science shows is the result of…
  • Why not the status quo, and instead Attachment Parenting?

    API Blog
    21 Oct 2014 | 9:14 am
    By Lysa Parker & Barbara Nicholson, cofounders of Attachment Parenting International and coauthors of Attached at the Heart It was 20 years ago when we hatched our idea to “save the world.” We were, and remain, hopelessly optimistic that we can effect change in our society. Both of us are parents, with six sons between us, and we both were teachers with experience on the front lines, which gave us the perspective, determination and passion to begin a grassroots nonprofit organization called Attachment Parenting International (API). Why did we do it? When we were new mothers, we felt…
  • The happiness of pursuit

    Sandy Gordon Frankfort
    20 Oct 2014 | 2:34 pm
    As an Attachment Parenting parent, I’ve always listened to my children. I always will.  I treat them with respect, and I truly care what they have to say.  I do my best and hope they always know that someone hears them. I don’t want them to go through their lives wondering and feeling like they are alone, as so many of us do. I’m not a movie critic, although sometimes, when I’m deeply moved by a film, I wish I was. My husband and I took our boys the other day to see the delightful “Hector and the Search for Happiness.” The sweet woman giving us our tickets was…
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    Pancakes and French Fries

  • Riley’s

    20 Oct 2014 | 12:00 am
    My teacher’s in-service (I was well enough to go) was in Yucaipa at St. Francis X. Cabrini Catholic Church, which has to be one of the most beautiful Catholic churches in the area. It was stunning and huge! As I exited the freeway, I noticed that the famous apple orchards of Oak Glen were to the left. Going to the apple orchards is something I always wanted to do as a family, so that’s what we did on Saturday. I didn’t know which orchard to pick, so I chose Riley’s because it was the first one that popped up online and looked pretty good. The boys had a great time.
  • Happy, Happy

    17 Oct 2014 | 12:00 am
    Every time I think I’ve dodged the cold I feel coming on, I get a tickle in my throat. I must have caught something in the TK-K classroom, even though I wash my hands all the time. There is a teacher’s in service on Friday, so the boys don’t have school. I have to go, even though I’m not a teacher. Have you ever wanted to not get sick because you don’t want to ruffle feathers by missing something important, only to secretly also want to get sick enough that you can get out of going? It gives me smug satisfaction to have bookcases that aren’t styled. Old…
  • The William Morris Project: Pinterest

    15 Oct 2014 | 12:00 am
    This might be one of my biggest projects yet, and I don’t even have to move from my chair. I spent two hours last night cleaning up my pinterest boards. I went from 156 to 104 boards. That’s a decrease of 33.33%. Not bad! I would love to get under 100 boards, but that’s impossible since I haven’t moved over my boards from the library account I started a couple of months ago. Yes, I started the library account because my original account was too cluttered for me to find anything. Heaven forbid I just clean out the cluttered account! At least now I can say that…
  • How to Wrap Books and Protect Your Paperbacks

    13 Oct 2014 | 12:00 am
    Over the summer I spoke a lot about wrapping books for the library on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, here, church, the supermarket…anywhere there was an ear and a platform, basically. It didn’t occur to me that some people wouldn’t know what I meant when I said I was wrapping hundreds of books. A few people thought I was setting up a blind date with a book program, one friend, who gives me way too much credit, thought I was wrapping them up for a giant “Christmas in August” book party with the students. Still other people thought I was wrapping everything in brown…
  • A Post About the Library, School, and Shoes

    10 Oct 2014 | 12:00 am
    Last year, even without any sort of electronic management system, I was able to keep stored in my memory everything I needed to know about acquisitions, circulation, and cataloging. If a child said they liked dinosaurs, I knew where to go and what we had. Now, with the influx of books we received from generous parents (and my own friends!), my optimistic goal of reorganizing the entire library, and my time away from the library aiding in other classes, I need help. I’m looking at open source systems since a proprietary model is not an option this year. If you have experience with…
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    icefairy's Treasure Chest

  • Best Christmas Gift I Received as a Child & Upcoming Walmart Holiday Toyland Events #ChosenByKids

    24 Oct 2014 | 2:45 am
    Toys often top the holiday wishlists of young kids. You can hardly go wrong by gifting a child one hot new toy if you can't think of anything better. Toy gift shopping often brings back memories about the Christmas gifts I received as a child and I'd love to share with you my favorite one. I didn't really own many toys when I was a little girl. A handed-down toy in good condition was considered
  • Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage Recipe: Quick & Easy Kid-friendly Pasta Meal #ad #BringHillshireHome

    23 Oct 2014 | 10:00 pm
    This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Hillshire Brands as part of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network. As a busy mom, I know how important it is to keep the right products on hand in order to put together a fast and healthy meal that my kids will enjoy. Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage and pasta are my go-to ingredients for quick and easy recipes that are also flexible and variable. I've
  • OASAP Sweater Giveaway (Winner's Choice)

    23 Oct 2014 | 5:29 pm
    As the weather starts to cool off, it's time to stock your closet with clothes to keep you warm. offers a nice selection of stylish sweaters under $50. Check them out here and enter to win one for free! One lucky winner will get to choose one of the following sweaters: Brilliant Floral Cropped Sweater Solid Braided Lace Knit Sweater Classic Sequined Mohair Knit Sweater Classic Solid
  • Nickelodeon #Halloween DVD Collection Giveaway (ARV $78) 5 Days Only!

    21 Oct 2014 | 10:22 pm
    Halloween is coming up in 10 days. What special activities have you planned for the Halloween weekend? Are you interested in watching some not-so-scary, kid-friendly Halloween-themed movies with your family? Nickelodeon has put together a spooktacular Halloween DVD collection featuring well-loved characters like SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora, Diego, and the Yo Gabba Gabba! crew. You could win them
  • Pulse Performance Electric Scooter Giveaway (ARV $100)

    21 Oct 2014 | 10:00 pm
    In search of a unique gift for your little fashionista who also loves to be on the move? Look no further than the Pulse Performance Electric Scooter! It's available in hot pink and ready to be decorated and accessorized anyway you like. Don't miss your chance to win one for free! Hosted by StellarManicMommy2 Blog & The Hopping BloggersCo Hosted by Mama Smith Review's - Reviews 411 - Women and
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  • We Wish The White Mom With Black Sperm Said This

    MyBrownBaby Staff
    23 Oct 2014 | 9:01 pm
    What the white mom who accidentally got Black sperm should have said. The post We Wish The White Mom With Black Sperm Said This appeared first on MyBrownBaby. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
  • Mo’Ne Davis Throws Like a Girl In New Spike Lee Documentary (VIDEO)

    Denene Millner
    23 Oct 2014 | 9:01 pm
    Mo'Ne Davis throws like a girl with a 70-mile-per-hour pitch that captures American hearts in Chevy ad. The post Mo’Ne Davis Throws Like a Girl In New Spike Lee Documentary (VIDEO) appeared... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
  • What Blazing Your Own Trail Feels Like and Other Revelations from a Sometimes Okay Writer/Wife/Mother

    Tracey Michae'l Lewis-Giggetts
    22 Oct 2014 | 9:01 pm
    When it comes to motherhood and work, blazing your own trail is possible—and necessary. The post What Blazing Your Own Trail Feels Like and Other Revelations from a Sometimes Okay Writer/Wife/Mother... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
  • The Truth About Age 46: On My Birthday, So Happy Being Me

    Denene Millner
    20 Oct 2014 | 9:44 pm
    Celebrating my birthday at age 46: it just gets better with time. The post The Truth About Age 46: On My Birthday, So Happy Being Me appeared first on MyBrownBaby. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
  • New Study Says Labor Pains Don’t Hurt As Much As We Remember. Moms Everywhere Want To Shank Them In the Gut.

    Denene Millner
    17 Oct 2014 | 7:07 am
    Do labor pains hurt? A new study says it's not as bad as moms think. We think the researchers should go into hiding now. The post New Study Says Labor Pains Don’t Hurt As Much As We Remember.... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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    The Mother Huddle

  • It’s Family Night at the Car Wash!

    13 Oct 2014 | 2:39 pm
    some fun Make tonight a family fun night…just for the heck of it. The weather is perfect for a car wash together…. in your front driveway. It can be super fun. Grab some buckets, some Dawn, and some old cloth towels. Just add water. People will get wet.  There may be some squealing. Most likely the car will get the least amount of water. With this 60 degree weather we might as well act like it’s summer. It’s Monday night at the car wash! Where do you wash your car? Davina Fear is a Familyness Adventurer. She is expert at building forts and is excited about her next…
  • Ribbon Pillows

    26 Sep 2014 | 10:28 am
    Part of something bigger This little project is part of a much bigger project that we did a few years ago!  This is just a small piece of our Dinner in the Woods.  To see more of that project begin here. These pillows are oh! so simple but look fantastic here as fall approaches.  They have a wonderful Anthro feel to them for a fraction of the cost and look fantastic thrown into vintage chairs for a dinner in the woods. Ribbon Pillows: We loved the look of all mismatched chairs and went to garage sales and estate sales hunting down our favorites.  We wanted to give them a more warm and…
  • Kid Date Idea: Bike rides

    19 Sep 2014 | 2:34 am
    kid date idea. Every Thursday evening is Kid Date Night.  The kids have their date planned out on the calendar.  Nothing else gets in the way of that time.  And they completely look forward to it…and so do I! The weather hasn’t gotten completely ice cold (as least not here in the southeast).  It’s the perfect time to get in a relaxing bike ride together before the temperature turns frigid cold. Some little things you could add to your bike ride: plan two places you could stop (the convenience store for an ice cream cone or hot chocolate and the library) bring along some water…
  • LOL Swing Top

    8 Sep 2014 | 8:18 pm
    Friends! Life has recently dished me up a large helping of crazy and I have much to tell you, but for today I am popping in for a fun sewing series I had the honor of being a part of in a couple of ways. If you sew, you’ve no doubt heard of the fabulous “Flip This Pattern” series held by the super talented sister duo of Frances Suzanne.  To switch things up they are hosting a September Showcase featuring Indie pattern designers who have 5 patterns or less.  I was over the moon when they chose to include my Sewlosophy Pattern Co. as part of the series-there was some serious…
  • Love What You’ve Got: Marriage and Family

    5 Sep 2014 | 2:16 am
    Marriage series. Six months ago I created a marriage course called Better Together.  During the weeks leading up to it’s launch I created a series of marriage tips.  This post is an excerpt from the series.  The thing is…this little tip applies to every aspect of our lives and to every relationship. I know when I start listening to the voices in my mind that want me to compare and find myself lacking to other people or families it ends up making me miserable.  It’s absolutely natural and normal for all of us to compare.  It’s something our brains do because…
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  • read magic tricks: cool, fun focused reading

    amy mascott
    20 Oct 2014 | 9:30 pm
            Magic is one of those things that totally intrigues kids. They want to know how the tricks work, they want to know why the tricks work, and they want to know as much as they can to trick their friends and family. So when I saw that Melissa & Doug had a brand, new Magician Role Play Set, I knew that my kids would love it since they’re longtime fans of the other Magic Sets. Cora learned first-hand recently how much time and effort magic takes to really get those tricks down. But before long, she had our family–and her buddies–wondering how she…
  • halloween party ideas for kids and classrooms

    amy mascott
    17 Oct 2014 | 7:00 am
          I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: we shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to Halloween class parties. Haven’t these been held for years and years and years? Right. So why are we all searching around and surfing the internet and looking high and low for ideas? Here’s everything you need for a rockstar Halloween class party. All wrapped up in a pretty little package. Just click the links, add them to your cart, and it will all end up on your doorstep. Print out the games, put on your witch hat (Come on. You better have a…
  • pumpkin match game

    amy mascott
    16 Oct 2014 | 7:00 am
        This game was surprisingly more difficult than I expected it would be for my 10, 9, and 7 year olds. I don’t know if they were just not in the pumpkin-matching mindset or if they need more matching practice or if the pumpkin faces were just a wee bit too similar–but it took them a while to match the 24 pumpkins. Hoping that it’s not too tough for a Halloween class party later this month because I think it would be and ideal way to get kids up and moving and thinking and interacting. Here’s the skinny. . . Pumpkin Match Game: Pumpkin Match is…
  • simple spider web craft: perfect for Halloween class party

    amy mascott
    15 Oct 2014 | 7:00 am
            I love this simple and sweet spider web craft. Love it. And I think it’ll be perfect for a Halloween class party or playdate activity. No matter the children’s age, kids would totally dig it because anything crayon resist is super-fun.  And way spooky. Simple. Quick. No glue. A little spider surprise. Big win. Here’s the skinny. . . Simple Spider Web Craft: I saw this spider web art project first on my pal Zina’s site, Let’s Lasso The Moon.  It was a guest post by the crazy creative Jean of The Artful Parent. But you’ve…
  • fall classroom decor: quick and easy for teachers and parents

    amy mascott
    14 Oct 2014 | 7:00 am
          Fall is here! Already it seems as though the year is moving at light speed. For many of us, whether we’re classroom teachers or homeschoolers or parent volunteers, now is a great time to put up some rockstar fall classroom décor. And the quicker and easier the décor, the better. We need quick. We’re all busy. No matter what we’re doing, if we’re working with kids, we’re busy. I’ve recently partnered with the good people at Staples–yes, believe it–and I’m throwing them some serious high-fives for the new line…
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    A Mothers Ramblings

  • Keema Inspired Sloppy Joes

    23 Oct 2014 | 11:00 pm
    If you saw my blog post about Keema, then you'll know it's basically an indian mince. It has various spices in, that make it tasty but not too spicy (well depending on how many chillies you put in!) and the good news is that when you use the Keema as a base for dishes that use mince as a basic ingredient, such as Spaghetti Bolognese or Shepherd's Pie it adds a new twist to family favourites. I spoke to Daddy and we thought about what we could turn the Keema into that we would enjoy, that our children would enjoy and what would be something worthy of winning the competition too (nudge nudge,…
  • Keema Inspired Cooking

    23 Oct 2014 | 6:25 am
    I love cooking for my family and I love cooking new things that I find out about online or in new cookbooks that I get sent or I borrow from friends or the library. I know that Daddy and I have slightly more adventurous tastes than Top Ender and Big Boy, but it's good because slowly we are introducing more and more foods to them that are adventurous (for them), that are different and new and eventually they'll be like Daddy and I and understand that nothing ventured means nothing gained!So. Who's heard of Keema?Yeah, me neither.What is Keema? Well, it's basically Indian…
  • A Spooky Bostik Craft Time

    22 Oct 2014 | 11:00 pm
    When the box of craft items arrived from Craft Merrily and Bostik I was super excited, surely this would be the month that I looked in the box and someone had handily written a sneaky note giving the children and I some ideas of things to make with the brilliant craft items. I eagerly opened the box and found out that, no. They hadn't.It was quite late when I opened the box, the children were in bed and as I sat on my bed looking through the items and hoping for some inspiration when I started fiddling with a piece of wool whilst watching TV and ended up somehow without thinking about it,…
  • K'NEX Construction Toys- Could you be the next ultimate K’NEXPERT builder? #Review

    22 Oct 2014 | 9:37 am
    I never had any K'NEX as a child, I remember one of my cousins did as I played with it one rainy afternoon when there was a family party happening downstairs and us children had got rather bored. I think I had high aspirations of building a working Ferris Wheel like on the box, but I think in the end all I ended up doing was making some random works of art. When K'NEX asked if we'd like a box to have a go at trying to be one of their ultimate K’NEXPERT builders I said yes, hoping that the children would be inspired, instead they looked at me as if I'd gone crazy!Of course as I…
  • Microwave Dinners

    20 Oct 2014 | 11:00 pm
    After my review post about the One Touch Microwave by Sage, I was after suggestions of meals that would feed the family and that used the Microwave as more than just a tool for reheating the food. Basically I wanted to be the sort of person who would be able to rustle up a brilliant meal in minutes and have people be amazed that I did it by using the Microwave. I called my sister up, she too uses her Microwave as something to quickly heat up leftovers, or to make quick things in so we got to work thinking up some ideas of some meals that we could cook using the Microwave, other than the…
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  • Halloween Candy: 8 Little Tips to Avoid Overindulging (Again)

    23 Oct 2014 | 11:00 pm
    I’ve decided those all the fun-size bars my son collects at Halloween are going to go bad on Thanksgiving. Of course, the candy is created to survive the Armageddon. But he won’t know that, and I am pretty sure I can fool myself into believing it. A month is plenty of time to dole out the loot and anything that remains, even if it is stale-ish licorice or off-brand imitations of the good stuff, will just be a temptation I don’t need.   Setting your own expiration date on Halloween candy is a good strategy, says Mary Hartley, RD, so long as it makes you feel in…
  • 9 Secrets to Staying Safe When Living Alone

    Elli Bishop, safewise
    23 Oct 2014 | 10:22 am
      Living on your own for the first time is exciting. You can finally watch what you want on TV, decorate to reflect your personal style and come and go as you please. That said, there are a few potential downsides to solitary living, and personal security can be one of the most significant.  Whether you’re an established professional woman transitioning into a house, or a recent college grad moving into your first apartment, here are nine simple ways to take charge of your personal security and enjoy living solo for the first time. 1. Meet your neighbors. No one says you need to…
  • What to Do When Your Teen Thinks She’s Beyond the Rules

    Barbara Greenberg PhD
    22 Oct 2014 | 11:00 pm
    It happens. Your teens may not only stop talking to you as much as they used to, but they may also decide to stop following the rules. Some of them think, ‘I’m older now, so I’ll follow my own set of rules and I’ll do as I see fit.’ Not so fast here. A teenager is not an adult and it is your job as a parent to set structure and rules and look out for your teen’s safety. As much as your teens would like to think that they are ready to set their own set of rules… they simply are not. They are inclined to take risks and often use bad judgment. So what…
  • How to Make That Sexy Summer Feeling Last Through Fall AND Winter

    Katie Parsons
    21 Oct 2014 | 6:00 pm
     OK, sure…summer is the  sexy season. (Research actually backs that up.) Less clothing, more free time, more vacations. We refuse to believe, though, that you can’t turn up the heat once the temperatures drop! Sexual researcher Alex Allman, author of the e-book Revolutionary Sex, says we are simply more relaxed June through August and that positive attitude makes us more open to sex. “The biggest inhibitor that I see when it comes to happy sex lives is just the normal pressures and anxieties of life,” he says. “It doesn’t bode well for…
  • Roasted Acorn Squash and Sweet Potato Soup

    21 Oct 2014 | 12:00 am
    Soup is probably my favorite Fall food.  As the temperatures start to dip, I pull out my big stock pot and start searching for recipes.  This one from Joan Salge Blake, MS, RD, LDN is of my favorites.  Enjoy! Ingredients: 2 large onions, peeled, and quartered 2 large apples with skin, cored, and quartered 1 large sweet potato, peeled, and cut into chunks 1 acorn squash, peeled, halved, seeds removed 2 tablespoons honey 2 ten-ounce cans reduced-sodium chicken broth 2 cups water 2 tablespoon curry   Instructions: Preheat oven…
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  • CVS #OneGoodReason campaign showcases the positive of quitting smoking

    Jen Williams
    24 Oct 2014 | 5:00 am
    If you follow social media, I’m sure you have heard by now that CVS has stopped selling tobacco products in their stores. Many people had mixed feelings when it came to that move. To be honest I never really understood why any pharmacy sold tobacco or alcohol products in the first place. When I think of... [read more]
  • 5 Ways to Infuse Green in Your Lives

    23 Oct 2014 | 12:19 pm
    The new world is all about green and organic ways. Since people are becoming aware about the harmful effects of using artificial and synthetic stuff, they are consciously making a shift towards natural and organic things. Though it is difficult to switch to organic completely, slowly moving towards better alternatives is a wise way. You... [read more]
  • 10 Beliefs That Make It Hard For You To Lose Weight

    Jen Williams
    21 Oct 2014 | 9:00 pm
    If we’re being honest, losing weight really isn’t the easiest thing to do. Actually it’s not even close to easy. However, it definitely does not need to be as hard as most people seem to think it does. You might be following false trends or sticking to misinformation! Continue reading to rid your mind of... [read more]
  • How to Check Your Home for Water Leaks

    Jen Williams
    20 Oct 2014 | 12:12 pm
    A leak can be a very costly problem for your home if it goes unnoticed. When your water bill arrives, you will be paying for the water wastage even on a small leak. One drip per second can amount to 2,000 litres a month, which is a staggering amount to go down the drain under... [read more]
  • Sweeping Saturday 10/18/2014

    Jen Williams
    17 Oct 2014 | 9:00 pm
    Do you Have Giveaways? Please Share them here! Every Saturday there is new post with a Mr. Linky for you to list your giveaways. So Please Check weekly To Add yours!
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    2 and a half

  • Lost bunny

    23 Oct 2014 | 11:38 pm
    "Hello?" "Hi. We have your bunny." Click. It's miraculous actually. A little gray bunny, who goes by the decidedly mystifying name "Peanut," wandered through an opening in a courtyard gate, down a sidewalk and through a parking lot, across an intersection and down another block toward Broadway. He may have traveled a half mile or more. And survived. No one suspected as much. Maybe he was looking for a ride. A thrill. A carrot perhaps. It was impossible to fathom what drove him to wander off. A search team assembled. It was dark. Flashlights frantically…
  • Monster toast

    19 Oct 2014 | 10:02 am
    Grace learned about a thing called monster toast at school so naturally we had to make it at home. It's edible art. Want to make it yourself? Add 2-3 drops of food coloring to 1/2 cup of water for each color. Use a small paint brush to apply. Toast in a toaster or toaster oven. Spread butter and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar.
  • Where are the charms?

    15 Oct 2014 | 10:02 am
    The remnants of breakfast. Something has gone missing.
  • Pumpkins

    10 Oct 2014 | 8:43 pm
    Grace's class created pumpkins from construction paper. The one on the lower right is the best. By far.
  • Typing

    9 Oct 2014 | 8:33 pm
    In 8th grade I took Typing for the first time. It was on an old thing called a typewriter that most people born in the past 15 or so years may never hear of. I was among the best in my class and, in hindsight, learning that skill well has really paid off. I still feel sorry for those who peck away at computer keys with one finger. Audrey will never be one of those people. She is doing 10 words per minute in 3rd grade through an online tutorial sponsored by her school. And she is excited about it. She'll breeze past me in no time.
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    Little Ones Education and Parenting Resource

  • Halloween Recipes for Your Little Ghosts and Goblins
    10 Oct 2014 | 4:34 pm
    Halloween Recipes Looking to whip up some Halloween fun?  Here are some great Halloween recipes that are perfect for parties, lunch boxes and the entire family.  So gather around the cauldron and cook up some Halloween fun! One of our favorites is the Rice Krispies "Treat-O-Lanterns" listed below.  For more recipes, check out our Halloween Recipe Special Feature. Rice Krispies "Treat-O-Lanterns" 3 tablespoons margarine 1 package (10 oz., about 40) regular marshmallows or 4 cups of miniature marshmallows 6 cups Kellogg's Rice Krispies cereal Melt…
  • Magic Tree House Children’s Series: Leprechauns in Late Winter
    2 Mar 2014 | 1:06 pm
    Leprechauns in Late Winter (Magic Tree House Series), Mary Pope Osbourne Just in time for St. Patrick's Day! Take a trip with Jack & Annie in their magical tree house to learn about Irish culture, traditions and a bit of history too!   Get whisked back in time to experience the beauty and charm of Ireland. In the Magic Tree House chapter book series, children are exposed to a variety of exciting historical events and time periods. Whether it be taking a trip to Ireland; traveling to the era of the dinosaurs; helping out soldiers in the Civil & Revolutionary Wars; getting…
  • Children’s Valentine’s Day TV Specials 2014
    1 Feb 2014 | 11:53 am
    Enjoy watching children's Valentine's Day TV specials starting on Monday, February 10th on PBS Kids. PBS will be airing a variety of Valentine's Day episodes starring all of your child's favorite PBS characters. Tune in during your regularly scheduled PBS times to view these heart-warming episodes all week long. In addition, don't miss the Peanuts' double-header of Be My Valentine Charlie Brown and A Charlie Brown Valentine airing back to back on Friday, February 14th on ABC from 8pm-9pm, Eastern/Pacific times. Mark it down on your family calendar so you can enjoy this…
  • 2013 Top Holiday Toys For Babies
    28 Nov 2013 | 5:19 am
    We've updated our list of highly recommended and top-notch baby toys from birth-2 years guaranteed to thrill the little ones on your holiday list. Each of these top selling baby toys have won prestigious toy and parenting awards based on quality, creativity, educational value and/or entertainment value. All toys have also received outstanding consumer ratings and, best of all, are reasonably priced. Tips for selecting baby toys: Babies are master learners! Promote & support your baby's learning with stimulating toys that closely match their level of development. Start with eye…
  • Thanksgiving Books for Children 2013
    5 Nov 2013 | 4:53 pm
    Thanksgiving is an American holiday rich in history and traditions. It is the perfect time to give your children an appreciation for the true meaning behind this special day of thanks. Thanksgiving books & DVDs are wonderful tools to teach children about the spirit of thankfulness while introducing them to the formation of our nation. The characters and events in Thanksgiving books provide children with important historical background that is explored throughout the Social Studies curriculum.  In this selection of board books, picture books and chapter books, Thanksgiving is depicted…
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    Rage Against the Minivan

  • What I want you to know about being married to someone with a physical disability

    24 Oct 2014 | 6:00 am
    What I Want You to Know is a series of reader submissions. It is an attempt to allow people to tell their personal stories, in the hopes of bringing greater compassion to the unique issues each of us face. If you would like to submit a story to this series, click here.  Today’s guest post is by written by an anonymous writerMy husband was born with Spina Bifida. He endured many, many surgeries and doctor visits as a child, but still managed to have a normal childhood. With the support of braces on his feet, he was able to run and play like any other boy. He played…
  • On not “firepitting” our marriage (or our children)

    23 Oct 2014 | 4:36 am
    We’ve got a new metaphor in our house to describe a bad habit that we often fall into. We’re calling it “firepitting.”It’s one of those things that a lot of people do . . . that tendency to live your best life when others are around. A prime example of this is our backyard firepit. We pull it out almost every time we have guests over. We love sitting around it, listening to music, talking, or roasting marshmallows.But here’s the thing: we NEVER pull that firepit out just for our kids. We never set up the firepit after the kids have gone to bed and enjoy some wine just as a couple.
  • #TBT: The celebration of color

    23 Oct 2014 | 3:00 am
    On Thursdays, I'm posting a favorite from the archives. This was from October, 2010.Jafta's class is having a "Celebration of Color" over the next two weeks.  In my mind it is more of a "Celebration of Chaos", because he is supposed to wear an assigned color every day of the week for two weeks.  And seeing as how I am struggling to remember to pick him up from kindergarten every day, this feels like a bit of a challenge.A couple of you suggested I just boycot the color thing, which would be a perfectly sane thing for a mother of four with intact boundaries to…
  • Wednesday's Child: Creshawna

    22 Oct 2014 | 5:30 pm
    Every Wednesday I feature a child recently highlighted by a local Wednesday's Child newscast to share the stories of children from around the country who are waiting for a family. My hope is that this can broaden exposure for the children highlighted, but also serve as a reminder that these children represent thousands of children currently in the foster-care system. Perhaps their stories will inspire you to consider opening your home to a child needing a family. For more information and to learn about other waiting children, visit AdoptUsKids
  • 25 Conversation Starters for the Car

    22 Oct 2014 | 6:53 am
    This post was sponsored by FordRoad trips . . . they can be boring and tedious, but they can also be a time for family bonding. While we certainly aren't opposed to breaking out the technology for long-haul trips, we try to avoid relying on digital entertainment for shorter trips. For example, a trip to grandma's house is about 45 minutes, and one we take pretty frequently. Instead of pulling out the ipads, we try to use that time as a chance to have some deeper conversations with the kids, while we've got a "captive audience."  We are a huge fan of games that ask questions, especially…
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    Creative Mamma

  • Free Printable: 2015 Mini Calendar

    5 Oct 2014 | 5:43 pm
        The 2015 Mini Calendar is here!  This year, I decided to go ahead and use some geometric/hand drawn designs… I hope you like them!  The calendars work great printed on full sheet labels (these labels are from World Label) just in case you wanted to print them out and stick them in your planner. Don’t forget to […]
  • Free Printable: 2015 One Page Calendar

    11 Sep 2014 | 7:53 am
    September is here!  Seems like the summer absolutely flew by… Our summer this year was filled with lots of camping!  We camped all over the place this year, and the boys absolutely loved it!  Anyway, 2015 Doodle Write In Calendar is ready, I have the new 2015 page calendar for you as well.  Just download and print! […]
  • Free Printable: 2015 Doodle Write in Calendar

    28 Jul 2014 | 2:38 pm
        Hello! The new 2015 Doodle Write In Calendar is finally here!  My poor blog has been neglected of late, but life has been so busy with the little ones starting school… the adventures never end!  I have more calendars in the works, so don’t forget to check back here soon! Also, thank you […]
  • Free Printable: Doodle Weekly and Daily Pages V.2

    31 Dec 2013 | 8:10 am
    Happy, Happy New Year! I hope your holidays were full of joy and cheer!  I wanted to start 2014 off with a free printable for you!  My hope is that combined with the free printable calendars, you’ll be able to get a wonderful start to the new year.  Looking forward to what 2014 will bring! […]
  • Free Printable: 2014 Kawaii Kokeshi Mini Calendar

    20 Oct 2013 | 7:17 am
    Special Announcement: The 2015 Mini Calendar is here!  Go check it out… Enjoy!   Finally, the 2014 Kawaii Mini Calendar is here!  This year, I decided to go ahead and use the kokeshi dolls for the designs… I hope you like them!  The calendars are designed to fit size:  4″ x 3.33″ shipping labels  (these labels are from […]
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  • Shuffling…

    Jennifer Murray
    16 Oct 2014 | 9:13 am
    I’ve been quiet and a few of you have noticed. That means a lot that you are still here and checking in on me. Yesterday was Infant and Pregnancy Loss Remembrance Day and I stayed off the internet most of the day, because I just couldn’t… The sadness was just under the surface and I was afraid to wake it, that I might drown in it again. I’ve been in a really good place with gratitude and even joy, but I feel shaky as some calendar days approach. My feet feel unsteady with knowing winter and its harshness are approaching. If you pray for me, would you pray that I might…
  • Input Needed: Early Reader Book Recommendations

    Jennifer Murray
    7 Oct 2014 | 7:53 am
      Hiya, Friends!  Can you help a mama out?  My boys’ reading is taking off.  They were slow readers, but it’s kicking in, and they are reading some easy chapter books and Level 1 and 2 Easy Readers. I have PLENTY on our Favorite Read-Aloud List, that we are working our way through. Currently we are in the middle of Hero Tales and Prince Caspian and soaking them up, but I need some good suggestions for their read-aloud and individual reading time. Is it just me or are there a lot of terrible easy readers?  I get discouraged at the inconsistency of the levels, the length…
  • Boy Mama Confession: Fish Are Not My Friends

    Jennifer Murray
    30 Sep 2014 | 9:45 am
    Boy Mama Confession: I’m not super fond of fishing. Catfish are down right scary looking creatures. Picking up larva is just gross. And wet moss freaks me out. I DO enjoy being outdoors and spectating. I’ve even brought along a book a few times this year. The pages don’t seem to get read with the distractions of helping four little fishermen or just the beauty of the water and surroundings. But you know what I love the most? I love the enthusiasm they get when they catch a big one. I love being there when they them jump in my arms with excitement and a smile so wide they can…
  • Medicine Cabinet Purge: How I Threw Away An Entire Trash Bag of OTCs and Personal Care Products

    Jennifer Murray
    24 Sep 2014 | 10:36 am
    Hello Fall! It’s time for some fall cleaning (it can’t wait until spring comes around again). I love having the windows open this time of year and getting motivated. I’ve been tackling a few projects that I haven’t gotten around to in quite some time around the house.  I conquered my closet last week, and now I’m working on room by room going through some things and purging things we no longer are needing. Yesterday I went through our bathroom closets and the linen closet where we keep anything from games, to band-aides, to towels, and anything else we can stuff…
  • Louisville. Looavul. Luhvuh. Louieville. Looaville.

    Jennifer Murray
    22 Sep 2014 | 9:51 am
    No matter how you pronounce it, Louisville showed us a good time over the weekend.  Our boys LOVE traveling, it doesn’t matter where we go, they are always up for the adventure of exploring a new place and of course swimming at the hotel pool. Thankfully it was a warm weekend in Kentucky, and the boys got to swim one last time outdoors. Thumbs up for an {almost} fall swim! Caramel apples poolside was definitely a first. While their skin got wrinkly and water logged, I made my way to Lexington to co-teach an Essential Oils 101 class with my sweet gal, Myra along with Traci and Cyndi.
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    Family Focus Blog

  • Fall Tea Flavors And Teavana Promo Code

    24 Oct 2014 | 12:51 pm
    I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Teavana. I received samples for this review and a promotional item to thank me for participating. Delicious Fall Tea Flavors I love tea and I drink it year round but I especially love tea in the fall and winter as a warm mid morning pick me up and as an afternoon treat.  I appreciate a quality brew and I love the full, rich flavors that a high quality loose leaf tea bring to the cup.  There are all kinds of tea and there are all grades of quality.  I am fortunate enough to have been just introduced to two…
  • 4 Fun Halloween Activities For Kids

    24 Oct 2014 | 11:17 am
    Halloween has just sneaked up- pretty spooky!  There are a plethora of fun Halloween resources for kids, and you’re probably struggling as you try and pick the best ones. Don’t worry – here’s an amazing line-up of four fun Halloween activities for kids- the stuff fond memories are made of!  These fun Halloween activities are great for when a rainy Halloween strikes or when you want to throw a fun Halloween party. Four Fun Halloween Activities- Great For Halloween Parties Mummy Race Get your kids’ party wrapped in no time at all with this hilarious dress-up race! You will need…
  • Masala Baby Kids Organic Pajamas Review and Giveaway

    24 Oct 2014 | 8:30 am
    I was provided with Masala Baby kids organic pajamas to facilitate review.  I was not provided with monetary compensation and the opinions expressed are my own. Masala Baby- Modern Kids Clothing   Masala Baby was launched in 2010 with a goal of creating modern, eclectic , stylish yet wearable clothing for infants, toddlers, and kids. The Masala Baby clothing line caters to ages 3 months to 10 years. Masala Baby makes dresses, skirts, tunics, pants, tees, bodysuits, shirts and accessories. The Masala Baby brand is defined by its signature colors: saffron, clove brown, raani pink and…
  • 3 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Like Fall

    Meredith Rodefer
    23 Oct 2014 | 8:00 am
    With the temperatures dropping, it’s finally beginning to feel like fall.  That’s right, it’s time to get out your favorite sweaters and scarves, enjoy the crisp air and changing leaves, and indulge yourself in the sweet scents that fall brings.  The smells are my favorite!  Three that I love, alone and combined, are apple, cinnamon, and pumpkin.   Since my nose longs for these yummy smells every year, bringing them into my home is a no-brainer.   Here are a few simple ways that I bring the smells of fall inside.  Try them out! 3 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Smell Like Fall  1.
  • Guide To Making A Great Pumpkin Jack-O’-Lantern

    Rob Youngblood
    23 Oct 2014 | 5:11 am
    At our house, the Youngblood Men like to wait until close to Halloween to carve our pumpkins. It really gets my son into the spirit and it also helps the pumpkins continue to look fresh for the trick or treat parade. With that in mind, I thought I would share my pumpkin jack-o’-lantern carving tips and tricks that I have learned over the years (and am still learning and working to perfect). Guide To Halloween Pumpkin Jack-O’-Lantern Carving Tips And Tricks   Some of our finest pumpkin jack-o’-lantern carving! How to Pick and Carve a Pumpkin You want a fine looking…
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  • Husband wants to go paperless – but his wife teaches him a lesson!

    Justina Goh
    23 Oct 2014 | 6:30 pm
    The post Husband wants to go paperless – but his wife teaches him a lesson! appeared first on Singapore Parenting Magazine for baby, children, kids and parents.
  • An open letter to a mum: “Dearest Mummy of the Very Loud Children on the Plane…”

    Nalika Unantenne
    23 Oct 2014 | 6:00 pm
    “We understand why you are anxious even before boarding the flight…” Dearest Mum, I remember when I first noticed you. You were attempting to juggle your 2 children with sweet, angelic faces (they looked to be around 2 and 4 years old, am I right?), several large suitcases, an overstuffed diaper bag out of which the ragged end of a much-loved blankie was poking out, as well as many other kid and non-kid related paraphernalia. You looked anxious even though your kids were quite calm… perhaps you knew it was just the calm before the storm of your plane ride. It was your turn…
  • 10 interesting facts about Serangoon Gardens Country Club

    Justina Goh
    22 Oct 2014 | 8:17 pm
    Have you and your family been to Serangoon Gardens Country Club? What’s the one thing you love about the Club? Share with us by leaving a comment below! The post 10 interesting facts about Serangoon Gardens Country Club appeared first on Singapore Parenting Magazine for baby, children, kids and parents.
  • Little girl plays peekaboo – but starts crying out of a sudden!

    Justina Goh
    22 Oct 2014 | 6:30 pm
    The post Little girl plays peekaboo – but starts crying out of a sudden! appeared first on Singapore Parenting Magazine for baby, children, kids and parents.
  • Guess these Asian celebrities: Do you know them all?

    Justina Goh
    22 Oct 2014 | 6:00 pm
    Guess these Asian celebrities now! The post Guess these Asian celebrities: Do you know them all? appeared first on Singapore Parenting Magazine for baby, children, kids and parents.
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    Child Behavior Help

  • Homework and Bedtime Arguments: 8 Tips for Calmer Nights with Kids

    13 Oct 2014 | 3:56 am
    "Why can"t I get my kids to get their homework done and off to bed without the constant screaming, bickering, and crying?" If you"ve asked yourself this question regularly, you"re not alone. Parents tell me that homework and bedtime battles are some of the most nerve-wracking, exhausting moments of parenthood. No wonder. When everyone is coming home tired and cranky, homework and getting ready for bed are prime fodder for arguments. But with some simple, thoughtful changes, you can develop a Calm Evening Plan that will make things a lot less stressful for you and your kids.
  • Setting Limits for Difficult Kids: Are You Too Strict?

    6 Oct 2014 | 10:21 am
    Do your kids make you feel like an ogre when you set limits? Does the word "no" kick off whining, yelling and protests? How many times have you heard your nine-year-old say something like: "That"s not fair! Brandon"s mom lets him watch Sons of Anarchy!" Or does this sound familiar: "Jessica"s dad lets her stay out "til 10 on school nights! Why can"t you?"
  • Dreading Parent-Teacher Conferences? Try This New Approach

    29 Sep 2014 | 7:30 am
    Soon we will be carving pumpkins, raking leaves, pulling scarves out of the back of the closet...and bracing ourselves for parent-teacher conferences. Some parents go to conferences expecting glowing reports, but many of us dread them. Maybe it"s because, like me, you"ve had a prior bad experience. I remember going to my first parent-teacher conference when my oldest child was in kindergarten and having the teacher run through a long list of complaints about my son. He didn"t sit still at circle time, didn"t want to write, interrupted her and on and on. The message I got was, "You"re not…
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    I Thought I Knew Mama

  • What is Beachbody Coaching and is it right for me?

    Charise Rohm Nulsen
    20 Oct 2014 | 2:00 am
    Team Perseverance is not just any team. We’re a FAMILY. We work together, support each other, and inspire each other on a daily basis, and this team, as well as the Beachbody programs and products, have been LIFE CHANGING for me. I am passionate about sharing this opportunity with others because it has been like a dream come true for me to be able to WORK FROM HOME, grow my own business from home, prioritize being a FULL TIME MAMA, help other people improve their health and fitness, and to feel excited and motivated about what I do on a daily basis. As a Diamond Coach with Beachbody, I…
  • Evenflo Symphony LX with SureSafe All-In-One Car Seat: Review and Coupon #EvenfloPlatinum @EvenfloBaby

    Charise Rohm Nulsen
    24 Sep 2014 | 9:14 am
    My family and I have recently had the pleasure of experiencing a wonderful new all-in-one car seat, the Evenflo Symphony LX. As I’m sure all of you feel, safety in the car is of utmost importance to us, especially when it comes to our four year old son and two year old daughter. We’ve done everything possible to keep them safe in the car including keeping our children rear facing for as long as possible, thoroughly researching car seat options, and visiting the state police station for lessons on how to properly install the car seats in the car. Even with our lessons from the…
  • Inside Out Shakeology Peanut Butter Cups

    Charise Rohm Nulsen
    31 Aug 2014 | 3:00 am
    I love finding new ways to use Shakeology! With over 70 superfoods in it and nothing artificial or synthetic (the sources come from things like acai, rose hips, ashwagandha, chia seed, acerola cherry, wheat grass, grape seed, yacon, etc.), we try to use it in as many recipes as possible. How delicious does this sound? Inside Out Shakeology Peanut Butter Cups (Makes 2 servings) Total Time: 40 min. Prep Time: 10 min. Cooking Time: None 2 tsp. unrefined coconut oil, melted 2 Tbsp. powdered chocolate peanut butter (like PB2) 2 tsp. Chocolate Vegan Shakeology 2 Tbsp. water 1. Combine oil and…
  • 30 Day Online Health and Fitness Challenge Group Starting June 16th!

    Charise Rohm Nulsen
    2 Jun 2014 | 6:29 pm
    If you are looking for a way to jump start your health and fitness, please consider joining me in my next 30 Day Online Health and Fitness Challenge Group starting on June 16th. My group offers support, motivation, accountability, and most importantly, FUN! Whether you’re a busy parent who craves a half hour of me time, someone whose career seems to be taking over her life, or just someone who wants to switch things up in her fitness routine, my challenge group can help you better your health. To learn about the results people get, please check this post out. The fitness programs that…
  • 7 Day FREE Jump Start to Health Online Support Group – Join me on June 1st!

    Charise Rohm Nulsen
    28 May 2014 | 7:27 am
    I am running a FREE 7 day health support group for people to get nutrition tips, fitness tips, and information on jump starting their journey to a healthier lifestyle. It starts on June 1st, and there is limited availability. Please email me as soon as possible at if you would like to learn more or if you would like me to hold a spot for you. The only thing you need to participate is access to Facebook as the group will be held in the form of a private Facebook group (only the members of the group can see the activity there). I hope you will join me! **This is only…
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    Life With Sharon | Texas Mom Blogger / Vlogger Lufkin, Houston, Texas

  • A game to get you through the winter evenings

    22 Oct 2014 | 10:42 am
    During the summer, the evenings merge with the days and it’s a time that is packed with parties, barbecues, and drinks in the garden. You might go out for the day with the kids and some friends and find that you don’t get home until way after their bedtime because the weather’s been so great. But when the nights start drawing in, and darkness falls at the end of the afternoon, those hours in the evening time can feel like they tick past really slowly. It’s something about being confined to the inside that makes time move more slowly. And once the kids are in bed, and you’ve finished…
  • Is there one sport you know loads about?

    22 Oct 2014 | 10:34 am
    Is there one sport out there that you’re really into – and that you know more about than the majority of other people? If there is, then it can be quite good fun to see if you can profit from that knowledge – either as a theoretical exercise only – or for real money using mainly free cash. Let me explain… Bookmaking and gambling online is just about the most competitive industry out there. This is why almost all bookmakers offer us free cash and incentives to gamble with them. The same is true, though, of gambling exchanges like Betfair and others, where there is no bookmaker and…
  • The Best Dogs Breeds for Home Protection

    16 Oct 2014 | 8:38 pm
    If you’re worried about being burgled or having your home threatened or broken into, then you should think about getting a guard dog. They are brilliant at protecting their human masters as they are furiously loyal creatures – unlike those horrible little feline things. A little Chihuahua might not exactly be enough to scare away a burglar (although they would make a lot of noise, which might deter one). Chihuahua is out of the question, so what dogs would make a good guard dog? Well, I’m glad you asked, as it just so happens that I have a list here waiting to go. There are 5 things to…
  • 7 Pearl Pendants That She’ll Absolutely Adore

    11 Sep 2014 | 11:12 am
    Are you on the hunt for the perfect anniversary gift? Or maybe you’re just looking for a birthday present that will knock her socks off. Whatever the occasion, she’ll love the gesture when you give her one of these seven pearl pendants. 1: Akoya Pearl & Diamond Heart-Shaped Pendant Akoya pearls are the traditional kind, offering small round shapes and lustrous ivory overtones. Thrown in a heart design, 18K gold links and AA+ quality certification, and this necklace is sure to delight her all the way through to your next anniversary. 2: Golden South Sea Pearl & Diamond…
  • The Right Fur Vest

    25 Aug 2014 | 7:43 pm
    Wearing a vest in the fall and winter is a style essential for most women. However, it is hard for women to choose the right kind of vest for their style or body. Vests are designed in many different colors, shapes and lengths. When women are making a choice at a place like ML Furs, they must consider each item before they make a final purchase on what is quite a large investment. The Color Every fur comes from a different animal, and that fur is going to be slightly different in color than the next one on the rack. Choosing furs is not so much about choosing the perfect as it is about…
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    Seven Clown Circus

  • Chicago Style Hot Dogs

    18 Oct 2014 | 12:00 am
    How to Make and serve Chicago Style Hot Dogs is so easy you really shouldn’t tell anyone how little effort you actually put into the meal.  {{smiling}}  The great thing about this Recipe is that you can serve it for lunch or dinner and it looks really appetizing.   Plus, it is quite filling and a great way to add protein to your meal.  If one hot dog isn’t enough for someone, well, they can have more than one!  Easy Peasy.  I’m a huge fan of avocado, so I’ve added it to my recipe creation that was sponsored by Hillshire Brands™  as part of the Mom It Forward…
  • Crockpot Orange Scream Hot Chocolate

    17 Oct 2014 | 12:00 am
    This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TruMoo for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Are you throwing a Halloween Party or have you signed up to bring a treat along to a Halloween party you are attending?  If so, this fun recipe is for you.  Perfect for cool Fall days and nights, this creamy orange flavored hot chocolate is to SCREAM for.  Made in the crockpot or slow cooker, it can be assembled in 5 minutes, and uses just 3 ingredients.  Seriously, this Crockpot Orange Scream Hot Chocolate is so yummy it should be illegal. Orange Scream Hot Chocolate Ingredients: 1/2…
  • Tres Leche Pumpkin Cupcakes {recipe}

    15 Oct 2014 | 12:00 am
    We have this love in our house of Tres Leche desserts. The love might stem from the fact that we always eat Tres Leche OUT. I never make it at home, so it’s a special treat. However, this week that all changed and to tell you the truth, I’m not positive that’s a good thing. I decided to make a modified recipe of one that was created by Little Inspiration {that should be illegal it’s so delicious, by the way} and I’ve pretty much been in heaven ever since. I made several modifications, but,the biggest was to use International Delight Pumpkin Pie Spice Creamer for…
  • Texas Pete® Sultry Grilled Chicken {recipe}

    14 Oct 2014 | 12:00 am
    This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Texas Pete for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. If you love Chicken and Hot Sauce, you are going to adore this recipe for making Texas Pete® Sultry Grilled Chicken.  Made with either boneless chicken tenders or thighs, this grilled chicken recipe uses Texas Pete Hot Sauce as an ingredient, not a condiment, insuring that your recipe is memorable as well as tasty!  The chicken dish has to marinade for 48 hours, so you need to prepare ahead, but the grilled results are worth it! Texas Pete® Sultry Grilled Chicken Ingredients 2 1/2…
  • Feather Halloween Wreath Tutorial

    13 Oct 2014 | 12:00 am
    How to make a wreath Craft that is useful, spooky, and festive is easy as 1-2-3 with this DIY Halloween Wreath tutorial!  All of the supplies needed were purchased in one store, Michael’s.  Don’t you just love one stop shopping?  The best part is that you can make it in under 5 minutes.  Seriously!  Get into the spirit of Halloween with this festive Halloween wreath! Materials Needed Black feather wreath Styrofoam Skull (Michael’s seasonal section) Styrofoam Pumpkins (Michael’s seasonal section) Ribbon Greening Pins Instructions for Feather Halloween Wreath…
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    Toy Reviews | Toy Queen | Educational Toys | Toddler Toys | Best Apps for Kids | Toy Giveaways | Preschool Games | Baby Product Reviews

  • Have a Heavy Expensive Camera That You Shoot on AUTO? #DitchTheDSLR

    13 Oct 2014 | 12:17 pm
    Disclosure: I am part of the Samsung Imagelogger program. In exchange for equipment my husband and I provide images to Samsung that are shared throughout social media channels with the hashtag #imagelogger. Any opinions included in this post are my own. My husband Derek and I have both been so fortunate to be part of the Samsung Imagelogger Program. Many people have asked in person, tweeted or somehow inquired about what an #imagelogger is. We are part of a select group of photographers who share images taken with Samsung’s mirrorless cameras and interchangeable lenses that currently…
  • Gavin’s Toyota Sienna Review #SiennaDiaries

    3 Oct 2014 | 5:22 pm
    Disclosure: We were provided with a Toyota Sienna to test drive for 3 months as part of the #SiennaDiaries. While we received a stipend to participate in the experience, any opinions are our own. No one was happier to ride in the minivan for 3 months than our 4-year-old. The experience not only allowed us to share some fun family experiences, but it taught us a lot about Gavin. Boy did I completely underestimate the impact that a vehicle could have on a child.   First, enjoy our YouTube video that highlights Gavin’s Toyota Sienna Review. The Sienna allowed Gavin to earn more…
  • Noodles and Company Restaurant Review and Dinner for 4 Gift Card Giveaway

    24 Aug 2014 | 5:12 am
    When you have kids, a dinner out in a time crunch doesn’t always have to be a not so healthy drive-thru option. Sometimes the thought of entering a nice sit-down restaurant with waitstaff service isn’t viable either because at least when my son is hungry, he’s totally happy and then all of a sudden he’s in major meltdown mode. Then you are screaming at each other to just find food, while your kid wants macaroni and cheese, but you’d like Chinese and your husband wants Indian food. I was recently hosted for dinner with a few other bloggers at Noodles and Company…
  • LEGO Batman Batcave Adventure (Giveaway)

    21 Aug 2014 | 6:06 pm
    Guess what!?! DC Super Hero character Batman is now featured in LEGO Duplo sets like this one, the LEGO Batman Batcave Adventure! LEGO Duplo sets are recommended for kids ages 2-5, given that they include larger pieces with more simplified directions. After children build the Batcave, Batman, complete with his blue cape and mask, can fire the Batarang from his Batwing to defeat and capture Catwoman! Within 15 minutes or so Gavin had the Batcave ready, with only a little bit of help. Gavin was enthralled with using the pulley, but  I myself  had my share of fun using the Batarang to knock…
  • University Games Board Game Inventor Contest (Giveaway)

    12 Aug 2014 | 5:58 pm
    Disclosure: I will be provided with the Sort It Out Jr. game from University Games to review and another for this giveaway. Any opinions are my own. No other compensation has been received. Last minute summer project alert! Do you have children ages 5-12 who have great ideas? University Games is a sponsor in the 22nd annual National Young Game Inventors Contest. If your child has an idea for a new board game, they can submit it in a contest and have a chance for it to be included part of the new University Games 2015 lineup.  Grand Prize Winner of the National Young Game Inventors Contest…
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    Eat. Sleep. Be

  • The Health Benefits of Turmeric and How to Get More in Your Diet

    24 Oct 2014 | 9:02 am
    Turmeric is the spice that would have been chosen last in gym class. What you may not know about turmeric, however, is that this spice is like the king of the dodgeball game. The health benefits of turmeric have been long known but little utilized in western society. Also known as curcumin (a property of turmeric), this herb popular in eastern cultures is thought of as a natural antibiotic. In Ayurvedic medicine it is used to treat inflammation as well as digestive issues such as indigestion, peptic ulcers, ulcerative colitis. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, turmeric…
  • 7 Easy Ways to Help Your Family Stay Healthy Naturally

    22 Oct 2014 | 3:55 am
    With cold and flu season approaching, the enterovirus 68 on the loose this year, and a nasty stomach bug going around schools all over the United States, it is getting harder and harder to keep germs at bay and our of our homes. Here’s what we are doing to in my home to try to prevent and fight off illnesses: Wash hands frequently. This one is the most obvious, but it is super important. Hand washing is one of the best ways to avoid and eliminate germs. We aren’t into using hand sanitizers when soap and water are readily available. We keep hand sanitizers available for times when we are…
  • The Teal Pumpkin Project from a Food Allergy Parent’s Point of View

    20 Oct 2014 | 12:51 pm
    Being a food allergy parent and a writer, people have asked me for years why I don’t just start a blog about food allergies. The reason for me is simple. My son’s food allergies have pretty much run my life for the past eleven years. That may sound extreme to you, but it is 100% true. Having so many severe food allergies, some of which were potentially life-threatening, and a food allergy related disease, my thoughts were constantly on planning ahead and on keeping him safe. So for me, the thought of writing about food allergies on a regular basis seemed quite the opposite of cathartic.
  • Show Your Purple to Support LGBT Youth Against Bullying

    16 Oct 2014 | 2:00 am
    Are you dressed for the day yet? Are you wearing purple today? If not, head on back to your closet and grab something purple. It is important to show your purple today, so go ahead. I’ll wait right here. The reason why purple is the color of the today is that this is Spirit Day, a day to show support for LGBT youth and take a stand against bullying. We’re in the midst of National Bullying Prevention Month, and it is vital that we take at least one day support LGBT youth, who are often a primary target of intensive bullying. When I was younger, I had a handful of gay friends. The only…
  • How to Raise $1,000 in Apparel or Donations for Your Organization, Charity or Event

    14 Oct 2014 | 3:55 am
      Kyle Snyder was a little boy who loved life, and ladybugs. Just three weeks shy of his second birthday when Kyle was diagnosed with Leukemia. He lost his life to the disease just eight months later. In 2001, Kyle’s mother Sharon founded The Kisses for Kyle Foundation to honor Kyle’s memory, and to help local families in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs who are battling childhood cancer. Sharon and her team have worked tirelessly ever since to help alleviate the extra stresses of this devastating diagnosis, by providing financial assistance and special experiences for the…
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  • I Failed as a Parent

    PW Editorial Team
    17 Oct 2014 | 12:24 am
    Photo Credit: Steve Garvie In the past few months, my parenting life was smooth and without any big challenge. Life has its way. When you think you are having a good time, it wants to make it even more interesting. Out of a routine conversation we had yesterday, I accidentally found out that J was lying to me. It’s about school exams. She contradicted herself and I picked it up like a policeman investigating a case. Here’s the fact: As a parent, when you realize that you child tells a lie, it’s definitely heart-breaking. I am no exception. Putting aside sadness and…
  • Kung Fu Master’s View on Spanking

    PW Editorial Team
    7 Oct 2014 | 12:22 am
    Photo Credit: Jenni C Ed. Note: Matt Furey is a man of multiple talents. To begin with, he is a wrestler and Chinese kung fu master. He is also a bestselling author in the area of self-empowerment. It’s interesting to see a “violent” guy talks about spanking. With permission, I have reproduced his article on how he handles spanking. Read on to find out what he has to say. Over the past two weeks I’ve been listening to accusations of child abuse involving NFL running back Adrian Peterson and his four-year old son. The allegations go way beyond a slap or swat on the rumpus.
  • Born in Malaysia: Malaysian Legacy on Print

    Abel Cheng
    25 Sep 2014 | 2:06 am
    I love things that bring nostalgic feelings. That’s why this exhibition drew my attention. While it was still on, I took time out to visit “Born in Malaysia” photo exhibition in one of the art galleries. What a pleasant surprise. I met the photographer – the man behind the project – at the exhibition. He took us around and explained to us the stories behind photos that he took around Malaysia. For 3 years, Kenny Loh went around Malaysia and took pictures of people (subjects that most people would go unnoticed) who helped form the colorful fabric of Malaysia. With…
  • Family Trip to Macau

    Abel Cheng
    17 Sep 2014 | 2:01 am
    We took advantage of the UPSR exams holiday for a trip to Macau 澳門 (also Macao). Macau is Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China, just like Hong Kong. It used to be Portuguese colony until 1999. From Kuala Lumpur, it takes four hours’ flight to reach Macau International Airport. Macau Airport is not huge and it’s good for travelers as we don’t need to walk too far to get out the airport. We have booked rooms at a hotel (we can only afford 2-star in Macau) – which is near to the Cultural Center – for our stay in Macau. It’s a no-frill hotel but…
  • Our First (Real) Camping Trip

    Abel Cheng
    5 Sep 2014 | 2:54 am
    Honestly, we dared not take up the challenge in the past few years. We were invited to participate in an annual camping trip to Pahang – at least once a year. We turned down every time due to unreadiness and other unknown factors. But not this year! Somehow my wife and I felt that this is the time to take up the challenge. And at the same time, it’s also a weekend getaway for the family. We (ok ok, it’s my wife) took about a month to prepare for the camping. We bought some of the equipment while some we borrowed from friends. We don’t mind investing in the tools and…
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    Life With Boys


    1 Oct 2014 | 6:33 am
    I LOVE amusement parks, love them.  Going to an amusement park is my idea of a great day.  Busch Gardens in Williamsburg is one of our favorites.  Roller coasters are my favorite rides, and The Griffon at BG is my favorite coaster of all time. It’s a smooth ride, filled with twists, turns and loops. […] Read more →
  • The Tortured (2010) – How Far Would You Go?

    29 Sep 2014 | 9:04 pm
    Check out my post on ScareTissue . Link: The Tortured (2010) – How Far Would You Go? Read more →
  • The Curse of Social Media

    23 Sep 2014 | 12:36 pm
    Social Media is great. I use it as a way to see what my kids are doing-yes, they live with us, no they don’t always tell us everything. I can keep in touch with my Mom, Roy’s parents, friends that live on the other side of the country, and of course who can forget the […] Read more →
  • Jack The Reaper (2011) – Who The What?

    15 Sep 2014 | 12:48 pm
    Check out my post on ScareTissue . Link: Jack The Reaper (2011) – Who The What? Read more →
  • It Wasn’t All Bad…

    10 Sep 2014 | 8:34 am
    And when I say bad, well that was just for lack of a better word. the past few months have had some real highs and some real lows-locking myself in the bathroom to cry because I missed Joe springs to mind. BUT, throughout all the twists and turns we ran into when we sent our […] Read more →
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    The Young Mommy Life

  • OPEN THREAD: What’s The Dumbest Fight You’ve Ever Had With Your Partner?

    24 Oct 2014 | 6:59 am
    Mine was over ground turkey. Yes, hear me out. We had just gotten back from Sam’s Club and bought a big package of ground turkey. I was attempting to freeze it in smaller packages by putting meal-sized portions in Ziploc bags. I asked my husband to help me, because there was a lot of turkey to put away. He did. At the end, when we had 20 or so Ziploc bags full of turkey, I handed him a Sharpie so he could write “ground turkey” on them. “Why do I need to do that?” he asked. “Because later, when I go to defrost something, I don’t want to be wondering…
  • #RaisingBrilliance: Seven Early Morning Pep Talks For Your Kids

    23 Oct 2014 | 9:15 am
    Each morning before I drop my kids off at school, I try to give them a pep talk. My goal is to have the last thing they hear from me be something positive and uplifting. I used to just tell them, “Mommy loves you. Have a great day!” But they started to tune that out after a while, running into the building before I was even finished! So now I switch it up! Here’s some of my favorite pep talks to give them, depending on what they have going on that day. (Yes, I’ve actually said these to my kids. I wouldn’t lie to you.) Share your favorite in the comments: On…
  • Boy Or Girl: Is It Easier To Raise Sons Or Daughters In Today’s Society?

    21 Oct 2014 | 10:09 am
    by Mike Mitchum Back in the day, parents didn’t have the luxury of having an ultrasound to tell them the sex of their growing fetus.  Because of this advance, a conversation was born between my fiancé and I as we anxiously await the arrival of our child.  I had been singing the “I want a boy” song to anyone who asked about my preference.  It wasn’t until she told me that she didn’t want me to be disappointed if we waited for the child to be born only to find that it was a girl that I realized I might have been sending the wrong message. My first wish, as I’m sure is true with…
  • #Blackish Episode 4: “Crazy Mom” – Nailing The Truth About The Mom Life & Gender Roles

    16 Oct 2014 | 6:55 am
    I was a little skeptical when I first saw the trailer for ABC’s new comedy, “Black-ish.” It looked a little corny, and I wasn’t sure how much Anthony Anderson I could take weekly. He’s a funny guy for sure, but would the material be his style? Would it work? Episode four of Blackish is what sealed the deal for me. In this episode, “Crazy Mom,” marketing executive dad Andre (Anthony Anderson) tells his lovely doctor wife Rainbow (Tracee Ellis Ross) that he will take on all her duties for a week. First up: making two dozen cupcakes for the twins’…
  • Making My Net: The Life Of A Single Mom In Medical School

    14 Oct 2014 | 7:51 am
    by Megan Thruston “Mamaaaa. Heyyy Mamaaa! I need fresh water with ice! HEY MAMAAA! It’s morning time!” I glanced at my phone and saw that it was indeed morning time. In fact it was already 6:10 a.m., which meant that I had overslept, though I hardly felt refreshed since I had been up studying until almost 2:00 a.m. After a few minutes of silence, I heard the soft thudding of feet on the hallway carpet. A moment later, a smiling face surrounded by a halo of wild curly hair appeared at the end of my bed. “I opened the door all by myself!” my daughter announced, beaming with smug…
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    » Athena Bees

  • Is Skulptek Pro The Best HgH Supplement?

    14 Oct 2014 | 8:06 am
    Skulptek Pro HGH means a Human Growth Hormone and is sometimes called as somatropin. It is produced by all human beings. This is the hormone that leads to growth of individuals. It is usually produced in regulated amounts in our bodies. The molecule of HGH is large and fragile and usually consists of 191 amino acids that are joined in a specific manner such that there is no difference. THE FUSS ABOUT Skulptek Pro The world is well aware of the supplement and people are crazy about the benefits it has. People are going around claiming the Skulptek Pro supplement can help make them younger and…
  • Ideas on marketing small Publish and Profit businesses successfully

    9 Oct 2014 | 5:49 am
    Marketing your Publish and Profit business is very important in order for you to maximize your profits. There are many legitimate ways that you can use to achieve that. Therefore, for you to get to that level, it is vital for people to know your band and the services and products that you offer. Nevertheless, having good marketing strategies will be an added advantage for your business to thrive. Below are some of the strategies that you can utilize to realize the objectives. Business directories: Many countries provide their citizens with an address list of almost all businesses that are in…
  • Become A Freelancer Or Work On Passive Income?

    15 Sep 2014 | 1:11 pm
    There are many websites that can promise you a very lucrative online earning capacity. You find that they promise you the world, making you on about $ 1000 per day is what they have advertised on their website. However, they charge a certain amount of fee for the enrolment, after which, they give you a set of instructions that you need to follow in order to make that amount of money. In reality, or you get are instructions that can be freely found all across the Internet. So, when you think about it, it is very evident that you will be able to get a lot of feasibility on your online earning,…
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    When Did I Become My Mom

  • DIY Paper Pumpkins – Origami Pumpkin

    Nicole Greene
    19 Oct 2014 | 8:07 am
    Cute The post DIY Paper Pumpkins – Origami Pumpkin appeared first on When Did I Become My Mom.
  • Toronto’s Anti Littering campaign is brilliant!

    Nicole Greene
    27 Aug 2014 | 3:49 am
    I’ve never understood the desire to litter. If there are no garbage bins around, I’d rather hold my stuff in my (oversized) bag than toss it on the ground. Even as a child it struck me as inconsiderate. I mean, what’s the plan? It can’t stay there forever, so you have to intend for someone else to pick it up right? My mama would slap you upside the head if you tried that at her house. And clearly your mama should have too. None of this “I’m creating jobs for other people! What will the DEWD/URP/CEPEP people do?”. That’s crap and you know it. And…
  • Ebola – How Worried Should You Really Be?

    Nicole Greene
    5 Aug 2014 | 1:02 pm
    2014 seems to have seen more Ebola infections and deaths than any other year in the past. As a mother, and a citizen of a country which allows visa-free entry to some affected African nations, how worried should I really be? That’s the question I asked myself when news broke of the infection and subsequent death of one of Sierra Leone’s leading infectious disease doctors, at the hands of Ebola. I’ve closely followed the events that came afterward, and I’ve done my own research. Now I’m sharing it with you. #453210018 / What is Ebola? Ebola is a…
  • If I can just pass this test…

    Nicole Greene
    4 Aug 2014 | 2:00 am
    If I can finish this post, I will have passed the test. As I type this, I can feel it happening again… but this time something has changed. The fluent and fluid words that come together easily in my head, have disappeared. Again. The story that quickly bubbles up and forms in my mind has once again melted away to nothing, right before my mind’s eye. But, this time, instead of a frustrating blank canvas, other words are finding their way out. Maybe it’s the frustration. It takes hold in the middle of the night. It wakes me from sleep, or it takes over when something else does…
  • Earache in Toddlers: Is It a Cold or an Ear Infection?

    Nicole Greene
    21 Feb 2014 | 4:30 am
    Life can be lousy when you’re little one with an ear infection. More than three out of four children have had at least one ear infection before the age of three, and many more suffer from ear pain caused from the common cold, according to When toddlers suffer from earache, it can be difficult to determine the cause, as most young children are not able to express their symptoms clearly. It’s important to distinguish between a cold or ear infection to ensure that your toddler receives the proper medical care. Along with a diagnosis from your child’s…
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    Raising Great Men™

  • Mom, You’re a Bully

    Marie Roker-Jones
    12 Oct 2014 | 6:55 pm
      As we sit in frustration and horror about the bullying epidemic, we continue to look around for someone to blame. We point fingers at everyone and refuse to acknowledge that we all play a part in the bullying situation. Our generation has started a bullying trend that is now out of control. Let me make this clear, EVERY child is involved in the bullying the situation, including my child. Our children are either the bully, the victim or the spectator. Even if you are sighing with relief that at least your child is not the bully or the victim, the tides turn quickly. Today’s bully…
  • 5 Healthy Habits to Teach Your Son

    Marie Roker-Jones
    30 Sep 2014 | 12:39 am
    Imagine it is 15 years from now, what do you see your son doing with his life? To answer that question, you need to think about what your son is learning about life now. 1) Be of Service to Others What will be your son’s legacy? His life defines who he is and the choices he makes will impact his the lives of others. Teach him to understand the power of his words and actions. Remind him that he was uniquely created to make a contribution to the world. Surround him with people who are supportive, positive and encouraging. Staying small and thinking small will not get him where he needs to…
  • Could You be Raising a Misogynist?

    Marie Roker-Jones
    25 Sep 2014 | 6:25 am
    I know a mom who frequently says how much she doesn’t like women or girls. She believes that her way of thinking is fine because she has raised boys. Unfortunately, she has also raised misogynists. What she failed to realize is that in all her years of making negative comments about women and creating an environment of distrust and disrespect for women, she has conditioned her sons to share in her belief. A misogynist is a person who hates, dislikes, mistrusts, or mistreats women. Despite your best efforts to teach your son to respect, like and trust women, you may inadvertently be…
  • Are You Losing Your Compassion?

    1 Sep 2014 | 3:54 pm
    I recently signed up for a course that focus on compassion. At first, you may think “Why would someone need to learn compassion?” As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become less compassionate and empathetic to the needs of others. This change in me has been subtle. Over the years, the person who cared too much has become the person who cares a little.  I noticed a bubbling of apathy when someone shared a story that in the past would have compelled me to take action. I slowly was becoming a rigid and polarized thinker. This awareness was brought to light as I looked at my life…
  • Ten Things Your Son Wants to Hear From You

    Marie Roker-Jones
    22 Jul 2014 | 4:43 am
    1. I Love You, No Matter What Let your son know you love him unconditionally. Emphasize that he does not need to be good, successful, or smart for you to love him. 2. I Respect You Your son deserves respect too. You will teach your son a lot about respecting other people’s values and boundaries, when you show him respect. Mutual respect is key to a strong relationship with your son. 3. I’m Here For You Be supportive in his decisions, as long as it is not something that will cause him harm. There are many adults living with resentment and regret because their parents did not…
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    We Got Kidz

  • 11 Things My Father Taught Me (and What I Hope to Teach My Kids)

    Kesha of We Got Kidz
    23 Oct 2014 | 10:57 am
    Growing up, my dad worked two jobs so that my brother, sister, mother, and I would never have to want for anything. We lived in a nice home in a fantastic neighborhood; and I left for college with a huge appreciation for my father’s sound work ethic and his fierce dedication to family. My dad’s incredible sense of humor, charm, and inherent likability has made him quite popular in our small beach town of Wilmington, NC. He lives there happily retired – with a friend, seemingly, on every corner. My dad doing a dance for his grand-babies. :) My husband and I tease my father often,…
  • 6 Weird things that have Proven to Lead to a Happy Marriage

    Kesha of We Got Kidz
    22 Oct 2014 | 7:37 am
    I’ll go ahead and say what all married folks are thinking: Marriage is stinkin’ HARD! It’s all about compromise, patience, and balance; and if one of those things is off, everything seems to go out of whack. Divorce rates are continuing to climb with many couples heading for the nearest exit when things get hard. Millions of couples are scrambling to find out what it really takes to achieve a happy, healthy union. Now, more than ever, it seems that it’s important to find the little things within a marriage that will lead to longevity and happiness. I’m not talking about having…
  • 11 of the Worst Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

    Kesha of We Got Kidz
    20 Oct 2014 | 6:00 am
      I’m sure we’re all familiar with how crazy and downright disturbing some adult Halloween costumes can get. (Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman couples costume?? Seriously??) The reality is that it’s very easy for some kid’s costumes to cross the line – instantly becoming a poor choice simply because it’s being worn by a child. I believe the thing that makes the following costumes so questionable is that it’s the parents who are making the decision to dress their children this way. Sure, a baby Hannibal may seem clever and cute; but do you really want your child to…
  • What Experts are Saying About Kids and Glasses

    Kesha of We Got Kidz
    15 Oct 2014 | 6:00 am
    I’ve been “team glasses” since I was about six years old. I still remember my very first pair. They were bubble gum pink with an image of Barbie on both sides. You couldn’t have convinced me that my glasses weren’t’ the coolest things ever.  I vividly remember driving home from the optometrist with my mom and looking out of the window. I was literally and proverbially “seeing the world through fresh eyes”. For the first time ever I realized that stop lights had three distinct colors and that they weren’t just a yellow box emitting a brown blob of light. Even at six I…
  • Here’s What Happens When You Combine Disney Junior and Scarecrows in the Garden – Cuteness Overload!

    Kesha of We Got Kidz
    13 Oct 2014 | 6:00 am
      I have a set of 3-year-old boy/girl twins. Outside of the obvious benefit to this – like the fact that they have a built in playmate in one another – I’ve also found that coming up with Halloween costume ideas for the two of them can be ridiculously fun. Given that they’re only three, I’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to twin Halloween costumes that I can put together. [It should be noted that I have no clue how long they’re going to let me dress them up as a duo. I would imagine that my reign of “cutesy pootsey” twin costumes is coming to a close.
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    Life With 4 Boys

  • Steamed Pumpkin Crockpot Cake #Recipe

    24 Oct 2014 | 11:18 am
    I have this nasty habit of burning desserts. I get busy doing something and I forget about what's in the oven every single time. My boys have come to expect well toasted cookies and cakes throughout the years. A few years ago though, I fell in love with my Crockpot, and have been making monthly Crockpot meal menus for a while now. So, I figured, why not start making dessert in the Crockpot too
  • Learning is Fun with Jesse the Jack's ABC Zoo App and iBook

    23 Oct 2014 | 1:55 pm
    This post is brought to you in collaboration with Best Buddies Learning, all opinions are my own.  Learning is important for all kids, but it isn't always fun. A task like learning your letters can sometimes be monotonous and not very entertaining, but thankfully, there are tools like the new Jesse the Jack's ABC Zoo app and iBook that can help make learning letters more fun for preschool
  • It's Never Too Early to Protect Your Child From Identity Theft

    23 Oct 2014 | 6:40 am
    This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. As adults, we understand the importance of having good credit. You need it to get a approved for a home, a car and even to get a loan for school. Unfortunately, children do not know or care what credit is, and that is what theives are counting on.
  • DIY Fall Fabric Pumpkin Garland

    22 Oct 2014 | 7:32 am
    This is my favorite time of year. Why? Because there are so many holidays and happenings this time of year. Most of all, it gives me a chance to decorate the house. Unfortunately, I don't have a huge budget for decor, so I try to make as much as I can myself. I have seen adorable fabric pumpkins all over the place, and just knew I wanted a garland of them to decorate my shelves with. Check out
  • Universal Orlando and Islands of Adventure - A Double Dose of Adventure #FamilyTravel

    20 Oct 2014 | 7:24 pm
    A few weeks ago I headed off on a solo trip down to Orlando to attend Halloween Horror Nights 24, as part of the #FacingFearsTogether trip but on my Two Traveling Moms. After our night of horror, which I actually ended up enjoying, we headed to both Universal Orlando and Islands of Adventure for a day of adventure. I had been itching to see the new Diagon Alley land in Universal Orlando, and
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    Sweet Memoirs

  • Awesome October

    22 Oct 2014 | 9:43 pm
    Off the celebrate love, life and God's abundant blessings. Will try to be screen-free in the next few days. See you when we're back from the Land of Smiles!
  • An Intriguing Approach To Create The Ultimate Family Living Room

    22 Oct 2014 | 9:40 pm
    When you have a family, you will come to realise that the rooms of your house cannot stand as sterile show pieces for the foreseeable future. It could be a couple of decades before you get your home back the way you like it. Having said that, you can still live in pleasant surroundings. The design of the living room must be suitable for children, but that isn’t so hard. There are also things you can do to make cleaning easy. Bill WilsonOf course, the safety of your children is paramount, and you must take precautions to prevent them coming to harm. You will find some valuable advice here to…
  • Spot the Diffrence

    22 Oct 2014 | 9:11 pm
    I know!!! I've been too lazy to blog these days but I am so glad that my readership is quite stable. Please bear with me as I silently celebrate this blog's 4th year anniversary this month. I have so many happenings to blog about but words and bright ideas escape me as soon as I click the new post button. Hopefully my blogging mojo comes back after our family beach vacation in Phuket. Meanwhile, the vain side of me would like you to enjoy spotting some difference from my 2 selfies above which were taken 7 years apart. Shalom!
  • Editing Videos with Movavi Video Editor

    17 Oct 2014 | 7:02 am
    Video editing might seem like a complicated thing to do but with the help of a good quality video editor you’d be able to do the job without having to face any difficulty. Operating a good quality video editor should be so simple that even if you don’t have any previous experience of editing videos, you should be able to do the editing yourself easily. An ideal video editor should be able to let you compile short videos, add music to your videos, provide animated transitions to join video clips and also convert and save your videos in any format of your choosing. Movavi video editor comes…
  • Welcome Home to Ricciotti!

    17 Oct 2014 | 6:52 am
    "In conjunction with its tenth anniversary, Ricciotti officially underwent significant changes toprovide its customers with a new dining experience by developing two different concepts. Theoutlet at Riverwalk is now known as Ricciotti (formely known as Ricciotti Pizza Pasta Grill).This new change will reflect the concept of a trendy home-style Italian meal – one that’ssteeped in warmth and comfort within a design ambience." For the love of Italian Food and intense longing for some well-deserved mom-me time, I attended the Media Party of Ricciotti last night via the kind invitation of…
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    The Sports Parenting Podcast | JBM Thinks

  • Experts Say: “These Are 3 Traits of a Champion”

    24 Oct 2014 | 3:00 am
    How do you define the soul of a champion? It is difficult to pinpoint and yet we know what it looks like; we see it when we watch athletes like Roger Federer, Dwayne Wade, and Derek Jeter. We see it in their eyes, in their body language. Some of them make comebacks that seems near impossible,...Read More
  • Teach Your Kids How to Fight

    22 Oct 2014 | 3:00 am
    Do your kids know how to fight? No one needs to teach kids to fight; they are born with that instinct. But there is a healthy way and an unhealthy way to handle conflict. By teaching your kids the right way, they can “fight” in a way that resolves conflict instead of escalating it. There will be...Read More
  • Do You Know When to Shut Up? 5 Red Flags You Should Not Ignore!

    20 Oct 2014 | 3:00 am
    As parents–and especially as sport parents–we sometimes forget when to shut up. We get caught up in the emotions and the concerns of the moment, and all filters disappear. Words just start coming out and there is simply no taking them back. Perhaps if we saw some red flags pop up in our conversations, we...Read More
  • Stop Making Sports Easy for Your Kids! Here’s Why the Pain is Important.

    17 Oct 2014 | 3:00 am
    Making sports easy for kids has become a national sports parenting past time. Our youth sports culture has become enamored with the Fun Philosophy, the idea that sports must be a blast or kids will not want to play. PSHHAW. That’s what I say. What a Saturday Morning Bootcamp Taught Me It took a Saturday morning workout...Read More
  • You Don’t have to Hate Youth Sports Fundraising Any More, and Here’s Why

    16 Oct 2014 | 3:00 am
    Very few sports parents that I’ve ever met like youth sports fundraising. And yet, it has become more and more necessary as the cost of youth sports continues to rise and parents feel the pinch. There’s registration fees, equipment, tournaments, travel, training camps, and coaching. Parents of higher-level junior athletes can literally spend thousands just so their child can play...Read More
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    Tales From the Nursery

  • Tricks and Treats: 13 Ghoulishly Good Halloween Party Food Ideas

    Darcy Zalewski
    24 Oct 2014 | 8:00 am
    It’s my favorite time of year again and so I had to share these fun Halloween treats perfect for a spooky party. This collection is sponsored by, a place to organize and collect recipes, but all recipes were selected by me. Check out Halloween Tricks and Treats by Darcy Zalewski at Every year I’m torn between throwing a Halloween themed birthday party for my daughter or letting her pick her own theme. Her first birthday was Halloween themed. I loved it!  We served Sloppy Joe’s Brains, Mummy Dogs, and Cemetery Swamp Cake. The punch had floating plastic…
  • Easy Slow Cooker Chicken and Potatoes

    Darcy Zalewski
    21 Oct 2014 | 3:00 pm
    I’m not a fantastic cook, but I can make some deliciously simple dishes. My absolute favorite appliance these days is my Crock Pot followed by my deep freezer. The end of the day is often challenging for my to cook while my kids enter the witching hour. They tend to be more cooperative in the morning. Well, after we’re done getting ready, anyway. I now use my slow cooker nearly everyday because I can get the food into it, set it, and dinner is done around the time Brian gets home. Yay! I feel more productive and less stressed on those days. The other day I didn’t quite have…
  • Yo Gabba Gabba Live: Music is Awesome Ticket Giveaway for #Milwaukee

    Darcy Zalewski
    13 Oct 2014 | 1:48 pm
    We are huge Yo Gabba Gabba fans. My husband and I took our daughter to see them when they came to Milwaukee last year. We’ve been waiting for them to come back, especially since our son has become a fan as well. It’s definitely one of the kids’ shows I don’t mind watching. So as soon as tickets went on sale for the 10/15/14 show at the Pabst Theater, we bought ours. It’s a great early birthday present for our kids! He’s dreaming of happy things, like seeing Yo Gabba Gabba LIVE! My daughter has been so excited that she carries around the little promo…
  • Trying for Three

    Darcy Zalewski
    10 Oct 2014 | 8:00 am
    Looking back through old blog posts, it’s really neat watching Rissa grow up. I started writing here when I was pregnant with her and it is hard to believe she is turning 4 years old this month. Really it’s amazing how much she has grown up this year alone – we weaned from breastfeeding, she began using the potty and she started preschool. When we decided to have another baby I let you all know and then documented my pregnancy with Xander. It was fun because some of you were pregnant right along with me! It’s crazy how similar, yet different my kids are. Xander’s…
  • Where Did September Go? {Weight Loss & Other Updates}

    Darcy Zalewski
    1 Oct 2014 | 2:06 pm
    The other day I felt like I was getting into another posting groove, but then I looked up and it wasn’t the other day… it was over 20 days ago. (Heck, I started the draft of this post two days ago!) I’ve talked before about how the passage of time really changed when I became a mom. It’s not necessarily lapse in memory (though sometimes it is), but it’s just so easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day activities and before you know it a week has gone by. Except, it doesn’t feel like a week. It might feel like a only a day or two or it might feel like a…
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    One Little Mister

  • Enjoy Crystal Light & Earn Miranda Lambert Gear

    Melissa Dixon
    22 Oct 2014 | 9:41 am
    I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting and CRYSTAL LIGHT. Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own. Since my family has moved to Iowa and left the big city... This is a content summary only. Visit for full links, other content, and more!
  • Display Memories with Create-UR-Plate Giveaway

    Melissa Dixon
    21 Oct 2014 | 9:57 am
    I received products for the purposes of this review and giveaway. All opinions are my own. I have done a great job documenting my daughter’s growth throughout the years. My only problem is all... This is a content summary only. Visit for full links, other content, and more!
  • How to Create Your Own Spa Stay-cation

    17 Oct 2014 | 7:55 am
     Spa vacations are a great way to relax, unwind, and recharge your batteries. If you’re a busy mother, you also know that you rarely have time for to go off on a luxury spa trip. Between work,... This is a content summary only. Visit for full links, other content, and more!
  • G.H. Cretors Popcorn Giveaway

    Melissa Dixon
    15 Oct 2014 | 8:38 am
    Filling my cabinet with ready to go snacks for school and work lunches has kept me busy lately. Trying to figure out what my family will eat while making it an easy to go snack is harder than I... This is a content summary only. Visit for full links, other content, and more!
  • 10 Fall DIY Decoration Ideas to Do At Home

    12 Oct 2014 | 2:42 pm
    Dressing up your home for the Fall season can be inexpensive, especially if you are a little crafty. Purchasing craft supplies at your local dollar store will also help to keep the costs down. Here... This is a content summary only. Visit for full links, other content, and more!
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    The Potty Diaries

  • Big A's Culinary Adventures

    22 Oct 2014 | 11:58 pm
    This is another post from my sis on fb.  It just made me spit tea all over the keyboard, so wanting to bask in the reflection of her glory (yet again), I have nicked it for your reading pleasure.A bit of background: my sister (the former blogger known as Footballer's Knees) lives with her husband Big A, and 18 year old son, J.  Once a week she spends the night away from home on business - no prizes for guessing which day that is...Big A's food baby is hanging around, despite frequent grym visits, so his personal trainer has suggested that he keeps a Food Diary for a week. Here…
  • Inspirational Quotes. Or not...

    21 Oct 2014 | 3:45 am
    I love a good inspirational quote.  In fact, I have to admit that there are couple which I have even copied out into the front of my notebook to refer to in times of need.  What would Edmund Burke* say about this, I ask myself as I ponder whether giving the kids shop-bought pizza for the 2nd night running makes me a bad mother.  What would Marcus Aurelius** say?(Just kidding.)However...Is it just me, or are we currently drowning in a sea of facile truisms being spread through the internet by social meeja? Most are so superficial that it seems to me that almost anyone could come…
  • Writes of passage

    14 Oct 2014 | 3:52 am
    Today, I had to do something unexpectedly difficult.Regular readers may have picked up on the fact that sometime in the next year there's a strong possibility we'll move on from Russia.  In an effort to minimise the fuss when / if that actually happens, I am slowly but surely trying to empty the house of 'stuff' that we won't want to take with us (for which read; pay to move from one country to another), which we have accumulated during the last 5 years.Mostly, this 'stuff' is associated in some shape or form with the Boys.  Toys, books, outgrown clothes, skates and shoes. You know;…
  • Today's 'Through The Looking Glass' moment is brought to you courtesy of...

    7 Oct 2014 | 2:46 am
    ... Auchan supermarket.When I first began to visit Russia in the mid 1990's there was what seemed to me to be an antiquated payment system in place in many retail outlets.  It worked as follows: 1.  The customer selected their item. 2.  They would inform the shop assistant of their choice (it was usually stored out of reach, often behind glass).3.  The shop assistant would then remove the item from the shelf but instead of taking payment and handing over the purchase, they would put it to one side, hand-write a sales ticket, and send the customer to the caisse (or payment…
  • Trying to say something without actually saying it...

    30 Sep 2014 | 6:12 am
    This post has been simmering away on the edges of my blog-consciousness for a couple of weeks now.  I couldn't ignore it any more...'Number 10 Downing Street was besieged today by middle class shoppers aggrieved at the lack of palatable fresh milk, green vegetables, and imported meat and dairy products available in supermarkets since the government imposed sanctions on products sourced from the other side of the English Channel. Handbags and umbrellas were raised in the air as a sign of solidarity by ladies of a certain age protesting about the impossibility of obtaining basic staples…
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    Abundant Mama

  • The Magic of Early Morning Me Time

    23 Oct 2014 | 11:22 am
    Mornings. Oh how they can be so perfect — and so not. I’m happy to include this guest post by writer mama Sara Barry that was inspired by her experience in The Rise and Shine Challenge. I love how she walks us through her morning so eloquently. As I came down the stairs this morning, the bright pink glow behind the trees stopped me four steps up. It was like a little reward for getting up early. My real reward, though, is the quiet. Time alone. Time to think. Time to write. For the past five years, I’ve bristled at the idea of getting up early. It felt impossible. Even now, I…
  • 10 Habits of Highly Effective Mamas

    21 Oct 2014 | 12:16 pm
    What does it mean to be a highly effective mom? Does it mean to be productive or does it mean to feel good in what you do? Does it mean to be in control or does it mean to feel understood and connected? Does it mean to be a successful role model or does it mean to be a good teacher? By definition, in all actuality, effective simply means producing a result that is wanted. In other words, getting what we want means we’re being effective. And all of my readers in this community and my clients in my program want many of the same things: To find their happy place as mothers. To…
  • A Quick Guide to Essential Oils for a Peaceful Family

    16 Oct 2014 | 3:56 pm
    This guest post from Julie Vaccaro, an Abundant Mama alumni from earlier this year, makes me very happy. We’ve been experimenting with oils more and more and her ideas are just fantastic. Enjoy! If I had to choose one word to describe what I wanted for my home, it would be peace. Everyone happy, talking in calm voices, helping one another, being mindful of our decisions and remembering to breathe when strong emotions arise. Ahhh, sounds so nice, doesn’t it? Often times with busy schedules, rushed mornings or the unplanned tantrum- we are left feeling quite the opposite of peaceful or…
  • 4 Simple Tips For New Moms Returning To Work

    14 Oct 2014 | 11:40 am
    Going back to work as a new mama can be a challenging, scary time for any woman. I’m happy to offer this space today to Lori, a 2014 Abundant Mama alumni and now founder of the Mindful Return community for moms returning to work with intention. I love how she offers tips for new moms returning to work who are trying to juggle it all with confidence. About a year ago, I went back to work after maternity leave from the birth of my second little boy. He was a delight – if not a great sleeper, and his older brother was generally helpful – if deep in the throes of potty training.  My…
  • 10 Soothing Tips for Highly Sensitive Moms

    8 Oct 2014 | 6:43 am
    When I was pregnant with twins, I couldn’t get enough information about being pregnant with twins. And then when I became a mom of twins, I couldn’t get enough information about raising twins. Add each milestone of significance after that and the trend has been clear. I like information. But too much information can send a Highly Sensitive Mom into an anxious state of mind. We get overwhelmed with the details and begin to shut down, making decision-making more challenging. It was around the time my girls were toddlers when I started to really see how the news, blogs and magazines…
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    Project Motherhood

  • #NowTrending – Women’s Sneakers For Fall

    Allison Cooper
    24 Oct 2014 | 2:31 pm
    I will first preface with this – I wasn’t ever really someone you would consider a “sneaker girl.” In fact, I avoided them at all cost! They honestly always looked so weird to me paired with jeans and not athletic clothes and if I wore them casually. I struggled to find the right balance there -until now. This fall, women’s sneaker are making a comeback in a huge way – and I’m not talking about the athletic kinds, but the everyday, relaxed, casual sneakers that are now looking effortlessly cute being paired with denim and your favorite boyfriend…
  • Family Fun at The Belmont Race Track

    Allison Cooper
    22 Oct 2014 | 5:47 am
    To me, a HUGE part of motherhood is the adventures you have with your family, learning, growing, and trying new things together. It’s the fun part of being a parent, but also the most memorable for everyone! I have such fun memories of growing up and going on vacations or day trips that brought us all together through funny situations where we laughed until we had belly aches! My goal is to have those same experiences for me and my boys. So, whenever the opportunity came up to spend a day at The Belmont Race Track–I jumped on it like two women who go after the same shoes at a…
  • Wide Leg Pants For The Pear Shape

    Allison Cooper
    21 Oct 2014 | 4:54 am
    Okay, fashion can be a fickle thing sometimes, because it’s constantly changing. I will say this though and mean it forever: a well tailored, well proportioned, well made pair of pants will look great on you forever…promise! Wide leg pants are great and can definitely be worn by all body shapes, you just have to put some work into finding the right pair for you. The thing about wide leg pants is that they are as far opposite in silhouette from our beloved skinnies as possible — so you need to make sure you keep that in mind. Typically when wearing skinny pants of all kinds,…
  • American Girl Abroad – Smitten by Scotland

    Deborah Hetrick Catanese
    20 Oct 2014 | 5:43 am
    As I departed the USA for both Iceland and Scotland, I confess that Scotland was a bit of an afterthought for me, pumped up that I was for the Iceland portionthat came first. (American Girl Abroad: Function vs. Fashion in Iceland). But Scotland wasted no time grabbing my inner romantic’s heart, much like that day when I was fourteen and first saw Brigadoon, a musical that had me smitten by Scotland and its many charms. Do you know the play?  Brigadoon is chockfull of absolutely gorgeous songs like Come to Me, Bend to Me and Almost like Being in Love  It’s time travel with a…
  • The Piccing App: A Lifetsyle Shopping Experience

    Allison Cooper
    17 Oct 2014 | 12:18 pm
    Happy Shopping Friday, Lovlies! Boy, do I ever have a find to share with you all day that I’m pretty excited about because it satisfies my shopping addiction in a very fun way! Due to the creation of Instagram, we have all become pretty visual people. As a fashion blogger, it’s an awesome tool that gives me insight into different people’s styles and how to recreate different looks that I become enamored with. Well, there is a new tool that takes that concept a step further–the new Piccing App! About The Piccing App This free app enables you to login, and choose some…
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    The Mommist

  • Desire: Boyarde Bags

    Len Dela Cruz
    24 Oct 2014 | 10:55 am
    Nope, it's not a spelling error. It's really Boyarde, not Goyard. Brit artist, Boyarde, injects fun into luxury handbags {and anything 'that's not paper'} in true pop art fashion! She has created tons since she started painting on handbags last year. Above are a few of my favorites. Even on a handbag, Marlon Brando looks hot! Not The Godfather Brando; the young Brando. Her creations make the personalization option for Goyard, Moynat, and Louis Vuitton bags appear, um, ho-hum. I mean, think about it. This is a whole new level of customization that may eventually create an uptick to…
  • Spotify Family

    Len Dela Cruz
    24 Oct 2014 | 1:58 am
    We request, Spotify listens...and made it happen! One of the most requested Spotify features is finally available for our listening pleasure!I'm way in too deep to quit Spotify. I'm not even gonna try. I love music, and Spotify makes it so much easy for me to fulfill my obsession. Hubs and the kids are very much into it as well, that's why this new Spotify Family is simply perfect.Here's what you need to know about Spotify Family:Save some moneyYou can now invite up to four family members and share one billing account while keeping your listening history, recommendations and playlists…
  • Interior Envy: A Beautiful Boathouse in Germany

    Len Dela Cruz
    23 Oct 2014 | 2:38 am
    A boathouse such as this one at Gager {a municipality in Rügen Island, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany} used to be a storage. An upgraded structure similar to the old one facing the Baltic Coast was built early this year, and they turned it into a lovely rental. The house is made entirely of wood. It has a floor heating system plus Scandinavian windows. The design was inspired by the creations of architects Wenche Selmer and Robert Venturi. The interior is too pretty in all its simplicity. I wanna cry! I also want to spend a month in this place...preferably, with Johnny…
  • Style Board: A Pop of Pink

    Len Dela Cruz
    21 Oct 2014 | 12:11 am
    JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content.Ann Taylor Pencil Skirt  I  Gap Cashmere Sweater  I  Nicholas Wool Coat  Michael Kors Palladium Vachetta  I Proenza Schouler BW Tweed PS11  I  Crap EyewearNails Inc.Hold on! Before you go, please like my The Mommist's Facebook page {on your left}. Thank you!Receive The Latest Posts Directly To Your Email - It's Free! Onward and Upward!
  • Yoga Joes: Real Men Do Yoga!

    Len Dela Cruz
    20 Oct 2014 | 8:15 am
    sourceG.I. Joegis! I don't do yoga, but I still want a set!Dan Abramson's simple goal of getting more people to try yoga has turned into a business. A soon-to-be lucrative one, I'm assuming. His goal of $40k in Kickstarter ballooned to more than $100,000! He describes the Yoga Joes as "a violent toy, made peaceful." The funding is now done, and the toys will be ready for action in a couple of months. Military men can acquire Yoga Joes for half the price. Oh, and the yoga joes come in hot pink, too.sourceHold on! Before you go, please like my The Mommist's Facebook page {on your…
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    The Kerrie Show

  • Practicing What I Preach: #Writing for Regional Parenting Magazines!

    Kerrie McLoughlin
    6 Oct 2014 | 2:29 pm
    Here is a link to Pittsburgh Parent Magazine and TWO articles I have in there this month (Halloween Traditions and Pumpkin Decorating)! Guess how much I got for both of these reprints? $75! Yes, for something I wrote a year ago and have been selling ever since, I got a decent amount of money and it is going to help pay something off this month faster than we planned!If you want to do the same or know someone who needs to make extra money from home or needs it to make ends meet and is a decent writer, please point them toward my resource that I wrote in 2009 and have been updating ever since…
  • Funny and Offensive Product Review: #Jamberry Nails

    Kerrie McLoughlin
    2 Oct 2014 | 8:00 pm
    Originally posted January 27, 2014 and updated now with a picture of how I can now put them on with no problems at all ... curved side to cuticle, people! I can't ever decide on my jamicure so I pretty much picked 4 from the accent sheets I send out as samples and then something different for each thumb! You can check out my site below under "Now I sell them here!" or come LIKE me on Facebook for more funny and real posts! I posted this and then started selling Jamberry the end of March and now am I Senior Lead Consultant! Exciting stuff!Star-crossed on thumb, see below for other…
  • Children's Halloween costume ideas inspired by books

    Kerrie McLoughlin
    28 Sep 2014 | 7:38 pm
    Trips to the school library are full of endless possibility, seemingly so are trips to various costume stores, thrift shops and online shops in the hope of finding that perfect child Halloween costume. Let your imagination get to work, and check out some of our tips for the best child Halloween costumes based on books:The Merry Adventures of Robin HoodAn iconic story of boyhood, friendship and adventure, Robin Hood is still so popular in children’s literature it’s hard to believe it was written over 130 years ago. Today’s Robin Hood might just be a little more badass though. Polish off…
  • Work Edition Wrap-Up Posts

    Kerrie McLoughlin
    22 Sep 2014 | 11:00 pm
    Welcome to the Work edition of the Bubblews wrap-up posts! Let's dive right in!Some great things about working from homeI am on fire in the mornings. Are you?Never dreamed I would have two different teams in two different businessesWriting at Bubblews for Christmas moneyI can't quit the working mommy playdateHere's how to find Christine Shuck
  • Homeschool Wrap-Up Posts #Calvert #VirtualSchool #HomeschoolCraziness

    Kerrie McLoughlin
    22 Sep 2014 | 6:33 am
    I know most of you are not here to read about my homeschooling journey. Most of that fun can be found over at Homeschooling Mommybot. But sometimes I like to share here so you know what is currently kicking my butt or making us happy or whatever the case may be. Here are some posts to check out!Used to have a nursing basket when the kids were little and now I need a homeschooling basket. Times are a'changin'Sometimes my neighbor and I manage to pull off homeschool recess and it is bliss!Unschooling to Virtual SchoolingUnboxing Michael's Curriculum #CalvertYAY! Virtual School Checkpoint Day #1…
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    A Juggling Mom

  • RWS S.E.A. Aquarium VIP Guided Tour

    22 Oct 2014 | 4:45 pm
    Resorts World Sentosa has been our family’s favorite retreat whenever we are looking for a holiday right here at home.... Continue reading » The post RWS S.E.A. Aquarium VIP Guided Tour appeared first on A Juggling Mom.
  • Daiso Craft Idea – Shadow Box Decoration

    21 Oct 2014 | 5:30 pm
    Last week, I shared this craft idea where it received more than 100 likes. Surely something this well-liked deserves to... Continue reading » The post Daiso Craft Idea – Shadow Box Decoration appeared first on A Juggling Mom.
  • Motivational Mondays – Cherishing Family Moments

    19 Oct 2014 | 4:10 pm
    How was your weekend? My usual lament of a short weekend will not apply for me, because lucky for me we’re... Continue reading » The post Motivational Mondays – Cherishing Family Moments appeared first on A Juggling Mom.
  • 3M LED5000 Polarizing Task Light {Review and Giveaway}

    15 Oct 2014 | 5:25 pm
    Besides blogging, another thing that keeps me up at night is working on my crafts. It’s been a therapeutic way... Continue reading » The post 3M LED5000 Polarizing Task Light {Review and Giveaway} appeared first on A Juggling Mom.
  • Seeing Red

    14 Oct 2014 | 8:18 am
    {This post may contains information about a lady’s time of the month that may be too graphic for some readers.... Continue reading » The post Seeing Red appeared first on A Juggling Mom.
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  • Kindness of Strangers #ThankYouStranger

    Erica Price
    24 Oct 2014 | 6:13 am
    Anthony Nolan, the UK’s blood cancer charity and bone marrow register have recently launched an online campaign with the theme Kindness of Strangers. The campaign was launched on the 16th of October and has seen people sharing stories of random acts of kindness.  Leading the campaign is this short film, which is available to view on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, and features members of the general public and a bone marrow transplant patient, Simon Perkin.  It shows people talking about the kindest things strangers have done for them and that they have done for strangers. This includes…
  • October Round Up

    Erica Price
    23 Oct 2014 | 6:41 am
    So this month we have been trying all sorts of things, so I’ve brought a few of them together in one post.Veronica’s CrispsVeronica’s Baked Crisps, are a baked-not-fried range of gluten-free crinkled crisps that come in three flavours: Barbeque, Roast Tomato & Spanish Paprika veggie crisps and Sour Cream, Herb and Onion. As you can see from the picture we tried out the Barbeque flavour which went down very well. It’s good to know that there’s 60% less fat than regular crisps, and that they contain 100% natural ingredients, and have no artificial colours or…
  • How to have fun online once the kids have gone to bed

    Erica Price
    22 Oct 2014 | 4:36 am
    For all mums the time after the kids have fallen asleep is a magical time of day. I certainly like to sit back, relax and have some time to myself. Many of my fellow mums like to take part in their favourite activities, many of which are found online. Here are some helpful hints for mums about what activities can be found online.Enjoy a Flick It is easy to enjoy a movie from home with services like LoveFilm or Netflix. These services can be accessed by a variety of devices making it fairly universal. With literally thousands of movie titles in all genres, even the pickiest mums can find a…
  • Christmas Cards with a Difference from Hallmark

    Erica Price
    21 Oct 2014 | 8:19 am
    Hallmark recently sent me a selection from their Christmas Card and Christmas packing ranges, so I’ve been taking a look through and picking out some of my favourite cards.  I love picking out nice cards and thinking who I might send them to.  In particular, they have a good selection of cards, if you like to buy a special named card for your spouse or other family members.A couple of my stand out favourites from Hallmark Christmas cards range though are in the picture.  I love the way it pops up into shape as you take it out of the envelope.  Its even got doors and windows that…
  • Win A Jam Rewind Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

    Erica Price
    21 Oct 2014 | 7:29 am
    Good music always sounds better when you play it through quality speakers.  If you’re a music fan then you’ll like Nine to Three Thirty’s latest competition because you can win a Jam Rewind Bluetooth Wireless Speaker.It does have a great retro look and will add a touch of style to your room.  The features of the Jam Rewind Bluetooth Wireless Speaker include:A retro look with the pocket-sized Jam Rewind designed to look like a funky 80’s cassette tape offering fashion and functionDespite its size, the Rewind delivers superior bass and sound performance with its four…
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  • 8 Reasons why Shangri-la Mactan is the Holiday Destination for your Family

    23 Oct 2014 | 7:29 pm
    One of the coolest places for a holiday is the beach. There’s just something about the sand on your feet, the beautiful sea view and of course the loads of fun beach activities to have a good time! Recently, we brought Nadine for a special just Daddy+Mummy+You beach holiday. (Nicole and Nathan had upcoming exams, so it’s a no-go for them!) We went to the beautiful island of Cebu, Philippines and stayed at the gorgeous gorgeous Shangri-La Mactan Resort & Spa. We loved it so much that before the first day ended, we already told all our close friends and family that they MUST have a…
  • Jan & Elly Pop-Up Class & Holiday Programmes 2014

    20 Oct 2014 | 9:04 pm
    Nadine is a big fan of Jan & Elly, an English Language school that conducts the most fun classes and teaches her good reading habits. We first heard about them in their Pop-Up class earlier this year and we were given a first hand experience of what classes would be like and we had a chance to speak to Elly, the founder who shared with us her views on teaching English and parenting. And we agreed with her! Thus, it was an easy decision to enrol Nadine for class. Well, the year end Pop-up Class is here! The Carnival is a pop-up class curated by Jan & Elly to bring a splash of fun to…
  • Parkway East Doctor For A Day

    19 Oct 2014 | 6:00 pm
    In July, Parkway East invited us to be a part of their very educational and very fun Doctor for a Day programme. Ok, it wasn’t me who got to be the doctor, but all three of the kids! And the theme was Orthopaedic! Imagine that 4-syllabus word that your kids would learn, and everything about it all in a very hands-on and engaging experience.  I must admit that my first thought about the programme was how very crowded it would be! And it would be a crazy mess with parents around checking out their little ones. But I was wrong! Parkway East arranged and planned it such that parents are…
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    Forever In Mom Genes

  • This New Form Of YOGA Is Sure To Catch On

    22 Oct 2014 | 8:53 am
    I love yoga. Or more accurately, the idea of yoga. Not to mention the sinewy limbs that come from actually practicing yoga instead of sitting on your ever widening ass watching You Tube videos about yoga while eating crackers slathered in 115 mls of apple butter. If this yoga class comes to a studio near me, I'm so signing up.HILARIOUSLY calming.Who's with me?
  • Whispers Behind Her Back

    20 Oct 2014 | 7:22 pm
    You can barely hear them.She can't hear them at all, and I like it that way.They're soft and intermittent and I can almost always ignore them. Sometimes I can even silence them with a look or an explanation or sometimes with just a tiny shot of snark.Mostly they're the whispers of strangers and who cares what they think? She doesn't notice them and even if she did, she wouldn't understand them. If she did, she'd probably just smile and reach out her hand because she's gentle and kind and forgiving like that. Sometimes I also want to reach out my hand. But in a more, "come over here so I can…
  • Want To WIN A $500 Shoe Shopping Spree?

    19 Oct 2014 | 8:15 am
    Winter. That word gets stuck in my throat like a warm tongue to a frosty fence. But winter is coming my fellow Canadians and we need to be prepared. Or least have cute winter boots. My mom bought these waterproof insulated Rieker Tex boots. Love 'em and wish we had the same size feet.  I'm a stunningly indecisive shopper. I have my eye on these black Cougar pillow boots but wonder if I really want to walk around sporting "Cougar" on my person at this stage in my life?Did you have a pair of the originals? Bet you let the tongue hang out and refused to do them up. I also bet you didn't pay…
  • Giving Old Skin The Boot — Tana Loves Shoes

    18 Oct 2014 | 10:39 am
    My poor neglected boots...You thought I was talking about my 40-something skin? That's okay. My skin is starting to resemble a potato, but it has to do with hormones and over-tanning in the 80s.My leather boots have also seen better days—but due to harsh Canadian winters and dehydration. Like our skin, leather boots (and shoes, purses and belts for that matter) need cleaning and moisturizing.My husband scoffs when I refer to my boots as an "investment." But they are! Take the classic Frye boots I'm saving for—my family might have to eat baked beans for awhile, but these boots will be an…
  • Honk If You're Hornet—A Rant About Wasps

    17 Oct 2014 | 11:46 am
    Alternate titles for this post include: Thugs Of The Insect WorldWe Don't Like You, So Buzz OffGet Off My Apple ArseholeYou'll Never Make Honey. Get Over ItWasps Are WankersGo Back To Your Own PlanetWasps. What Are They Good For? Absolutely Nothing.I decided on the hornet inclusive title because a) LOL! and b) Hornets are jerks too.So are wasps good for anything?They're part of our ecosystem (though I stand by my claim that they are invaders from another planet. Magnify them about 1000x and you can totally imagine a wasp-alien eating Sigourney Weaver). Wasps eat pests like aphids and…
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    over 50 under 5

  • Ideas for Halloween Costume

    7 Oct 2014 | 3:16 pm
    Kind of rushed today, but wanted to jot down a few ideas for a Halloween costume. Fire chief. I already have the hat, the red chief overcoat, and I have visited a fire station and rang the bell. Burt Reynolds. Grow mustache. Take off clothes. Pose like centerfold. Bit of a stretch. Does anybody remember that photo shoot? A German speaker. I am learning German at school. Vocabulary so far: nein. Just the one word. A Tiger.  It’s what I was last year.  I still have the costume, so it’s the low-friction choice. Costume a bit stuffy.  Digging deep into the archives (from last year)…
  • Nudity is OK, as Long as it’s Tasteful

    28 Sep 2014 | 2:38 pm
    I was reading an article in the New York Times the other day about nudist colonies in Croatia, and it struck me. I am getting more comfortable being naked. I decided to test this out the other day. When my parents came in my room to get me at 6:30 in the morning, I had taken off my shirt and was leering proudly at them from my crib half naked. It was liberating. I saw something of the future in it. When I was very small I didn’t know what the heck was going on, so being naked was the same as wearing clothes. But as I matured, even a few months in, I started not liking the idea of…
  • The Satisfaction of No

    20 Sep 2014 | 5:11 pm
    There is something really satisfying about flushing a toilet over and over, especially when there is somebody in authority standing close by, telling you not to do it. There is something great about running around the apartment, turning on all the lights, closing all the doors, closing all the windows I can reach, and watching the temperature climb until my dad’s head turns red and explodes. That’s nice. There’s something gratifying about asking for bananas over and over again in a commanding voice, and then, when they arrive, not eating a single one of them. It works even…
  • Synchronicity and Whiskey

    blog admin
    20 Sep 2014 | 4:10 pm
    I needed to complain to my wife. I walked into the bathroom as she was getting ready for the morning. ‘This is all just so stressful,’ I said to her. My tone was whiny. Normally compassionate, she glanced at me with a ‘so-what-else-is-new’ expression. The toddler-in-residence was saying no to everything, running around the apartment turning on all the lights and slamming doors. He was throwing some toys, falling over others, and rolling a big red exercise ball into my path wherever I went. I couldn’t do any yoga and meditation was beyond my ability to focus…
  • I enjoyed the playground today

    14 Sep 2014 | 4:11 pm
    Don’t tell my mommy that I decided to stay in my pajama top all day. It was comfortable, and my daddy let me do it.
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  • Freedom: is having no loans?

    Nicole orriëns
    23 Oct 2014 | 11:00 pm
    Can you imagine there used to be a time when you didn't have to take out a loan to buy a house? You just found yourself a piece of land you liked. And then you build a house on it. From trees you cut down with your own bare hands. Or maybe with the help of an axe. Who has the money to buy a home ? When I think about this, I think about pa Ingalls in The Little House on the Prairie! I used
  • Skirt: figure hugging or A-line?

    Nicole orriëns
    21 Oct 2014 | 3:34 am
    I always wear A-line skirts.  Ever since Trinny and Susannah recommended it for pearshaped women in their show What no to wear. A-line skirts skim right over bulges and bumps, and kindly hide them. But my skirts are getting old, and they're not in fashion. Which makes it hard to replace them. So when I spotted a fitted skirt for only 7 bucks, I figured: 'What the heck! Why not try a fitted
  • Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo: big dud!

    Nicole orriëns
    18 Oct 2014 | 1:51 am
    For the third time in her school career,  my daughter came home with a broken smartphone. Now that's not very smart, is it?" Apparently it fell. And now there's a big crack in the screen. It won't even start up again. At first I was all: 'You broke your smartphone, now you lie in it!' But then I remembered she had to go on a school trip. To London of all places. And I really want my kids to
  • Free Blogger templates for mom bloggers

    Nicole orriëns
    13 Oct 2014 | 4:50 am
    Free Blogger templates There are two types of free Blogger templates Templates: you get a whole new look for you blog in an instance. Including a different layout Backgrounds: your blog layout stays the same. You put some html code in a Blogger gadget, and then you get a different background. Why is a template so important? A blog template is very important. It defines your blog
  • Why I ditched my Filofax and went for Moleskine

    Nicole orriëns
    6 Oct 2014 | 10:22 pm
    It all started with my moleskine notepad. I really loved it. I loved how it had the days of the week one one side, and room for notes on the other side. But then I saw this big, tall, bad boy. His name was Filofax.  I was impressed by his size. He was A4. Suddenly my Moleskine seemed very small. My eyes started to wander. And soon after that, I left my Moleskine for a Filofax. At first
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    Your Daily Serving of Mommie Daze

  • Big Fish Stories and a Fall Getaway to Traverse City

    Colleen Stout
    21 Oct 2014 | 12:31 pm
    I always dreamed of spending a week in a cabin the woods with a lake right outside the door. And that’s exactly where Dave and I spent last week. It was a busy summer and even busier start to fall. Dave and I needed some time away to rest, relax and have a conversation that wasn’t interrupted by someone asking for another cookie. So we left David and Wade in the care of Grandma and Grandpa and headed a couple of hours north to the Traverse City area for a fall getaway. Our cabin was one of a group that make up Shawn’s Place situated on Spider Lake, about 20 minutes from…
  • Puppy Surprise

    Colleen Stout
    7 Oct 2014 | 8:37 pm
    Some girls have husbands who bring them flowers. Mine brings me puppies. Three weeks ago we made the difficult decision to put Elizabeth, our 15-year-old cocker spaniel, to sleep. She was sick, and it was time to let her go. But it was still hard. It was strange after 15 years to not have a dog in the house. The boys went to school, Dave went to work, and I was completely home alone. It was lonely without a furry companion around. Then crumbs and food started to collect on the kitchen floor. A Goldfish cracker here, a broken pretzel there. For years I never picked up anything like that,…
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  • Kids Fitness: 10 Easy and Clever Hacks

    23 Oct 2014 | 11:00 pm
    Kids Fitness: 10 Easy and Clever Hacks Obesity isn’t just a problem for adults anymore; it’s becoming a big problem now for children as well. According to a study conducted in the United States (published in the New England Journal of Medicine), children are already becoming obese and overweight as early as the age of 5 and… Learn More From: KiddyCharts - A helping hand for your little stars
  • What does Shared Parental Leave mean to ME?

    23 Oct 2014 | 11:00 pm
    What does Shared Parental Leave mean to ME? If you are anything like me, sometimes politics just all seems too much. The choices seem to become even more blurred , or more extreme, and I find it hard to know what one political party believe from one minute to the next. However, I have always been acutely interested in… Learn More From: KiddyCharts - A helping hand for your little stars
  • 10 tips to stop you missing your kids performances #mummyfail

    22 Oct 2014 | 11:00 pm
    10 tips to stop you missing your kids performances #mummyfail Both this and last week I committed yet another moment of massive working at home mummy naughtiness. #mummyfail There is nothing worse than being told by your child that you have forgotten something and can’t be there for them when they thought that you were going to be. My wee… Learn More From: KiddyCharts - A helping hand for your little stars
  • Parenting Snapshots: Entertaining the kids

    21 Oct 2014 | 11:00 pm
    Parenting Snapshots: Entertaining the kids   Entertaining the kids is something that we have to do for a happy home life.  Keeping them busy and occupied can save no end of stress and anxiety.  School holidays are rife for this when your kids are around the house more and demanding attention.  After school can also… Learn More From: KiddyCharts - A helping hand for your little stars
  • 10 simple rainy day activities for kids

    21 Oct 2014 | 12:38 am
    10 simple rainy day activities for kids Half term is rapidly approaching and if today’s weather is anything to go by, Autumn has really arrived and we will begin to spend more time indoors. We sometimes find that the first thing the kids think of when it rains is screen time, and if you are like me,… Learn More From: KiddyCharts - A helping hand for your little stars
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    Nanny to Mommy

  • #ShopGCH Christmas Outfit Review & *FLASH* Giveaway

    Diana Chastain
    24 Oct 2014 | 12:19 pm
    I received complimentary products from ShopGCH to provide this review. All opinions are my own. I don't know about you, but I always like to get a special outfit for my daughter to wear for Christmas day and other events we have around that time including seeing Santa. I am LOVING Girls Crochet Headbands right now. I reviewed a romper from them earlier this year and what I love about them is the prices! I have included them in my Holiday Gift Guide because I think anything from their shop would make a GREAT gift and you can't beat those prices!Terrible iPad…
  • Kale & Quinoa Vegetable Soup with Butternut Squash {Frontier Soups Review}

    Diana Chastain
    23 Oct 2014 | 6:54 am
    Tis the season for...soup! I'm loving all things fall right now and Butternut Squash just fits right in. I recently had the opportunity to review Frontier Soups and I'm excited to share this "Soup So Good...You'll Call It Dinner!"I decided to make the Kale and Quinoa Vegetable Soup. The directions are super easy and for this recipe I had to buy chicken broth (6 cups), butternut squash (steamed in my NUK Freshfoods Cook-N-Blend baby food maker), and petite peeled tomatoes. You basically throw everything in a pot and in 25 minutes you have a meal! The package also said that we…
  • Enter to #WIN a Large Monogrammed Weekender Tote! Ends 11/4

    Diana Chastain
    21 Oct 2014 | 10:00 pm
    Hosted By: Life of a Southern MomSponsored By: LL Monograms LL Monograms was created in 2013 by Leslie, owner and designer. She was once a Southern girl but moved to the North, so the way she describes her company’s flair is so cute “It’s a little bit Yankee, and a little bit Y’all.” She offers a selection of custom-made clothing, bags, adult clothing, towels, accessories and gifts. All of their items have complimentary monogramming or personalization. With the holidays only a few months away LL Monograms products are perfect for family, friends, teachers and co-workers.
  • "Drop The Price" of Combi's Cosmo E Stroller!

    Diana Chastain
    21 Oct 2014 | 6:56 am
    Have you been looking into buying the Combi Cosmo E Stroller? How about saving up to 30% off?   Here’s how it works- moms can visit this link and click to “drop the price” of the Cosmo E. It started out at $119.99 and for each mom (or anyone) that clicks, the price drops a bit. The price will continue to drop for each person that participates until it reaches 30% off of the stroller. Then, participants have the option to share on social media to get more people to participate, or they can “buy now” for whatever price the item has been dropped to at that…
  • Enter to WIN a Safety 1st OnBoard 35 Air Infant Car Seat! Ends 10/30

    Diana Chastain
    19 Oct 2014 | 9:00 pm
    Welcome To Our OnBoard 35 Air Infant Car Seat Sweepstakes Hosted By Tammie's Reviews, Giveaways and More and Priceless Product Reviews, Giveaways and Freebies.andSponsored by Safety 1st If you have babies then I am sure you know of Safety 1st. Safety 1st is a company specializing in various products to keep your baby safe in a car, at home or even on the go. Safety 1st also information on various topics and subjects. I am excited to be participating with some awesome fellow bloggers in brining you this great giveaway! You can read Tammie's post on Car Seat Safety Tips by going…
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    Virtually Yours

  • New Teaser Trailer for Disney/Pixar’s INSIDE OUT! #InsideOut

    24 Oct 2014 | 1:03 pm
    There are so many good movies coming out from Disney, Pixar, and Marvel, I’m having trouble keeping up! I’m so excited to share the brand new teaser trailer for Disney/Pixar’s... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
  • Healthy Snacking with Jif To Go Dippers

    24 Oct 2014 | 12:29 pm
    I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Influence-Central for Jif To Go Dippers. I received a sample to facilitate my review and a thank you item for participating. I shared... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
  • 5 Reasons to be Excited for Marvel’s AVENGERS AGE OF ULTRON! #AgeOfUltron

    24 Oct 2014 | 10:59 am
    Oh. My. Word. Can I tell you how long I have been waiting to see this?! I got hooked on the Avengers last year when I went to the Thor: The Dark World event. I admitted back then that I had not seen... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
  • Hoppin’ Halloween Giveaway Hop!

    24 Oct 2014 | 7:39 am
    Welcome to the Hoppin’ Halloween Giveaway Hop hosted by MamaNYC! Are you ready to have some fun? We have over 30 blogs where you can enter to win a prize valued at $25 or more! Fun, right? And... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
  • Why I’ll Always Be a Beaches Mom #BeachesMoms @BeachesResorts

    23 Oct 2014 | 7:16 pm
    I attended the Beaches Social Media in the Sand Conference at my own expense. Just so you know! Last week around this time I was checking in to the first annual Beaches Social Media on the Sand... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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    Because I'm the Mommy

  • It's Time You Knew

    The Mommy
    23 Oct 2014 | 10:59 am
    Hi.I'm ready to tell you the reason I haven't written in awhile. Porter is bipolar and more than likely, autistic. I didn't want to share this with anyone, for reasons that aren't particularly clear to me. I just didn't want anyone to treat him differently; I just wanted everything to be alright. But it's not alright.Three weeks ago, Porter told teachers and the SRO officer that he wanted to die. His behavior became increasingly violent, both to himself, his siblings, his environment and to me.Three weeks ago, we had to commit our son--my baby. I had to leave him, in the care of strangers,…
  • Don't Judge Me!

    The Mommy
    11 Jul 2014 | 10:49 am
    Last night, after a day spent deep cleaning the house, chasing kids around the swimming pool and a trip to our local library (Yes, they've let me back into the library!) I decided to treat us all to a little post-dinner ice cream. Because I'm frugal, read, cheap I headed to the grocery store instead of the drive-thru. No big deal, right? Well, I didn't think it was either. So with three kids in tow we head into a nearly deserted grocer.Turn the Page =>
  • Writer's Workshop: #Autism, Birthdays and One Mouthy Little Girl

    The Mommy
    9 Apr 2014 | 5:00 am
    Write a blog post inspired by the word: ReflectionWhen my mind is quiet and I have time to reflect, I often have these big, mind-blowing epiphanies. My latest is that my daughter was born both autistic and during Autism Awareness Month. I don't think it's a coincidence. In fact, I think it's yet another clue from the cosmos pointing us in the right direction.Turn the Page =>
  • Our Tooth Fairy SUCKS!

    The Mommy
    27 Mar 2014 | 4:30 pm
    Last week, Myriam lost both of her top front teeth. And in our house that means that a visit from the Tooth Fairy is in order. Unfortunately, our Tooth Fairy's ineptitude knows no bounds! She cannot be trusted to deliver the goods the night the tooth is lost without advance notice and even when sufficient notice is given, she may still leave ya hangin'. So when my children's teeth started falling out with some regularity I just knew there were going to be problems....Turn the Page =>
  • Drink Up, B!tches: St.Patrick's Day

    The Mommy
    13 Mar 2014 | 8:04 pm
    I don't know about you, but occasionally EVEN little, ole, anti-social me wants to go out and be around other adults. Once in a great while, I crave a conversation that doesn't revolve around first grade math, cartoon characters, and farting. (Farting is high comedy when you have two, almost seven year-old boys.) But jeeze! Going out is SOOO expensive! Even here in Podunk a cocktail can run upwards of $8. And the babysitting tab when you have three children requires a home equity loan....So with the help of my girlfriend Stacy, I've decided to resurrect a tradition from my…
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    Empty Nest Parenting: Grown and Flown

  • Dear Mom of High School Junior

    Lisa Heffernan
    19 Oct 2014 | 8:02 am
    Dear Mom of High School Junior, Okay, no more putting it off, it is time to talk about college. If you have kept the subject under wraps until now during Freshman and Sophomore years, you and your kid are about to go on a voyage of discovery during his junior year.  He or she will discover what interest them, excites them, and motivates them. You will discover an adult emerging, and the emphasis here is on emerging, on what will soon be the memories of childhood. Let’s dispense with the practical for your high school Junior: Map out the tests Make a detailed plan of where and when your…
  • Dear Mom of High School Sophomore

    Lisa Heffernan
    15 Oct 2014 | 6:11 am
    Dear Mom of High School Sophomore, If Freshman year was for finding their feet, Sophomore year is for finding themselves. There is something so nice about going back to high school Sophomore year. Our students are no longer the new kids on the block trying to figure out both the academic and social landscape.   Advice for High School Sophomore Year: No college talk Top of the list is still DO NOT TALK ABOUT COLLEGE. The one exception would be if your child is in an athletic recruiting process. But otherwise the mantra is grades, activities, friends and enjoy high school. High school is a…
  • Go Ahead, Call Your College Freshman

    Lisa Heffernan
    7 Oct 2014 | 3:08 pm
    Mary Dell writes: Whew, congratulations, we survived month one! Since that memorable hug goodbye, we have spent the last few weeks trying to adjust to the absence of our college freshman. We miss them like crazy, long for their phone calls and are thrilled when they text! We follow the rules about not hovering and abide by the sacred parenting principle that states that NOW is the time to let our kids take the lead. But after we dropped them off at their dorms, does that mean we should drop off the face of the earth?   Parenting college freshman, especially during this first semester, is…
  • Dear Mom of High School Freshman

    Lisa Heffernan
    6 Oct 2014 | 9:00 am
    Dear Mom of High School Freshman, It is hard not to feel, in those weeks leading up to the first day of freshman year, that you and your child have finally hit the big leagues. Because you have. High school is, in many ways, a break with everything that has gone before. Suddenly your child, and let’s be honest he may look like a young adult but is still very much a child, is in a world where sex, drugs, alcohol, along with high academic demands, competitive sports, and college are all part of the vernacular. It can seem overwhelming, almost too much. Deep breath. Don’t worry. Adolescence…
  • Books for Fall

    Lisa Heffernan
    2 Oct 2014 | 6:57 am
    Lisa writes: I love getting book recommendations from friends and we thought you might enjoy a few of ours. Now that fall has arrived, what can be better than curling up with a great new read, forgetting about the chilly weather to come?   Books for Fall People I Want to Punch in the Throat: Competitive Crafters, Drop-Off Despots, and Other Suburban Scourges By Jen Mann. I need to start by saying that this is not my kind of book. But sometimes when an author is this good and the subject is this near and dear to my heart, well, life is about leaving your comfort zone. This book is for…
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    Ten to Twenty Parenting

  • How to Train a Man in 13 Steps

    Ten to Twenty
    24 Oct 2014 | 3:04 am
    By Ten to Twenty It’s interesting to be the father of a young woman who is in college and dating. What’s interesting is not the act of dating – I really don’t want to think about the whole thing – but the realization that she’s saying things about her boyfriend that her mother (and the unfortunate ladies I dated […] The post How to Train a Man in 13 Steps appeared first on Ten to Twenty Parenting.
  • How to Have a Sweet 16 Birthday Without Blowing the Budget

    23 Oct 2014 | 3:08 am
    By KristenDaukas Sweet 16 Birthday Parties Remember when your baby turned 1 and you had the biggest bash ever? Complete with smash cake (yes, we originated that idea ) and all the Winnie the Pooh decorations you could find. You probably spent a fair amount of money because it was the FIRST! birthday and your baby deserved […] The post How to Have a Sweet 16 Birthday Without Blowing the Budget appeared first on Ten to Twenty Parenting.
  • Don’t F#$%ing Text and Drive!

    Ten to Twenty
    22 Oct 2014 | 3:21 am
    By Ten to Twenty During National Teen Driver Safety Week, Another Reminder to Not Text and Drive. Yes. I know. Everyone does it, right?  I see people doing all kinds of crazy things while they are driving.  I’ve seen people shaving and putting on make-up.  Once, I saw a woman eating a bowl of cereal or soup.  I couldn’t […] The post Don’t F#$%ing Text and Drive! appeared first on Ten to Twenty Parenting.
  • When Your Kids Are Being Tested for IEP

    MaryBeth Matzek
    21 Oct 2014 | 3:21 am
    By MaryBeth Matzek When anyone is diagnosed with a disease, there’s a whole new vocabulary to learn. Words and acronyms that weeks before you didn’t know existed are roll off your tongue. Parents of children on the autism spectrum are no different. If you had asked me eight years ago what PDD-NOS, IEP or ABA were, I would […] The post When Your Kids Are Being Tested for IEP appeared first on Ten to Twenty Parenting.
  • Feeding My Kids Healthy Food Was A Mistake

    Jessica Hoefer-Land
    20 Oct 2014 | 2:53 am
    By Jessica Hoefer-Land So You Want Healthy Food? I have a set of Tween Eating Machines in the house.  Word on the street is the older they get, the worse it becomes.  Did I mention in addition to the eating, we are also beginning to navigate the waters of puberty? So yeah, there’s that. It astounds me the […] The post Feeding My Kids Healthy Food Was A Mistake appeared first on Ten to Twenty Parenting.
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    Four Hens and a Rooster

  • Your Teen Driver Won’t Drive Better Until You Do

    Kristen Daukas
    22 Oct 2014 | 3:23 am
    By Kristen Daukas How Can You Help Your Teen Driver Succeed? This week is National Teen Driver Safety Week. A week where we focus on how important it is to teach our teens to drive safely and avoid distraction. Our oldest daughter turned 16 last month and if all goes well, she’ll get her license next month. Am I nervous? Sure. Can she do it? Absolutely. I know it’s hard to watch your baby get behind the wheel of your car but parents, you have to pull your crap together and get this right. So, what can you do to help your teen driver? I have a few tips.. Stop the passive-aggressive…
  • Wordless Wednesday: Having a Loud Mouth

    Kristen Daukas
    15 Oct 2014 | 2:15 am
    By Kristen Daukas Sometimes having a big mouth has it’s benefits. I had the chance to host a local radio talkshow last week due to the fact that the regular host was out “on assignment”. I was a little nervous at first but ended up finding my groove, had a really good time and I think I did a pretty good job. Hopefully they’ll ask me back again some other time. As a sidenote I was the only female asked to fill in! This is a post from Four Hens and a Rooster Read the original post Wordless Wednesday: Having a Loud Mouth
  • Milestones and Other Celebrations #StreamTeam

    Kristen Daukas
    14 Oct 2014 | 2:56 am
    By Kristen Daukas How Do You Celebrate Family Milestones? I’ve always been a bit of a sentimental person and when it comes to milestones in our family, I can sometimes go a little overboard. I have been known to bake cupcakes and throw a celebration for many firsts that aren’t exclusive to birthdays and first days of school. While I’m not the parent that gives a trophy just for showing up to play, I think you can pat someone on the back and let them know that they’re doing a great job and that we recognize they’re doing great things. When I was growing up, my…
  • Misty May-Treanor and Eyes of Hope

    Kristen Daukas
    9 Oct 2014 | 5:41 pm
    By Kristen Daukas Misty May-Treanor and VSP When you get an email that asks if you’d like the opportunity to interview THE Misty May-Treanor, you don’t even wait to find out why – you just say YES!. I’m sorry… you want me to interview a 3-time gold medal olympian who is a fierce competitor and role model for young girls? When and where? Misty has teamed up with VSP Vision Care to raise awareness about the importance of protection kids eyes when they’re outside and playing sports. Since today was World Sight Day, I got to chat with Misty and VSP Vision…
  • Homework and the Struggle for Accountability

    Kristen Daukas
    8 Oct 2014 | 5:02 am
    By Kristen Daukas Holding Your Tweens and Teens Responsible Homework has always been a struggle for 2/3 of my kids. We’ve tried every trick in the book to get them to understand the importance of it, we’ve delivered consequences of bad grades or missing assignments and nothing seems to get thru to them. On the other hand, the other one is the kid who can do their homework on the bus and get straight A’s. Boggles the mind. When the oldest started middle school a few years ago, she was assigned a pretty simple homework project on the second day of school. It was to create a…
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    The Review Wire Update

  • Holiday Deals: Stock Up for The Holidays at Gymboree, Crazy 8 and Janie and Jack

    24 Oct 2014 | 11:54 am
    3 Stores = More In Store for You! Christmas will be in shortly and if you are in need of cute little outfits for those Christmas portraits, then check out these great offers. Gymboree has 40% off... ©2009-14 The Review Wire™. All rights reserved. Use of this feed is for personal, non-commercial use only. If you are not reading this article in your feed reader, then the site is guilty of copyright infringement. Please contact me at
  • Veza Bands: The Fashionable Way To Show Support {Breast Cancer Band Giveaway} Ends 11.10.14

    23 Oct 2014 | 9:01 pm
    Veza has created a collection of 12 different sport wristbands where each is partnered with a specific world-renowned charity foundation. The Veza wristband you wear indicates both your personal... ©2009-14 The Review Wire™. All rights reserved. Use of this feed is for personal, non-commercial use only. If you are not reading this article in your feed reader, then the site is guilty of copyright infringement. Please contact me at
  • #ThinkPink with Modify Watches: American Cancer Society Breast Cancer Watch {Giveaway} Ends 11.7.14

    22 Oct 2014 | 9:01 pm
    Modify Watches are fun, colorful and affordable timepieces featuring mix-and-match faces and straps. Near endless custom combinations means you can build the perfect “Mods” to match your... ©2009-14 The Review Wire™. All rights reserved. Use of this feed is for personal, non-commercial use only. If you are not reading this article in your feed reader, then the site is guilty of copyright infringement. Please contact me at
  • Comfort Revolution Cooling Pillow and Cool Case {Review}

    21 Oct 2014 | 10:16 pm
    My son is always complaining that he is hot, he sleeps with 2 fans and still complains. We even had tests done to make sure nothing was wrong (everything turned out to be fine) and we were told that... ©2009-14 The Review Wire™. All rights reserved. Use of this feed is for personal, non-commercial use only. If you are not reading this article in your feed reader, then the site is guilty of copyright infringement. Please contact me at
  • Time for Dinner Meal Planning Service Giveaway: Everyone’s a Winner PLUS 4 Grand Prizes | Ends 11.5.14

    20 Oct 2014 | 9:01 pm
    You know how it is after you come from work, you scramble to make sure you have something to prepare for dinner. There are two things we all can agree on as parents – we are busier than ever and we... ©2009-14 The Review Wire™. All rights reserved. Use of this feed is for personal, non-commercial use only. If you are not reading this article in your feed reader, then the site is guilty of copyright infringement. Please contact me at
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    Less Than Perfect Parents

  • Creative Galaxy: A New Series For Preschoolers!

    Tracy Gibb
    20 Oct 2014 | 12:55 pm
    I was excited to review Creative Galaxy which is a series for preschoolers that will take your child on an interactive adventure as Arty and Epiphany travel around the galaxy using art, music, and dance to solve problems. You can recreate their crafts with your child via a step-by-step guide in each and every episode.... Read More » The post Creative Galaxy: A New Series For Preschoolers! appeared first on Less Than Perfect Parents.
  • DIY Quick and Easy Halloween Costumes

    Tracy Gibb
    6 Oct 2014 | 3:00 am
    Halloween is right around the corner. I’m not going to lie, it’s my least favorite holiday. I don’t like scary things or candy or my kid prowling the street at night or other kids prowling the streets at night or the money I spend on a costume that will last a few hours. Now that... Read More » The post DIY Quick and Easy Halloween Costumes appeared first on Less Than Perfect Parents.
  • Mom Confession: I Almost Lost It At A Soccer Game Last Night!

    Tracy Gibb
    26 Sep 2014 | 3:00 am
    Tyler was asked to run lines for a game that started at 5:30 last night which I didn’t mind because it keeps him busy and he makes $10. At 7:15 I decide to run over to the game because my son likes to announce when he needs to get picked up without taking into consideration... Read More » The post Mom Confession: I Almost Lost It At A Soccer Game Last Night! appeared first on Less Than Perfect Parents.
  • Who Will Your Children Be Tomorrow?

    22 Sep 2014 | 3:00 am
    It’s hard to think about Tomorrow when you’re bogged down in Today. Today brings carpooling, dirty laundry, tired kids, picky eaters, messy homes, friend problems, struggles in school or sports. Today is all-consuming. I’ve always told my kids to live one day at a time. And I still believe that. However, while living one day... Read More » The post Who Will Your Children Be Tomorrow? appeared first on Less Than Perfect Parents.
  • Goal Setting for Kids

    Tracy Gibb
    15 Sep 2014 | 2:55 pm
    Goal setting for kids can really improve your child’s drive to succeed in all areas of his life.  I’ve been doing goal setting workshops with Tyler once a month and they have been working wonders with him so I wanted to share.  I love these workshops because it gives us a chance to talk about... Read More » The post Goal Setting for Kids appeared first on Less Than Perfect Parents.
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    confessions of a crummy mummy

  • Pregnancy after multiple miscarriage: spoiling the sibling

    24 Oct 2014 | 5:50 am
    Week: 39 Waist: 40 inches (no change) Feeling: In the mood to spoil I’ve spent my first week of maternity leave thoroughly spoiling BB, knowing it could be the last week it’s just the two of us at home. I’m probably setting us up for problems with the level of spoiling that’s gone on, and as predicted, it’s been a fairly busy week. We’ve been to the park, the library, baked, eaten the products of our baking and this afternoon we’ve got a hotly anticipated trip to the cinema. This morning, with BB safely stowed at pre-school, I also had a pre-labour pedicure so my feet are now…
  • What IS it about David Beckham?

    22 Oct 2014 | 8:48 am
    I’ve been pondering this since writing a story about Haig Club whisky, the result of a collaboration between Diageo (Smirnoff, Baileys) and Becks, before starting maternity leave this week (I’m not sure how much input the man himself actually had, or whether Diageo just threw money at him to front the brand). I don’t mean 1990s matching-leather-Gucci-and-hair-gelled-curtains David Beckham, I mean 2014 suited and booted designer-stubble-with-creases-around-the-eyes Beckham, who you’ll soon see supersized on ads promoting the whisky if you haven’t already (pictured). There’s no…
  • Pregnancy after multiple miscarriage: maternity leave starts here

    17 Oct 2014 | 4:41 am
    Week: 38 Waist: 40 inches (-1.5 inches, possibly owing to bump dropping further down) Feeling: Relieved At close of play today, I’m officially on maternity leave. As a freelance journalist I knew I couldn’t leave it too late to accept my last commission in case I couldn’t meet the deadline, but, at the end of a stressful few weeks and with less than half a day to go it looks like I’ve made it. It’s such a relief. Even so, I’m fried: I will have filed 7,250 words this week alone. With a bit of luck I’ll still have next week before anything happens – the plan is to recharge my…
  • Running in pregnancy: I made it to 36 weeks

    10 Oct 2014 | 1:15 am
    It is with the greatest regret that I have finally admitted defeat and hung up my running trainers. I made it to 36 weeks, running an average of 8 -10 miles a week, but after the baby’s head engaged enough is enough. Quite simply, it feels too weird. Like my pregnancy with BB, running with a baby on board has been an experience. It’s been fun, sometimes hard but always exhilarating. In the beginning it was one of the best cures for morning sickness – the endorphins released afterwards overrode nausea for several hours at least – and by the end people I regularly pass have gone from…
  • It’s probably not surprising she’s playing up…

    8 Oct 2014 | 9:43 am
    Last night marked our ninth consecutive broken night. It all started when BB came down with a bug last Monday, and spent the majority of the day in her nightie on the sofa (pictured). So I expected an unsettled night or two, but not nine. She’s bright as rain now, but the bug has taken her usual night time routine with it. It takes her ages to settle, she cries repeatedly, and then she wakes throughout the night crying out for us. Not what we need when trying to conserve energy for our new arrival in a couple of weeks. Worst still, I’ve got absolutely no idea how to deal with it. It’s…
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    incy wincy spider | BLOG

  • An Indulgent Day Away - Sunday Garden Party

    23 Oct 2014 | 1:06 am
    As parents of younger kids, we would often dream about going away on a vacation, being away from the usual shopping malls we visit and just chilling on the beach. And having to plan the vacation with a 3 year old and 1 year old in mind, putting together the endless packing list of diapers, milk powder, first aid kit, just in case medication, meal plans, clothes for the little ones for outdoor play, for indoor play, for the beach – it seemed like mission impossible. In fact, it stresses me out too much before even making the trip.How does a garden party by the sea with a sumptuous spread of…
  • What are you scared of Mummy?

    22 Oct 2014 | 10:42 pm
    I am scared of cats. When there's a cat standing in the way of my path, I will make a big detour just so we will not cross paths. When a cat comes to our table at dinner, I will lose my appetite worrying about it brushing against my legs. My hair will stand and even typing about it now. I do not dislike cats and I can't explain why but I fear them and I know they can sense it as they often give me a stare and a hostile meow, like they are asking me to back off or they will come to me.After having kids, I feel that I have to put on a brave front so as not to influence them to be scared of the…
  • Reviewed: Recaro Monza Nova car seat

    20 Oct 2014 | 5:49 am
    Being an active advocate of using car seats, I have heard varied accounts of how my friends’ kids would reject their car seats. It seems to be an impossible task to entice/force/coax the little ones to climb onto one. Parents need all the help they can get, and luckily, we discovered that the amazing Recaro Monza Nova car seat can make our lives much easier.Aiden weighs around 20kg and is tall for his age, which meant that he has to use the booster seat (group II/III). For quite some time, he was using the Maxi Cosi Rodi Airprotect. We loved it for the sleekness and relative comfort, and…
  • Losing it

    6 Oct 2014 | 9:06 am
    Aiden has always been a competitive kid. Be it pressing of the lift button, or the racing of his toy cars, or simply running from point A to B, he always wanted to be first and has always found it upsetting to lose. He would get mad, cry, shout, and even ask you to stop whenever he is losing.When I told him about the many competitions that I had won in the past, he insisted that I take the trophies and medals out from the storeroom and show it to him. He was fascinated as I explained to him what the trophies and medals were for, and I could see the sparkle in his eyes. For some reason, he…
  • Stylish Boots For Baby & Kids: Dr. Martens A/W 2014 Kids' Collection

    2 Oct 2014 | 10:53 am
    Looking for a stylish first pair of boots for baby or your active toddler? Now, parents who love the original Dr. Marten's range of boots need not look further. The brand well known for setting standards for comfort, durability, design and its trademark look since 1960, has its own line of baby and kids shoes. Check out their A/W'14 Kids' Collection, available in three age groups: babies, toddlers and juniors.  Auburn in Small British Camo T Canvas & Vintage Garden Softy TThe baby booties make such unique baby shower gifts as they are packaged in a miniature version of a traditional…
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    Girlilla Warfare

  • Crushed By Your BFF — How to Navigate the ‘Tween’ Years

    19 Oct 2014 | 10:03 pm
    By  Vanessa Schenck “So, something happened to me at school today,” said Julia, my nine-year-old daughter just as we were sitting down to eat dinner the other day. Now, if you’re like me, you intuitively know whether that means something good or something bad. This time I could tell it was not going to be good. My daughter went on to tell me one of her best friends had crushed her that day. Apparently, in gym class, the girls played a game that required everyone to find a partner. Julia told me she had asked one of her best pals to be partners and was told, “Sorry. I already have a…
  • The Age of ‘Not-So’ Innocence: Why Teen Sexting Has Become Epidemic

    14 Oct 2014 | 10:03 pm
    By Debby Shulman Here we are, at the start of another school year and already a serious case of SEXTING has created alarming turmoil and concern at a very prestigious suburban high school. Emails were sent home to the entire parent community and the administration is actively working with the local police, all to no avail. This community is no different than mine or yours … except for the fact that teens were caught sending candid photos of scantily-clad, barely-dressed classmates that spread like wildfire. Some photos were intentional, some taken secretly without the victim’s consent,…
  • Over-The-Top: Why Has High School Homecoming Morphed Into A Wedding Weekend?

    8 Oct 2014 | 10:03 pm
    By Lisa Barr Perhaps I’m Old School, antiquated. But what happened to High School Homecoming, when it was actually about the kids and the dance? Never mind that I have three teenage daughters to outfit for The Ball … Yes, a freshman, a sophomore, and a senior (read: dresses, shoes, waxing, nails, makeup, and most importantly, HAIR). No, I will not bitch about what my ‘Day Of’ is going to look like; doing the suburban shuffle to three sets of photo shoots all taking place between 6 pm and 6:45 p.m., nor complain that I volunteered to have the “Sleep Over”…
  • Enough With The ‘iRude’ Teen Texting: Here Are 4 Rules for the ‘iGeneration’

    6 Oct 2014 | 10:03 pm
    By Debby Shulman A couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t sleep. Allowing a student to get in the way of a binge episode of “Game of Thrones”, my phone kept beeping during critical moments of our favorite show. Jon Snow was in a tight spot. I love Jon Snow and The Husband was not pleased by the interruption. And I get it – when we sit down to finally relax at night, he hates the sound of the bleeps and rings, but with one of my own away at school and knowing my students work all hours of the night – I leave my phone on until 10 p.m.  Just in case. A symptom of what is known as the…
  • One Mom’s Fantasy: Abolish Middle School AND Eliminate the Drama

    1 Oct 2014 | 10:03 pm
    By Lisa Barr In an eight-day period, more than 200,000 parents from coast-to-coast (even from as far away as London, Australia, and Singapore) have read and responded to one particular GIRLilla Warfare blog: ‘Being ‘Left Out’ Hurts — Let’s Stop Social Engineering Now” Every blogger wants her blog to go viral … and when it does, bring on the bubbly, or as my colleague “Teen Expert” Debby Shulman would say, “Break out the Scotch, baby.” But in this case…
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    Natural Parents Network

  • Wordless Wednesday: Puddles

    21 Oct 2014 | 10:01 pm
    This week we asked you to share your favorite puddles pics. (Read more about natural learning on our resource page.) From Melanie Baby Bear loves the water! Elizabeth writes at Manic Pixie Dream Mama. Shannon’s eldest hates puddles and mud, so it’s taken the little one until he’s almost three to discover the joy of a good puddle. Shannon blogs at Pineapples & Artichokes. We love puddles. Big or small, we’ll splash them all. See more from Meegs at A New Day. Tell us: What do puddles look like in your family? You can find our upcoming topics on our Wordless…
  • Peanut Butter Pebbles

    Emily Bartnikowski
    17 Oct 2014 | 5:30 am
    I’ve seen recipes similar to this here and there over the years, but the ratios have never been quite right, so we set about experimenting until we hit the sweet spot: enough binder to keep it together, but not so much that you feel like you’re overdosing on peanut butter and honey. We’re calling them Peanut Butter Pebbles, and I did very little work for this one. Ingredients 2 cups cereal, separated: 1 cup to mix with the peanut butter and honey, another cup or so of cereal to roll the balls in. We used a popular puffed rice cereal; if you use corn flakes or something else,…
  • Wordless Wednesday: Cheeser

    14 Oct 2014 | 10:01 pm
    This week we asked: What does your cheeser look like? All smiles on the tire swing at St. Brigid’s Meadows. See more from Sara at This Mom Loves… From Shannon: “Mostly Moira refuses to smile with her mouth open now, but she’ll make funny faces if we are taking a picture together.” Shannon blogs at Pineapples & Artichokes. This is what she does when she is ‘smiling’ for a picture – she looks like she’s in pain! Kelly blogs at Becoming Crunchy. Tell us: What do cheesers look like in your family? You can find our upcoming topics on our…
  • Haunted Graham Cracker House Craft

    Emily Bartnikowski
    10 Oct 2014 | 5:00 am
    Baz’s completed haunted house. It’s that time of year…special candy, festive decorations, and family crafts as far as the eye can see. This year, we decided to make Haunted Houses (think Gingerbread Houses, but for Halloween). So we hit up our local Target to see what they had for us. Full disclosure: It was late August, and the answer was “not much.” But I did what I could and lucked out with some candy corn and pumpkins by the register. Obviously – you can pick your own ingredients (I was really hoping for some marshmallow ghosts and spider webbing), but this…
  • Wordless Wednesday: Unwind

    7 Oct 2014 | 10:01 pm
    This week we asked: What does unwinding look like? (Read more about striving for balance in personal and family life on our resource page.) From Life Breath Present: “One way I love to unwind is through reading!” Relax on the dock! Meegs writes at A New Day. Chillin at the beach! Angela blogs at Earth Mama’s World. Julie Ann likes to unwind… … with these. Tell us: What does unwinding look like in your family? You can find our upcoming topics on our Wordless Wednesday page. Feel free to send in your own pictures on the themes listed and join the photo fun! Do you…
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    Parenting Tips and Advice at Uplifting Families

  • Excited About Your Newborn Coming Home? Prepare Everything Just Right!

    Diana Smith
    24 Oct 2014 | 6:00 am
    You can’t for the day when you’ll hold your newborn in your arms, can you! It’s definitely one of the most beautiful feelings in the world, something you cant compare to anything else. Yet, you are a first time parent and you are pretty cluless as to what to do. Sure, there’s love and plenty of it – but what about all the other necessities a newborn needs? Here’s how to prepare your home for your wonderful bundle of joy! Baby’s Room! You are aware that you won’t get much sleep in the first months. You’ll be getting up for feedings during the night, to…
  • Enter to Win Family Christian Gift Cert Giveaway Ends 11/6

    23 Oct 2014 | 6:56 pm
    Family Christian Giveaway Sponsored by Family Christian Hosted by Pea of Sweetness Co-Hosted by Deals of Sweetness Family Christian provides an enhanced selection of everything from Christian books and family movies to a wide array of Bibles, plus exclusive content and convenient ways to connect with a community that’s just like you. Emilee at Pea of Sweetness recently reviewed Buck Denver Asks… What’s in the Bible? Coloring Book which encourages learning the Bible while doing one of their favorite activities – coloring! How would you like to win a $10 Appreciation…
  • Enter to Win Rhyme to Read for IOS Giveaway Ends 11/5

    23 Oct 2014 | 6:49 pm
    Rhyme to Read Giveaway Sponsored by Rhyme to Read Hosted by Pea of Sweetness Co-Hosted by Deals of Sweetness Rhyme to Read is a highly effective program for beginning readers. The program emphasizes word families (e.g., cat, rat, sat) which are color-coded to assist children in discriminating the different patterns. The only prerequisites are the recognition of letters and knowledge of consonant letter-sound connections. Rhyme to Read enables children to feel confident as they enter the world of reading. Emilee at Pea of Sweetness uses Rhyme to Read with their three children –…
  • What To Do When Your Kid Is Shy?

    23 Oct 2014 | 11:10 am
    Do you remember your child’s first day in big school? Did he put the death grip on your leg? Did he look afraid, anxious, and uncomfortable? He is just probably shy. It is a common personality trait, not a fault. In fact, some are born with it. An infographic by shows 15 to 20% are born shy and a majority of them will remain shy as they grow older. The state of not being socially comfortable tends to stay with kids up to the time they are teenagers. A study by the National Institute of Mental Health reveals that nearly half of American teenagers consider themselves…
  • Enter to Win a Hard Rock Roxtars Prize Pack Giveaway Ends 11/5

    22 Oct 2014 | 3:08 pm
    Hard Rock Cafe Giveaway Sponsored by Hard Rock International Hosted by Pea of Sweetness Co-Hosted by Deals of Sweetness Hard Rock International is rockin’ and rolling out a new band of cool characters to help make your little rock stars’ experience at Hard Rock Cafes® and Hard Rock Hotels® totally awesome! The Hard Rock Roxtars®, Razzi™, Sir Kingston™, Styler™, Buddy Jr™, and Skiddley™ are hitting the scene and bringing along cool amenities for kids of all ages. Kids who dine at Hard Rock Cafe locations will be given the VIP treatment with Hard Rock Roxtars swag and new…
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  • Am I Too Desensitized to Sex, Violence to Protect My Kids?

    21 Oct 2014 | 3:24 am
    Almost nothing shocks me at the movies, and a new study suggests that may spell trouble for my children. As a film critic I watch far more movies than the average dad. Tough gig if you can get it, but this week’s news suggests a dark side to my profession. The Hollywood Reporter shares news of a disturbing study of  1,000 parents of children ages 6-17 to be published in the journal “Pediatrics.” Parents – presumably including the ones the MPAA relies on for movie ratings – become desensitized to sex and violence in movies the more they are exposed to such scenes,…
  • What Sunday Mornings Used to Be Like (Before Kids)

    20 Oct 2014 | 12:28 am
    “Remember what it was like before …” Mommylibrium will say, and I know exactly what she means without hearing another word. To parents, “BC” means “Before Children,” a time when diaper changes, department store tantrums and staying up until 9:06 p.m. on Friday weren’t the norm. Here’s where I trot out the mandatory, “I love my kids and would never want to go back to that time” statement. But still … This weekend, we went back to that time … at least on paper. We hired a sitter so we could go to a friend’s wine…
  • Top 5 Lessons from Being a Fatherpreneur

    18 Oct 2014 | 12:39 pm
    I collected art degrees like they were mint condition comics as a younger man, and I’ve yet to draw a paycheck from any of them. Now, at 46, I’m sketching my first entrepreneurial journey. I long ago abandoned my artistic dreams to work as a writer. It’s still quite an adjustment to go from a steady paycheck into the great unknown as editor of The new site offers entertainment news from a conservative perspective. It also avoids tabloid fodder, focusing on more substantial observations and fun features. If the site fails it impacts not just me but my…
  • Help Your Kids Play Outside (Even In Winter)

    13 Oct 2014 | 5:44 am
    Winter is coming — are your kids heading inside as a result? If so, you should re-think your plan. Why is it that so many colds and flus start circulating in the winter as opposed to the summer? For many, it’s the lack of outdoor time that causes this problem. The fresh air and vitamin D that kids get from outdoor play helps boost immunity so they can fight those bugs and stay healthy throughout the winter. But getting to play outside when the temperatures drop is a challenge. Here are some tips to help. Get the Right Gear The key to outdoor play in the winter is keeping your kids…
  • How to Survive Your Child’s Childish Sense of Humor

    10 Oct 2014 | 5:09 am
    Take my son’s sense of humor … please! My five-year-old has a new shtick he tries out at least a dozen times a day. He does or says something naughty, waits a beat and then cries, “tricked yah!” with a devilish grin. He might even jab me with something pokey and chuckle at his own brilliance. It’s never funny. Not even remotely. But he gets a kick out of it ever time. It’s the dawn of his sense of humor, a work in progress I suspect will end beautifully. For now, though, it’s in its awkward phase, akin to Peter Brady’s voice cracking during a…
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    Jana Kingsford

  • Launch a leveraged lifestyle

    15 Oct 2014 | 9:47 pm
    As my husband and toddler waved to me, while I was filming todays webcast… All of a sudden it struck me, like a tonne of obvious bricks. Holy crap… OMG I have that leveraged life, I used to long for! That ‘pie-in-the-sky’ dream I launched 10 months ago. Has happened. This morning I woke up and read a book for 5 minutes and then I got my walking shoes on and stepped outside into the crisp free 5AM air. The 5AM air hit me like a injection of ‘welcome to the moment-ness’. As I contemplated the day ahead, full of launching fun…
  • What You Resist Persists (So How To Stop Resisting What’s Persisting)

    15 Oct 2014 | 2:28 pm
    What You Resist Persists (So How To Stop Resisting What’s Persisting) Look resistance is a pain in the a**s don’t ya think. It’s something that when someone tells us… “what are you resisting” we roll our eyes as if to say I’ve heard that a million times and grrrrrr shut-up! There’s only one reason why we would get that reaction… resistance! If you are resisting reading this email, you could be resisting a message you need to hear (and guess what – yep what we resists – always bloody well persists). Untill we stop resisting (and…
  • How to find your passion – when you can’t seem to find it anywhere!

    8 Oct 2014 | 6:46 am
    Follow Your Nose (How to find your passion – when you can’t seem to find it anywhere!) Struggling to find your passion? It feels like you’re always dabbling and your true ‘forever’ passion seems to elude you? I got a cure for you… Keep doing what you’re doing. Follow your nose and dabble, dabble, dabble… all day long! I have been following my nose, like a Beagle (Beagle is the dog I picked on purpose for this analogy because it’s ‘strong scenting ability, it’s high energy and it’s merry personality!’). Here’s…
  • Be Like Water

    4 Oct 2014 | 3:43 pm
    Be Like Water I want one of the most profound compliments I’ve ever been given to be your new guiding post. It’s a mantra that has changed me and the way I look at myself and my perceived failures and constant pursuit to find a way. As a big dreamer always trying to find a way, you may relate. So here it is… the compliment that I got that I want to pass on to you. My hairdresser who is more wise and profound than any human I have ever met (she’s also a very successful entrepreneur). “You’re just like water… you always find a way.” Let those…
  • How To Get Motivated To Work (after you’ve been sick… or stuck)

    2 Oct 2014 | 1:41 am
    How To Get Motivated To Work (after you’ve been sick… or stuck) So you’ve been feeling sick… or maybe even a little bit stuck! (am I right?) now,wanna know how to get back into the swing of things? You might not of noticed but just 2 weeks ago (a week before I recorded this video) I was sick, so sick I couldn’t hold my weight up. After 2.5 weeks totally off the grid. I didn’t even log into Facebook (you’ll notice a big gap in my FB posts for almost 3 weeks). Now you know you’re sick when you can’t even log into Facebook! The point is,…
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    An English Mamma in Stockholm

  • Making gluten-free pizza dough

    Kat English Mamma
    24 Oct 2014 | 5:09 am
    This week we decided to be adventurous in the kitchen – for us, anyway – by making gluten-free pizza dough from scratch, which I thought would be especially fun as O was home with me. The thought of kneading the dough for 10 minutes with O helping filled me with dread, until I remembered that I have a dough hook on my KitchenAid. As I was short on time, I did not look up if I needed to adjust the recipe when using the dough hook and the mixer rather than kneading by hand. That might be why the pizza bases were a little bulky, shall we say, in the end. (Hmmm, you can see that O…
  • But a distant memory

    Kat English Mamma
    22 Oct 2014 | 6:21 am
    I found this article about breastfeeding (via Making It Lovely) such a thought-provoking read. And my favourite part was the words of her yoga instructor: “In a few years when they’re in preschool, you will never have to talk about breast-feeding again,” she said. “So don’t even think about it.” This really resonated with me because I read through this article and actually had to think “Did I breastfeed the boys? How long for?”. Those words are so true. After a very short while, it truly no longer matters. Breastfeeding, at the time such a struggle and a…
  • The week

    Kat English Mamma
    21 Oct 2014 | 5:05 am
    So far, it looks like this week will be a repeat of last week. O is sick again – or most likely not again but the same thing looping around. Hopefully we should know tomorrow when we return to the doctor for more tests. This constant testing in the Swedish medical system is slightly concerning for someone from the UK though. I cannot remember one time having a blood test at the GP On the upside, I went and collected this baby yesterday. Two month’s membership at Balance gym in the city. I spotted a Groupon offer a couple of weeks ago and got this for Skr 349 (saving me more than…
  • How to keep your husband happy

    Kat English Mamma
    17 Oct 2014 | 5:21 am
    I think I’ve discovered the answer to how to keep your husband happy and it’s a simple solution. A few weeks ago I spotted a gorgeous pair of ponyskin ankle boots with a thin, think heel and I fell for them. However, they were Skr 2,500. For a pair of boots that are not likely to get a huge amount of use over the Swedish winter. But they were gorgeous. Have I mentioned that they were gorgeous? Well, they were. But then yesterday, I found these in Deichmann of all places. Okay, they’re not ponyskin but they aren’t pleather. The heel is not as thin, but that will…
  • Three great products from the Testagram box

    Kat English Mamma
    16 Oct 2014 | 5:08 am
    There are three great products in my first Testagram box, which I received a couple of weeks ago. If you’ve not heard of these subscription boxes, they are a little along the lines of beauty boxes but with recently launched household products for you to review. You can choose the types of products that you want; as you can see I have cast the net wide to start with. Also, it is pretty much food-based, which is even more of a bonus. Each box costs Skr 59 and they arrive every few months. For my Skr 59 I got eight different products in my first box. You can see the helpful hand there,…
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    Support for Stepdads

  • Glasses – Does Your Kid Need Them?

    Brooke Chaplan
    23 Oct 2014 | 12:01 am
    Hello I hope you enjoy Glasses – Does Your Kid Need Them? from Support for Stepdads . If your child is struggling in school, they may just be in need of a pair of glasses. Many kids don’t even... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
  • Martial Arts – The Benefits Of Enrolling Your Child

    Matt Radford
    19 Oct 2014 | 12:01 pm
    Hello I hope you enjoy Martial Arts – The Benefits Of Enrolling Your Child from Support for Stepdads . Recent studies show children of divorce are not as tough as we once thought from the... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
  • From Picky Eater To Healthy Gourmet

    Fiona Grayson
    19 Oct 2014 | 12:07 am
    Hello I hope you enjoy From Picky Eater To Healthy Gourmet from Support for Stepdads . It’s not easy for working parents to prepare tasty and healthy food every day. Unfortunately, tired and... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
  • Encore Post – What Did You Say About My Child?

    Gerardo Campbell
    16 Oct 2014 | 12:01 am
    Hello I hope you enjoy Encore Post – What Did You Say About My Child? from Support for Stepdads . Last month, I was published on voiceBoks, “How to Develop a Relationship with Your... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
  • Best Ideas for Raising an Urban Family

    Brooke Chaplan
    12 Oct 2014 | 1:00 am
    Hello I hope you enjoy Best Ideas for Raising an Urban Family from Support for Stepdads . There seems to be an ongoing debate about whether a rural or an urban setting is the most ideal for raising... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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    Cheering on Charlie

  • Busy, Busy, Busy

    Rebecca Wood
    24 Oct 2014 | 2:10 pm
    OK, so I’ve missed every Blogtober Challenge this week. But, I’ve had a good reason. I’m swamped. In addition to Charlie’s usual appointment schedule, there have been dresses to borrow, a radio interview, a Preemie Babies 101 deadline, and this weekend to prepare for. This weekend is our local Signature Chef’s Event ( a fund raiser for March of Dimes). I’m really looking forward to it. A couple of our friends are staying with us and attending the event. I promise to post pictures of Charlie in her gorgeous dress (which we were lucky to borrow from a friend)…
  • Blogtober Day Ten: Best Advice

    Rebecca Wood
    19 Oct 2014 | 1:11 pm
    Today’s Blogtober Challenge is to share the best advice I have received. I woke up this morning and planned to revisit the story of the three legged dog. During my morning routine, I thought about how I would write it up. However, my back bothered me at breakfast. It was a warning. I needed to walk before things got worse. But, my back hurt enough that my usual hike was out of the question. If it won’t be a challenge, then why bother walking? Maybe, I could not walk today, catch up on things at home, and walk tomorrow. I had almost talked myself out of walking. But, I learned my…
  • We’re Not Supposed To Be Here

    Rebecca Wood
    18 Oct 2014 | 10:01 pm
    “We’re not supposed to be here” has been my pouty mantra since around the end of the summer. A therapist or a doctor will tell me how well Charlie is doing and I say something along the lines of, “She is… but this isn’t how it was supposed to be.” I remind them of the empty promises from the neonatalogists and unfulfilled prophecies. Charlie wasn’t supposed to need all the specialists or therapists. She was supposed to “catch up” quickly and easily. I know, it’s small, it’s petty, and, even, childlike. But, I have been…
  • Blogtober Day 9

    Rebecca Wood
    16 Oct 2014 | 1:40 pm
    Today’s Blogtober Challenge is to share a favorite back to school memory. I thought about skipping today’s challenge and sitting this one out. The thing is, I didn’t think I had a favorite back to school memory. As hard as I tried, I could not think of one happy memory from my grade school or high school years. Back to school time was miserable for me. My dislike of school started early. I remember having a brief bit of excitement about school before starting kindergarten, but it disappeared after the first day. Elementary school didn’t make any sense to me. I tried…
  • Blogtober Day 8 Challenge: Just Your Average Bag

    Rebecca Wood
    15 Oct 2014 | 9:35 pm
    Woo hoo! It’s Day 8 of the DC Ladies Blogtober and I’ve somehow managed to keep up! Today’s challenge is to write about and photograph what’s in my bag. I’m going to admit, it feels odd to write a blog post exclusively about the bags I carry in my day to day life. But, here it goes… I typically carry a messenger bag and a diaper bag. It seems excessive but the tactic is the easiest way for me to stay organized and manage everything. I will start with the easiest. The diaper bag contains typical items such as diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, formula,…
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    Ruddy Bits

  • 5 Signs Your Child Has Become a “Tweener”

    Cort Ruddy
    19 Oct 2014 | 11:40 am
    From the moment our kids come into this world the more experienced parents out there warn us that it’s the teen years when the real challenge begins. It usually goes something like this: New parent says, “I haven’t slept in a month, I’ve changed ten diapers since lunch, and they won’t stop crying long enough for me to drink a glass of water.” Experienced parent dismissively responds, “Just wait until they're a teenager.” Okay, okay. We get it. Being a parent of a teenager must really suck. Warning received. Rarely, however, do we hear similar warnings about…
  • One Smiling Moment -- The Truth Behind an Okay Photo

    Cort Ruddy
    28 Sep 2014 | 11:01 am
    We all know a picture is worth a thousand words. Yet, sometimes that’s not the whole story. Whenever I see a photo of a family our size (four kids) smiling back from a picturesque locale, I imagine the happy story it’s telling is more than likely a work of fiction. But that’s okay; I like fiction. A picture I took of our four kids smiling from the shores of Green Lakes State Park recently is no exception. You wouldn’t know from looking that it was our fourth attempt on this walk to get a group photo – the three before ending in tears, temper tantrums or fake toot noises.
  • 6 Tips to Help Parents Enjoy Soccer Again

    Cort Ruddy
    8 Sep 2014 | 9:17 am
    It's the time of year when parents spend many weekend mornings searching the house for that missing shin guard, scouring local sports stores for another pair of soccer socks and loading up lawn chairs for a season on the sidelines watching our young ones chase soccer balls around.Let's admit it: Soccer can be time-consuming, anxiety-inducing and even costly -- for kids, parents and coaches alike. With the right attitude, it can also be lots of fun. As a father of four, a long-time soccer fan and a youth soccer coach, here are a few tips that can improve your enjoyment of the so-called…
  • Please Don't Shank Your Sister

    Cort Ruddy
    6 Sep 2014 | 1:48 pm
    One of the best toys ever, say my kids. (Ruddy Bits and its subsidiaries have notbeen compensated for this opinion).“It’s a jail!”“No! It’s juvie!”“No. It’s a jail!”“It’s juvie!”Of all the arguments I’ve witnessed as a parent, this had to be the strangest, most surreal one yet. Our 6-year-old daughter had just used Magna Tiles™ to build herself a little structure, and decided to put a few small dolls inside. She called it a jail. Along came our 4-year-old son, who never lets anyone play with these magnetic building blocks alone. (For the record,…
  • Driftwood: The Lucky Ones

    Cort Ruddy
    19 Aug 2014 | 1:28 pm
     We wandered through the sand along the shore picking through and marveling at the pieces of sculpted wood, scattered and half-buried at the foot of the dunes like weary travelers that finally found their beach.  Some were whole trees, others just pieces, all brought there by waves, shaped by water and time, each representing an unknowable story. Someplace, at sometime before, these stood as living trees, or parts of one.How far they’d come and how long it took, we’ll never know. Even what they were was often beyond our ability to know. An old oak, or a young…
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    No Bullying|Expert Advice On Cyber Bullying & School Bullying

  • Searching for Suicide Methods
    24 Oct 2014 | 1:00 pm
    The Search for Suicide Methods for Teens and Youth Today, Shocking! Youth suicide rates are sadly out of control. Research from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) says among young people, suicide is third leading cause of their death. About 4,600 young people, between the ages of ten to twenty-four, die from suicide each year. Death is not the only result from a suicide attempt, because more people survive than die. Around 147,000 youth end up in hospital emergency rooms each year with a self-inflicted injury. Some survivors have permanent damage from the suicide attempt, such as having a…
  • Back To School Outfits
    24 Oct 2014 | 11:00 am
    Heading back to school comes with a unique set of challenges. Though it may seem like all you have to do is get up and go, there are a ton of things that you have to get right in order to be comfortable in your own skin and to meet the requirements of the school that you are attending. There are a few different ways to get off to a good start and something you can do before you even set foot in school is get the perfect back to school outfits in order. Young Girls The first day of school outfit can be very important for anyone that wants to make a good first impression or that is not all that…
  • What is Project Implicit?
    24 Oct 2014 | 9:00 am
    When it comes to the way that we interact with one another there are virtually thousands of connotations that we do not even realize when we talk to one another. That being said, a study like project implicit is groundbreaking. This new study that has been published and launched online by Harvard is something that everyone should take a look at. First off, it is helpful to know what the title of the project really means. What does implicit mean? Implicit is a derivation of the word imply or implication. This means to imply or hint at something without coming right out and saying it. In…
  • Picture Sharing Websites
    24 Oct 2014 | 7:00 am
    If you are looking to break into picture sharing, there are all sorts of different websites out there. It is also rather easy to do, so no matter what you opt into, you can always share your images with friends and family members. Whether you want funny pictures to share on Facebook or you are looking for the best picture sharing site, you are in luck. All of these listed websites are perfect for letting the world (or just those you want) see your images. Facebook For starters, if you have a Facebook account it is rather easy to start uploading images. When you log onto your Facebook account,…
  • Drug Testing In Schools
    24 Oct 2014 | 5:00 am
    Drug Testing In Schools Every school should make every student take at least one drug test per year. Every school has that one student that is always tired in the morning. He/she sleeps in class all of the time, and their eyes say it all. Most likely, this is one of the main students that bring the drug lifestyle to school. Some people ask, should high school athletes be drug tested… The answer is yes. The main reason is because professional athletes get drug tested, so this will get the student(s) ready for the pros. The next reason is because being a high school athlete is a privilege,…
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    Blog - Family of Readers

  • Books to Share While Sipping Cider

    2 Oct 2014 | 9:56 am
    The air finally has that nip in it, and from where we sit - the leaves are changing in spectacular fashion. My own little ones are starting to slow down more after school, looking for our seasonal rhythms to return to fireside games, books, and activities. Here are some of our absolute fall favorites and a few new ones we picked up this year:
  • "Probably the Best Book in the World"

    24 Jul 2014 | 9:59 am
    It was Neil Gaiman who declared James Thurbers, The 13 Clocks, "probably the best book in the world." Back in print after it's original 1950's publication, this eerily unexpected turn on a fairytale is a great choice for grabbing the kids attention this summer. It is an entirely original story that will leave them guessing what happens next in the dark castle where the evil Duke killed time. It was chosen by Neil Gaiman's for a WSJ book club this summer and he touts it's extraordinary qualities, especially as a read aloud tale. The 13 Clocks by James Thurber - Available at…
  • Reading for Parents: Why Poetry Matters

    23 Apr 2014 | 7:32 am
    Here are some great insights as to why poetry is so important to our children's development."Why Teaching Poetry is So Important" by Andrew Simons. (The Atlantic - April 8, 2014.) "5 Reasons Why We Need Poetry in Schools" by Elena Aguilar. (Edutopia - April 2013.)"Why Poetry for Kids" by Carl Bosch. (The Good Men Project  - May 2013.)
  • It's Still Poetry Month - Celebrate with These New Titles

    23 Apr 2014 | 6:55 am
    Hi, Koo!: A Year of Season by Jon J Muth (Ages 4-8. Scholastic Press - February 2014.) Jon J Muth never disappoints with his gorgeous and meaningful characters and paintings. Beloved Koo takes us through the seasons with visual and poetic elegance. The Poem that Will Not End by Joan Bransfield Graham and illustrated by Kyrstan Booker (Ages 6-11. Two Lions - January 2014.) A young boy takes us on a poetic adventure through his day with humor and inspiring turns of words. If by Rudyard Kipling and illustrated by Giovannia Manna (Ages 6-8. Creative Editions - April 2014.) A…
  • Books Turn Green in April

    8 Apr 2014 | 7:34 am
    It's that time of year again when we celebrate all things Mother Earth. Earth Day will be celebrated on April 22nd and there is no shortage of great reads to get your little one interested in growing things, water, sustainability, and recycling.  WANT A BIT MORE? Here are some great reads on Earth Sciences
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    Joy Makin Mamas

  • Frozen on Ice Review

    Meghan G
    23 Oct 2014 | 7:00 am
    Disney on Ice presents Frozen surprised me by being even MORE visually spectacular than other Disney on Ice presentations I've seen. From the incredibly detailed costumes to the incredibly vibrant color palette, the show was eye candy from start to finish. The iconic costumes were, obviously, interpreted for freedom of movement, so if you have an active princess on your hands, you might want to fuel her imagination with one of these versions, if you can. Read Frozen on Ice Review on Joy Makin Mamas! Thanks for being a subscriber- you are the best! More Good Stuff: REVIEW: Disney on Ice…
  • Why does food stick to the pan?

    Meghan G
    22 Oct 2014 | 11:38 am
    When I recently received the Ozeri 12″ Green Pan in exchange for my feedback, I realized that I actually do not know why food sticks to the pan. (And you’re probably thinking, “you didn’t care, either, did you?”) This turned out to be one of those little “I wonder” moments that turned into a revelation. Yes, Read Why does food stick to the pan? on Joy Makin Mamas! Thanks for being a subscriber- you are the best! More Good Stuff: Grilled Beets Recipe plus July 4th Food & Craft Roundup #Foodelicious Ozeri Green Pan Video Review Teal Pumpkin…
  • #BRUHalloween Giveaway Event ends 10/31

    Meghan G
    16 Oct 2014 | 1:10 pm
    Prize Pack Includes: - Pampers wipes - $75 gift card to Babies “R” Us - 1 Year subscription to Highlights magazine - 1 Highlights book - A Halloween trick-or-treat tote bag This giveaway is open to US residents 18 and older. Enter to win in the giveaway tools below, all entries will be verified, one entrant per household or you will immediately be disqualified. Winner will be contacted via email and has 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen. Prize fulfillment is the responsibility of the sponsor and not the participating bloggers. Good Luck!!! Read #BRUHalloween Giveaway Event…
  • We all wanna see the plan

    Meghan G
    14 Oct 2014 | 3:07 pm
    Has anyone ever asked your son who he's going to marry? Mine get asked what they're going to be when they grow up, not about their marital prospects. I mean, I can see how I might benefit from arranging marriages for them right now, at ages 7 and 3. I have exactly zero goats on hand, and a couple of dowries would fix that right up- but no one has ever asked them what they thought of it. Read We all wanna see the plan on Joy Makin Mamas! Thanks for being a subscriber- you are the best! More Good Stuff: Girls just wanna be ninjas “Fitting In” Making a Home for Peace
  • Teal Pumpkin GIVEAWAY: Let’s make Halloween fun for all kids by offering food-free treats, too!

    Meghan G
    13 Oct 2014 | 3:40 am
    FARE encourages us to consider painting a plastic pumpkin to re-use year after year. They also have a printable sign available. I personally prefer a little lighter and warmer style of decorating, so I have designed my own sign, which I'm sharing with you. Won't you please pin it (or the one by FARE) to your Halloween board? Even if you don't get ToTers at your place, you can spread the word! Thanks! Read Teal Pumpkin GIVEAWAY: Let’s make Halloween fun for all kids by offering food-free treats, too! on Joy Makin Mamas! Thanks for being a subscriber- you are the best! More Good Stuff:…
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    Early Intervention Support | Early Intervention Support

  • Adaptive Devices: Chairs and Seating

    21 Oct 2014 | 9:57 am
    Kids naturally like and need to move around to explore their environment and socialize with family and other children. Mobility is an important milestone for our children to reach and parents look forward to this stage in development. But the importance of sitting should not be overlooked.  Children need to sit to initially work on their fine motor skills and explore small objects, work on eating skills, and to have a functional position to play before they are able to stand and move. Correct sitting posture is very important for development. There are times when extra support is needed to…
  • My Child Has a Flat Head. Does My Child Need a Helmet? | Plagiocephaly

    14 Oct 2014 | 7:30 am
    As a physical therapist, I encounter this question quite often when treating infants.  I also receive questions such as, “If we do our physical therapy, will the flatness improve?” and “If this were your child, what would you do?” When a physical therapist first evaluates your child, he/she may look at several things, including: Location of the flat spot (or plagiocephaly Severity of the flat spot If there is a preference to keep the head turned in one direction, or tilted in one direction Differences in facial features, ear alignment, or neck creases, from one side…
  • Preventing Tantrums at the Store

    Stephanie Saikaly
    6 Oct 2014 | 10:42 pm
    You are perusing the aisles at Target (or insert the name of your favorite store) and you hear a child screaming for a candy bar at the checkout counter. Now, what if the above-described child is YOUR child?  This is when we need to consider intervention strategies. How can we avoid that embarrassing supermarket meltdown from happening in the first place? Grocery stores, shopping malls, super stores, and any outing requiring some sort of shopping list can be a great source of stress for families.  This is especially true if your child refuses to sit in a cart, hold your hand, or tolerate…
  • Testing for Hearing Loss in Children

    Maureen O'Brien
    30 Sep 2014 | 6:16 am
    Hearing loss in children can cause delays in speech and language as well as academic skills later in childhood. Early intervention speech language pathologists work with many families of young children with speech and language delays. These families are often concerned that their child may have a hearing loss or that the child does not hear properly due to constant ear infections. They have a lot of concerns and questions regarding the process of hearing testing in children who are not able to participate well in a hearing evaluation. Here are some frequently asked questions: Should I get my…
  • Child Behaviors: Are They Due to Sensory Issues or Temperament?

    23 Sep 2014 | 5:55 am
    As a mother, therapist, friend, and neighbor, I hear people say all the time, “Oh he/she is the best baby…he/she never cries, fusses, puts anything in his/her mouth, and can sleep through a train driving through our house.” Or I may hear the opposite, “He/she will only sleep if it is totally silent, cries all the time, and never seems happy.” So are these behaviors indications of sensory issues or just the child’s temperament? Never puts anything in their mouth vs. Puts everything in their mouth Children learn to explore their environment in many different ways, including using…
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  • How to Run with a Jogging Stroller

    18 Oct 2014 | 12:30 am
    You may think that running with a jogging stroller is easy. After all, you just need to push the stroller while you run. Of course that’s true. But it is a little more complicated than that. Here are some pointers you may want to keep in mind.1. Consider this. When you run with a jogging stroller you are not going to be able to run in your usual manner. Normally when you run you would swing both arms. But when you run with a jogging stroller you must hold unto the stroller with both hands, or at least with one hand, at all times. Some people like to hold unto the stroller with both of…
  • Are You Ready for a Jogging Stroller?

    17 Oct 2014 | 11:03 pm
    If you have two young kids who are at their strolling age, and if you are an active parent who likes to run or jog, you will without a doubt want to have a double jogging stroller. Running is a great way to bond with your kids, and most kids really enjoy it.However before you go out and buy a jogging stroller there is one very important thing you must first consider and that is this. Is your youngest child old enough for a jogging stroller? Most stroller manufacturers recommend that your baby be at least 6 months old before jogging. BOB, one of the top stroller manufacturers, recommends that…
  • Joovy Too Qool Double Tandem Stroller Review

    8 Aug 2014 | 11:47 am
    The Joovy Too Qool Double Tandem Stroller is a high-end luxury double stroller by Joovy. The front seat is recommended for children 3 months of age and up. (If you use a car seat adapter, you can use the front seat for children younger than 3 months). The rear seat is recommended for children 6 months of age and up. The front seat is adjustable and can face either forward or backwards. This stroller can also be used as a single stroller as well as a double stroller. Joovy claims that each seat can hold a child up to 55 pounds. That claim is probably true. However complaints from many parents…
  • Contours Optima Aluminum Tandem Stroller Review

    4 Jul 2014 | 6:26 pm
    The Contours Optima Aluminum Tandem Stroller is made to comfortably fit two kids up to 40 pounds each. Weighing in at only 36.6 pounds, it is easy to use with your two kids and will make going out comfortable and fun. Each seat can easily be turned frontwards or backwards creating 6 different riding combinations. Also included are 2 parent cup holders, an extra large storage basket, 2 child cup holders and an infant car seat attachment.Key FeaturesThe Contours Optima has a lightweight aluminum frame.The two front swivel wheels makes it easy to steer the stroller.There is an extra large…
  • Mountain Buggy Duet Double Buggy Stroller Review

    4 Jun 2014 | 10:50 am
    The Mountain Buggy duet Double Buggy Stroller, built by Mountain Buggy, is both convenient and compact. It is designed to be used either as a single stroller or a double stroller depending on the needs of your growing family. This side-by-side stroller can accommodate children from birth up to 5 years of age. At only 25 inches wide, it is one of the slimmest side-by-side double stroller on the market today. With its super sleek design, and 10-inch tires, it is a breeze to maneuver in a crowded city or on any mountain trail thus allowing you and your young children the freedom to go anywhere,…
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    A Fine Parent

  • Why You Really NEED to Start Exercising (It’s Not What You Think)

    Lisa C. Baker
    20 Oct 2014 | 4:00 am
    Do you think you should exercise more? After all, you’re a parent now. Taking care of yourself is so much more important… You want to be able to toss your toddler over your head without worrying about injuring your back. You want to live a long, active life so you can play pickup games when your kids are in high school and go on long walks someday with your grandkids. You want to model healthy living for your kids. And — let’s be honest — you could probably stand to lose a few pounds too, right? Feeling motivated to hop on a treadmill yet? I didn’t think so. …
  • The Healthy Family Meals Cheat Sheet (Because Cooking DAILY Can Make Anyone Want to Weep!)

    Libby Beer
    13 Oct 2014 | 4:00 am
    Have you ever spent a little extra time at work just so you can justify a fast food takeout instead of having to go home and cook dinner? It’s not like you don’t appreciate a healthy, home-cooked meal with your family. But, having to cook that meal every single day can feel like such drudgery, doesn’t it? I’m actually quite fortunate — I’m blessed with a husband who’s passionate about cooking, and very good at it too. Even now that we’re both full-time work-outside-the-home parents, he gets a comforting, nourishing dinner on the table every night he’s home. The…
  • 7 Habits of Families Who Consistently Eat Healthy (Without Nagging or Drama)

    Anne Ricci
    6 Oct 2014 | 4:00 am
    Have you ever gotten totally excited about eating healthy meals with your family, got started with unparalleled enthusiasm, unrelenting energy, and then… everything seemed to evaporate into thin air? Long hours, a commute, the 2-year-old’s tantrums, a finicky 8-year old, and your healthy optimism slowly gave place to frozen TV-dinners, skipped breakfasts, and take-out four times a week. You’re not alone! Eating healthy on a consistent basis takes time and dedication; and most working parents are already struggling to keep the balance between “being available” to their…
  • 1st Anniversary Giveaway

    Sumitha Bhandarkar
    29 Sep 2014 | 4:05 am
    Whoa, guess what? This blog celebrates it’s first anniversary next week!!! Time sure flies when you’re having a good time, doesn’t it? To celebrate the milestone, I’m giving away 4 books that have transformed my life and cover pretty much everything we need to know to raise happy, well-adjusted kids while staying sane, content and fulfilled! I’ll even ship it to you for FREE.  Click here to see the list of the books and enter the giveaway – AFineParent.Com “The Only 4 Books You Need to Become A Great Parent” Giveaway The post 1st…
  • How to Be Present and Really Enjoy Kids

    Megan Headley
    22 Sep 2014 | 4:00 am
    Did you ever notice how pregnant women and parents with little kids seem to naturally attract all kinds of unsolicited advice? When I was pregnant, so many people told me, “Try to enjoy your child. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the time goes.” What exactly does that even mean? I wondered for a bit, but ultimately like so much other unwarranted wisdom sent my way in those long months of pregnancy, I cast it aside. And, for the first three months of her life, I did think that I was enjoying my daughter. It’s true, I was a bit anxious to get back to work and to taming the garden, and…
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    Bumps n Baby

  • CherryTin – Premium Gifts Online at Affordable Price

    Sangeetha Menon
    24 Oct 2014 | 2:25 am
    Were there times when you had brainstormed for ‘that perfect gift’ for your boss, friends, girl friend, parents or even your daughter? I am sure you have. Its said “Gifting is an art in itself” and to make those moments of gifting special, we introduce you to CherryTin, your sure shot destination for personalized premium […] The post CherryTin – Premium Gifts Online at Affordable Price appeared first on Bumps n Baby.
  • 4 Ubtan Recipes To Pamper and Love Your Skin This Diwali

    Sangeetha Menon
    22 Oct 2014 | 2:25 am
    In today’s post I bring to you 4 ubtan recipes for moms this Diwali! Ubtan is a paste form application used for beautification of face and body. It provides a bright glow to the skin and improves complexion as well. There are wide varieties of ubtans used in India. I have used the simple and available […] The post 4 Ubtan Recipes To Pamper and Love Your Skin This Diwali appeared first on Bumps n Baby.
  • Make Diwali Paper Lanterns or Aaakash Kandil At Home – DIY

    Saumya Ajaykumar
    20 Oct 2014 | 8:30 pm
    2 more days to go. The festival of fun, happiness and lights is here. On this festive time, are you trying to make quick Diwali paper lanterns at home with your child? If yes please try this. I am no expert in this creative area nor did I end up making a perfect lantern. However […] The post Make Diwali Paper Lanterns or Aaakash Kandil At Home – DIY appeared first on Bumps n Baby.
  • 10 Ways To Engage Your Toddler This Diwali

    Saumya Ajaykumar
    20 Oct 2014 | 12:00 am
    Diwali the festival of lights, the festival of happiness and what better way to spend this time with your child? Bond with your child in a special way this Diwali. Festivals gives us ample of opportunity for some mother- child bonding in a special way. Some of the things you could do with your toddler […] The post 10 Ways To Engage Your Toddler This Diwali appeared first on Bumps n Baby.
  • 5 Cartoons That Shaped Our Childhood

    Sangeetha Menon
    17 Oct 2014 | 8:30 pm
    My blogging had been irregular for the past few weeks; thanks to my laptop that crashed. I took my friend’s laptop home which was due for repair. I along with my hubby browsed through the videos in that laptop and found a series of Talespin cartoons. We became so happy that we watched the entire […] The post 5 Cartoons That Shaped Our Childhood appeared first on Bumps n Baby.
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    Piccolo Universe Home - Piccolo Universe

  • Unschooling, Deschooling and Other Homeschooling Terms Eplained

    24 Oct 2014 | 2:04 pm
    We decided to homeschool our daughter this year and quickly became overwhelmed with terms like "unschooling" and "deschooling" The more I read, the more confusing it got. Were we going to unschool or follow a curriculum - and if so, which one? Were we going to have a deschooling period? Were we going to be structured or relaxed homeschoolers? It was a lot to learn about and contemplate. I was overwhelmed and don't want you to be, so here are some common homeschool lingo explained.Traditional homeschoolingThis follows a curriculum and mom (or whichever adult is guiding the learning) has a…
  • Sleep Tips for Daylight Savings Time

    23 Oct 2014 | 4:00 pm
    Daylight Savings Time is coming!If you have a baby or young children, the celebration of that extra hour to sleep in is a distant memory. Daylight savings time will be upon us on November 2, 2014 and it has a whole new meaning when we have little ones getting up that whole hour earlier!Why is it an issue in the first place? Our biological clocks are dictated by our circadian rhythms. During a time change, our body clock needs to shift more than 30 minutes in either direction and not unlike jet lag, it is not instantaneous and does take a few days to adjust to.So how do we handle keeping our…
  • What You Can Do About Sibling Rivalry

    23 Oct 2014 | 12:53 pm
    Unfortunately for you, the answer is: nothing. Your kids aren't really concerned about getting along. They are selfish little buggers and that is okay because they are kids, after all. Here are a few things to remember when it feels like sibling rivalry is beginning to take over your life.Kids Will be KidsKids will fight and argue. They have yet to completely develop the areas of their brain that help them empathize or 'walk in someone else's shoes' as they say. They will develop this skill as they grow but until then, settle in for a bumpy ride.Life Isn't FairThis is the mantra you repeat to…
  • Sports Injuries: Is Your Child At Risk?

    23 Oct 2014 | 10:48 am
    Sports injuries are something all parents have to worry about if they have an active child. From football to baton twirling, injuries are bound to happen. My friend even got injured bowling when we were kids. And we've all heard stories of video game injuries! Here are some of the most common injuries children get while playing sports.Sprains and broken bonesMy daughter's first X-Ray was as the result of a soccer injury. The incident occurred before the game, though. Her best friend threw the ball at her unexpectedly in close proximity. It hit her fingers hard.She came to me crying. I offered…
  • Good Manners for Kids: What Every Child Should Know

    23 Oct 2014 | 12:02 am
    Manners are essential in life and are necessary for everyone, of any age, to learn. Good manners, for kids are very important and the sooner they learn some basic manners early in life, the more chance they will have at creating healthy relationships and presenting themselves in an appropriate way with regards to social situations.Parents need to teach good manners to their kids and need to keep reinforcing them as they grow older so they can conduct themselves in a socially accepted way as teens, then adults. Good manners, for kids, are essential to becoming part of society, making new…
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    Growing Your Baby

  • MEGA Brands Announces New Despicable Me Building Sets For This Holiday Season

    Lisa Arneill
    24 Oct 2014 | 10:46 am
    The holidays are about to get a little more exciting for Despicable Me fans! This week MEGA Brand announced that they will be debuting a new line of easy-to-build and fully customizable construction sets based on the super-popular Despicable Me franchise in the coming weeks. The figures and sets will offer mix-and-match features, such as interchangeable accessories, hats and goggles. Each set will include buildable Minions that are unique to one set, for a wide variety of Minions to collect, build and play-out quirky adventures. Fans of the movies will love that, with these sets, they will be…
  • Shakira Teams Up With Fisher-Price To Create Toy Collection & Web Series

    Lisa Arneill
    24 Oct 2014 | 10:17 am
    Pregnant with her second child, singer Shakira has announced she will be partnering with Fisher-Price to launch a line of baby toys as well as a Web series for moms. Mom to 21-month-old Milan, Shakira co-developed six products with the baby gear giant, including a bouncer that plays music, alphabet blocks and a musical soccer ball as part of the First Steps collection of toys and baby gear to be available in November. All of the proceeds will benefit her Barefoot Foundation, which provides education and nutrition to children in impoverished areas of her native Colombia. In an interview on…
  • Evenflo Expands Buckle Recall To Include 202,000 Embrace 35 Infant Seats

    Lisa Arneill
    24 Oct 2014 | 9:14 am
    Parents check your gear!  Six months after announced the recall of 1.37 million convertible car seats Evenflo has announced the recall of more than 202,000 rear-facing infant seats because the buckles can become difficult to unlatch. The recall affects Embrace 35/9999 models with an AmSafe QT1 buckle. Documents posted by U.S. safety regulators say that if the buckles don’t release easily, it may be difficult to get a child out of the seat in an emergency. The recall comes after an investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Select Embrace 35 models manufactured…
  • Baby Born Healthy after Doctors Pressure Couple to Have Abortion

    23 Oct 2014 | 9:26 pm
    In Ireland, a couple recently gave birth to a healthy baby boy. This isn’t a rarity, but what happened in the months leading up to his birth—the potentially disheartening odds that faced this little boy and his parents—is. Because these parents, despite being told to abort, have a perfectly healthy little boy. It all started when, like most parents, Melanie and Damien Sheenan went to their 20 week ultrasound scan, ready to hear news about their baby. Sadly, their scan would reveal some devastating news about their baby. “We went in to [see] the radiographer and there was just silence;…
  • Rare Condition Rips Baby Kyden’s Mother Away during Delivery

    23 Oct 2014 | 7:52 pm
    Baby Kyden Kelly is perfect. Ten perfect toes. Ten perfect fingers. But his mother, Kimberly Kelly, will never know that, and little Kyden will never know his mother because of a rare complication that resulted in her death during delivery. And now, her husband, Wayde Kelly, is trying to figure out how to cope with the horrible loss. The day that Kyden was delivered, things seemed to be going along just fine. In fact, the start of her birth had gone along without a hitch. It wasn’t until it came time to push baby Kyden out that something went horribly, horribly wrong. “They said the…
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    Go Au Pair Philadelphia and Wilmington DE Area

  • Halloween Safety

    21 Oct 2014 | 6:53 pm
    Times have changed so much since I was young enough to go trick or treating!  My parents biggest concern was making sure we were warm enough if it was too cold out!   There is so much more to worry about today, and it is important for Au Pairs who may have never gone trick or treating to be aware Although they seem like common sense precautions, the following tips will help ensure that the children stay safe while trick or treating, but most importantly, that they have fun! Trick or Treating usually starts once it gets dark out and children go from house to house dressed up in costumes and…
  • Why I Love Being a LAR

    7 Oct 2014 | 11:25 am
    It’s funny to think back to when I first started as a LAR for the Philadelphia area.  Everybody was a stranger to me and all I knew about the host families and au pairs is what I read in their profiles. Fast forward almost 6 months later and I feel an amazing closeness with the host families, and especially the au pairs in my cluster.  I feel almost like a big sister to my au pairs and love that they feel comfortable coming to me and talking to me. I especially enjoy taking new au pairs under my wing and helping them to feel comfortable with their new families and the other girls.
  • Prison Escape! Our Visit to Eastern State Penitentiary

    28 Sep 2014 | 12:52 pm
    I love the fall!  There is so many fun things to do, especially around this time before Halloween, which is why I figured it would be the perfect time to visit Eastern State Penitentiary in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia! Eastern State was the very first Penitentiary of its kind and was once the most famous and expensive prisons in the world.  Although it shut down in 1971, after 142 years, it is still open to the public for tours.  It is still in its original state, only now it stands in ruins. It was a little bit of an argument about which tour to do; the daytime tour, or the…
  • Why September is a Great Time to Match

    7 Sep 2014 | 3:03 pm
    Where did this summer go?  It’s hard to believe we’re already into the second week of September and school has started!  So now that school has begun, so has all of the extracurricular activities and the constant taxiing service! Now is a great time to match with an Au Pair!  As the school year gets going more, so does the stress of making sure everyone is where they need to be, out the door and to the bus on time, and homework done and in bed ready for the next day. An Au Pair can help with all of this and help lessen the stress for parents, as well as for the kids.  Au Pairs…
  • Technology- Making it Easier to Stay in Touch!

    29 Jul 2014 | 8:28 am
    I remember back in the “olden” days when I was younger having to buy calling cards to make long distance phone calls.  I also remember the big trouble I got into if I ran up a phone bill on my parents phone.  Even calls to just a few towns over would be charged as a long distance call! I also remember my friends going away to camp and sending them handwritten letters, and LOVING when I got a letter from them!  I never went away to camp or traveled far from my family and friends for fear I would get homesick. Oh, how times have changed!  When I arrived to the pool party early…
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    Epigami Blog

  • Top 6 Ways To Get An ‘A’ In Dissertations

    Dawn Tan
    17 Oct 2014 | 1:00 am
    Unlike Mathematics and Sciences, it’s never completely clear what the ‘correct’ answer is in a Humanities dissertation. This also makes them trickier to tackle in an exam, how does one get those full marks? When considering essay writing for Social Studies & History, it’s important to understand that scoring for these subjects goes beyond just memorizing the textbook: while having the real knowledge is essential (History is not the same as ‘His Story’), examiners will seek an understanding and a certain analysis of the subject at hand. We’ve put together a few tips to make…
  • PSLE Results 2014: What Next?

    Sandra Yeo
    16 Oct 2014 | 2:00 am
    The PSLE is the first major exam for students in Singapore so it’s understandable that P6 students and parents will come under significant stress during the wait for the PSLE results, which makes November into a period of frantic nervousness and anxiety. But when you actually get the results, what should you do? 1. It’s not all about the grades Due to the constant underlying competitivity of the Singaporean Educational System, the first thing that lots of students and parents do is to compare their results with friends, peers, relatives, the children of the parents colleague’s and every…
  • Singapore Chemistry Olympiad – How to prepare

    2 Oct 2014 | 3:00 am
    Ever since ancient times, the Olympic trials have been amongst the most challenging events of the human civilization. Through the years it has evolved to encompass not just athletically intensive activities but also the more intellectual variety, such as the International Science Olympiads. In itself the Chemistry Olympiad is probably one of the hardest, and rewarding, challenges one can undertake before university. In fact, a significant proportion of the questions include concepts from the university curriculum. While the scope of the syllabus might seem out of reach, you can problem solve…
  • 4 SAT Tips to Score 2300+

    5 Sep 2014 | 2:26 am
    SAT tips to get you to the top SAT is perhaps one of the single most daunting tests high-schoolers all over the world have to face at one point in their lives. Unfortunately, it is also a prerequisite for entry to places in some of the most prestigious and coveted universities in the US such as Harvard College or Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Yet challenging is not synonymous to impossible. There are handles and grips to the SAT – only if you know where to find it and how to use it to your advantage! Here are 4 proven SAT tips to ace your ecam and win yourself a place in your dream…
  • A Parent’s Guide to the Secondary One (S1) Posting Exercise

    Victor dMdB
    2 Sep 2014 | 3:00 am
    The Secondary One Posting Exercise : it’s a nightmare You’ve just received the results of the PSLE and you’re trying to figure out how to get your child into secondary. Well this is where the Secondary One Posting Exercise (or S1PE for those familiar with it) comes into play. It’s honestly one of the most complex and intricate processes you’ll have to go through as a parent in Singapore, so Epigami has put together this infographic to give you all the most important information in one place. Find out more about the S1PE on the MOE website. If you’re just…
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    Funderstanding: Education, Curriculum and Learning Resources

  • A powerful key to better understanding: Make the core idea personal

    Geoffrey Caine
    6 Oct 2014 | 12:47 pm
    There is a huge difference between knowing about a concept or process and really understanding it. This applies both to learning in school and in the real world, and applies to everything from finding out about marketing to studying the Constitution. The point that I want to discuss here is that it does not matter how much a teacher or expert knows or how good a book or video is: the key is that learners have to make sense of things for themselves. That means that one of the best ways to get a handle on an idea or the core aspect of a skill is to develop one’s own personal way of looking at…
  • Make Confusion Your Friend

    Geoffrey Caine
    22 Sep 2014 | 12:54 pm
    Confusion is natural:  don’t fight it – use it. It is quite natural to be confused or feel awkward when dealing with a new concept or skill.  And it is quite natural to resent feeling confused.  But the bottom line is that confusion and awkwardness are natural.  And one of the best ways to make learning more powerful is to make confusion a friend – both for you and your kids. The hidden obstacle posed by confusion Most of us have grown up with the notion that there is something wrong with us when we feel confused – as though we are not as intelligent or as competent as we…
  • To learn anything well, get it in your feelings!

    Geoffrey Caine
    15 Sep 2014 | 2:08 pm
    Knowing something well enough to use in the real world is different from knowing it well enough to get a high score on a test.  Tests play an important role, but the key to real world competence is to get a “feel” for the skill or subject area. So what does this mean?  And how do we do it? Get it in your feelings Many years ago I participated in a leadership development workshop with an instructor who was not well educated but was a fabulous teacher.  His mantra about anything that we were trying to learn was “get it in your feelings.”  Initially I had no clue what he meant, but…
  • 3 Great Learning Sites

    19 Jun 2014 | 1:52 pm
      Software and Business A lot of people love to learn software. I’ve been a big fan for several years. However, another site I love is Similar to, creativelive is more than just learning about software. They have classes that relate to business and education. The nice thing about creativelive is that if you have time, you can watch the classes for free. Classes can run from a day to multiple days and you can watch them live. If you like what you see, you can buy a digital download of the class. Take a look at their calendar and maybe you’ll…
  • Three Keys To Powerful Learning For Kids Of All Ages

    Geoffrey Caine
    17 Jun 2014 | 10:46 am
      Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of learning and guiding the learning of others, such as our kids, is that many of the “obvious” things to do sometimes just don’t work.  They should.  Everyone seems to agree.  But they don’t.  And for years I’ve been asking why. My first hint that not all was what it seemed to be occurred many years ago in my high school in Australia.  I was always an “A” student, and in my final year I aced a physics test.  The principal was so proud of me he came into the classroom and called me to the front to praise me.  Then he asked a…
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    parenting blog - Fuel Center | Family Coaching

  • 7 steps to becoming an askable parent

    Dr. Cameron Caswell
    15 Oct 2014 | 9:18 am
    By Dr. Cameron L. Caswell | scott feldstein Although it may feel like your teen is pushing you away, and chances are he is, he needs your love, acceptance and guidance now more than ever.  But many parents struggle to break through their teen's attitude and posturing, and even give up before they're able to build the type of relationship their teen secretly wants. Askable parents set aside their fears and frustration and focus relentlessly on building a relationship with their teen based on trust and confidence. The goal is to increase the chances your teen will…
  • 9 power phrases to respond to arguing

    Dr. Cameron Caswell
    22 Aug 2014 | 11:45 am
    by Dr. Cameron Caswell Vic | You want your child to grow into an independent, intelligent adult who can think for herself, right? Well then, as frustrating as it can be, disagreeing with you is actually a sign of healthy development. Instead of blindly accepting everything she is told at face value, she now has the mental capacity to think abstractly and question the validity and reasoning behind what is being said. Instead of resorting to the standard parental response, "because I said so," encourage your teen to learn how to negotiate, problem-solve and collaborate by pulling…
  • 12 clever tricks to regain your cool quickly

    Dr. Cameron Caswell
    6 Aug 2014 | 9:20 am
    by Dr. Cameron Caswell JD Hancock | One of our biggest foes when it comes to parenting is our patience—well, our lack of it. No matter how laid back we are in our "normal" lives, our children seem to have an innate knack for finding and pushing our buttons (and pushing, and pushing) until we erupt. But it's not because they want us to get mad at them; negative attention really isn't better than no attention. It's usually because they want to get their way and haven't learned the art of negotiation yet, or they are testing us. Testing to see if our love for them is, in fact,…
  • Inside the teen brain

    Dr. Cameron Caswell
    4 Aug 2014 | 10:23 am
    by Dr. Cameron CaswellOur teen's behavior often frustrates and baffles us. And when we ask for an explanation, we're typically met with a blank stare, eye roll, a mumbled "I don't know," or a combination of all three. The truth is, they really don't know. But fortunately, now we do. Their mood swings, emotional outbursts, risk-taking, resistance to authority, craving for novelty, and many other behaviors are because their brains are under heavy construction. In fact, they are going through the biggest growth spurt since infancy and won't be done until well into their 20s. Knowing how the teen…
  • When your life feels out of control remember…

    The Fuel Center Team
    23 Jul 2014 | 10:32 am
    by the Fuel Center teamWhen it feels like outside forces such as family, work and the universe, have more control over your life than you do, it may be helpful to take a breath and remember that there are some choices that ONLY YOU can make for yourself.  For you may not be able to choose what happens to you, but you always have the choice of how you respond. And that choice gives you more power than you could ever imagine. liked that? try these: 7 essential steps to listening between the linesInspirational quotes about parentingListen up: The secret ingredient that turns any…
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  • Understanding Children with Autism

    Shweta Chooramani
    22 Oct 2014 | 7:30 pm
    I happened to meet my old friend last week who was just recovering from an accident. Due to the injury in her leg, she had gone through a surgery and got it fixed with help of steel rods. Now, she can’t walk properly, and the limping is quite visible. She is the mother of an autistic son, 14 years. After meeting her, I realised that I did not have much awareness about Autism despite working in the area of disability. For greater awareness and sensitization, I am sharing some useful information for parents. What is Autism?  Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), aka Autism, is a syndrome…
  • How to be more Productive by Effectively Managing your Time

    20 Oct 2014 | 7:38 pm
    This blog post was contributed by Jairam Balakrishnan, Director, Pearson Schools Only those who know the true value of time and can manage it productively become responsible in life. They can keep up with their commitments and can fulfill their own set of interests at the same time. Good time management not only means to finish work on time but to also plan in such a manner that you make the best use of it. Learning to manage time effectively from an early age can really make life easy and productive in every sense. Very few people are born with the skill of managing time; others need to…
  • Reviewing your Early Application: Things to Look out For

    Prab Singh
    18 Oct 2014 | 7:34 pm
    “I’m Late, I’m Late, For a Very Important Date” Most schools with Early Application plans in the US will have deadlines in early November. Usually November 1st or November 15th. So I will assume that most of you reading this soon after I post it will already have a good portion of your application done already! For those reading this later and considering whether you will apply ED, EA or not, you should refer to an earlier post: This post will focus on some of the more common mistakes and areas to be aware of while…
  • Travels of a Working Mother

    Ramya Srinivasan
    16 Oct 2014 | 6:30 pm
    I generally don’t travel much as part of my job, but recently I’ve had to don the traveller’s hat, stand in queues for visa and brave the 10 hour+ journey across the seas. For someone who has always compartmentalized every thought and activity into two buckets – office work and family work, such opportunities were heaven-sent. Since graduating from being Ms. Ramya to Rohan’s mom/Shriya’s mom, I’ve never ever travelled ‘alone.’ And, I’m sure all you mothers out there would echo my sentiment on how appealing the word…
  • The 3 Building Blocks of Good Parenting

    Aparna Balasundaram
    13 Oct 2014 | 7:33 pm
    The fact that you are reading this proves you want to be the best parent for your child! And that is the best start! I just did a workshop for  ‘first time’  parents and  it was heart-warming to see how many  of them wanted to do and be their best as they came up with questions like, ‘So what is Good Parenting ? What do I need to do to be more effective? How do I know I am not going to mess my kid up! Well, the first thing I do is take a deep breath and then I tell them to do the same! Parenting is not meant to be so stressful, you need to relax, loosen up and enjoy it! Sure,…
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    Building a Village

  • Signs

    Trisha Selby
    23 Oct 2014 | 9:58 am
    Weekend mornings were always family time during my marriage. In the beginning and/or the good years, I’d make brunch on Sunday mornings, while the ex would sit and watch football, or a game of some sort, and the kids would play or watch cartoons in their rooms. We had some sort of tradition or routine going. Rewind 18 years from today, when we were starting our Sunday morning thing. We’d sleep in, as much as you can with a 10 month old. McKinley would wake up, smiling and waving, saying “Momma”, “Daddy”. Then would proceed to the same corner of his crib,…
  • Sometimes I just have to write

    23 Oct 2014 | 9:53 am
    Not a kid related post. More of a human related brain dump. Writing is what I turn to. It always has been since I can remember. Journaling always worked and then came the days of LiveJournal. With that journaling became even more therapeutic for me. Getting thoughts out of my head is always good but somehow hitting publish let them fly away. Even better. So I got to thinking this morning (yes, always scary, I know). When people have a form of relationship, where you know each other on any level deeper than “Hi”/”Bye” and one does something to hurt the other, why does…
  • Navigating

    18 Oct 2014 | 7:56 am
    As far back as I can remember, which is eerily pretty far, I have always wanted to be a mom. When all the other little girls were picking things like princess and movie star as future life goals, I wanted to be a mom. I remember clearly, going for a walk around the block in my neighborhood alone and finishing up with 5, 6, 7 kids in tow. All the neighbors would say they could see that in my future. I also was drawn to kids with needs. Be they physical, mental, emotional – special needs. I’d worked with kids with Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, children who were deaf, blind,…
  • Picking My Battles

    Trisha Selby
    17 Oct 2014 | 8:01 pm
    Talk about an internal battle… today McKinley’s teacher/instructor from his program sent me an email at 8:25am, saying that since McKinley wasn’t there before 8:30, he would need to stay 15 to 20 minutes after classes/work today to discuss some things. Ok. Not a problem. I tell McKinley this, and he says that yes, she wanted him there a little early.. this the 1st I’ve heard of this. Not happy, but anyway! Drop him off, and within 5 minutes I get a message saying that he is refusing to stay after. After playing phone tag for a little bit, I talk to McKinley and he…
  • Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day – Oct 15

    Kathy Parker
    14 Oct 2014 | 7:37 pm
    There are many ways and reasons and conditions for a fetus, newborn or infant to pass on and it is always heart-wrenching to lose your precious child. Whether you never got to hold your child or you were able to see him/her/them for a few minutes, or you got to enjoy a few “firsts” with your baby, each life meant something. Each child is a gift from God and each child never ceases to be that gift. I pray for all the mothers and fathers, grandparents, siblings, cousins, adopted parents who’ve experienced loss of a child or infant loved one, to have at least one happy memory…
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    The Contemporary Mommy

  • Triple Batch of Pancakes

    The Contemporary Mommy
    19 Oct 2014 | 11:11 am
    This Sunday morning was our morning to make a triple batch of pancakes. We make a triple batch so we can stick them in the freezer, this way they are readily available during weekday mornings when I don’t feel like making a thing. They come out tasting great […]
  • The Perfect Chocolate Cake When Your Pantry is Bare

    The Contemporary Mommy
    13 Oct 2014 | 1:19 pm
    The past few days I have been craving some really good chocolatey cake. I can blame it on pregnancy cravings or on my mother who decided to send my husband and I some Godiva Chocolates for our wedding anniversary, very sweet of her, however having chocolate shipped in […]
  • From Vegetarian to Flexitarian

    The Contemporary Mommy
    11 Oct 2014 | 2:21 pm
    About two years ago my husband and I decided to try out being vegetarians. I at the time was around 5 months pregnant and we did a lot of research to ensure that I would still be able to provide adequate nutrients to the baby without meat. We […]
  • Finally, October!!

    The Contemporary Mommy
    8 Oct 2014 | 11:00 am
    It’s finally October and here in Arizona that means you can finally go outside! Those three almost four, long summer months are a killer and require you to either be inside in air conditioning or outside in a pool. But, the rest of the year we have great […]
  • Can Women Really Have it All?

    The Contemporary Mommy
    30 Jul 2014 | 7:39 am
    The question of whether or not women can really have it all has been the hot topic of discussion after the CEO of PepsiCo, Indra Nooyi, stated that “No, women CAN’T have it all.” Since then various celebs and women in power positions have come out to either […]
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    Modern Tots Blog

  • Top Reasons For Using an Organic Crib Mattress

    Tara McGovern
    2 Oct 2014 | 6:37 pm
    What are the top reasons to have an organic crib mattress?  I’ll give you a hint, it’s all about the chemicals. As expectant parents there are so many items and so much baby gear marketed in such a way that you may begin to believe you need it all.  It can be very challenging to navigate through the aisles of baby goods, and sort out what the most important things are.  One of the biggies in our book is the mattress and specifically we recommend an organic crib mattress for your little bundle. One of the major drawbacks is that an organic mattresses are generally…
  • Make Good Use of Your Kids Table and Chairs Set With the Right Activities

    Tara McGovern
    24 Sep 2014 | 7:00 pm
    You’ve found the perfect table and chairs set for your kids, like our best selling Aero Table and Stools by Sodura. It complements the decor in their playroom perfectly, and it’s simply adorable too. All that’s left is for you to come up with some fun activities for them to do that will put their new furniture to good use. To help, we’ve come up with some ideas that will hopefully spark your creativity. 1. Dust off the kid-friendly board games There are probably plenty of kid-friendly board games taking up space in your closet. If you were honest, you would probably…
  • The Story Behind P’kolino

    Tara McGovern
    20 Aug 2014 | 10:02 am
      Founded in 2004 by fathers DJ.B. Schneider and Antonio Turco-Rivas, P’kolino (pronounced PEE-KO-LEE-NO) is a one of the featured brands here at Modern Tots and one that focuses on innovative toys, kid’s furniture, and home decor. The idea for creating  P’kolino began when Schnieder and Turco-Rivas were attending Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts (near Boston) for their MBA studies. The duo shared a goal to “Make better products to improve play at home,” which essentially guided them down the path to launching P’kolino. With the help…
  • The Story Behind ‘Tegu’

    Tara McGovern
    15 Aug 2014 | 4:29 am
    Originally founded in 2006 by brothers Chris and Will Haughey, Tegu is a toy company that places an emphasis on eco-friendly practices. While the Haughey brothers’ company is still relatively new, Tegu is gaining notoriety for its unique magnetic wooden blocks and sustainable practices. Chris and Will didn’t plan on running a toy business. About a decade ago, Chris was working as a financial consultant, while his brother Will was working as an investment analyst at Goldman Sachs. The two brothers had always dreamed of starting their own business; they just didn’t know it…
  • Balance Bikes Kick Training Wheels to the Curb

    13 Aug 2014 | 4:18 pm
    The balance bike is becoming quite popular, but you may be wondering-is it around for good or is it just a passing fad? Parents and experts alike agree on the fact that the balance bike is here to stay. Many believe it is a far better learning tool than training wheels, and children are able to learn to bike at a younger age and transition to a two-wheel bike faster. If you are torn between the nostalgia of your training wheel days and the newer, balance-focused way of learning, let us share some information to make your decision a little easier… Easier transition Let’s face…
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    The Raising Supaman Project

  • Will Your Young People Be Ready For The Revolution?

    Nathaniel Turner
    22 Oct 2014 | 3:27 am
    Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of professionally dressed, intellectually competent and extremely respectful young people.  These young people, male and female, whom I am guessing ranged from the ages 18 to 25 were a far departure from the narrative routinely used to describe millennials. These young people were a […]
  • Please Parents, Show Your Child How To Get On The Plane

    Nathaniel Turner
    14 Oct 2014 | 3:27 am
    This past weekend, I spent it in Buffalo. Yeah, I know Buffalo. Buffalo’s not the tropical destination that I so often wax poetically about but Buffalo is the home of my great childhood friend and my son’s Godfather. Fear not, this is not the 21st century remake of Grumpy Old Men. Nor will I bore […]
  • Important Lessons Children Learn From Youth Sports

    Nathaniel Turner
    7 Oct 2014 | 3:27 am
      It’s fall already. Can you believe it? I can’t and worse I don’t want to accept it. I know that there are those who love the autumn winds, the changing colors, the cooler temperatures…yah dah yah dah yah! I’m not one of those fall lovers. Fall lovers, lovers of changing seasons, are crazy and […]
  • How To Remove the Clutter So Your Child Can Focus

    Nathaniel Turner
    1 Oct 2014 | 3:30 am
    A common question asked by many parents is “how can I get my child to be focused?” Even the parents whose children exhibit focus find it necessary to continually seek new and innovate ways to help their children remain focused. Wise parents understand now more than ever that in this instantaneous gratification – short-term attention […]
  • 4 Ways Ignorance Can Hinder Child Behavior

    Nathaniel Turner
    22 Sep 2014 | 11:30 pm
    Several of the news stories over the last several weeks have been very disconcerting. In particular the news stories surrounding NFL players and domestic abuse and child abuse. The fact that there are men who have yet to evolve from believing beating and hitting children is justifiable is one huge issue. An even greater issue […]
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    Just Another Mum Blog | Just Another Mum Blog

  • Recipe Time

    22 Oct 2014 | 4:39 am
    Our meal planning this week is a little lazy but I thought I would share a few of the recipes miss T will be eating. She has been a little off her food lately because of being sick so we’ve been eating the same things over and over again but she’s finally on the mend and her appetite is most definitely coming back so I’ll start with a bit more variety tomorrow. Most of the recipes I share this week are just going to be links.   Breakfasts In general we just do toast with avocado or cashew spread for breakfast but sometimes change it up with something a bit more…
  • Adventuring

    22 Oct 2014 | 4:03 am
    I just realised that this is the second post in a row where I’ve used a photo of T wondering in front of me as the photo. I was going to change but then I realised really it sums up our life pretty well at the moment so why bother. I did something today that I never really thought we would do and bought T some toddler reins! I don’t love the idea of them but T doesn’t like being worn as much any more, she has finally found her confidence on her feet and she wants to walk everywhere but we live near a lot of busy roads so I thought I would see how she went with them……
  • 17 Oct 2014 | 2:53 am

    17 Oct 2014 | 2:53 am
    We’ve been very quiet again recently. I’ll try and get back into the swing of things with posts about our activities and meals etc. T is nearly 17 months old now, crazy. We’ve all been sick again, T had an ear infection, J had a sinus infection and now I’ve got tonsillitis which explains our absence. Life is becoming more interesting by the day thanks to T discovering she can climb leading to me finding her in a variety of places she really shouldn’t be. She’s also learned how to flip the matters up on her bed. She definitely knows how to keep me on my…
  • The Simple Things

    26 Sep 2014 | 3:45 am
    I’ve touched on this before, but I spend a lot of time at the moment stressing that I’m not doing enough to entertain T. It’s frustrating because she can obviously do so much more than she could a few months ago. She’s pretty much done with crawling now and she’s moved from walking to practically running around everywhere and seems to have a lot more energy to burn up and I seem to be struggling to keep her busy. I’ve been noticing recently though that I’m really the only one bothered by the way things are at the moment and I realised that really she…
  • Wrap Review: Two Trees Handwovens

    25 Sep 2014 | 5:43 am
    We got our first handwoven wrap last week and it’s love. I thought I would do a little review. Weaver – Two Trees Handwovens Wrap- Paeonia-02 Blend- 60% cotton 40 % hemp Size- 2 I was so excited when this wrap arrived. It’s just so pretty! I was assured by the mamma I bought this off that it was definitely toddler worthy but on feeling it I was actually really worried I had made a mistake in my choice for our first (and possibly only) handwoven.  It is so thin that I was certain it wouldn’t be able to support T in a single layer carry and as it’s only a two I…
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  • Sentences that successful people never use

    Santoshh Singh
    22 Oct 2014 | 1:25 pm
    The post Sentences that successful people never use appeared first on Palchoice.   Thoughts play a very important role in our life. We are at a place today where our thoughts have taken us. They shape our destination as they are the reasons we do something in life. That’s why words we choose play such an significant role in our life. We all keep on communicating with [...] The post Sentences that successful people never use appeared first on Palchoice.
  • albert einstein quotes:life lessons learned[infographic]

    Santoshh Singh
    20 Oct 2014 | 12:26 pm
    The post albert einstein quotes:life lessons learned[infographic] appeared first on Palchoice. One of the most inspiring persons in the history of mankind is albert einstein. He is my personal favorite and I look up to him for motivation whenever I feel low in life. And what’s a better way than reading albert einstein quotes? So what are best motivational albert einstein quotes? And what are the life [...] The post albert einstein quotes:life lessons learned[infographic] appeared first on Palchoice.
  • project management: why you should use cloud based PM tools

    18 Oct 2014 | 12:27 am
    The post project management: why you should use cloud based PM tools appeared first on Palchoice. How Cloud Based Project Management Enhances Your Company’s Performance ? If you look back even just as little as 10 years ago, few people had ever heard of the cloud.  It was a form of technology that was for the most part exclusive to a very specific group of businesses.  The average small business owner [...] The post project management: why you should use cloud based PM tools appeared first on Palchoice.
  • top 9 motivational hard working quotes

    Santoshh Singh
    16 Oct 2014 | 12:49 pm
    The post top 9 motivational hard working quotes appeared first on Palchoice. we all need motivation in order to keep performing at our best. In my quest to keep myself motivated, i came up with these top 9 motivational hard working quotes. These are not simple quotes to be read and forgotten. These are the pearls that i have chosen over a period of time. I have [...] The post top 9 motivational hard working quotes appeared first on Palchoice.
  • Top 7 evening habits of highly effective people

    Santoshh Singh
    13 Oct 2014 | 2:22 pm
    The post Top 7 evening habits of highly effective people appeared first on Palchoice. Curiosity is at the bottom of all the progress in human society. We always want to know what causes someone to achieve incredible success in life. We constantly search for some kind of secret formula that can make us a success as well. Do you want to know the top 7 evening habits of highly [...] The post Top 7 evening habits of highly effective people appeared first on Palchoice.
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    Sessa Daily

  • September Favourite Photos

    Sessa Daily
    16 Oct 2014 | 6:14 am
    The post September Favourite Photos appeared first on %% The internet issue still rages on but I’ve finally got my September favourite photos rounded up into a post for you. I love this shot of Baby G concentrating. She’s really beginning to take everything in now and study it. Mostly the things she study end up in her mouth. That’s the top of her beloved Mr Monkey that she’s so transfixed by.These images taken while we were on holiday in France. This is the morning she first tried solid “solid food”. We’re doing a mix of baby…
  • Our Holiday in France – in Pictures (Part 2)

    Sessa Daily
    15 Oct 2014 | 3:00 am
    The post Our Holiday in France – in Pictures (Part 2) appeared first on %% Since I’m such a sentimental sofite, I feel the need to document everything with pictures. I think I’ve mentioned before that there’s this weird part of me that feels if I don’t have photos of something then there’s that feeling like it might not have happened. It also probably doesn’t help that I have a memory of a goldfish and I respond well to visuals. So to follow on from my first post, here are the pictures I took on my phone of our holiday in France.
  • Milestone: 6 Months of Breastfeeding

    Sessa Daily
    14 Oct 2014 | 3:36 am
    The post Milestone: 6 Months of Breastfeeding appeared first on %% When I first started breastfeeding my baby, I told myself I’d take it one day at a time because I knew that everyone’s experience is different. Some people find it the easiest thing in the world and others really struggle. I know a lot of people put pressure on themselves to breastfeed their babies and if they discover they just can’t (for whatever reason) they really beat themselves up over it. For me, I have two older sisters who have both had kids. My oldest sister tried to breastfeed her son…
  • Baby G is… 6 Months Old!!

    Sessa Daily
    13 Oct 2014 | 7:16 am
    The post Baby G is… 6 Months Old!! appeared first on %% Ok, so technically she turned 6 months old 12 days ago but…I can hardly believe it has been HALF A YEAR since Baby G was born. Where has the time gone? On one hand, it feels like we only brought her home last week and on the other I can hardly remember a time without her. I was looking through some photos the other day and looking at some of the last pictures we took before I went into labour and I sudden remembered the excitement and terror that I felt at that time. 6 months has changed everything. Sure,…
  • Deers at Dawn

    Sessa Daily
    12 Oct 2014 | 3:30 am
    The post Deers at Dawn appeared first on %% Yesterday morning, we got up at the crack of dawn to go take some pictures in Phoenix Park. We hit the jackpot! There was low lying mist, lots of deer and some beautiful light. I’d borrowed a lens from my dad (Canon 70mm-300mm) and got some really lovely shots as the sun came up. We drove all over the park looking for the best shots. Here’s some of my favourites.       If you like what you see, please be sure to check out Sessa Daily - An Irish parenting and lifestyle blog bringing you a little dose…
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  • Another Hospital Stay

    22 Oct 2014 | 2:37 am
    I was sitting in the front seat of the SCDF ambulance, and my husband was with Gar at the back. My tears were flowing nonstop and I wondered whether Gar was in serious trouble. As the driver kept pressing the … Continue reading → Tags:  a & e, acute bronchitis, febrile seizures, hospital stay, k k hospital, scdf ambulance Facebook TweetThis Digg StumbleUpon Comments:  0 (Zero), Be the first to leave a reply!You might be interested in this:    El's new school  Sand Playground  How A Four-Year-Old Names His Future Business…
  • More El’s Funny Quips

    8 Oct 2014 | 6:10 am
    I found some of these old funny quips by El collected on my laptop. 1. El’s composition Naughty nightingale Sings to me naughty nightingale On a tree And a great big owl Laughs at him Ha ha ha ha He … Continue reading → Tags:  bactrian camel, dromedary, nightingale Facebook TweetThis Digg StumbleUpon Comments:  0 (Zero), Be the first to leave a reply!You might be interested in this:    Educational Toys and Books from Flea Market  Dirty Medela Pump Membrane  How To Bring A Book Alive - Experiments And Games  Gar at…
  • How A Four-Year-Old Names His Future Business

    4 Oct 2014 | 6:52 am
    After dinner, El and I were in the car having a conversation. I cannot remember whether all the questions were asked by me, or my husband had asked too. Me: We were eating at the thai restaurant and many children … Continue reading → Tags:  art school, child's logic, restaurant Facebook TweetThis Digg StumbleUpon Comments:  0 (Zero), Be the first to leave a reply!You might be interested in this:    Favourite cartoons  Today I Am Loving  Word Play and Limerick  Garisms – Funny Quips from Gar  Finding True…
  • 7 Ways To Advocate For Your Gifted Child

    28 Sep 2014 | 9:01 am
    Whether you have a gifted child, or one with learning issues or other disorders, it is important to be an advocate for them. You, as the parent, know your child the best. They are too young to speak up for … Continue reading → Tags:  advocating for your gifted child, gifted advocacy, gifted children singapore Facebook TweetThis Digg StumbleUpon Comments:  4 comments on this itemYou might be interested in this:    Gar And His Kiddy Rides  Favourite cartoons  Gar at 18 months  Garisms – Funny Quips from Gar  El…
  • How To Encourage Young Advanced Readers

    21 Sep 2014 | 7:07 pm
    (I wrote this a year ago and had forgotten to post it.) El is a voracious reader. He loves to read, and he asks for books to read. He is also reading at a few grades higher than his age. … Continue reading → Tags:  reading, young advanced readers, young readers Facebook TweetThis Digg StumbleUpon Comments:  0 (Zero), Be the first to leave a reply!You might be interested in this:    Reading To Gar At Night  El's Sports Day  El Composes Gar Come To Play  Wild Kratts  How To Bring A Book Alive - Experiments And…
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    The Stir By CafeMom: Big Kid

  • Family Meals and Good Attitudes: The Key to Healthy Kids

    23 Oct 2014 | 5:46 am
    Post by Kristen Howerton. Making a meal for six people every night is tough, especially when four of those people are children. Rarely are all six of us happy. Someone, for sure, isn’t going to like some part of the meal. There are dietary restrictions to consider. If I’ve had a bad day, the last thing I want to do is deal with unhappy, hungry children. We may all end up at the table at the same time, but our meals don’t always end up having a "warmer, more communicative atmosphere." Sometimes it’s an icy-cold "you’d better eat what I put in front of you" atmosphere. With lectures…
  • Everything You Hate About Your Kid's 'New Math' May Be Wrong ​

    21 Oct 2014 | 5:54 am
    Post by Linda Sharps. I’ve been pretty vocal about my frustrations with my son’s math worksheets in recent years. Last year I wrote a post berating myself for not being able to understand his second-grade homework, what with the confusing blocks, lines, and swoopy curves he was using to figure out a subtraction problem that I’d been taught to solve via a comparatively simple (to my eyes, anyway) column. “Is this really intended to make math easier?” I moaned, before confessing my fear of being completely unable to help him with future assignments. I don’t think I’ve ever gone so…
  • 5 Reasons I Refused to Let My Son Be Labeled 'Special Needs'

    20 Oct 2014 | 8:10 am
    Post by Alina Adams. When my oldest son was 6 years old, he was diagnosed with an Auditory Processing Disorder. We'd taken him to see a specialist because we suspected he had trouble hearing. He'd suffered repeated ear infections as a toddler, which led to a speech delay that he'd already received Early Intervention Services for. By first grade, his speech delay was mostly under control, but we were told that the Auditory Processing Disorder required treatment and that if I agreed to have him classified as Special Needs, he would become eligible for a host of services, therapies, extra time…
  • 9 Surprising Scientific Facts About Sisters

    14 Oct 2014 | 6:00 am
    Post by Judy Dutton. There's something about sisters that make everything okay: sweet, sensible, keeper of secrets, these behind-the-scenes operators are the balm that keeps family bonds warm and fuzzy. (Except for when you borrow her clothes.) And science backs this up: Sisters not only are proven to be good for our mental health, but help their brothers snag dates! But it's not all good news. To hear more about the impact sisters have, both positive and negative, on you (if you have sisters) or your kids (if they do), see the slideshow below, which is full of surprises.Holy moly #4! Think…
  • 5 Ingenious Solutions to Maddening Kid Laundry Problems

    14 Oct 2014 | 4:00 am
    Post by Linda Sharps. Laundry is one of my least favorite household chores, not because it’s intellectually challenging or whatever, but because it’s never-ending. I mean, ALL of my household chores are never-ending, but there’s something particularly Sisyphean about laundry. On the rare occasion that I actually reach the bottom of every single clothes hamper in the house, my victory is so incredibly fleeting. I swear I blink and there’s a brand new pile of stale wet towels and grass-stained jeans lurking there, chuckling evilly at me. I have found a few tricks to make doing the…
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    Diary of an Angry Father.

  • Kristin van Ogtrop and Arianna Huffington have defeated me. This project ends today.

    Miso N. Grey
    17 Oct 2014 | 5:24 am
    I hereby admit that @kvanogtrop and @ariannahuff have defeated me fairly and squarely. Not only defeated, they have collectively and indirectly decimated the Diary of an Angry Father project. In my defeat, this will be my final blog post and tweet from Diary of an Angry Father. You were both right. You didn't have to say it. No one cares what fathers think in our maternally-centric world. There is no audience. I'm YELLING to myself in an empty room in an effort to create better parents and better children. To my dismay, fathers don't seem to care about becoming better fathers. Continue…
  • Modern World Discipline.

    Miso N. Grey
    15 Oct 2014 | 10:31 am
    Your primary job as a parent is to teach your child the difference right from wrong. Today, our children are inundated with mass media, social media, and marketing messages that have greyed and often obscured the lines between these concepts. Your task, to communicate the difference, is now more difficult than it has ever been before, in the entire history of human evolution. You need to be clever and underhand for your lessons to be effective. Observe your child’s behavior, and then make predictions about future behavior in certain situations, as best you can, based on the evidence you…
  • My kids came up with the solution to our political mess.

    Miso N. Grey
    13 Oct 2014 | 10:56 am
    You never know who the next hero or world leader might be. It could be the straight C student down the street, or the autistic chess genius who keeps to himself in the back of the classroom. Barack Obama was raised by a hippy, and he didn’t do too bad for himself. Benjamin Netanyahu went to high … Continue reading →
  • I almost named my daughter PIG.

    Miso N. Grey
    11 Oct 2014 | 7:58 am
    Other than a circumcision, the first name you choose for your child is the only gift you can bestow upon him or her forever. It’s critical that you choose that name as wisely as you can. Continue reading →
  • Circumcision hurts, mommy.

    Miso N. Grey
    10 Oct 2014 | 9:41 am
    Circumcision is torture. Apparently, male infants are not protected against cruel and unusual punishment by the Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution. Whatever you decide, remember that circumcision is an irreversible procedure. You can’t easily slap that foreskin back on when he’s 20 and foreskins are as cool as iPhones once were. So think about it, discuss it, and choose for your son very carefully. Continue reading →
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    Mom Fuse

  • 5 Xbox One Games Kids Will Want This Year

    Jessica @ Mom Fuse
    24 Oct 2014 | 10:37 am
    Original: Mom Fuse: 5 Xbox One Games Kids Will Want This Year I have a feeling the Xbox One will be a very popular gift for the upcoming holiday season. With lots of great media functionality and all of the fun games that are available (or will be...Read the whole entry... »          
  • Our Top 4 Keurig Fall Flavors

    Jessica @ Mom Fuse
    24 Oct 2014 | 7:43 am
    Original: Mom Fuse: Our Top 4 Keurig Fall Flavors We love our Keurig machine. Our friends and family have enjoyed their Keurig’s as well. The best time of year in our opinion is when Fall arrives and those delicious Fall coffee flavors start...Read the whole entry... »          
  • Amazon App Store Halloween Deals

    Jessica @ Mom Fuse
    24 Oct 2014 | 7:08 am
    Original: Mom Fuse: Amazon App Store Halloween Deals This post contains affiliate links. If touring haunted houses, carving pumpkins and eating your weight in candy aren’t enough to get you into the Halloween spirit this year, check out the...Read the whole entry... »          
  • Unique Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

    Jessica @ Mom Fuse
    24 Oct 2014 | 6:54 am
    Original: Mom Fuse: Unique Birthday Party Ideas For Kids Are you planning a fall birthday party for your child? Why not make it a unique event with one of these fun party ideas. Spooky Silly Fun: If your child loves the Halloween, throw them a party...Read the whole entry... »          
  • Stand Up to Cancer Gifts We Love #SU2C

    Jessica @ Mom Fuse
    23 Oct 2014 | 11:37 am
    Original: Mom Fuse: Stand Up to Cancer Gifts We Love #SU2C Our family members our huge supporters of Stand Up To Cancer. We have lost some great friend and family to cancer as I’m sure everyone has known someone who has lost someone to cancer...Read the whole entry... »          
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    MinneMama Adventures

  • Halloween Book Giveaway: Capstone Young Readers

    20 Oct 2014 | 7:09 pm
    Costumes and candy and pumpkins and parties. ‘Tis the season to celebrate all things spooky. Growing up in a relatively anti-sugar family, the idea of collecting candy on Halloween seemed slightly fruitless. We ate plenty, don’t get me wrong, but a majority of it got hidden from diabetic eyes in our highest kitchen pantry. (Now [...] The post Halloween Book Giveaway: Capstone Young Readers appeared first on MinneMama Adventures.
  • Fall Fun: Malt-Tees Mini Golf & Pumpkin Patch

    19 Oct 2014 | 6:35 pm
    MALT-TEES MINI GOLF AND PUMPKIN PATCH  |  RICHFIELD, MN  |  VISIT WEBSITE  So, I love fall. My husband loves biking. My son loves mini golf. And my daughter loves bounce houses. But, where oh where could you find all of these very specific loves in one place? I know! Pick me! I know I know! [...] The post Fall Fun: Malt-Tees Mini Golf & Pumpkin Patch appeared first on MinneMama Adventures.
  • 74 Schools. One Day. A Big Difference.

    14 Oct 2014 | 12:14 am
    I wanted to do something to recognize National Bullying Awareness Month on my blog to push parents to get involved in their childrens’ schools. Something that required effort, but wasn’t too challenging. Something that made a difference, but wasn’t too pushy. Something that shouted “Kindness Always Wins” without disclosing blame, shame or embarrassment. On September 28, my [...] The post 74 Schools. One Day. A Big Difference. appeared first on MinneMama Adventures.
  • A Wild Time: Twin Cities Harvest Festival and Maze

    12 Oct 2014 | 7:58 am
    TWIN CITIES HARVEST FESTIVAL AND MAZE  |  BROOKLYN PARK, MN  |  VISIT WEBSITE  My family went to the Twin Cities Harvest Festival and Maze a week ago and I am still picking up corn kernels that are trickling out of my kids’ pants pockets, shoes and from the bottom of my purse. And every time I pick up [...] The post A Wild Time: Twin Cities Harvest Festival and Maze appeared first on MinneMama Adventures.
  • Kindness in Chalk: An Anti-Bullying Movement

    30 Sep 2014 | 4:44 pm
    A few bullying statistics to start the conversation (Source: 90% of children in grades 4 through 8 have been bullied at some point 70.6% of teens have seen bullying occurring in their schools At least 50% of teens have been bullied online Only 20-30% of students who are bullied tell adults or authorities about their situations Adult intervention [...] The post Kindness in Chalk: An Anti-Bullying Movement appeared first on MinneMama Adventures.
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    The Kidizen Blog

  • This Week's Giveaway on Kidizen

    casey swanson
    21 Oct 2014 | 8:36 am
    About The Measure:We create girls clothes that embody the nostalgia and magic of childhood, that allow your tiny adventurer the freedom to explore the woods, yet still look proper enough for tea with Grandma.We're preparing her for wandering, and for coming home. Sizes 3-6m - size 8.A note from Kiki, Designer/Owner:I believe in little joys and hidden exultations. I believe in climbing trees as much as possible. I believe the ocean is more exhilarating than the Taj Mahal. I believe in the transformative power of clothing, and I strive to give you special pieces you and your daughter will…
  • Hipster KID Picks.

    casey swanson
    17 Oct 2014 | 10:06 am
    Happy Friday! Could you think of a better way to head into the weekend than to shop the top Hipster KID Picks? We sure can't! Our super stylin' Mombassador, Heather, brings us her hippest duds for the week. Brands of interest for this Kidizen include: Bobo Choses, Mini Rodini, Beau Loves, Saltwater Sandals, Mini Melissa Shoes, Anthem of the Ants, Hello Apparel, Converse, Little Boogaweezin, Kid + Kind, Ace & Jig, Mini & Maximus, Mag + Pie, Freshly Picked, Raine and Monet, Sweet Luka Mo, Winter Water Factory, Minnetonka, Misha Lulu, Popupshop, Paper Wings, Toms, plus VINTAGE &…
  • Today's Top Shop: Mini Mall

    Dori Graff
    15 Oct 2014 | 8:52 am
  • This Week's Giveaway on Kidizen

    Dori Graff
    13 Oct 2014 | 10:35 am
    About Little Boogaweezin: How to Enter:Each time a new user enters your referral code to sign up with Kidizen, you are both entered to win. The more you share, the more chances you have to win! So go ahead, encourage your friends to use your code now! For more info on how to enter, click here. Every Monday marks the begining of a new giveaway period. Please refer to the Official Rules of Kidizen Weekly Giveaway for complete details.
  • Kidizen + Awesome Kid Brands = Weekly Giveaways!

    Dori Graff
    6 Oct 2014 | 1:17 pm
    Not only can you find top kid styles on Kidizen, but now you can win some uber cool stuff from our brand partners – every week. Get in on the weekly giveaways now! First you'll need to make sure you have the newest version of the Kidizen app.Everyone on Kidizen has their very own referral code. You'll find yours under the Friend tab on the Kidizen app. Share this code with friends right from the app via Facebook, Twitter, email or SMS. When a friend signs up for a Kidizen account, both you and your friend get entered into the Kidizen weekly giveaway.Share it again! Every time…
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    Growing Children

  • Now in Chinese!

    Kim Allsup
    14 Oct 2014 | 5:59 pm
    Seven Reasons to not (always) Answer Your Child’s Questions has been translated into Chinese at this site : using the lovely photo above. It has been viewed by almost 2,000 people who visit this Waldorf website. I have been enjoying learning a few Chinese characters by entering parts of the post in Google translate.  Many thanks to the person who translated this post into Chinese.Filed under: Uncategorized
  • Seven Reasons to Not (always) Answer Your Child’s Questions

    Kim Allsup
    14 Oct 2014 | 2:04 pm
    Originally posted on Growing Children: Childhood questions about facts and philosophy are a bit like childhood requests for small favors. “Mommy, you have to carry my backpack. It’s too heavy.” “Daddy, I can’t find my coat. You look for it, please, pretty please?” Of course you don’t want to ignore your child’s requests or their questions. Some small favors and some questions clearly call for parental follow through, for instance when your child will miss the school bus if you don’t find the coat. Other questions and requests, however, are an opportunity to encourage your…
  • Toddlers blooming in the Garden: Finding Wonder

    Kim Allsup
    6 Sep 2014 | 4:41 am
    Originally posted on Growing Children: Part Two of Four “If a child is to keep alive his inborn sense of wonder, he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with him the joy, excitement, and mystery of the world we live in.” ― Rachel Carson Wonder in the first years of life creates the roots of self-motivation. It is the foundation of a personal connection to the world, the nexus of the self. Wonder cannot be scripted. It arrives unbidden. And while we cannot call forth wonder just wen we want it, we can be expectant. The best a person can do is to…
  • Who reads Growing Children? Welcome Uganda!

    Kim Allsup
    29 Aug 2014 | 1:24 pm
    Almost everyday I get a wonderful surprise when I peek at reader statistics. I love seeing where my readers live and I am especially thrilled to welcome a reader from a new country. Today, I was happy to notice our first reader from Uganda! I also note that some small countries have more readers that I might expect, notably Romania.   Isn’t it wonderful to imagine like minded people around the world all devoted to growing their children, all of our children. United States FlagUnited States 1,887 Canada 256 Australia 160 United Kingdom 111 New Zealand 98 Romania 68 Brazil 47 Germany 33…
  • Introduction to Toddlers Blooming in the Garden

    Kim Allsup
    23 Aug 2014 | 10:01 am
    She sits on my lap, lining up sage leaves. Her little hand lifts the aromatic, fuzzy leaves from their water bath and lays them on the perforated tray that I will slide into the dehydrator. It is a bright September day on the back deck where we work together, steadily filling the trays with the taste of autumn stews. I scratch a sage leaf and smell it and she smells it too. I slowly place the leaves in tight rows, occasionally adjusting a leaf so it does not overlap. She imitates my actions carefully, re-positioning leaves that clump up. I don’t tell her what to do and she doesn’t ask. My…
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    TripleZmom, not Supermom

  • What's Your Parenting Mantra?

    Jennifer Zimmerman
    21 Oct 2014 | 11:44 am
    I think the hardest thing about parenting - aside from the whole sending what is essentially your heart out into the world completely unprotected, plus the amount of vomit and snot you have to deal with - is that it keeps changing. I remember when Ironflower was a baby and I took her to Target for the first time by myself. All these scenarios kept running through my head; What if she has a
  • Fun With Creative Galaxy!

    Jennifer Zimmerman
    19 Oct 2014 | 2:25 pm
    <!-- Amazon Prime Instant Video: Creative Galaxy / Clever Girls Snippet --> <!-- END Clever Girls Snippet --> When I first saw that Amazon Prime Instant Video  had a kids' show called Creative Galaxy, I wasn't sure if I was the right person to review it. Hugmonkey, though he is only 5, tends to watch more "big kids" shows. Mostly because he wants to keep up with his siblings, not because he
  • My Day As A Reality TV Star

    Jennifer Zimmerman
    13 Oct 2014 | 12:02 pm
    Yesterday I was a reality television star. Okay, co-star. Among the many jobs Hot Guy does, his favorite is acting. Over a year ago, he auditioned for something looking for actors with type 2 diabetes. The casting people loved him, but the corporation did not. Or something. He was called in again a while back. And then they asked if they could film not only him, but our family. At home. And
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